By Rod
January 1, 2013
Great Price for a set of Irons
Since we are in the dead of winter here, can't say how well the clubs will work yet, but I can say that they were delivered on time and my wife was glad she got them for me. I look forward to more great deals.
Prosgreat price and quick delivery
By Leta
toronto, ON
December 30, 2012
greatly forgiving and have improved my long iron game love the hybrid
By eagle 36
Riverside, CA
December 9, 2012
Great tournament prize
Purchased to use as a prize in a local golf tournament. Winner was thrilled to death and has enjoyed playing them since he won them.
ProsExcellent Value and Quality
By Scott
Prescott, AZ
September 3, 2012
Just good
I ordered the tight lies set to replace an old yard sale set of irons i had been using. The clubs were much better than my old irons but there are better options if you have the funds to spend more money.
By Ken Robbins
Fort Walton beach, FL
August 14, 2012
A Game Improvement
the face on these clubs are hot and they are much longer then my old set by almost 10 yards or more. I like the smooth feel of the Irons
Prossmooth feel, forgivness and longer yards
Raleigh, NC
August 10, 2012
Great set for a great price!!!
I have been golfing for a long time but I don't get to play very often. This set immediately made a difference in my game - hitting straighter and longer. I highly recommend.
By Jeff G.
Hammond, Indiana
August 4, 2012
A+ Rating
I have used these Irons 5 or six times now and I really really like them. They hit longer than my previous clubs so I have had to adjust my distance cues but that is a good thing. I think they are much more forgiving also, all hits even off center ones feel good and still fly good. Extremely happy with my purchase.
By Petus Erectus
Delmont, PA
August 3, 2012
Love these clubs
New clubs replaced my 20 year old set. I'm a casual, lousy golfer but these clubs make up for a lot of issues I have with my game. Made the game more enjoyable and has improved my game a bunch. This would be a great starter set or for the causal hack like myself.
ProsVery forgving
ConsCheesy labeling on clubs
By Rich
Ontario, canada
August 1, 2012
great value
great value for this irons. hits really well. quite forgiving.
By Steve
July 19, 2012
Adams Tight Lies
Really like the irons hit them well right off the bat. Shipping was great got here is just a few days no waiting.
ProsShipping, service and the product all great
Consnuttin scratch
By Jeremy
Roslyn, NY
July 19, 2012
Adams Tight Lies 1012
Very reliable beginners' set. Everything you'll need to build a golf swing. Every club is forgiving and solid.
By Jeromy
Northwest Florida
July 19, 2012
Distance and control!
I've only golfed a few rounds with my new irons, but showed instant improvement. My new irons have the uniflex steel shafts, and I feel like I have perfect control. I was using a set of Intech XV 460 clubs previously, and am now hitting 10-15yds further. I used to hit a 7 from around 150yds and now easily get on with an 8. So far I'm very pleased with these clubs, especially for the great price on Rock Bottom Golf!
ConsNothing yet
By steve
July 15, 2012
thanks guys
these irons are amazing!!! i found what ihad been missing in my game.the hybrid is now the most reliable club in my bag,straight and long!! my accuracy and distance have both improved.and once again shipping was very quick....3 days to canada. thanks guys you did it again!!
By Bill
July 13, 2012
Great Value, Good Clubs
So far I have only had a chance to hit these clubs on the range 3 times (my tee-times keep getting canceled due to weather) however, I have already noticed a big difference. The 4-hybrid has especially been a pleasant surprise and I am consistently hitting the ball 200+ yards on the range with it. The clubs are well balanced and there is a very noticeable feel when the ball is struck well. I thought I would miss having a 3-iron, but the 4-hybrid easily compensates for it. And the included sand wedge is a great addition to the set. Overall, I would highly recommend these clubs to anyone who is either a novice golfer or someone who is looking for a good set of clubs without spending hundreds of dollars.
By Vincent Ruberto
July 11, 2012
golf tight lies 1012-4-sw irons graphite/steel
had 2 games irons and hybrid are fantastic great quality easy to use clubs ,i am very satisfied.
By Ace
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
July 10, 2012
Great clubs
Finally replaced my very first set of irons with these, and right out of the box were incredible. Only problem I am having now, is now I have to figure out my new distances, because I hit these a lot farther than my old ones.
ProsCost Weight
By David
Louisian, MO
July 8, 2012
Excellent value
very well made clubs
Prosquality, value and very forgiving
By Jeff
July 6, 2012
Excellent Irons
By Landon
July 5, 2012
Best bang for your buck!
Hey guys, so far I've been able to put 4 rounds in using these irons and am very happy with the purchase. They are quite forgiving and the hybrid cuts easily through the deepest of roughs. Personally, the hybrid tends to lean to the right but I'm sure that's just me. Great beginner/intermediate set!
ProsCost Reliable brand name (Adams) Forgiveness
ConsMay be a little short if you're 6'3" +
By Scott
Susquehanna, PA
July 4, 2012
GREAT VALUE on a quality set....
My cousin has the driver, 3 & 5 wood and putter from this set and loves them all. I convinced him to go behind the wifes back and buy the irons. We got them out yesterday for the first time and man, is he happy he listened. He hits them higher, straighter and longer than his old (circa 1990) Ping set....Now if I can just get him to trade in his Chevy Vega....
ProsNice quality set that PERFORMS
ConsThey went on sale the day after we bought them.....bummer...
By Rob
Nhulunbuy, Australia
July 2, 2012
Nice feel, sweet swingers, and have helped my game. What more could I ask for?
By Amber
Davenport, Iowa
July 1, 2012
husband loves this set
I surprised my husband with this set, and he was floored. He absolutely loved the set. He golfed all day yesterday and said that he played great with this set.
