By David
Verona, NJ
Great Fairway wood
April 17, 2013
My girlfriend used this club at the driving range, she said it hits great and she cant wait to take it on the course!
By Brad
Atlanta, Ga
Christmas Gift
December 24, 2012
Can't go wrong with Adams golf clubs.
By Ann
Adams RPM LP 7
September 8, 2009
Great club! I\'ve never had a 7 wood before, and it\'s really a great utility club for a woman. This one is extremely easy to hit, and gives me more yardage than any of my (4) Adams hybrids.
By Scott, SO Cal
Adams RPM LP Fairway
March 25, 2009
Nice club! Great price but not a game changer for me. It did not help correct slice issues but I don\'t think it\'s the clubs fault. I hit thier hybrids much straighter. Awesome service from RBG and fast shipping!
By Bill In Missouri
Adams RPM LP 3
March 13, 2009
What a fantastic club and deal. RBG---you guys really do rock!!! I’ve been waiting for this beauty to show back up in stiff flex. Bought it Now on Ebay, through you, of course. Haven’t hit mine yet, showed up today, but I have hit a friend of mine’s. Couldn’t wait to get one myself. I have the RPM driver with the Graffaloy shaft and it is far and away the longest and most accurate driver I’ve ever played. My entire bag is now Adams, except for my Hippo putter, which I got from RBG and love it. Oh, and yes, all my golf needs and equipment I get from RBG. Truly, why would you shop anywhere else?
By David San Diego
Adams RPM LP
February 25, 2009
I bought the Adams RPM LP 3 wood and it’s best club I have ever bought. It’s easy to hit and for the price you won’t find a better club!
Adams RPM
February 9, 2009
The face-pull construction on this club creates explosive impact. The 25g repositioned weight in the front really controls the launch angle and spin. If you are willing to sacrifice a little bit of forgiveness, the rewards of the RPM will speak for themselves. Bottom line: A well priced club, that was ahead of it’s time and still continues to please owners and buyers.
By Mike
February 6, 2009
Just bought this club and took it to the D range. I had some questions just because I wasn’t to sure about Adams golf quality, but I was wrong. I like this club alot and was hitting it good my first time after not golfing because of winter. For the price and the shipping rate it’s a must have!
By Patty from Seattle
Fabulous Clubs
November 1, 2008
I\'m a relatively new beginner, but these clubs have quickly become my favorites. I own the 3, 7, and 9. The nine was a suggestion for beginners for easy, high loft shots close to the green. WOW, does that fit the bill! I will order the 5 to fill out the set. Can\'t say enough about these clubs. Ego boost for a beginner. Right down the middle, lots of air.
Sweet Wood
October 27, 2008
I’ve had it a month and I can say it’s the easiest to hit fairway wood I’ve owned. It snaps off a fairway lie and launches off the tee. Could not be happier. Great price too. Thanks RBG!
By Zekes
Easy Hitting Wood
September 30, 2008
These are high quality clubs...the shaft is just terrific. What I noticed is that you really need to make a bad swing to mis-hit with these clubs. It really builds up confidence right way. Don’t be afraid of the ’draw bias’ on these clubs. It’s really too subtle for me to notice. Try them, you’ll love’em !
Great Fairway Woods
September 16, 2008
I bought the the 3 and 5 wood. I am amazed at how much loft and distance I get, especially with the 3 wood. These are great clubs at a great price.
By Jeff
Great Club
July 30, 2008
I was a little bit hesitant about purchasing this club. After debating I finally went for and I must say, I could not be any happier! I have hit a lot of clubs since I started golfing and this is one of the sweetest. The price and quality is unbeatable…thanks again RBG!!
Adams RPM LP F\'Way Wood
July 28, 2008
I have lost faith in my ability to hit fairway woods before I had these clubs. I was never a fan of fairway woods that look like mini drivers. These clubs are ULTRA easy to hit because of the low face height (30mm only!!!) Even easier to hit that my hybrids (and longer!) It makes a nice clicking sound when struck cleanly anywhere on the face. At $50 each... you would be stupid to buy any other fairway wood. This club has the lowest face and the cheapest price than any fairway wood that is on the Golf Digest hotlist. Thank you Adams Golf.
By Joe
June 27, 2008
I bought the 3 and 5 to replace some old Callaway fairway woods. These clubs are great, even better that the Callaways. Adams is a truely under rated. Great products from a great company.
By Randy
13* Tour Stiff
June 13, 2008
GREAT CLUB, finally got to take it out and put it into action. The tour model is much more difficult to hit but for a good ballstriker, I would definitly recommend. Ball flies off the clubface, controllable trajectory and ballflight, $50 is a STEAL, get one for you and all your friends!
By Brandon
Crazy Value
June 13, 2008
You would be crazy NOT to buy this. I got it from the E-bay store for $50...that’s less than the cost of the Grafalloy Blue Prolaunch shaft it comes with! I’ve always had trouble making solid contact with fairway woods if they aren’t teed up, but this club is as easy to hit as a mid-iron. It’s unbelievably straight, fairly long, and an excellent value. Unless you’re a scratch golfer, you would be stupid to not have one of these in your bag.
By Rob
Money in the Bank
May 27, 2008
I have played Adams woods for 5 years and this is the best one I’ve put in my bag. I have the draw 7 wood regular flex. It’s a wonderful club for out of the rough or long par 4’s. I can’t expain what it feels like to take dead aim for the flag from 215 out and know that worst case your gonna be somewhere on the green. You need this club in your bag!
By Stephen
4 Wood Neutral Stiff Aldila NV
May 23, 2008
Very easy to hit off the tee and fairway. Forgiving long and crisp. I definitely recommend this club.
By Bill
Strong 3 Tour Aldila NV
May 15, 2008
Sweet club hard to not hit dead straight and high. That’s usually pretty good. Good off the deck as well as tee. Way to $50 is a STEAL!
By Troy
Oh My Word
April 30, 2008
Absolutely the best fairway wood out there. The low profile and CG make it a breeze to hit. Have to re-learn ball placement in stance for out of the rough shots though
By Dirk Diggler
April 30, 2008
Easy to hit goes pretty far.
By Louis
Awesome Club
April 30, 2008
Bought the 3-wood, draw, regular flex. This club is awesome. Long, straight, very easy to hit off the tee or on the deck. Great sound too! So pleased with it, that I ordered the 5-wood.
By Ray Ray
9 and 3 Wood
April 30, 2008
Got the 9 wood first and after playing a round went home and ordered the 3 wood. One of the easiest clubs to hit and EXTREMELY forgiving.
By 4 Handicap
Best Fairway Wood
April 30, 2008
Ordered the 4 wood in neutral - after hitting it I am now ordering the 3 & 5 - the RPM is a truly enhanced version of the original tight lie with the weight inserted in the bottom rear of club - it hits like a dream with quality Grafalloy shaft - best value fairway wood on the market
By Donnie Smoak
#3 Draw Reg. Flex
April 30, 2008
You can believe the promo on this one. It’s easy to hit with a slight draw, elevates and lands softly. An excellent buy!

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