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By Aaron
Good Value
September 15, 2015
Well worth the money
By Matt
Denver, CO
Adams Driver
May 22, 2015
Great Price from RBG, I've played 3 rounds with this driver and I'm starting to get used to it very forgiving and long when I hit it good.
By Dave
May 1, 2015
I absolutely love this driver! I am driving 30+ yards further now. I would recommend this driver to anyone! A lot of reviews I read about this club is that one of the "cons" was how loud it is when you contact the ball. I can say that I don't mind it and actually like the way it sounds because you know right away if you've made good contact. I have taken a minimum of 4-6 strokes off my game since I started using this driver.
ProsAdjustable loft, lightweight, distance, the look of the club
ConsNone that I can find!
By William
Las Vegas, NV
Super Driver
April 25, 2015
Bought a few of these for gifts, and so far everyone has said great driver and can't thank me enough.
By Jeffrey Paquin Sr.
West Springfield, MA
What a difference
April 16, 2015
The ball seems to jump off the club face,longer and straighter.
ProsGreat feel
By tony
warren, il
great price
April 16, 2015
Great price for a great driver
ProsHits long. Adjustable loft
ConsHead cover looks like an oven mit
By Joe
Auckland, NZ-AUK
Goes off like a gun
April 12, 2015
What a great sound when you smash this. Achieving unreal distance with this but the extra shaft length is showing up deficiencies in my swing causing the odd slice. My drives are going 30-40 metres with this new club. The attractive white finish is attracting comments on the tee as well
ProsGood looking, long hitting, adjustable loft
ConsThe club gets cheaper every time I visit the RBG, annoying..
By Eddie
Miami, Florida
Great price but...
April 4, 2015
I took out my new Adams Speed Line Driver yesterday for the first time. Club felt great during my practice swings on the first hole and hit it long but had a slight fade. On the second hole, I swung the club, hit the ball dead on and the club head snapped off the shaft. Mind you, this was the first time hitting the new club. I read great reviews on the club before my purchase it so I believe this was just a defective club.
ProsPrice, Feel
ConsCan't comment b/c I didn't have club long enough for any Cons
By Don
Sioux Falls SD
Great Club
March 31, 2015
Very good buy, well made and adjustable loft, for the money you can't beat it.
By Pete Sommers
Bastrop Texas
Turn to the Bible
March 30, 2015
I bought this driver (plus the 3-wood) because of the good reviews it was given, but also because I had recently bought a set of a12os irons, and was very impressed with them. But I wasn't even getting 200 yards with the driver. On a 380 yard hole, having 210 yards left after the drive wasn't at all encouraging. Then I remembered the Bible and Rock & Roll – specifically Ecclesiastics and The Byrds. “To everything, turn, turn, turn.” I finally remembered I wasn't turning my body on the backswing. In an instant, my drives started going straight and long, and I was actually drawing the ball at times. So the fault lay in my swing, and not the club. But I am now very satisfied, not with just the driver, but also the 3-wood, as well as the 5-wood I just received. Bottom line: Is this the best, longest driver I could get for the money? I honestly can't say. But I am happy I bought it, and that's what is important to me.
ProsEasy to hit, good feel, good distance, great price.
ConsThe price got even greater AFTER I bought it.
By Will
Smithville, MO
Getting there
March 24, 2015
Still getting used to the club. Does sound like an aluminum ball bat though, just a heads up.
By John
Little Worshington, PA
New Driver
March 22, 2015
Got this driver to replace my old one. Looking forward to trying it out this season.
By Ed
Chandler, Arizona
Excellent Driver
March 19, 2015
Easy to hit. great price
By Billy D
United States
Pops off the face
March 18, 2015
I am very pleased with this driver. The ball pops off the face, and I've increased my driving distance by 15 to 20 yards. It makes a funny sound when hit, but it is easy to get used to especially with the extra distance generated.
ProsDistance and accuracy.
By Kevin
Green Bay, WI
Great driver!!
March 17, 2015
I'm an intermediate golfer and this was the first real quality driver I have purchased. It's definitely worth the money and it helped me gain 15 yards on my drives.
By rrwilliams20
Bermuda Run, NC
Speedline Driver Unique to Me
March 16, 2015
At RBG's great price I bought this driver as an experiment. I had never hit an Adam's driver and never hit any driver with a stiff shaft. It looks good (if you like white on top) and appears to be well made. A negative for some golfers, it makes that tinny "ping" sound on contact with the ball. My experience with the stiff shaft when I first tried it on the driving range was that it magnified my swing faults. To hit it well required more focus and discipline on my part. After working with it for about fifteen minutes I went back to my regular shaft Nike and "wow"; I hit the Nike better than ever. Result: I'm now using the Adams as a trainer.
By Matthew
Washington, MI
Another Rock Solid Purchase
March 12, 2015
Hate to be a broken record, but I've ordered so many things from these guys, with the same result. Excellent turnaround time. Excellent price. Excellent service... everything is perfect!!
ProsGreat Club, even better price
By Dan
LaCrosse, Wisconsin
Sweet driver!
March 7, 2015
prompt delivery. Bought driver for my son and we live in Wisconsin, so haven't had a chance to hit yet. Driver looks and feels great! Came with tool for adjusting head. Read a few negative reviews regarding headcover, and I would agree, it is pretty ugly.
ProsPrice for an adjustable head driver! Tool included. Another flawless purchase from RBG!
ConsUgly headcover
By chuck
winston- salem NC
adams speedline super s driver
March 5, 2015
Easy to hit..Great buy for the money..15 hc.
ProsGood pop off the face...looks good..
By terence
fort washington, MD
longer than you think
March 5, 2015
for the price hands down the best driver I have ever own. You will be shocked on the distance and ease to hit
Proslight and long hitting
By brad
Grand Rapids
Can't beat it for the $$
March 5, 2015
Just bought this club for crazy cheap and I couldnt be more excited. Only hit on the range but it hits long and great flexibility with the adjustable loft.
