By Fred
San Francisco, CA
Forgiving and Long
October 11, 2013
The hybrid is bigger than most, but that didn't bother me. It feels great and manages to be workable. The irons do one thing very good, go straight. I gained at least 10 yards per club over my last Callaway set (H2S2, Classic!) The feel is muted compared to my old set, but the distance!
ProsLong Clubs
By Kirby
pittsburgh, pa
June 6, 2013
all around great set of clubs!!! being and amateur golfer i didn't want to spend a ton of money on clubs so these are great for a budget golfer like myself. the hybrid hit like a dream.
By Troy
Williamsport, PA
June 3, 2013
This is a good set of irons for the above average player. The only thing I changed were the cheap standard grips which I despise (I prefer Winn Dritac grips on all my clubs). Even with this, you can't lose at this price! These feel great when hit properly. I also added two V3 hybrids to finish the set.
ProsPrice Appearance Feel
ConsStandard grips have to go
By Mario
Ceres, Ca
Get them now while they're on sale!! Great clubs
May 15, 2013
The clubs do work well. At first I had a little bit of a draw...almost to much for my taste, but I just left the range and I've got it straighten out. After reading the reviews I found it is true what they say about adding a little distance(1/2 to 1 full club length) on all my irons except for my 8 iron. For some reason I can only hit it 135y just like my last set. I did notice a bit muted shot like the others who reviewed it. I guess Adams added some type of material in the club head that makes contact with the ball a little bit quite and less vibration. Didn't take me long to get used to that at all.
Prosgood solid feel when hitting. Added a little extra distance in each iron. Very forgiving
By Nathanael
Monessen, Pa
May 13, 2013
I've read all of the reviews and read how these irons played a lot longer than other irons. I was shocked at how much more distance I was getting with the clubs. Each iron was playing 15-20 yards longer than my previous set.
ProsThese irons are long and play well
ConsIt takes a while to adjust to the distance
By Jeff
Bristol tn
April 30, 2013
Look great play better
ProsGreat distance and feel
By Massimo
Perth Western Australia
Great Service
April 29, 2013
Clubs arrived half way across the planet in 7 days! Saved $$$ on the same clubs here in Australia.Looking forward to playing more golf. Thanks guys
By Andrew
Toledo, OH
Good clubs at a good price
April 8, 2013
Only played these once so far. Pretty happy with the purchase so far. Struggling a bit with the hybrid and also the wedges but middle irons (5-9) have been great. Not clubs for the best players but good for the average hacker like me.
By craig
frostyass canada
sweet deal
January 21, 2013
happy happy happy
By Adam
Great deal from rock bottom golf
January 11, 2013
My clubs arrived much sooner than anticipated. The clubs played great and were just as long as advertised. Overall a great experience from rock bottom golf
By George
Love the Redlines from Adams
December 28, 2012
Extremely glad that I purchased these irons.4H,5-PW,SW. I like everything about them...very nice appearance at address. I have smaller hands so the grips are fine for me. Have played 3 times with them and my playing partners have noticed how much better I hit these irons. I actually HAVE TO DROP DOWN 1 CLUB DUE TO THE EXTRA DISTANCE. I usually shoot around 90 but my first round with these clubs was an 84. My second round was 85 and my third round was a scramble which we won easily. I read all 22 reviews before seemed like a lot of hype but after playing these clubs, it was all true. I really like them and am considering purchasing a set to keep at my daughter's home in Oregon so that I will not have to travel with clubs. The Adams Redline irons are a great value for the price. My old clubs were Nike Slingshots. They will stay in my garage!
ProsWonderful playing clubs. Very forgiving and extra distance.
By Don
suffolk, VA
Nice set of clubs for the money
November 12, 2012
This set was well worth the money . I bought them for my son as his first new set and he is hitting them very long..
ProsLarge sweet spot and they play very long..
ConsYou never hear the club strike the ball when hit properly. Ive never seen anything like it..Its def not a bad con its just different
By Fred
Sanford, NC
Great Set
November 5, 2012
This is a great set of irons. They increased my distance and accuracy.
ProsThey increased my distance and accuracy.
ConsI will change the grips in a little while.
