By Bruce
Land O Lakes, FL
March 29, 2014
They draw!
Easy to to hit a draw. Works we'll off the fairway and light rough!
ProsEasy to hit!
By Darren
Brisbane ,Australia
October 26, 2012
Great value
Don't use this club to often but works very well when I do , seem too hit this club straight and good height works well on long par 3's
ProsGood value
By Aidan
October 16, 2012
My friend purchased this over the summer to add distance to his vintage fairway woods. He chunks it sometimes, but in general he his it much better than his old clubs. He's added around 20-25 yards and more accuracy.
ProsLook Feel Distance Accuracy
ConsFlexible shaft (causes some chunks, hooks, and slices)
By ken
cincinnati, oh
August 27, 2012
5 wood
have added 12 more yards to my length.
By Mark
August 22, 2012
Great club
Bought this club to replace a Taylor made 3wood. Played with it today and loved it.
ProsLight, fast, and almost impossible to slice. Head cover included. Does what it says.
ConsCrazy green color takes some getting used to.
By jason
san marcos, tx
August 15, 2012
great club I get almost the distance of my driver (a diablo octane) and was able to hit the the ball straight and easy immediately, though I rarely get a draw. I definitely recommend this club it's a steal at 50 bucks.
Proseverything, green is my favorite color also.
By Jack
Norristown, Pa.
August 14, 2012
Improved my fairway long game by 50%
I was having difficulty hitting my 3-wood from the fair way. I continually hit it thin, with this new Adams Fast fairway wood my long fairway shots have greatly improved. The club feels very solid in my hands and the contact on the ball is much more solid than the other fairway woods that I have tried, and there have been many.
ProsLittle extra length, solid feeling in my hands, more solid impact on the ball
By James
Long Branch, NJ
August 14, 2012
Awesome club
Very accurate club and is a joy to swing.
ProsAccurate Long distance
By Jeremy
Roslyn, NY
August 9, 2012
Speedline Fast 10 3 Wood
A very stable and reliable club. Great for an upgrade from a fossil and for intermediate players. The draw bias does help with ameliorating the slice. Long as well.
August 8, 2012
Nice club
This is such a nice club for the money . I gave the first one I bought to my son he liked it so much. Im buying another one tommorow. It hits good and long and seems predictable being a draw club,
ProsI liked the feel just needed to practice with it .
ConsNon , Im buying another one tommorow
By Len
United States
August 8, 2012
Fairway wood
Good clubs. I hit them straighter and a little longer. Great price.
By Gary Puffer
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas
August 8, 2012
Slice Proof Fairway Wood
In the past , more than 90 % of my fairway wood shots were slices. Since I've been using this club, I haven't sliced off the fairway once. Great club and I love it.
ProsEasy to hit and long
By mizuno4me
August 6, 2012
Great club for the price!
Easy to hit straight and long.
ProsEasy to hit
By Francois
Weedon, Qc
August 6, 2012
Top of the line!
It's a 2010 club, but it owns a lot of 2012 clubs! Perfect for ones who hit a slice or a fade!!
ProsDistance Shape Feel
ConsHookers/Drawers AVOID !!
By bill orsine
cape coral, florida
August 6, 2012
easy to hit
clubs are easy to hit and are very forgiving!! would reccommend to a friend..
By Bill
August 6, 2012
Ball jumps off the club & does what it says. Give's you a nice draw.
ProsPrice Looks Feel
By John M
August 1, 2012
Fairway woods
Ive been very happy with my improved control
By Bryce
July 21, 2012
Got pop
I like it, good look and good feel.
By paul biso
charlottetown, pe
July 18, 2012
love it
it working great for me
Proshappy with this club
By Matt
Toledo Ohio
July 10, 2012
ProsGood distance and helped my slice.
By Cory
July 2, 2012
Great Overall Product
I must say for the price this club is a steal! The club is very forgiving and has added some distance on those second shots into the par 5's.....I recommend this club..Thanks Rock Bottom
ProsVery forgiving
By Lloyd
NT, Australia
June 30, 2012
Adams Golf Speedline Fast 10 Draw Three & Five Woods
Ordered both a three wood (Stiff Flex) and a five wood (regular flex), to replace my 20 year old Dunlops. In just a few rounds, I am hitting the 3 wood over 200 yards with good accuracy and am in some cases using it instead of my Nike Driver due to my confidence in the 3-wood. With the 5 wood, I am slicing the ball a little which is probably due to my hitting style and sling speed. For both clubs, I am hitting the ball well from various fairway conditions. RockBottomGolf rocks for the very prompt delivery, as I received the clubs in Australia within days of ordering.
ProsCost Great Distance Feel and Quality
ConsShould of ordered the 5-Wood with a stiff flex. Risk of not trying before buying. Still happy however.
By Rex
June 24, 2012
5 Fairway
It has a great feel has become one of my favorite clubs
By Lisa
Herkimer, NY
June 19, 2012
3 wood 15* senior flex
I'm a 41 year old female and I've just taken up golf and my instructor told me to go with this club because of my swing speed, the women's club was way too flexible. I'm hitting about 200-220 off the tee with this club. I'm starting to also figure out how to draw the ball also. Great club! Don't hesitate to get this! Thank you Rock Bottom!
ProsLightweight and feel
By Andrew
June 14, 2012
Easy to hit
If you struggle with a slice or to get the ball in air grab 1 of these. The wasabi shaft launches it and the draw bias helps straighten you out
By Rick
Panama City, Florida
June 9, 2012
Great 3 wood for those of us that tend to slice
Straightest club in the bag. Long too. Great for tight driving holes.