By Joshua
McEwen, TN
Great Club!
March 4, 2015
This is a great club. It has a great feel to it and a nice smooth swing all the way through. It also has a great feel as the head makes contact with the ball.
By Bernie
Great Deal
March 4, 2015
Driver feels solid. Definitely on the light side. Ball jumps off the face and flies straight. Not thrilled about the sound, but getting used to it. Good looking club and matching head cover. Didn't like the grip so I changed it. Can't beat this driver for the price.
By Cameron
Cridersville, OH
5 stars
February 27, 2015
Really like this driver. Hit well
By Steve peacock
Great drive without the gas
February 23, 2015
Great club less effort more distants. Buy one
By Stan Gomez
New Orleans
Great Driver
February 17, 2015
I bought my wife the same driver but with a Regular Flex shaft. I hit hers well and love the feel, but needed a stiff flex and it's worked out great. I hit this driver 10-15 yards further than my Tour Exotics that I've used for the past 2 years. Very happy with the discounted purchase and swift delivery. THANKS!
By Mark
February 13, 2015
Straight and long
By Randy
Cumberland, KY
Hit it true
February 9, 2015
The ball jumps off of the face.
By Jose
San Diego, Ca
February 7, 2015
Absolutely LOVE this driver! I am still new to golf and working on my driving but once I got a good hold of it, WATCH OUT! Not sure on the distance as the one marker I could see was at 200 yrds and it cleared well over that with ease! Taking her out this weekend and see how much I improve.
By Alan
Las Vegas nevada
Definite improvement
February 5, 2015
As I am still new to the sport I wanted a driver that I felt could improve my distance and accuracy. Those criteria were met instantly. I am very pleased with my purchase and of course the deal was AWESOME! Thank you Rock Bottom Golf!
By Larry Taylor
Canal Winchester Ohio 43110
January 30, 2015
I love my new driver I hit it longer and straighter than ever before
By kelly vanarsdale
fantastic driver
January 29, 2015
This driver has been a great improvement to my game.I'm hitting it longer and with more control.
Prosgood looks good feel and great price.
By lee
lumberton, nc
its long
January 29, 2015
Great driver easy to hit and long.
Proslong and easy to hit
By Steve
Springfield, VA
It's Cold Out, But This Club Feels Good
January 27, 2015
I just received the Speedline Super S Driver. Since I won't be using this for a couple of months, here are my first impressions. For me it sets up perfectly at address. The stiff Matrix HD shaft seems to have just enough whip for my reduced swing speed. It came set at 10.5 loft, I'll change it with the included tool if necessary once I get out on the range. Club head weight is slightly on the light side, which is what I was hoping for. Nice club, we'll see how it works sometime after the blizzard of 2015.
ProsAdjustable Loft Light Weight Good Position at Address
By Glenn
Chatsworth, Ga
Great Club!
January 23, 2015
Love the feel and distance of this driver. Sweet spot slightly smaller than my Taylormade burner 2.0. The carry is 10 yards farther. The adjustability is a definite plus!
By Jim
Sidney, NY
Adjusted loft is great.
January 22, 2015
This is my first adjustable driver and it is great that I can hit the ball farther by up to 50 yards by adjusting the loft.
By Paul Ransberger
Lindale Tex
Hits like Taylormade superfast. great design
January 20, 2015
You can get great head speed. very lightweight
Prosgreat feel
Constends to fade
By Frank Walker
Great for the price
January 19, 2015
The driver is good looking and has a nice balanced feel to it.To change the loft is quick and easy.
ProsVery forgiving
By jimmy
Los Angeles
Best Companies to BUY for GOLF products
January 14, 2015
Excellent driver for the money! Under $70
ProsMust buy
By Dan
Las Vegas, NV
Great driver!!
January 13, 2015
I will start with saying that I am not partial to any brand & play anything that works. I do play adams irons (cb2 & cb3). I never hit an adams driver & bought this without hitting which I have never done. I am very happy with my purchase. First off, the price couldn't be beat, second shaft is top notch & after I researched I felt this would be a good fit. I have played 2 rounds & have experienced longer (10-15 yrds) straighter drives. What I really like is that if I miss it it doesn't stray too far offline. Looks good, feels good, sound is much different than I want but results are there.
ProsLooks, great shaft, great price. I like the different head over too.
ConsSound, preference thing I guess.
By William
Super Happy
January 13, 2015
Great driver for the price. I hit my drove about 10 yards longer and it soared right down the fairway. The driver is lightweight and has a sleek design. I'm happy with the purchase.
Great birthday present at a 'super price'!
January 12, 2015
Bought the Adams' Super Speedline Driver for my son for his upcoming birthday. I already have one and liked the quality, the design and the distance you can obtain when hitting a nice long straight drive! I bought him the Stiff but must replace that shaft with an Extra Stiff because of his distance and speed of his swing. He routinely hits a ball 300+yards and needs something with a little resistance from the shaft. Other than that we're just waiting for Spring to get out on the driving range and course and start using our new equipment!
ProsLike the design, like the adjustable shaft and the distance you can hit the ball with this Adams product
Consnone so far because he has not actually hit the club
By Cody
Love this club!
December 17, 2014
Long and straight need I say more???
one of the easiest longest driver to hit
November 22, 2014
definitely a keeper! long and so easy to hit. no thinking needed.
By Joe
Great Price
October 28, 2014
As always a great deal at Rock Golf. Very good driver!
ProsQuality piece of equipment for the price.
By Ted
Mesa AZ
Great value
October 22, 2014
This is my second Speedline Super S driver and it was significantly less expensive at the cave ! One heck of a good deal.
By sue Glazier
United States
great price
October 21, 2014
Bought this club for my son. He seems to like the weight of it. I believe it was a great price for this club.
By Paul
Bradenton, FL
Solid feel on contact
October 13, 2014
This is my driver now replacing an older version. It has a very solid feel on contact and the expected distance. I like the adjustability and improved accuracy it provides in windy conditions. Very happy to have this club in my bag and the price was right too.
