By Guy L
August 25, 2014
Top Irons
Like all adams irons ,I find these great
ProsLooks and fell
By Larry Taylor
Columbus Ohio
July 8, 2014
love my new irons
lease irons are easy to hit with a traditional look and feel with excellent distance
By Mike
Omaha Nebraska
June 27, 2014
Great irons for mid handicapper!
High loft and long distance!
By Keith
Lenexa, KS
June 27, 2014
these irons are a awesome steal. they have super solid feel and workability you wouldn't expect
By Dave
New castle, Pa.
June 20, 2014
Adams irons
Solid feel, ball jumps off clubface
By Wig
Detroit, Michigan
June 14, 2014
Nice upgrade for me.
Coming from a set of Lynx HXI clubs, these are like night and day. The ball feels great coming off the club face. Clubs are very light but the weighting is spot on. I seemed to have gained between 3-9 yards. I need to put midsize grips on these babies, and they should perform even better.
ProsFantastic price, fantastic technology, fantastic clubs!
ConsPersonal opinion here...I hate the grips! Scuffs easily.
By roger
halifax,nova scotia
June 7, 2014
nice clubs
a little heavy ,but a very good feel when hitting shots on center of face ,the club face could be larger to help with off center shots
Prosexcellent price
Consheavy feeling
By Roger
June 6, 2014
Always have trouble hitting Irons, but I do pretty good with these. They are easy to hit with theses Irons. I'm 67 years old and a Senior golfer with a 12 Handicap.
By Rusticator
Silver Spring, MD
June 3, 2014
A worthy upgrade to Idea A7's
I have had a set of Idea A7's for several years and bought the Idea Super S's to use at my summer place. After a couple of trips to the driving range the A7's are my second best irons and are going to camp. The Super S clubs seem a bit more forgiving of mishits than the A7's and also slightly (5 yards on a 7 iron) longer. I note that this set is 5-PW only, so if you don't have hybrids lying around you'll need to buy those. Likewise the only wedge is the PW. If you want a sand, gap or 60 degree wedge you need to buy your own. As Irons though they are nice clubs.
ProsEasy to hit, longer than my A7's.
Cons5-PW only; you need to purchase your own hybrids/wedges
By D
June 3, 2014
good price
very reasonable price for a beginner golfer
By Tim S.
Greenville, SC
June 3, 2014
Great set of irons
Just switched to these irons and have been extremely pleased. Hitting them straighter and long right away. Clubs are at least a half to a full club longer than my previous Adams irons.
ProsAccurate, long and very forgiving
ConsNone so far
By Hannie DMilling
United States
June 1, 2014
how much???
At this price I bought 2 sets! Clubs are long and straight!
By Rob H
Houston, TX
June 1, 2014
Adams Super S will energize your game
As a 18 handicapper I've tried more than enough clubs to say these irons really are worth a serious look. I went from Wilson Di9 w/ TX99 wide tip shaft in Uni-flex (which is somewhere between regular and stiff), to Pings G15 in regular steel flex to Adams CB3 in stiff flex ( KBS) all within the last 2 years. The KBS stiff did not suit my game so I decided to start looking again for regular flex. The Super S caught my eye when they first arrived, however the price was a bit high. When I saw them on Rock Bottom I could not say no and ordered them up. All I can say is WOW! These irons launch off the face and the sweet spot is large so miss hits don't penalize you too bad, unlike the CB3. I'm very happy with these "new" irons and plan to customize them with a 1/2" ext and new grips. Great buy!
Pros-fairly light -great price -like hitting a hybrid
Cons-ball marks easily
By Bryan
St. Cloud, MN
May 28, 2014
Nice Upgrade
Could not pass these up at $150 bucks as I was looking to upgrade from MacGregor V foils that were over 10 years old. Played 3 rounds with them so far and I'm really impressed with these irons. Very forgiving on mis hits and a little heavier than I expected which I like. Very nice clubs, they don't really look and feel like a game improvement iron but that's exactly what they are. A little smaller head than most of the game improvement irons out there. Awesome value once again RBG!
Prosweight, looks, price, size, feel
By Cory
May 28, 2014
Great Clubs
Great set of clubs. Easy to hit and long.
By Manish
Camarillo, CA
May 28, 2014
nice and good feel
this is a great set of irons for starter at good price it gives nice and good feel
By MikeB
May 23, 2014
Super Indeed
I bought the Super S regular flex steel irons (5-PW) along with the G, S, L trio of wedges and love them. I hit them more crisply and the ball flies much farther compared to the Uniflex Nike irons I previously carried. The Super S irons have a sleek profile unlike some other bulky game-improvement irons. The wedges aren't forged, which is better for me. I get consistent feel through all the irons now.
ConsIf you're not paying attention, it's easy to grab the Lob wedge instead of the 7 iron (or vice versa) The "L" engraving looks remarkably like a 7.
By Jeff
Frisco, TX
May 20, 2014
EZ to hit right out of the box, seem to fly a little farther than my previous irons.
ProsPrice and performance
By Rob
May 14, 2014
Excellent Buy!
These clubs were an excellent buy for the price. I had been looking for a new set of irons for a couple of years but just couldn't make up my mind. I have to like the look of a club first and foremost, I liked the look of these Adams when they first came out on the market but had never tried them. They have solid feel and distance as my older Cobra S9's, but I lose a little distance on off center hits. I made an eagle on the 9th hole of my first 18 hole round from 155 yards with the 8 iron so I believe I will adjust to these just fine.
ProsPrice, feel.
ConsNone other then the lost of distance on off center hits, and most of the time thats not the clubs fault.
