By Robert
Rutherfordton, NC
July 5, 2014
Got what I ordered Good for practice.
By Phillip
Lawrenceville, GA
A good assortment of practice balls
June 17, 2014
These are really good practice balls and a good value.
By justin
edwardsville il
good deal
May 12, 2014
practice balls
By Nelson
Fontana, CA
Not the best, but it will do
May 10, 2014
Decent balls. You can't beat the price, but they're good enough for practice.
ProsNo scuffs, mostly marked balls
ConsWouldn't recommend using them during play, unless you're short on your usual playing balls
By Gurshan
Memphis, TN
Practice makes perfect
May 1, 2014
For $5 this cant be beat. I always use these balls to practice in the park after work or when I dont have time to play. Great buy.
By Josh
They are decent
April 30, 2014
Not many quality balls, but good for the money.
By joe
wendell. ma
pratice balls
April 30, 2014
price is right for hitting into woods
By Glenn
What a bargain
April 16, 2014
Great deal as always with fast shipping...
ProsBalls are as good as new and gives you the opportunity to try an assortment of manufacturers at a low cost.
Conscome on at this price how could there be any.
By Tim
New York
April 16, 2014
Great for the price...cheaper than going to the range
By MIke
excellant product for practice
April 16, 2014
Good price good product for the practice range
ProsGreat price brand names
By Ian
Owego, NY
Cheaper than the Range
April 16, 2014
Half the balls they said were in there weren't. Great deal though
By Mike
Lincolnton, NC
Great For The Range
April 15, 2014
I have really enjoyed hitting these balls. The quality of the balls were better than expected.
By tony
great value
April 15, 2014
Great shag balls
By Arlin
Anniston, AL
Great for price
April 9, 2014
Perfect for practicing. Hardly got any name brand balls in this purchase. But I only use them to chip around in the yard, so no big deal.
By Randy Bowen
Very good deal
April 2, 2014
There wer a lot of really good balls in the bag.
ProsThere some Pro V1's in the bag also.
By konner
March 15, 2014
great brands and clean
By Bill
my 3rd bag
March 14, 2014
excellent shape as always, thanx again!
By Charles Davis
Adkins, Texas
Excellent product
March 12, 2014
These golf balls are very clean and in mint condition. great buy for practice or to use on the course.
By Brian
El Paso, TX
Good balls
March 7, 2014
Good balls for some that loses alot of them You cant beat the price
Springdale, Arkansas
March 2, 2014
Nice balls with very low price...
By Scott
Logan, UT
Nice bag of balls
February 17, 2014
Balls are mostly no name, but for the one-day special of $4 it was a great deal...might just take them to the driving range and hit them since it is cheaper than a bucket of balls!
By Eyed
Used mix practice balls
February 15, 2014
Just what I needed for at home practice without beating up new ones,working very well with chipping to full swings since I have couple hundred yards available to practice on
ProsJust what I needed for repeated practice at a small price
ConsNot any
Warner Robins, Georgia
Pratice used/recycled golf balls
February 15, 2014
A lot of like new balls. All balls are excellent practice balls
By Derrick
San Diego, Cailifornia
the perfect practice balls
February 15, 2014
These are fine balls for practice, they are clean and bright.
Prosclean,and bright
By Justin Rauch
Bryant arkansas
Golf balls
February 15, 2014
Balls are exactly what you expect to get. They are not new but are worth the price.
By David Wideman
United States
great practice balls
February 15, 2014
You get exactly what you are paying for so no let down there. A few all day play balls but most are for the shots i just might not get over the water or falling short clearing a tree line.
Prosa few keepers
By Cole
Good practice balls
February 15, 2014
Got these on sale for .99/dozen. At that price they are great balls and good for practice. I plan to shoot these into my home made range and they are perfect and when on sale cost less then getting a bucket at the real range. Don't expect anything other than slazengers and balls like that.
ProsPrice when on sale
By Col K
San Antonio, Texas
Exactly as Advertised
February 14, 2014
Good practice balls and I got at an exception not hesitate to order but wait for the right price.
Prosgood for practice reasonable price
Consshipping costs can far outweigh the savings on cost of balls
By Mike
United States
Perfectly suited for practice
February 14, 2014
These balls are sold as a practice-grade balls and balls are even okay to play some rounds with. Pleased with purchase.
By Aaron
Pratice Balls
February 14, 2014
Not a bad deal but nover many good name brands.
By johan
great buy
February 14, 2014
cant beat the price,perfect for chipping around the yard.thanks
By Larry
Rochester, NY
Good Price
February 14, 2014
Don't expect any top brands in this bundle.
By Ryan
United States
Great deal
February 12, 2014
I am new to golf and frequently lose balls. These balls were all in very playable condition and at this price I am not concerned with the possibility of leaving the course with a couple less balls than I started with. If I do end up losing all 48, I will not hesitate to buy another.
Prosplayable condition
By Giovanni Perez
Newport, RI
Great buy
January 19, 2014
Can't beat the price for used balls!