ProsAdjustable loft, solid feel on contact and very acceptable accuracy and distance.
By Ahmed
Montreal, Canada
Best driver for the price
September 18, 2014
Really happy with this new driver. Very forgiving and when it connects wow.
ProsLook, feel and easy to hit
ConsHead cover
By keith
durant, oklahoma
light,hot face
September 13, 2014
Club feels light and balanced. Ball comes off hot. Have been using the square headed callaway from 2007.
ProsLight and balanced.
By Phillip
Brooklyn, MI
nice club but not for me
September 12, 2014
great price as always from RBG. graphics are distracting on top. not a solid feeling club
Prosnice to look at unless youre hitting it
Consgraphics, lack of distance
By rick
Huntingtown, MD
Adams Speedline Super S Driver
September 12, 2014
seems nice...very light. Local golf shop has them for much more money...but also said they have sent several back to manufacturer for head splitting across the top!
Prosgood value
Consugly head cover
By Ryan
Schreiber, Ontario
very nice
September 11, 2014
Long, straight and light.
ProsGood looking and forgiviy
By Chris
San Angelo, TX
Nice Driver!
September 10, 2014
I purchased this driver after my Calloway Big Bertha bit the dust. It took me roughly an hour at the driving range to get used to it and afterwards am driving about the same if not better than I was with the Callaway. I do like the adjustable loft, but I would suggest keeping the loft setting fixed as it takes a few drives for the head to settle back into the shaft. Overall it was a good purchase.
ProsAdjustable Loft and good flex.
ConsThe head cover is a little cheezy. It takes a few drives for the head to settle after adjusting the loft.
By E. Cicilioni
Scranton, PA
Shaft too long.
September 8, 2014
Great driver for the price. Had to cut it down by 2". I had trouble making good contact with the 46" shaft. I was all over the course and couldn't hit a fairway. Cut it down and drives were straight and I didn't loose any distance. I'm 5' 11" 190#. Now it's a good fit. Adams always makes good products.
ProsGreat price. Good feel after cutting it down and using a medium size grip. Love the head cover. Love the sound.
ConsShaft tooooooooo loooooong. White head gets dirty.
By Robert
September 7, 2014
A real helper in my drives
By jerry baker
dayton ohio
just getting used to it
September 6, 2014
hitting total bombs at the range...30-40 yards farther. on the course, still a bit inconsistent with it..i have a natural slice, and this club has turned that into more of a fade ({-)) I'm excited to get more rounds in with though...because when i hit it well, it goes! For example there is a 538 par five 18th hole on my local course..normally 3 shots minimum to get to green (my avg drive used to be 230 or so with old driver and 200 max with old 3 wood. Both rounds with this driver and matching 3 wood? On in two! 285 yard drives...250 with the 3 wood! Look on my brother's face, PRICELESS! Can't wait to get it totally dialed in so I'm more consistent! This is my third purchase with RBG and all three have been very positive experiences!
By Pat
Gained 10Yds.
September 4, 2014
This club is easy to adjust, I had to find the right angle alinement that best suited my swing, once honed in he club hit as I expected.
ProsEasy adjustment
ConsHead seems alitte heavier than previous driver.
By barry wallace
florida, United Stataes
not happy
September 4, 2014
the shaft is very light.. had I known this I would have ordered a stiffer shaft
Great driver
September 2, 2014
Great feel and added distance for a player without big power. Great for the price
ProsLonger distance
ConsHead cover is plain and feels and looks like an oven mitt
By Butch
The Villages, Florida
Like many others I don't like the head cover.
August 30, 2014
The club hits easy and is very lite. I seem to fade the ball more with this club then my Nike driver. I can't find s way to set the draw in 2*. Can anyone help with that??
By David
mesa arizona
Great Look, Great feel, Great club
August 29, 2014
I really enjoy my new driver i like the way the ball springs off the club face.
Medina, OH
Very Forgiving, Straight & LOOONG
August 12, 2014
I've recently re-taken up the game. My old driver was 20+ years old. It needed to go! The head was so small that if you didn't know, you'd think it was a 3 wood. I was looking for a game improvement driver that didn't break the bank. This driver is perfect for me! I was hitting short drives. My best was about 175. This one has me over 200 routinely and if I can manage to find the sweet spot.... blast off!
ProsDistance Accuracy Easy to Hit
By Reeder
great white north Minnesota
Long Bomber
August 9, 2014
Bought this driver with the regular shaft about a year ago. Tried it out then made some of the adjustments on the head and tried it out again. Even so could not get it to do much for me in the way of control or length. So I put it away and went back to hitting my Cleveland Classic and working on my swing. Last week, brought out the Adams Super S again to give it another go and it was like night and day. I was bombing it ball after ball at the range. Took it out for a round and also bombing it straight and LONG on the course. I was stunned and happy at the same time. This driver gets me the longest distance I have ever gotten in a driver. Like I stated earlier, I worked on my swing and that helped me hit this club correctly. Now it is no effort to crush drives down the fairway. Put a nice well balanced and tempo swing into this club and it will do the rest. NICE!
ProsThe driver is good looking and has a nice balanced feel to it. Someone mentioned in a post that the grip is too thin. Maybe it is by a bit, but that is easily changed and really is a personal preference. Balls hit off the center of the face feel perfectly solid. The headcover is kinda funky and grows on you.
ConsNo cons come to mind.
By Craig S. Lewis
Cinnaminson, NJ
Great club at a great price
August 8, 2014
I have definitely seen a difference in my distance and I like the option of changing the loft. To change the loft is quick and easy, I was able to change the loft on the tee box while the other players were teeing off. I would have given it 5 stars but the head cover (oven mitt) is the worst ever.
ProsIncreased distance and accuracy.
ConsHorrible head cover.
By Tom
Bloomington IL
So far I really like this driver.
