By wooby
edmonds, WA
November 12, 2014
bagboy quad cart
Having been a bag carrier for years, it took a while to pull the trigger on spending money for a cart. After buying, my only regret is not doing it SOONER! Never realized just how much extra energy was spent hauling the bag. Many times have played multiple rounds in a day with this cart and it makes a HUGE difference. Lightweight, pushes and pulls easily, packs up quickly and is compact. Paint (blue) still looks great after tons of use. Have used this cart for about 200 rounds of golf now (yeah, I play a lot!) Mud, rocks, sand, big hills, rain, freezing temps, everything you can encounter out there and this cart has been through it multiple times. NOT ONE MECHANICAL PROBLEM. Two small design notes: One, the cup-holder doesn't stay locked down tightly enough on bumpy terrain, but I carry a big drink container that fits easily in the cart's mesh pocket, so not a problem. Two, the scorecard clip holds the card well, but if it's raining the little compartment underneath isn't big enough for most scorecards, so not easy to keep the card dry. But, I think this is a problem for just about any cart out there.. Have compared side-by-side with many playing-partner 3 and 4 wheeled carts, and have not once thought I liked a different brand better. For my money, one of the best purchases of my 30+ year golfing career! And, as always, found the best price and service at Rockbottom golf.
ProsPerformance Size/weight Color
ConsScorecard compartment could be a bit bigger. Cup holder slips a bit.
By mike
mobile, al
August 19, 2014
golf cart
great cart. compact folding great for storage.
ProsLightweight, easy to open and fold up.
Conslarger bags will rub on the front wheels
By dennis
August 5, 2014
My pull cart days are over!
After years of pulling my clubs, I am a new convert to the push cart. Rides straight and true gliding downhills. Bag sits nicely and never needs a rotation adjustment. Wheels don't hold much dirt or grass clippings and are easy to clean. Kangaroo pouch under the adjustable handle holds my snacks and drinks. Upright mobile phone holder on the push handle is great for using my "Golfshot" app. Folds up smaller than my pull cart and with ease. I have not used it more than a few times so I cannot vouch for durability but my lime green Bag Boy 4 wheeler is a winner so far,
ProsAdjustable handle Bag stability Kangaroo pouch Mobile phone holder Foldability
ConsNone yet
By Bob
East Tennessee
July 2, 2014
Best one of about 6 carts I have had over the years
This cart is stable, comfortable to push and conveniently outfitted. It folds and unfolds quickly and easily and is very compact. And besides that it looks good, as good as a push cart can that is.
By tony
July 1, 2014
great cart
Rolls smooth. Very nice cart
By Bart
Green Bay, WI
June 24, 2014
Great cart with a great value.
ProsFolds up small compared to other carts I looked at.
By Ryan
June 19, 2014
Awesome cart!!
I would choose a bag boy quad over a Clicgear any day. I bought my son a Clicgear 3.5 and he absolutely loves it. And I can see why. It looks great, it's sturdy, and it's "the" cart amongst junior golfers. However, when my other son needed new cart, I saw the Bag Boy Quad four wheel at Rockbottom for $139. Considering the price and the solid reviews, I couldn't pass it up so decided to get it over the $229 Clicgear. When it came my sons and I were pleasantly surprised! It rolls smoother than the Clicgear, it's easier to fold, it has a good size storage bag which is placed underneath the handle which makes it really convinient as opposed to being in the bottom, it's significantly lighter than CG, cosmetically looks GREAT, and it saves trunk space as it folds as small as Sun Mountains microcart! Really can't say enough about how good this cart is.
By Tim T
Cleveland, OH
June 18, 2014
The Quad rocks!
It's perfect! Durable, really easy to use and store. A no-brainer!
By Rod
Portland, Oregon
June 17, 2014
Great cart!