By Matthew
Tampa, FL
So Far So Good
October 30, 2012
I have not actually been able to play a round with these new clubs yet, but have been to the driving range a few times. The Redlines feel very good in the grip and I can definitely tell a difference in how they hit. Like others, I will say that I see an improvement in my distance with these clubs and look forward to getting out on the links to finally put them to the real test.
ProsGood price for quality clubs.
By Rick
Falling Waters, WV
Great Clubs
August 30, 2012
Started hitting these clubs well by the 4th hole. They are about 15 yards longer and just as forgiving as promised. I like the look and feel when standing over the ball as well. I bought the lob wedge to match and have improved my short game. All and all.......very pleased !
Prosfeel forgiveness distance
By Bart Elam
Wilmington, NC
Adams Redline Irons
August 27, 2012
The irons are solid and the distance is long. I had hoped for more height from my old clubs but really didn't get that much. The short irons are about a club and a half longer while the long irons are about a club longer.
ProsEasy to draw or hook.
ConsAlmost impossible to hit a fade. The grips are poor quality.
By Luke Avizinis
Gainesville, FL
Great Set
August 26, 2012
Love the hybrid 4. Clubs are very nice, really good for beginners. Would definitely recommend to others looking for a great iron set that isn't Taylormade, Callaway, or Nike.
By CC in Kissimmee
Kissimmee, Florida
Great clubs for the price
August 25, 2012
Got a great deal through RockBottom, 4hybrid thru SW for $199! They look allot like the G15s to me, especially the sole of the club. Off to the driving range!!
ProsTop quality via Adams and a great price.
ConsNothing so far but have not played a full round yet.
By Peter
San Fran, CA
Great value!
August 16, 2012
These are great beginner clubs, plenty forgiving, with nice weight to them, and above all: excellent value!
By Fran
Lansdowne, Pa
Adams Golf- Reline Hybrid irons Graphite/Steel
August 15, 2012
These are the longest hitting irons that I've hit. I picked up about twenty-five yards with each club. They have a nice high tradgetery. I am well pleased with them.
ProsDistance, tradgectery, & accurracy.
By Greg
Warner Robins, GA
More distance
August 10, 2012
My usual club selection now puts it over the green on my approach shots. I gained 1/2 to a full club (Where I hit an 8 iron, I now use a 9 iron).
ProsBall striking
ConsDull finish
By mark
August 8, 2012
Very easy club to hit with a great feel
ProsVery easy to hit
ConsMore graphite shafts
By Francois
Weedon, Qc
August 6, 2012
Truly the longuest irons on the market! Clearly 1,5 iron longer than my old TaylorMade Burner...
ProsDistance Feel Forgiveness
ConsCan we say... ''too long''?
By Marc
Springfield MA
Great price for good clubs
August 6, 2012
It was a toss up between these clubs and the Taylormade Burner 2.0. After speaking with my local golf pro, my mind was made up. He said the Adams were more forgiving and had better loft and distance. Adams is certainly a big name on the tour but I've never heard of them before shopping for irons. The distance on these clubs is very impressive. I have played 3-4 times with these and I'm still trying to get used to them. I find myself taking slower, easier swings and still crushing the ball without much effort. This is a great irons set for a mid level golfer but even for the price, a newbie could pick them up. Overall, great clubs, I recommend them.
ProsDistance Price Feel Very light
ConsGrips feel OK but I wish they had thumb lines like other brands
August 3, 2012
By Chris
Mebane, NC
Great deal
August 2, 2012
Once I got used to them.....I switched from Taylormade Burner Plus irons......they set up a little different, so after a long day at the range, they really hit well. If you hit them right, they are very quiet. The distance is better as long as you don't try to kill the ball. I would say an improvement from my Taylormades. The finish shows less wear, so they will look nice longer than your chrome irons. Remember not to buy stiff shafts because you thinknyourba macho man...that is worse then having a flex that is too light. I am 6' 220lbs. And use regular flex.....and they are very accurate.
ProsNice feel Looks good Smooth & quiet on sweet spot hits They are Adams so they are reliable Pretty forgiving
ConsGrips are very plain and have minimal grip assistance as far as lining up.