August 8, 2014
I think I got a great deal on this club, I have used it 3 rounds so far and have hit it better than my other drivers.
ProsIt is launch adjustable and I haven;t even tried that yet.
ConsI took a chance on this buy, because I had never hit it.
By ruben
controlled acuracy
August 8, 2014
have been hitting the ball further distance and more control
Prosplain awesome, great feel and weight
By Paul Macaulay
August 6, 2014
hits like a dream, sweet spot large,adjustable loft is great!
By Rick Stamm
Delafield, WI
Adams Golf- Speedline Super S Driver
August 5, 2014
This is the big question???? I have attempted to hit this club numerous times already. So far, NOT SO GOOD! I'm not giving up on it yet, but this is one of the problems. You can go to a store and hit the club into a net...yet it is all together different out on the course or at a range. Now, if you decide it is NOT going to are stuck with a brand new club, collecting dust in the basement.
ProsLooks Nice!
ConsNot able to hit it yet!
By Karl
Newberg Oregon
Great club
August 5, 2014
As expected from RBG shipping and arrival were perfect. This club is AS ADVERTIZED. You will not be disappointed.
ProsGood feel, increase in club head speed. Nice looking.
By guy
lower hutt, wellington
These go long
August 2, 2014
Top driver with great looks
ProsThe longest driver I have hit
ConsSmaller than usual sweet spot
By Jerry
Greeneville, Tn
Fairway Friendly
July 31, 2014
1st day out of the box and finally know what its like to hit the fairways. This is my first new driver, is there a break in period or something because at first i was getting about 230 (im just not a long ball hitter). After 3 rounds im closer to 260 and still in the fairway so i guess im learning to swing it better or something. This driver feels much lighter than my G5 and it feels like i have a faster swing. One of my long ball hittin friends had a tendency to pull the ball to the left when trying out my new driver. If I try to kill it I pull it to the left also, just opposite from my G5, when I swing it hard i hit off the toe. Anyway great club for me I'm tempted to get the LS just to see what it's like.
ProsVery forgiving Easy to swing Looks good Head cover doubles as a mitten
Consnone at this point only played 3 or 4 rounds
By Mike
Tauranga, New Zealand
Adams Golf Speedline Super S Driver
July 28, 2014
Have only had a couple of hits with this new driver and so far I am very happy with this club. As I get used to the club my appreciation as to how good it is for my game will only increase.
ProsGood weight and feels good in the hands. And hits the ball a fair distance!
ConsNot keen on the white color on the front of the driver head
By Steve
Spokane, WA
July 28, 2014
Driver is easily adjustable, however I still get more distance from my old Adams offset box style.
ProsLooks good.
ConsAverage at best.
By Richard Chavez
Chula Vista, CA
Driver is for my grand-son. He enters high scool this year. Hopefully this new driver will motivate him as he trys out for the golf team.
July 27, 2014
I will let you know of his success. Excellent.=good purchase.
ProsA+rating. Have never had a problen.
By Bruce
Amherstburg , Ontario , CA
Speedline Super S Driver ... Gotta Love it
July 27, 2014
All I can say is so far so good ... I have long hands and I find that the grip is a bit small but that would go for just about any driver I'd buy ... but this one is going long and straight when I hit right ..... going out once a week isn't going to improve my game much ... I do find I can't over power my swing ... Only thing I think I"d change on this driver is the length of it ... but I did get the senior shaft and still getting use to it !!
By Raffaele Scalici
Philadelphia, PA
Accuracy!!! Distance!!!
July 25, 2014
Great driver at a great price.
ProsPrice, looks ,grip
By Carla R
Manhattan Beach, Ca
Super S is super!
July 18, 2014
I am very pleased with the Super S. I ordered the Senior shaft and as a taller female golfer, it is just right. I played with it last week for the first time and was extremely happy with the results.
ProsGreat distance and better accuracy.
By Robert
La Porte City, IA
fantastic price
July 14, 2014
I am 67 years old and decided to order this driver in senior flex. Man am I glad I did. Hitting straighter and farther than in a long time. Plus the price was incredible.
By Nathan
Post Falls, ID
So far, so good.
July 13, 2014
Picked this up from Rock Bottom Golf for under $100 and have only played one round so far but seems well worth it. I bought the full Adams Tight Lies set and while I like the set overall i was hitting my drives 20-30 extra yards with my new Speedline Super S driver compared to the one included in the set. I shoot around mid 90s with a swing speed around 100 mph. I tend to have a fairly big slice in my drives and while this hasn't really fixed that, I can still compensate for it and the extra distance has been great. Yet to mess with the loft settings to see how that affects my drives but look forward to doing that as well.
ProsLightweight Very forgiving Looks good
ConsNone found so far.
By thomas
victoria australia
adams golf
July 3, 2014
love this new driver played six rounds with it now got used to the sound now which i didnt like at first.
Prosreally good value great rockbottom service.
Conssound takes a little getting used to
Cleveland, OH
Easy to hit straight and looooooooog!
July 2, 2014
Admittedly, I've been using a 20 year+ old driver with a small head and even smaller sweet spot (which I hardly ever found). However, I am new to the sport so before investing in a new equipment, I needed to see if this was the sport for me. Well, I've been having fun but drives my have been short. Normally under 200. Enter the Adams Speedline Super S. This driver is awesome.! I was looking for a max game improvement driver and found a winner! Instantly my drives are hitting 225+ with some cracking 260. All of a sudden, I'm in the game! If even a hack like me can find the sweet spot imagine what this thing can do in the right hands!
ProsEasy to hit with consistency. Straight & Long. Very forgiving.
Consnone.... Love it!
By Michael
North Myrtle Beach, Sc
Really helping my game
July 1, 2014
It's very forgiving. Added distance to my tee shots! Light weight,feels great to hit!
ProsBig sweet spot!
By Jacob
Rochester, MN
Great driver for the price
June 19, 2014
I have been hitting a Taylormade RBZ driver and bought this here and really like it.