ProsStraight long
ConsNot a thing
By Jim
Marlton, NJ
June 4, 2012
Great equipment, regardless of the price
These clubs are the best 3-and 5-woods I've ever had. They have compact heads and set up nicely at address. It is easy to get the ball airborne and it seems to jump off the face of these clubs.
ProsWhat I said in my review.
ConsSo far, nothing.
By Cory Moore
Wrightsville, PA
May 31, 2012
Awesome driver at a great price!!
Awesome driver at a great price. Really like it a lot!!
By Lenny B
Glenwood Springs, Colorado
May 30, 2012
Easy off the fairway
Great club. Lightweight and a great feel when hitting the ball.
ProsWeight and feel of the club
By Shawn Hollis
Henderson Kentucky
May 28, 2012
Longer than a driver
Very good club.
ProsAwesome when hit on sweet spot
By thomas
blackwood nj
May 27, 2012
love it
I had a lot of trouble hitting a 3 wood.That was before I got fast 10. Now its like night an day. Not only hitting 210 yrds.(180/old club) but can also draw the ball about 10/20 yrds.
Proseasy to hit, great price, can't beat the cave..
By Tim
Springfield, MA
May 26, 2012
Great club for the price
Hit the ball well off both the ground and off of the tee can work the ball both left to right and right to left
Prosweight and balance distance off both ground and off the tee control of ball flight
By Chuck
May 25, 2012
Straightened out my slice
hit smooth and easy, now get the loft I was lacking
ProsOverall a sound club
Consprice went up $10 when I went to get the matching 5 wood a week later
By joe
apopka florida
May 22, 2012
very easy to hit
I had to replace a broken wood (Adams Ovation). The broken wood was my go to club when in the fairway at 190+ This 5 wood has given me an extra 10 yards.
Prosvery easy to hit get ball up in a hurry.
ConsNo issues so far after 5 rounds using the club
By Jc
New Britain ,ct
May 21, 2012
Adams speedline 5 wood
Can't beat it.
By Bill
Cary, NC
May 18, 2012
Adams Golf Speedline Fast 10 Draw Three Wood
I love this club. It took a little getting used to in order to control the amount of draw and determining a new "aiming point" but now I am hitting it more consistently, with more control, a definitely more distance. This was money well spent at a great price.
By Brian
May 17, 2012
Excellent 3 fairway wood
This club feels great the minute you hold it in your hands. Solid feel at impact. The club really does correct my little fade. Thanks Adams and Rock Bottom.
By Ben
May 15, 2012
The best I ever had
Feels very precise and brings the ball really easy to the target, I am very glad with it
By david
norristown pa
May 15, 2012
excellent club for a great price
I have only used this club once but I was able to hit the ball straight and far, I am playing in a few days hope to get use it a few more times.
Consneeds better grips
By Jim
Stafford Virginia
May 14, 2012
Fantastic buy
I was hesitant to buy a new fairway wood because I have rarely hit one effectively. A friend recommended the Adams and I am glad he did. I hit them on line and with distance from the fairway and the tee. They have a great feel and sound and the ball flight is consistent. I would recommend them as a definite buy. The service from Rock Bottom was great. Delivery came on the second day after purchase.
ProsDistance, accuracy, feel and look at address. Price was great too.
By Troy
Mpls, MN
May 13, 2012
love it!
How can't you love this club at this price, the guys at Rbg have really outdone themselves on this 1....
ProsPrice, comes with head cover
By Tony
Knoxville Tn
May 9, 2012
Good value
I didn't expect to ever draw from the fairway but with this club it's no problem.
Proslight, easy to hit.
By welton
May 8, 2012
easy to hit anywhere on the course.
Great club easy to hit and will draw. Love it!
ProsI like everything about the club even the price.
By Tim Cogswell
Pinckney, Mi
May 7, 2012
great club for the money
have not used this club much yet, but the feel of it so far has been good
Prosprice and is a good fit with my Adams
Consno dislikes
By Brian
Chatham, Ontario, Canada
April 28, 2012
Don't leave home without it
Much easier for me to control off the fairway than my 3 wood and not a lot of difference in distance. The game is to have fun and this club, along with the rest of my Adams hybrid set from Rock Bottom do just that.
ProsEasy to control
By Luckyus2
Deltona, Florida
April 25, 2012
Speedline Fast 10 Draw Fairway Wood
Solid Club, weak grip, re-grip as soon as possible...
Los Angeles
April 24, 2012
I just love it!
This is perfect fairway wood I ever purchased. Never miss a shot so far.
ProsEasy to hit, accurate, good distance
By Bob VAber
Hazleton, PA
April 22, 2012
Test Run
Had been using Taylor made Fairway woods, decided to try the Speedline Fast Draw 5 wood. Like the flight of the ball and feel of the club. Got it in senior shaft, hitting it as far as my Taylor Made, and able to get a little draw with it. So far the test run is good.
ProsSee above
By Tim
King of Prussia, PA
April 20, 2012
Great club - very easy to hit !
I got the draw version of this and it works as promised. If it does't draw, at least it goes strait to counter my slice ! It is very easy to hit.
Prosgood construction, nice feel
ConsI will change the grip, but that's just a personal preference
By Chris
Ocean City, MD
April 17, 2012
Easy Easy Easy ... even for a hacker like me
I've only played 3 rounds with it so far but have been impressed with the club's forgiveness and distance. Useful off the deck or off the tee ... definitely promotes a left to right ball flight so probably not the best choice for someone who naturally plays a draw.

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