Arrived when promised and in perfect condition. Impressive build but still light. Very easy to set up and fold down. Very convenient features, and it makes playing a round of golf much easier as everything is in it place and easily accessible. I don't understand the negative reviews saying it is hard to steer. To turn, just lift the front wheels slightly and swivel. It is much nicer than I imagined it would be and I wasn't setting my expectations low either. No regrets at all. Good price and great service by Rockbottom.
ProsSolid build and impressive quality. Well thought-out features and good execution. Compact, easy to unfold and to fold down. Easy to adjust handle height, easy to steer and push. Clubs are easy to access as the angle the golf bag is held at is nice. Holds bag securely. I love the nylon bag for head covers and miscellaneous items. Score card holder well designed and the compartment underneath holds a fair amount. Comes with umbrella holder and drink holder.
ConsVery slight negative in that the space to hold GPS units is slightly small for a Garmin unit (Garmins are kind of thick). My unit bounced out of the holder a couple of times, but I think it can be easily rectified with a piece of elastic micro bungy cord and a cap over the top of the Garmin to hold it down. Of course, it fits beneath the score card in the space there too, so not a huge issue.
By Greg
Loveland, Colorads
June 15, 2014
Enjoying the Walk
I've been wanting to walk more rounds and the cart is allowing me to do that. The rental push carts at most courses are hit & miss when it comes to using a stand bag and carrying wears you out over 18, especially on some of the more hillier courses in Colorado. This cart is easy to use and I don't have to worry about my clubs falling off. Plus the price couldn't be beat. Saved $50 on the same cart that the big chain store wanted.
ProsEase of use.
ConsWish the drink holder could handle a little bigger bottle.
By Dan
Grasonville, MD
June 10, 2014
Great Cart
A fantastic cart, bag stays stable and secure. Good storage pouch and compartment. Nice holder for smart phone running GPS software etc.
Proscart & bag stays stable and secure. Good storage pouch and compartment. Nice holder for smart phone running GPS software etc.
ConsDrink holder bracket is great, it spilt my beer, luck not to lose 2 stars for that... 2nd Rolling resistance very slightly higher that some carts, but getting picky here...
By James B. Little
Minneapolis, MN
May 13, 2014
Great Purchase
I'd been looking at a number of different bands of push carts and am totally satisfied with the Quad Bag Boy I purchased from Rock Bottom Golf. The convenience and compact size made this selection right for me. There are many features including drink holder, convenient storage pouch, a small compartment and handy umbrella holder that serve all my needs. On top of a great cart the excellent experience of purchase and delivery from RBG made me a very satisfied customer!
By Mike
Waterville, Maine
May 12, 2014
Awesome purchase
Purchased the push cart because we wanted to walk the golf course more this year instead of riding a golf cart. What a great cart, pushes very easy. Folds and unfolds extremely easy, stores in the truck of our car with two sets of clubs no problem. I would strongly suggest that anyone looking for a push cart give this one a try.
By Brian
El Paso, TX
May 4, 2014
Bag Boy Quad
I took the cart out and used it over the weekend and it is so easy to push i wish i had gotten it years ago. Set up was so easy just fold the cart out and snap the drink holder in to place .
By Ryan
Liverpool, ny
April 24, 2014
1st Timer
This is the first push cart that I have ever used, but it is great. Very solid and light weight at the same time. No complaints.
By Gene Pozniakoff
St.Louis, MO
April 21, 2014
Fantastic Product!
This 4 wheeled cart far exceeded my expectations. Well worth the money. Collapses to a small package that fits in my trunk. Expands so easily and the bag is very stable. Great design, functional and sturdy!
ProsEase of use, convenience, size and stability.
ConsIt still is a cart and needs effort to get up and down some of the hillier courses in our part of the country.
By DC11
April 18, 2014
100+ rounds
As stated in title, I have well over 100 rounds on mine and I do not baby it. Still holds bag firmly and rolls true and easily. Folds down small and generally cleans up OK after a messy round.
ProsRolls true, plenty of storage. If it doesn't fit in this cart, it probably doesn't belong on the course.