ProsDrives are further than the RBZ and able to get faster swing speed
Constends to slice a little more than I would like if you don't hit the sweet spot just right.
By jim stokes
Wash DC
game changer
June 19, 2014
Saw the special for this driver. Once I sloooowed down the swing... slow on the back swing , medium-slow on the down swing, I now have 250+ yard drives !
ProsSweet spot tells you you are right
ConsAnything off-center will seriously reduce yardage
By shin
gold coast, QLD
great purchase!!
June 18, 2014
very large head to give you confidence in your swing. the range of adjustability is great. cant say any negatives about this driver. people are saying the grip is junk, but in all honesty its not even that bad.
By Tony M
Fernley, NV
Super S Driver
June 13, 2014
Felt the club was good for me when first used it. It felt comfortable, and was very much to my liking. Didn't care for the grip, and it regriped with a larger senior grip, but that was expected. Got the club at a bargain price at Rock Bottom Golf.
ProsGood feel, and better trajectory on my drives. Feel confident with playing with this club.
ConsNone noted.
By Bill
Better Accuracy
June 12, 2014
Read all the reviews and thought it would add extra distance, but it did not. I guess my swing speed to be about 100, so maybe it is better for those with a lower swing speed. But, the good news is that it seems to be more accurate than an previous driver.
ProsBetter accuracy
ConsBe sure to tighten the head very well. The 3rd round I used it is sounded strange... and the head felt as if it was loose... and it did not go very far. I checked the head and it felt tight, but when I inserted the tool to tighten it the screw was somewhat loose. I tightened it and it fixed the strange sound and it was back to normal distance again (but still lower than my previous Srixon driver.)
By James
Portsmouth, Virginia
June 12, 2014
This driver should be in everybodies bag IMO. The adjustability along with its light aerodynamic feel gives this driver a unique presence at address. I have had both the Callaway Big Bertha, Taylormade Burner and Rocketballz drivers and I have never hit balls off center and often have them still go relatively straight as they have with the Adams Speedline Super S. I usually can drive the ball between 250 and 265 but I hit a drive 274 with the Adams!!! I was completely suprised! I originally bought this driver since I have Adams irons to match the set but I see now that I am glad I made this choice. I promise you that you won't regret this driver.
ProsComes with the adjustability tool. The setting can be viewed in the window with ease.
By Dennis
This driver is a winner!
June 11, 2014
Last year I tried the following drivers, TM RBZ, TM R1, Callaway X-hot, surprisingly this Adams Super S driver is the one in my bag. With the RBZ I could hit some bombs... just couldnt count on finding them. The R1 was very unforgiving unless you can hit the dime size sweet spot everytime. The Xhot felt good, but I just could not stand over it with any confidence. I bought the Super S with the idea... WTH Im not spending much for it..... Best money Ive spent on a driver, long , accurate and confidence inspiring. Probably the most underrated club made.
ProsEasy to align. LONG ACCURATE
ConsNot a fan of the white
By Neil
nyc ny
Geart club
June 10, 2014
enjoy hitting these club
By Christian
Edgewood, WA
Goes further than previous cleveland driver
June 7, 2014
Easy to hit driver. Goes pretty long.
By Robert
Las Vegas, Nevada
Love Adams
June 5, 2014
As usual the driver like other products I order from Rock bottom arrived as promised in this case free shipping and in about one week. The driver is great. I am an amateure club fitter and new that the shaft may not be right so I already re-fit it with my favorite Adilla DVS shaft soit plays long and I can work it right or left down the fairway. Many may be happy with the qualiy shaft that come with so I recommend it either way. Sets up nice and is a rather light club but fast as promised!
ProsVisually appealing and set up square a while powerful looking. Fairly forgiving and sends the ball way down feild! On sale for $99.00 so worth waiting out the one year at 3 bills to get it cheaper. i would have paid the $99.00 for the head only along with the adaptor:)
ConsNot really a con as I knew the shaft was likely not quite right for me. I need about a 3-3.5 torque tip and the Matrix HD Radix Sv stiff is 5.0 torque. Result is that the stiff plays more like a regular which may be fine for many of you. Easy enough to switch out (and I did) although I should worn other fitters that **the furrel is not the normal heat up till soft and cut off to replace type but is actually metalic and part of the adaptor. So don't try to heat it up and cut it off in the typical manner. It's all one unit that comes off together.** Once figured that out I was able to easily switch shafts.
By Bruce G.
Arlington, TX
Amazing Mishits
June 2, 2014
Purchased this driver for use on trips out of town since it was priced so low and adjustable. Set it on 9.5 degrees with 1 degree open face and went to the course. First hit was high and on the toe but still got 250 yards with slight push fade. Second drive I closed my stance a little and hit it high on the toe again still got 250 yards with slight pull draw. Both times I never felt the head twist even though it was clearly outside the sweet spot of the driver. I'm sure a low handicap player might not like the feedback but to the weekend player it definitely will build your confidence.
ProsHandles mishits the best of any club I currently own. Much better than my Cobra Amp Cell I use currently. High launch even using short tees. Just enough head weight so you can feel it on full swings. Price
ConsHigh launch. Only because I was hoping to lower my launch angle when in lowest setting. Off white club head can still cause some glare on sunny days. Didn't get instructions on head adjustments but went online and downloaded the settings available. While 4 of the 8 settings are labelled showing loft angle you need the picture of the adjustment adapter to know what your doing to the club as far as opening or closing the face and lowering the shaft angle.
By Mike
Dallas, TX
This is Fun!
May 29, 2014
Extremely forgiving and powerful. I went from a hand me down TaylorMade driver, which I could hit maybe 50% of the time to this Adams driver. The sweet spot is huge and the ball will always go straight. I feel like I am cheating. This driver allows me to have more fun, while still improving my technique.
By Larry
Granbury, Texas
Increase in my drives!
May 29, 2014
Being seventy seven years old I have lost my speed. I got some of it back with this club and increased my drives by 20 yards!