By Matt
atlanta, ga
May 14, 2014
Easy to hit
Couldn't be happier, beginner golfer and this immediately improved my game
ProsVery forgiving Good price Looks
By Donny
Ogden, Utah
May 13, 2014
added 15+ yards to every club
I have been hitting Callaway X-18 Pro's for the last 8 years and decided to upgrade. Saw the Adams Super S irons on sale at Rock Bottom Golf for $129.00 and figured what the heck I will try them. Other stores and sites have them listed for $449-499. I LOVE these clubs. Great feel, easy to hit, and now hitting the ball 15+ yards longer on EVERY club than my X-18's. Thank you Rock Bottom and Adams.
ProsPrice, look, control, and feel when hitting. Ball explodes off the club face. 15+ yards LONGER with EVERY club.
By mark schloss
United States
May 13, 2014
love them
Easy to hit, great value
By Terry
Dalton, Georgia
May 12, 2014
Adams Irons
I only have two rounds with these clubs. They feel and look great.
ProsPrice Shipping was fast
May 11, 2014
By Bob Rayno
May 10, 2014
Solid Super S irons
Easy to swing, flush contact, long high draw. What more can I say for a 75 year old golfer who still loves golf.
ProsI've gone to reg shafts related to my age. These Adams shafts are some of the best I've played. A joy to play, everyone wants to try my irons. Sorry.
By Josue
Ellsworth afb, Sd
May 10, 2014
great forgiving set.
this is the second set ive bought, i had an orlimar set and i upgrated to the adams super s irons. this clubs re as forgiving as they can be, it seems like i always land on the green with no effort at all. i recomend this clubs for begginer players.
Prosgood looking, confortablwe, forgiving, efortless.
By Glenn
Chicago, Illinois
May 10, 2014
Speedline s
I was drawn in by the price and couldn't be happier with the performance I'm hitting these clubs farther and straighter than my old ones. Hope they last the test of time which I have no reason to think they won't. First set of Adams and impressed with them. I see myself trying more Adams clubs in the future.
ProsPrice Easy to hit
ConsHaven't found one yet
By drybicky
May 9, 2014
Adams Super S irons
Great clubs easy to hit.Still working the bugs out of the wedge. 10 to 15 yards longer.
By Jim
New haven, ct
May 9, 2014
Great buy
At first I wasn't sure how these clubs would be for the price but after playing they are nothing but amazing! Great feel great weight to them and so easy to hit. I would recommend to anyone.
By Deano
Maddock, North Dakota
May 9, 2014
Not bad.
They seem to have a draw bias which isn't a bad thing for my swing. They are straight when hit that way but you can work the ball either direction, especially draw. If you hit a clunker, you are going to feel it - won;t feel so good, and it shouldn't if you hit the ball that way. I like that feedback. I got these to replace my Nike Machspeeds. Not sure yet if I'll keep them in the bag for the rest of the summer because of getting used to the different distances. They do carry further, launch higher when hit correctly - with a great feel. Swing easy - you don't need to muscle these babies. Just keep it smooth.
ProsGreat looking irons.
ConsNot too sure about the grips or the bounce on the PW. Also not too sure about the distance consistency. Dispersion seems a little wider than with my Nike's but then I've only had these for a couple of weeks.
By russell
Mitcham, Victoria
May 9, 2014
Great value
Bought these irons for my 14 year old grandson and he loves them. Great value for money.
Buffalo, NY
May 9, 2014
Awesome clubs, better price @RBG.
My instructor asjed if they were $500.00 when I told him $129.99 @RBG he thought i ws lying. Club goes hihh and str
ProsBig sweet spot.
By Larry
Central New York State
May 8, 2014
Super S
Great price, nice set of irons. Personally like the way they play. Would recommend to friends. I like the feel and response when hit. You could not buy clones for this price or quality.
By Chuck
San Francisco
May 8, 2014
Good price
Am using this set for 2nd set or for visitors who don't have clubs.
Prosgood price
ConsNot a game improver for me, but adequate.
By paul tremblay
May 8, 2014
adams super s
took a shot at these clubs figuring i could'nt go wrong for the money. surprise they are terrific. i was never a high ball hitter but these clubs have finally helped me put some air undr the ball.
By Don
Enola, PA
May 8, 2014
Adams does it right
These clubs are easy to hit and very much more forgiving than my old Titelist irons. The price was right and I grabbed them to keep at my daughters house but they may stay in my bag at home. I have only played two rounds with them or I might have rated them five stars.
ProsGreat price and good feel.
By Trey
Chicago, IL
May 7, 2014
Good clubs GREAT price
I bought these clubs two weeks ago and have since had three rounds with them. They are sleek and sexy and hit wonderfully. I am a 18 handicapper and these clubs are perfect for where my game is at.
ProsGreat looking Easy to hit Long distance Cannot beat the price
ConsThe chrome finish does scratch easily, but nothing that will affect your hits
By Ron
Southwest PA
May 7, 2014
Adams irons
Seemed nice the first day out. Looks like they hit longer than my other clubs. Nice problem to have.
By Andy
Charleston, SC
May 7, 2014
Great clubs
Just ordered these and couldn't be happier. Added about 10-15 yards on each iron. Love the feel and the stiff flex is exactly what I needed.
ProsGreat weight distribution Great feel on shorter irons
ConsStandard grips aren't great but that's not uncommon.
By David
South Carolina
April 28, 2014
Great Clubs --- Exceptional Price
Irons are as advertised. Weight was a little heavier than my current graphite shafts but after 18 holes I was sold. Irons are forgiving ------------- I'm hitting one club down (normal 6 iron - now hitting a 7). Appearance / weight / grips / ---------- all very stylish. I am hitting more greens than with my previous clubs with these irons.
ProsWeight / looks / grips --------------------- length of carry ------------------- good on mis-hits. More carry than previous clubs.

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