ProsGreat price, and my husband was thrilled by the quality.
By Joey
Durham, nc
June 28, 2012
Great starter set
I have just started golfing and this iron set is great. Light weight feel, well built, and at a great price. The hybrid is vary easy to hit and definitely my favorite club so far.
ProsPrice Feel
By Ronnie
cedar hill, TX
June 25, 2012
Great irons for any level player!
I love these irons. I now hit much straighter. This is a very forgiving set of irons.
By Tony Porter
Gainesville GA
June 23, 2012
Great Clubs
These clubs have a great feel and are really top quality. I am a high handicapper but these clubs have helped me shave off a few strokes already.
By Wes
Radcliff, KY
June 20, 2012
Hit straight
I had an older set of stiff flex clubs. Received these and enjoy them so far. I seem to hit these straighter and much farther than my last set. I especially like the hybrid as this is the first I have played.
ConsWish it had another Hybrid
By Joe M.
June 11, 2012
great value
Well made and very good balance...Like the hybrid very much
Vancouver USA
June 6, 2012
The quality you expect from Adams
Weather hasn't been especially conducive to many rounds of golf here in the NW this past week or so but I did get at least one opportunity to confirm that I made the right choice (again) in choosing Adams Golf .
By Adams Golf
Madison, Wisconsin
June 5, 2012
Great Iron Set
Just started golfing a couple months ago with some old clubs I got from friends. Finally had some extra money so I was looking to buy an iron set, Adams especially. They make good clubs and are always at a reasonable price. These were on sale and I had to take a chance. Can't complain one bit at all. I've never hit balls as straight with any iron as I can with these. Only clubs I have trouble with is the 5 iron and 4 hybrid, but I knew I would have more trouble with those. However after a couple days at driving range I can hit them solidly now.
ProsCheap Quality Game Improvement Straight Impossible to mis-hit
By Chris
San Francisco, CA
May 29, 2012
Great deal
Background: I'm a social golfer that plays 1-3 times a month. I play mainly for fun and don't take golf too seriously. Consequently, I don't have a deep understanding of all the intricacies of club technology or differences between club brands/products. I was looking for a good value iron set to replace my set of 3rd-hand clubs. I was looking to spend $200-$300 on a set, and came across RockBottomGolf while browsing around Amazon and other retailers. I also considered purchasing from PineMeadowsGolf (they custom-make imitation versions of brand name clubs) or buying used high-end clubs. I was interested in getting a hybrid since I tend to hit 3-4 irons fairly poorly. I also wanted a sand wedge to be included in the set (many iron sets stop at PW). I purchased this Adams set from RockBottom based on the brand name, price, and club selection. Product: I've only used the Tight Lies 1012 set once on a driving range, but I'm very pleased with the purchase. All the clubs are well built, and I noticed a dramatic improvement in my ball contact consistency. The Adams brand name gives me confidence that these should last a while. There's nothing noticeably fancy or distinct about the set. As stated above, I don't have a deep expertise/background in golf, but this set does feel better to me than my last one. Shipping/retail experience: The clubs came individually wrapped and in a slim box. There was no protective material in the box, which made me slightly concerned, but I did not see any cosmetic damages (the box was labeled fragile). I was concerned about buying from a smaller internet retailer, but was quite impressed with shipping time, product quality, and especially the value.
ProsGreat value Brand name Appears to have solid construction
By Steve
Gulf Breeze, FL
October 3, 2011
No Complaints
I have had no problems with these clubs......just my game in general and these dont make it any worse!
By Josh
Fargo, ND
September 24, 2011
Great set of irons
These irons are great.
By boxman
McKinney, TX
September 7, 2011
Very good clubs for the money
Play very well compared to my old set of Taylor Mades. Could not be happier for the price. Love the hybrid 4.
ProsIrons are well balanced and forgiving.
ConsSeem to scratch easily.
By Mark
baltimore, md
August 3, 2011
I haven't played in 4 years. Started taking lessons and wanted to get a new set of clubs. These irons are the best I've played. I played last week and hit the hybrid 4 incredibly. I hit it off the tee on a 565 yd par 5, hit it again from the fairway and was only 7-8 yards from the green. Pitched over the bunker with my sand wedge and was left with a putt for birdie. I've never played that hole like that. I'm hitting the ball better and they have great feel and control. Even my mishits are playable. After playing them I've decided to get the driver and woods also.
Prosprice feel distance forgiving
By Christopher
Cambridge, MA
August 2, 2011
Some great clubs
The 3/4 hybrid is quickly becoming my favorite club. I make great contact with it, and it is very forgiving. I used to be scared of my 3 iron with my old set, but I love hitting this club. The rest of the irons are great as well, with the price being a steal for having hollow backed irons, making it much easier to hit the ball straight with good contact. Haven't tried the sand wedge yet (which is a testatment to the rest of the clubs, really).
ProsStylish Great club selection
ConsNever get to use my sand wedge
By Hector Candelas
Puerto Rico
July 31, 2011
Great value
I think that is a great value in that price braket
ProsGood presentation, and a fair quality for the price
By Naveen
Chantilly, VA
July 26, 2011
Nice Iron Set
Nice Iron set for starters, I started hitting straighter than with my old clubs.
By Dave R
July 15, 2011
Good Clubs for a good price
The irons are really nice....Adams doesn't make junk, even in their "lower end" clubs.. The hybrids are just like the ones I already have...I can't hit either it's me..not the clubs. The overall set was good as I wanted to try steel shafts vs. the graphite I have. Didn't notice much of a difference.
ProsWell made,nice finish,work fine. Nice "starter" set !
Consheavier to carry than graphite clubs

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