By Jim
Assorted bag of balls
September 4, 2013
good balls for pitching around the yard and getting a little practice in.
By Keith
Good value
April 26, 2013
Good value purchase for practice golf balls or extras to have in the bag to mix in during a round.
By Tracy
Manassas, VA
Great balls for the price...
April 8, 2013
The balls are in great shape and quality for the price.
By Brett
Houston, Texas
Good Quality
March 20, 2013
I found the selection of balls to be of good quality. Good to have a selection of balls that can be either hit off the tee in an open fairway or over the water. At this price don't worry too much about losing one to the water gods.
By Jack
Spokane, WA
Assorted Random Mix Practice Used/Recycled Golf Balls *4-Dozen*
March 18, 2013
good deal on practice balls, don't expect Pro-V1's...
Consodd brands
By Martin
Bradenton, FL
Cheap Balls
March 16, 2013
I did not notice that these balls were listed as Practice Used, I thought I saw Grade A. I was probably the one that was wrong but I returned the balls as they were really Grade B or so and poorer brands that I would never use. I suppose that they were fine as practice balls but I cannot understand why anyone would buy so many.
ProsCheap Price
ConsNo balls of better brands, like Titleist, Callaway, Srixon, Taylormade. All balls seemed older versions in Grade B quality
By Margi Colley
Bristol, TN
Great deal
March 16, 2013
Great deal on the golf balls - hubby and son love hitting them~
March 16, 2013
By jac
practice balls
March 16, 2013
out of 48 balls, maybe 7 or 8 were in decent shape. lots of top flite balls, good deal if your looking for practice balls cheap.
Proscheap practice balls
Consthe brands
By Chris
Great deal!
March 16, 2013
Fantastic deal. Balls are in near perfect condition and came in a wide assortment of brands. Perfect for your shag bag. Also for those courses with lots of water and you don't want to loose your more expensive, favorite brands.
By Mark
Great for hitting into the net
March 15, 2013
Not bad for practice balls
By Walker
Springhill, GA
Great deal on practice balls
March 15, 2013
This is a deal I couldn't pass up. The assortment of balls give you an inexpensive way to try different types of golf balls, from the tee box to around and on the putting green, for distance, feel, workability and touch.
ProsThe different types of balls you can try before you decide what you'd like to buy.
By Eddie
Great for kids/practice
March 15, 2013
I bought these for my 3 kids to use, because I don't see any sense paying for new when it comes to them yet. These are perfect for them. The bag I got didn't have any balls I would consider gaming myself, but overall, they are great for what I had in mind.
Prosprice is right for kids
Consno high end balls
By Tony
New York
Great value, quality mis-represented
March 15, 2013
If you want four dozen used golf balls for your shag bag, you won't find a better deal. When I purchased these balls, the description represented the balls as being near mint. To me, near mint implies the balls are almost like new and that each ball in the bundle matches that description. While some of the balls are in near mint condition, there is no way this bag of balls should be described as near mint. Many of the balls are yellowed and have wear marks on them. Having said that, this is still a phenomenal deal for a bag of four dozen excellent practice balls. At some $2.50 a dozen, one should not expect to be receiving near mint golf balls anyway.
ProsA lot of golf balls (4 dozen) for a very low price.
ConsThe balls are fine for a shag bag, but I wouldn't describe them as near mint.
By Dan
Los Angeles
like the add.
March 15, 2013
Great value for money, no worry about loosing golf balls now.
Prosvalue for money
By Jonathan Yeager
reston, va
great value
March 15, 2013
shag bag fun
By Brian
Huntsville, Alabama
Great Price on these recycled golf balls! What a bargain!
March 15, 2013
Cannot find these any less expensive! Rock Bottom Golf is the place to shop.
By gary carpenter
huntington, vermont
March 15, 2013
cant beat the price or value
By CTfc8
Southwest, Connecticut.
My ball's were great!
March 15, 2013
Some reviews said that some or a lot of them were very dinged up, or even had cuts in them. I went a head with the purchase anyway, and my sack turned out to be full of nice looking good quality used balls.....that's all I can tell you. The price was great, so I'd buy again. I'm certainly no pro though, so theses are great ball's for me.
ConsShipping charges.
By Olly
New Zealand
Great Practice Balls
March 15, 2013
Good for having a hack around no top brands but hell i would be happy to play with most of these A++++
ProsPrice Quantity Quality
ConsSome are discoloured
By Raymond
Roslyn, Pa
Great deal
October 30, 2012
Balls look new and at this price I don't need to worry about fishing them out of the water or tromping around the brush.
ProsGood balls that look new at a great price.
By Wes
jacksonville, florida
great price!
October 24, 2012
great price for a big quanity of used balls!
By George
South Dakota
Quick ship...good balls
September 18, 2012
The balls I received were as advertised. Most were good enough for daily play.
By John
Syracuse, NY
Good deal.
August 31, 2012
Forty eight golf balls for $12.99!