By Nou
Smooth swing
July 31, 2012
They are not kidding about extra distance with these irons set. The less I force the club to hit hard the more distance I get. With my old iron, I hit 150 yards with 7 or 6 iron. With this set I hit 150 yards with 8 iron. The price great for the performance of the clubs.
ProsSmooth and easy to swing.
ConsThe grip can be improve.
By Justin
Brisbane Australia
Long and straight
July 31, 2012
Started playing golf 13 months ago. Bought Adams 7OS max graphite from RBG as my first set when I started. Loved them but at the price I thought I would try the redlines in steel shafts. I was hoping for more distance and greater accuracy and I wasn't disappointed. They have given me an extra half club or more sometimes and I have only taken them out twice. Still dialing them in but compared to the a7s they are much straighter, longer and with a little more feedback. This is probably due in some part to the steel shafts but the a7s are a great club so was really surprised with the gains I have gotten from them. One previous review refered to them as cheap Chinese junk with a thud like feel. I can assure you that he has no idea what he is talking about. Furstly virtually all of the major names produce their clubs out of china and secondly he can't hit them properly. Yes they feel clunky, when you mishit them but get them in the screws and you feel nothing and find yourself watching great straight long ball flight. They will mark easily as somechave mentioned but who cares when the results are that good. They are a bit more of a players iron with alot of forgiveness thrown in. Would of loved an extra hybrid rather than just the 3 iron and was a bit bummed when only 4 days later the priced dropped by another $70, while I was still waiting for them to arrive in Oz but what do you do? I have been a regular customer of RBG and have always been happy with their service. Thanks again caveman these clubs rock!
ProsVery straight Forgiving Long
ConsGrips Cosmetic wear
cleveland ohio
another bomb from adams
July 27, 2012
forgiving long distance good looking and reasonable price are you kidding? Awesome
Prosforgiving long distance good looking and reasonable price are you kidding? Awesome
Consforgiving long distance good looking and reasonable price are you kidding? Awesome
By Anthony
solid set of clubs
July 24, 2012
I like the added distance and overall feel of the clubs. The 3 iron hybrid is also a really good fit for my bag.
By J
Pittsburgh, PA
Quite pleased after first time out
July 24, 2012
I just bought these and used them for the first time yesterday. The old clubs I had were really old [probably 20+ years and I'm sure I got them from someone in the family]. I was really pleased with the distance I was getting with them and they seemed pretty forgiving. I'm definitely not a frequent or super talented golfer. I maybe only go out a few times a year, but for my first time this year with these clubs I bogeyed 7 out of 9 holes. I usually hit 2, 3 or even 4 strokes over on holes. I was really pleased with the distance. I ended up getting a package that had a 3-5 hybrid and 6-P regular iron. I didn't find many occasions to hit the hybrids and while I could use a little practice with them, I really like the feel and distance compared to my previous set of regular irons. I spent a lot of my first outing with shorter shots from 150 yards or less. One of the holes, I was about 120 from the green and figured my 8 iron [which I would typically use] would let me put it short of the green and roll on. Well, I ended up clearing the green completely...probably put the ball about 140 yds. A later par 3 was about 190 yds and so I figured I try the 6 iron. Normally, I would have shot a 3 iron with my other set, but since the ball seemed to be carrying well, I figured I'd give it a shot. I probably ended up hitting the ball about 175 and landed it a couple feet left of the green in the rough. Needless to say, I was surprised that I was getting as much distance from the clubs given what my history had been. All in all, I like this set a lot and I'm happy with the purchase. After one outing, I'd recommend to anyone else...we'll see how they work out in the future.
Prosdistance look good feel
By Andrew
One of the best hybrid sets
May 23, 2012
I think this is one of the best hybrid sets going around, you just have to ask yourself how many hybrids you want... The irons that are not hybrids are still very forgiving, great set for a beginner or someone who struggles with long irons, so if you genuinely need help with forgiveness prob worth a go at the cheap price
By Kenny Landry
Watson, Louisiana
Distance not what I thought
February 27, 2012
I like the looks of the club, I like the hybrids , but I seem to have lost some distance , instead of gain distance.
ProsThe looks of the clubs are appealing, and they feel good in your hands. The hybrids are very good.
ConsI did not get the distance I thought i would get , in fact I seem to have lost some distance,

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