ProsCan't say enough
By Manish
Camarillo, CA
May 27, 2014
good driver
By Dan
Granger, IN
Great driver
May 20, 2014
I am a 12 handicapper and I have played three rounds with this driver. It has excellent balance and feel. I have shot three of my best rounds. It sure helps make the game easier when playing from the fairways. It also added about 15 yards. I am extremely happy and Rock Bottom rocks!
ProsDistance. Feel.
ConsNone so far.
By Doofie
Northern California
Speedline Super S Driver
May 19, 2014
Overall this driver is a winner. I hit more than a few bombs with it. I took a star off because I don't like the "bonk" sound it makes when you hit the sweet spot. Not that the "bonk" sound affected the performance in any way, but I just don't care for the sound it makes. I would also have to say that this driver is forgiving when you don't quite hit the sweet spot. It still gets the ball out there. I used this driver for six weeks (I play twice a week) before moving on to another driver. I will keep this driver for a back up.
ProsHit the sweet spot and it launches like a rocket. Forgiving if you miss the sweet spot. Its light and easy to swing. I like the shaft and the white color on top of the driver. The loft is adjustable. I put it on the lowest loft and left it there. Well worth the money you will now be paying for it.
ConsThe grip is junk, replace that right away. I do not care for the "BONK" sound it makes when you hit it. The cover for the driver sucks. Order a nice one when you order this driver. I order the "Cave Man" mascot driver cover when I order this driver.
By Graham Ward
Drives further
May 18, 2014
I have found that this Adams driver gives at least 15 yards to my driver.
ProsI am triakling different loft angles
By Phil
Spokane, WA
Disappointed customer
May 13, 2014
I love Adams' irons but am not so excited about their drivers.
ProsVisually appealing
ConsSuper loud. Ugly cracking sound when you hit it.
By John
Norristown, PA
Great club
May 12, 2014
Looks great and hits em long.
By Scott
San Antonio Tx
good looking driver
May 9, 2014
This club is real light had to slow down my swing speed that I gave to my wife and she loves it after I put a new grip the stock grip feels like it beglong on a iron
ProsGreat club for slowly swing speeds
ConsTo light for me and the grip feels like a iron
By Wil john
Chase , bc , canada
May 7, 2014
Feels solid even on off center hits
By Christopher
Love this driver
May 6, 2014
Replaced a10 year old Mizuno driver with this and couldn't be more pleased. I have played several rounds with it so far and the Adam's is very easy to hit and very forgiving. My slice has all but disappeared and I get a ton more distance. Went from averaging about 180 - 200 yards per drive to around 240 - 250. Love the sound this club makes at contact too.
ProsVery easy to hit Very forgiving Sounds great
By John
Nice driver
May 1, 2014
This is a good driver for the price.
ProsLooks good
ConsI do not know how to adjust the loft. I wish it had some sort of directions with it.
By Nils
Everson, WA
Good feel & sound, easy distance
April 30, 2014
Bought this after trying the LS model in a local shop. I like the ability to adjust loft & lie angle without the open/close adjustment, and I just plain like the way it feels & sounds as it launches the ball arrow straight & far. I took off one star because within days of using this club the shaft broke 1" from the hosel, right where it changes from hollow tube to solid fiberglass. I hit a beautiful, clean, long drive and the head literally flew off & landed 30-40yds away in a pond! I retrieved the head and had it re-shafted because I like the feel of this club. I can't imagine what could cause a failure like that other than a manufacturers defect with the shaft, so I'm sure this is not a common problem.
By Steve McIlvenna
Elk Grove, Calif
Speedline S Driver
April 29, 2014
so far its OK. Still trying different lofts
Proslike the adjustment feature. Stiff shaft nice
ConsA little lighter than I thought. Still getting used to it
April 24, 2014
By Herb
great club and good price
April 18, 2014
I've only used the club three times so far, but it is 12 - 15 yards longer than my Tour Edge Exotics. Still trying the adjustments but the club seems very straight and forgiving.
ProsEasily adjustable and long.
ConsThe other reviewers were correct, the head cover is really ugly, so I used the Iowa state cover from my old driver, problem solved!
By Neil
Great distance
April 18, 2014
This driver added another 15-20 yards to my drive. It has very sharp look to it also
ProsVery good driver, Great look, Added distance, Easy to adjust the degree
ConsTerrible head cover
By Trevor
Wartburg, TN
bombing driver!!
April 15, 2014
This driver is awesome love the adjustable loft and the white has an anti glare effect.
By Casey
Monroe, nc
This club is solid
April 9, 2014
Overall very good club, like the adjustability and miss hits aren't as penalizing with this club as others. This driver has good distance
ProsGood distance good price
ConsSounds a lil "pinky"
By Jon
New England
Fast and long
April 9, 2014
The Super S driver is a long hitter. Easy to hit for slower swing speeds (I'm <95) and gets up HIGH. Very light and a big sweet spot on this club. Great price on RBG!
ProsLOOOOONG Good for slow swing speeds Large sweet spot
ConsHuge head may not appeal to all
By john
dothan, alabama
Adams Super S Driver
April 8, 2014
have been using Adams products for about 8 years and just love them. very excited about this new Adams Super S driver. if you are tired of your old fairway woods try a Adams Speedline fairway, picked up one these several months ago and picked up about 20-30 more yards with it. love Adams products
Proslove the adjustability of this club
By Chad
Alpharetta, GA
Super light and long
April 5, 2014
This driver is absolutely the lightest swinging driver I've ever picked up. The off center hits go as far as my old G-15 driver went on centered hits. The only issue I have is the screw in the bottom coming loose after some swings. Hit it on the course the other day 4 times and went to swing on the 5th and felt the head twist on the down swing. Huge slice into the woods. It now has me a little nervous, so when I pull it out of the bag, I hold the head and twist the shaft just to make sure it's not loose before teeing it up. If you center one up on it, it goes and goes and goes. Probably picked up 15 yards with this one.