ConsIf I had to pick a con (and I am reaching at this point) the brake is a slotted/piston style rather a c clamp bicycle style like some have. When parking on a hill, make sure it is fully engaged prior to walking away.
By Ken Sexton
April 8, 2014
great deal
i had a great experience with rock bottom and the product was great and exactly what i ordered. thanks , rock bottom
By John Gausman
April 8, 2014
Great, light and sturdy cart!!!
This is great cart. Light, very sturdy, easy to open and close and store in your trunk. The cart pushes easily, is very stable and maneuverable. Your clubs are very accessible. I would highly recommend this cart to anyone.
ProsLight, folds up small, maneuverable, stable and well made.
ConsNone yet.
By Robert
Westbrook, Maine
April 1, 2014
great price
Very sturdy and easy to set up.
By Sherri Johnson
Bakersfield, CA
March 1, 2014
Great push cart
I had looked at carts for a while and was happy to find this one at such a great price. Used it the first weekend after getting it and walked 18 holes. Worked great, easy to use. Only assembly was the cup holder! One hand fold up and down. Love the red, planning on getting a bag to match.
ProsSmall foot print when closed, would fit in just about any trunk. Easy up and down. Great mobility and handling.
ConsCup holder has a little free play, you have to make sure you push it down pretty hard.
By David
Venango, PA
February 16, 2014
After many years with my trusty old two wheel cart, It was time to upgrade. After much research I pulled the trigger on the quad. After removing from the box, the only assemble needed is to snap the drink holder in place. Since I have no negatives to report, I thought I would respond to some of the other reviews. "it looks like a baby buggy" looks like a golf cart..Your car has four wheels , does it look like a baby buggy? "the wheels pick up wet grass and goose dung"... do your shoes, whats your point? "it's hard to push"... REALLY... I can push this with my thumb! "there is no place for balls...REALLY... ball holders are right under the handle! "the compartment is to small for my smart phone"..REALLY.. get a real golf gps find some where else to put your phone :) " the cup holder is too small"...REALLY... get a sport thermos ( they sell them here on RMG ) Keeps your drink Warm/ COLD and fits perfectly in the holder! To sum up, I have to believe negative reviews of the quad are from people who have never owed one. If you are thinking of buying one, by all means do so. I believe you be as satisfied as I am!
ProsHigh quality, full featured, easy to push..nuff said
By Paul
Hillsboro, Oregon
February 5, 2014
Great Product
Love it. Light, sturdy and fits great in trunk of my car!
By Jack
Churchville, Pa.
December 29, 2013
Bag Boy Quad Push Cart
The Bag Boy Quad is a nice push cart. Very easy to collapse and unfold. The locking clamp for the handle is very stiff. I'm sure it will break in after some usage. Very light weight and handle adjusts to your per furred height. Love the pouch under the handle. I use it for everything. Overall I like this cart.
ProsEasy to store in trunk. Light weight. Bag is more upright than three wheel carts. Easier to take clubs out of the bag, a real plus. Bag doesn't rotate in clamps with Velcro strap. Brake lock assembly is nice and at a good location. Top slot in front of handle can accommodate IPhone 5C. Top storage compartment will hold some balls and tees. Cart is very stable. Front wheels can be extended out one inch each wheel for larger bags.
ConsWheels are to wide. Picks up some mud and goose material if ground is wet or damp. Just carry a small towel for cleaning wheels or wash off with a hose. It feels slightly harder to push(wide wheels), but not enough not buy this cart. I mostly walk on the cart paths anyway.
By John
Pembroke, MA
December 20, 2013
Can't Wait for Spring
I just got this and was impressed right away. It sounds odd but it was bigger and smaller than I expected; the cart itself is pretty big (but light) but it folds up pretty compact, much moreso than my old callaway three wheeler. The construction seems sturdy and it couldn't be easier to fold/unfold. The included accessories are great, too. The only complaint is that the plastic storage area on the front is an iota too small for an iphone 5, the cover closes but won't latch. All in all it looks like a fantastic cart and I can't wait for some snow to melt so I can use it
Prossturdy fold easy included accessories compact when folded
Sacramento, CA
August 23, 2013
Great Cart!