ProsLow price.
ConsNot as "near mint" as one might expect.
By Mike
Lincoln, Nebraska
Great Assortment for a Fantastic Price
August 30, 2012
Just as advertised, my bag of 4 dozen contains golf balls from all of the biggest names in golf. Sure, a few of them have a small mark or two, but what a great deal!
ProsPrice Condition of Balls
By ljg2000roush
Kansas City, MO
Great for the new golfer
August 27, 2012
This is a great for the new golfer such as my self. Most of these will never be found. Great way to get on the course and get practice at a reasonable cost.
By Derick
Lakeland, FL
Nice variety
August 25, 2012
This was a great deal for a nice variety of used balls. Majority were top brand and they appear to be in good condition or better. I don't mind the few average ones as those make an easy choice when hitting over water, just in case!!!
ProsNice brands good conditions
Consfew average condition balls
By Alfonso
Hollister, CA
Great Deal to try different balls
August 25, 2012
If you are looking to try a different brand of balls you haven't played before. This is the best way to go!!! I now know which Nike ball I'll play. Plus, I haven't been able to catch a Nike fitting session this works
ProsGood conditioned balls
By Ben
Can't beat this deal!
August 24, 2012
Large bag for a great price
August 23, 2012
By rocky
great deal
August 19, 2012
you can't go wrong with this purchase.
By S.C.
Brooklyn, NY
Nice Bag
August 17, 2012
Has about 10 ladies ball and another 10 that had lost their luster, remaining 28 are in great near mint condition of mixed Nike and lower end brands. Very nice indeed even if I only consider those that I want to keep.
ConsLadies balls mixed in...
By Simms
Northeast Ohio
Great Value
August 13, 2012
Every ball is playable, some top name brands mixed in with mostly randoms. If you lose balls during your round, this is what you're looking for.
ConsNot much to complain about.
By Bill
August 6, 2012
Great price for practice balls. These balls you could actually play with, they're that good.
ProsPrice Quality of Balls
By Chris
worth it
August 3, 2012
Most of the balls were in great shape, well worth it for the price
ProsLots of Name brand balls in great shape
ConsCan't complain about much at that price
East TN
Good Condition
July 26, 2012
These balls were in great shape, they were 60% lower tier brands and 40% Callaway, Nike, Taylor Made etc. Good buy for sure.
ProsGreat condition
By Chris
United States
Great value!
July 25, 2012
Good condition. This mix was made up of about 70% Taylormade, 15% Top-Flite and the rest were a true grab bag. The nicest balls included were 4-5 Nike One Blacks! No Titleists.
ProsValue Above-average quality
ConsWish they were higher quality but you get what you pay for.
By Ivan
Edison, NJ
Best deal
July 23, 2012
I bought 5 bags at $9.99 per bag. The price of a bag with same amount balls and lower quality is $19 at Sport Authority or Wal-Mart. I pick up two bags of ball which has no scratch and look like new from the 5 bags I bought. I use them as play-balls and rest of them (3 bag with scratch) as backyard practice ball. If I play for a competition, I will use expensive ball occasionally. Play-able Nike ball only 20 cents each and backyard practice ball are only half price than Sport Authority or Wal-Mart. Is it best deal?
Prosgreat price, great quality
ConsNothing dislike.
By Andy
louisville, ky
Great bang for the buck
July 22, 2012
for an individual who will be loosing lot of golf balls, this is a great value. 96 balls for $25.00...solid quality golf balls on the cheep!
By Marty
San Diego
Fine for used balls
July 20, 2012
I needed these since all my other balls are with the movers in storage (I didn't pack the clubs). We ended up playing a water course and lost a bunch so I ordered this for insurance. We normally find more balls in the trees than we lose, so haven't had to buy in a long time. Was a little disappointed with some of these, as they were repainted and the paint is coming off. I might have left those in the woods. Otherwise no complaints. As expected, some with scuffs, etc. I'd recommend for the cheap price.
By jason sczerba
great practice balls
July 19, 2012
good cheap balls
By Luke
Boston, MA
So So
July 18, 2012
Almost out of principle I refuse to play with brand new balls, so I generally purchase used balls online. My only criteria is the the balls be 'clean' with no scratches or cuts. While, certainly these golf balls are inexpensive, but many of them were in pretty bad shape, probalby a step above range balls.
Prosvery inexpensive. Probably good for very new golfers.
ConsSome of them were pretty stained, probably from being at the bottom of a pond for 5 years. Others had small scratches. Still, the price is so cheap its hard to complain too much.
By Zavier
Cheap and Good Condition
July 9, 2012
Great balls, some scuffs on a few of the balls but not bad. Mostly Nike in the ones I had.
By Jim
Terre Haute Indiana
Golf balls better than expected!!!
July 8, 2012
Great looking golf balls, look new. Great selection of top quality golf balls for a great price. As per usual, Rock Bottom under promises and over delivers their great products at great prices. Rock Bottom Golf are great folks to do business with.

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