Prosreally light and easy to swing adjustable picked up15 yards over prev driver
Consthe head comes loose after a few swings and needs retightened occasionally
By Bill
Lewiston n.y.
Adams speed line driver
April 5, 2014
Was to lightweight I couldn't get ago odd feel for it
San Ramon, CA
This Driver is Long and suits my swing
April 3, 2014
This driver just suits me. It's longer than anything I have used before (maybe 5-10 yards in the 260-270 neighborhood) but it's the confidence I will be in the fairway or just off the rough that separates this driver. I can feel the driver head throughout the swing and the driver looks huge over the ball on the tee. I can hit it hard, smooth, choke up on the shaft, steer it left or right. This driver could be the One. Have only used it a few times out but there are no complaints so far. Yes, the driver is a little louder than most but when you hit it that good, you don't mind people noticing. I'm using the stiff stock Matrix shaft at 10 degrees which I think is 0.5 degree open. I've played with the other settings and they all felt good. Background: I'm about a 10 handicap with about 100 mph swing speed with the driver. I'm 40 years old and have been playing golf for 18+ years. Driver History: Titleist 910 D3 Titleist 910 D2 Taylormade R9 Ping G15 Cleveland Hibore etc.
Pros- Longer & Straighter off the tee - Feels great and adds confidence over the ball - Very reasonable price
Cons- None to speak of
By Dwayne
Dorris California.
Long and longer
April 2, 2014
I have broken my wrist. Let my grandson use my new club,he was hitting it longer than his own driver
By Richard
Andover, CT
Great value
April 1, 2014
Fast shipping and the clubs look and work for me!
ProsBall flies off the club. Can't sait to get out on the course.
By Marc Higgins
Eureka, CA
Great Driver for a Great Price
March 30, 2014
This driver would have been a great buy at 400.00. Thanks
By Ronnie
Midlothian, virginia
Adjustable driver
March 30, 2014
Love it found just the right loft I needed, big sweet spot and has the right amount to it.
By Josh
Quincy, IL
Good driver
March 28, 2014
Previously had the Adams speedline 10 and can't tell a great difference between the two yet. The ability to adjust lofts is a nice new feature. I have only been able to take it out one time so hoping that as the year progresses this club will improve my driving game. My only thing that I am disatisfied with is the top of the driver has like a blue like tint in the white. I'm not sure if this is how they all are or if it is a defect in the coloring. This was unexpected to me and is the only reason that I'm giving it a 4 instead of a 5. If that's how it's supposed to be I'd give it a 5. Also the cover was better than I had expected based off all of the complaints against it. I'd recommend this driver to any one looking. Great driver for the money.
By Alex
driving pleasure
March 28, 2014
Very happy with purchase. Hitting the ball straight and long. Feels good. When i address ball and growing in confidence.
ProsComfortable when addressing ball long and straight. very good price.
ConsNone that i have discovered so far
By John
nice swing
March 28, 2014
nice swing, yardage about the same as my Old R1
By Whitman DuJames
Waterloo, Iowa
great, super long
March 27, 2014
great price, great name, great driver
Proslong hitter
By Jim
Tucson Az
I expected more
March 27, 2014
I have a complete set of Adams woods and irons and wanted to add the driver. I was hoping for some extra yardage over my Burner but didn't get it. My neighbor who has a higher swing speed liked it.
Proslooks good, swings easy
Consno extra yardage, oven mitt head over
By Bob
Corpus Christi, TX
March 27, 2014
I haven't gotten used to it yet, but so far it feels kind of "tinny". Not too solid feeling.
By David M.
United States
Fighting the fit and Function
March 27, 2014
I went from a Adams UL 9088 to the Speedline S hoping to get yardage to compete with my much younger golf buddies. So far after the first round, my swing seems to overcome all the forgiveness this club has built into it.. The club is as light as my 9088 so the feel is not a problem, The solid hits that I did make with the "S" driver felt very solid and had a lot of carry. But those hits were far and few between. There are many adjustments that are possible with this driver. I had it set for 11.5 for max closed face but my cut still over came that. . I love how this club looks and sounds on impact. I hope that in time this Driver will hit as good as it looks.
ProsLooks great and Feels great.
ConsMy Slice!!!!
By Bill Ball
Ruther Glen, VA
Great club
March 26, 2014
Used the Adams Speedline for the first time last Saturday. Added 10 - 15 yards to my drives. Love it.
Prosfeels light in the hand. Adjustable. Solid feel at contact.
ConsNo downside that I can see.
By troy
fridley, mn
March 23, 2014
It really cracks 'em a long way and has adjustable loft setting so you can tune it to you style of play.
By Anthony J Ortega
Jacksonville, NC
Great Driverr
March 20, 2014
Had the R11s and the RBZ Drivers but was never really confortable with either, never knew where the ball was going. With the Super S I'm now way more consistant plus picked up an additional 15 yards. Moved back to the white tees instead of the yellows.
ProsLong and straight, good feel as ball makes contact.
ConsHead Cover, it's a monster more like a glove than a Head Cover
By Dominic
West Haven, Ct
good club
March 7, 2014
looks good have not got a chance to hit it yet like the adjustability great price
By Sean
Vancouver, BC
Great Driver
December 16, 2013
Perfect driver for me. Great feel and good distance. I'm a big fan of the Adams clubs
ConsLol...the Club head cover is an oven mitt !!
By David
Great driver
December 9, 2013
Hits great the best driver I have ever used
ProsEasy to hit
By Ink
Beaverton, OR
A Very Under-rated Driver
November 1, 2013
I purchased this driver after hearing from a couple of my colleagues who are fans of Adams golf equipment. I took their word for it and made the purchase and I can't be happier. First of all, the club looks fantastic. It's easy to align and address and the solid feel when striking the ball is amazing. The distance I get is around 5 to 10 yards further than I was getting with my Nike VR or my Cobra S9-1S. The adjustability of the loft is a nice plus, but I keep mine at 9.5*. The only complaint I have is the headcover. It looks like an oven mit. Pretty ugly... I like to wear it on my hand to make others laugh.