I like to walk my rounds and I was looking for a cart that would hold my stand bag. I tried out A LOT of 3-wheel carts, but the Quad Cart was the only one that held my stand bag without any shifting or twisting. I was a little concerned about the lack of a lower strap, but my bag never moves during my rounds. I highly recommend the Bag Boy Quad Cart!
Portland, Oregon
August 8, 2013
Love this cart !!
I am very happy with this cart and just bought another one for my husband to replace his 3-wheel cart. I would rated this cart 4.5 stars or 9 out of 10. Almost perfect for me.
Pros- Light weight. - Easy to roll, fold, store in the trunk. - The break is very helpful. - Very steady.
Cons- Have to push harder on the thick grass but not a big deal. - Cup holder can't hold a large size drink cup. Good for regular size bottle.
By Jules
Tracy, CA
May 3, 2013
Great Push Cart
I really like this push cart. Easy to maneuver and has a more upright bag position than my old cart. I had to replace the storage bag because the stitching had come undone thus leaving 2 large holes in the bag. I did call BagBoy and they promptly sent out a new storage bag. No questions asked. Customer service was great !!!!
ProsEasy to fold up for storage. Easy to push. More upright bag position.
By Scott
Susquehanna, PA
April 28, 2013
Where's the baby???....
I'd expect to see this at the park with a soccer mom on roller blades pushing the twins around in it.......In all seriousness, one of my league members got this last year. I was curious as to how it would hold up. He seemed to like it UNTIL we got a wet week. The tires bogged down pretty easily in the mud and it seemed difficult to turn as compared to the 3 wheelers......I'll pass
ProsLooks neat. Upright design helps with pulling clubs
ConsHard to turn and bogs down too easily...
By Joel
Boise, Idaho
April 24, 2013
Better than advertised!!
This is an awesome cart! Easy set-up/break-down. Very stable on the course. It does push a little harder when you are it the deep. Alignment is very true. It looks great. It holds the bag more vertical than any of the other quads (excluding the Upright Caddy which I have not had an opportunity to review) making it the easiest to get clubs in and out of the bag. It collapses to a fairly small footprint. I am pretty certain I can get a second set of clubs and push cart into my trunk of my Toyota Corolla (though I have yet to put this to the test). I am pretty sure this will be the last cart I buy!
ProsSolid Easy to set up/take down Good alignment Holds bag more upright
ConsCost Scratch's "Name you price"
By Jaye
Oceanport, NJ
April 12, 2013
Not for me
I speficically purchased this cart because of it's compact size when folded and I have to say I loved this cart until I started pushing it. Regardless if you are in high or low grass it is very difficult and heavy to push. Turning and steering are a nighmare and it's very hard to manuever. If I could return this for a 3 wheel I would. But putting out $175.00 and not using it just isn't right so I will continue to push it maybe it - maybe it will give me a better work out....
ProsIt folds up well
Consdo not like: turning - steering - pushing - it's very heavy
Casa Grande, Arizona
March 18, 2013
Good cart
I bought the cart for its compact collapsed size, and it certainly met my expectations. Easy to set up and put down, nice compact shape for storage in the RV. It seems like a good, solid cart.
ProsSolid, stable feel Compact collapsed shape Extra storage bag under the handle
ConsThe wide wheels make it harder to push in long grass.
By Barry Carothers
buffalo ny
March 17, 2013
Rock bottom golf is the best deal in town.
Just finished playing golf in buffalo , ny [ in march]. Quad four bag is light weight ,easy to open and close, and very compact for storing in trunk.
Prosvery sturdy and easy to push.
ConsMy wife wouldn't pay for it. HaHa
By mark
fort pierce, fl
January 22, 2013
great for walking the links
walks well both on and off the cart path... it does roll on slopes, so the brake on the side comes in handy.... got many comments on how nice it looked and what a good idea it was versus three wheelers... great item.