ProsForgiving on mishits, easy distance, overall good looking
ConsHeadcover looks like an oven mit... ugly.
By Ralph
Dayton, NV
Love it!
October 12, 2013
I love this driver! Sounds weird... 'tink'! But, really forgiving. Very happy with this upgrade. Love the white face. Cover looks like a boxing glove... Mama gonna knock you out! The club drills balls, though. Great club.
ProsNice and straight for me.
ConsAli-style cover.... But, it's a cover....
By Brendan
Raleigh, NC
Love this driver!
October 7, 2013
This club has added 20 yards to my drives just by showing up. Off-center drives are more consistent, and the white head helps with alignment when addressing the ball.
By Bobf
fairhaven ma.
A Bomber
October 2, 2013
It took a couple of rounds to replace my Cleveland hi bore xl but once I got my confidence with the club and adjusted the loft I actually hit two approaches!!!!! Great sound off the club face when you make solid contact, just watch that ball go!!!
Prosability to change loft , distance, sound of ball coming off club
By Jeffrey
Perth Western Australia
Great feel and forgiveness
September 30, 2013
After 4 or 5 rounds there is a definite feel about this club knowing where the clubhead is in the swing Cant say the distance is any greater but it is far more forgiving than my 4 year old Cleveland Very happy at this stage with the purchase and delivery to Australia
ProsGreat feel in the head Extremely comfortable to swing Very forgiving when the follow through does not extend
ConsUgliest Head Cover I have ever seen
By B from LA
North Carolina
Speedline Super S
September 12, 2013
I went from a Ping G10 to the Speedline S. So far I am regretting that decision. The club is very light, which might be the hardest thing for me to get used to. I have made about 10 swings with the "S" and have yet to hit the driver solid. There are many adjustments that are possible with this driver that I have not tried. I hope that in time this Driver will hit as good as it looks.
ProsSweet looks Big head cover Adjustment capability
ConsA little light
By Danny Buerkett
Salisbury, IL
Feels Good
September 9, 2013
I haven't had this club very long, one 18 hole round, but it felt great and was easy to hit.
By Mitch
Basalt, CO
Adams Golf Speedline Super S
September 4, 2013
This is an amazing driver, I have had the Cobra Amp Cell Pro Driver and the Long Tom Driver and was switching back from both of them. This driver knocks them both out of the water, The weight is perfect, is very aerodynamic, and very easy to gain control. For $150 you cant beat this. The headcover is so ugly but who cares, it is a headcover. It is there to protect your driver nothing more, headcovers dont make you play better, thats all on you
ProsVery Lightweight Aerodynamic Shaft Price Feel
By Ken
Port Orange Fla.
What a difference a club makes!
September 2, 2013
For the past 30 years I have only used clubs that I was able to build and fit myself. The Adams Speedline Super 'S' Driver, 'A' flex has given me reason to feel good about the change. Although I did shorten the shaft, the flexability of changing the loft has allowed me to find out that I really could hit A 9.5 degree head. Great club no matter your age (I am 70) with a good price to boot. Thanks Rock Bottom.
By John Yow
Good Innovation
August 27, 2013
Aerodynamic head with light weight shaft combo really make this drver -- a Bomber which out drive my G20 driver. RBG promplty deliver the goods to my door step every time.
ProsGood overall performance. Very forgiving head - off centre hit stilll go far. Good valure.
By Mark
Balwyn, Victoria
Love it
August 25, 2013
Fantastic Adams Driver! For me the perfect balance in a driver a large forgiving face with enough adjustability. Superfast postage as well.
ProsLove the White Head
ConsNil yet
By Ryan
denver, ia
driver fetish
August 25, 2013
I struggle trying to find a long driver. This is my third one this year. I finally found a long one. This club you feel like you can hit it a mile. The shaft is awesome. I feel I can smash this thing.
ProsLong looks awesome
SE Wisconsin
Great high loft driver
August 16, 2013
I was away from golf for 18 years abd had a hard time adjusting to the huge drivers. I got this and an older version in 12.5 and am hitting the best drives ever.
ProsGood feel, forgiving
By MartinL
Mobridge SD
Works for me!
August 13, 2013
First trip out I hit this driver further than I ever have my R9. After a bag of balls on the driving range I really became impressed. My son hit is as well and was hitting the Speedline further than his Superfast 2.0. Wish I would have purchased sooner.
Proslooks distance adjustable
Consheadcover looks like an oven mit
Norfolk, NE
Forgiving Nice Driver
August 5, 2013
Great driver slight mishits still go straight and fairly long. I Like the customized shaft to see what fits your game. I have it set to 10.5 and it takes off at good height and still goes long. Think Adams clubs are under rated for the performance they give.
ProsFeel Custom Shaft Looks
By ken hadmack
gardner, mass.
good club
August 2, 2013
friends of mine have this same club---tried it out and liked it----bought club thru rock bottom at half price and very satisfied.
By Tombstone
BNVL, Arkansas
easy to hit longest driver!!
July 23, 2013
I bought this driver and was somewhat doubtful it would help me. But it has added another thirty yards to my drive. It looks great at adress and is a very balanced club. For the first time i can pick a target down the fairway and usually hit it where i am looking. it feels solid at impact and has a great sound to it. If you wanna hit it further buy the super S today!
ProsSuper Long! Great value!
Consugliest headcover in golf but who cares!
By MitchB
Shreveport, LA
Overall good
July 18, 2013
Good sound and sweet spot. However the stiff shaft is not stiff enough for high swing speeds.
By ian
very nice
April 23, 2013
hit well 40-50 yards further than previous
Prosstraight easy to hit
Consdidn't get it sooner
By Andrew
Very nice driver
March 25, 2013
This is a classic looking club even with the white head. Looks simple, performs amazingly

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