Prosfolds up easily easy to push
Consall good
By Zachary
Mohrsville, PA
November 19, 2012
Completely Satisfied
I was considering the Clicgear 3.0 and this cart. This cart is so much easier to operate as far as the folding up and out is concerned. The size when folded up is almost no different from the clicgear 3.0. Its brake works well on steeper grades. the cart is also very stable.
By Steve
Colorado Springs, CO
November 9, 2012
Quality cart
I was reluctant to spend additional money on a push cart when I have a pull cart. Why did I wait so long? This cart is so easy to push but more importantly, it fits a stand bag with legs.
ProsVersatility Quality Ease of use
Conspricey Not as many accessories as clic gear
November 7, 2012
Great cart
Very sturdy. Solid build. It is a tad on the heavy side. Rolls super smooth.
By Frank Diggins
Vancouver, WA
October 5, 2012
Not ready for prime time yet
I have been using this cart for at least 50 rounds of golf. The tracking mechanism adjustment does not work well. The cart acts as if it needs a wheel alignment. It also does not turn well. I second the comments about a lack of a GPS holder, Low head room when an umbrella is needed, deficient cup holder,
Prossmall storage footprint
Consdeficient wheel alignment mechanism poor turning performance small cup holder lack of a GPS holder
By Kevin
Trilla, IL
August 22, 2012
Great cart
I have only used this cart a few times but i really like it. It is light weight, easy to fold and super stable.
ProsLight weight easy to fold
Conswish more attachments were available
By Sam lombardo
Upstate NY
August 14, 2012
Great cart!
My wife and I both have these carts and we love them. We purchased hers at a large sporting goods store and it cost us $30 more. We will continue to purchase from your site.
By Scott
Baltimore, MD
July 23, 2012
Great Product
Have played 5 or 6 times with the cart and have not had any problems. Setup and takedown are very easy and it is suprisingly small when folded. Easy to push and the storage features are nice.
ProsEasy to setup and takedown Storage bag Easy to use Holds bag tight
By jim
santa rosa beach, fl
July 9, 2012
bag boy quad four wheel push cart
excellent cart for walking the course. sturdy, yet light. Folds up like a breeze. Really a , quality cart as far as walking and carrying your golf bag. However, I only give it only 3 stars due to several annoying things, which is a very surprising in an otherwise excellent cart.. The drink holder is an absolute joke. It is impossible to keep level and it is too small for any normal size drink. I live in florida and want something bigger than a small senior size McDonald's coffee cup to put in the holder. Anything larger and the drink will eventually fall out. I also purchased a bag boy umbrella. I am 5'11" tall. No matter how I tried, I kept hitting my head on the umbrella ribs unless I made the push handle on the cart higher . The problem with that idea was that the umbrella was leaning over , preventing to see what was ahead of me. Frustrating. So, great cart, just don't drink and drive and make sure you get the proper umbrella.
Proscart, quality and easy collapse.
Conspoor drink holder location and size. poor design on umbrella
By David J. Brunner
Casper, WY
June 21, 2012
Awesome Cart!!!!
I had the Sun Mountain 3 wheel cart and this is much better. It opens and closed much easier and my bag fits on it better. Also, it takes up much less space in my trunk. I was really surprised at how easy it pushes. Wish I would have purchased sooner.
By Mike
Minneapolis, Minnesota
May 20, 2012
Great Pushcart
Have been carrying my bag forever but finally dedided its time for a push cart. Looked at all the models out there and went with the quad because of the ease of and size of the cart when folded down, fits in the trunk of my car perfectly. Got a great price and fast shipping from Rockbottomgolf!!!
ProsCart is very easy to fold up and down and fits in the trunk of a car very nicely. You can adjust the height of the push bar also. Comes with bottle holder and umbrella holder.
ConsNothing so far
By Jim
Schererville, In
May 15, 2012
Love It
Makes walking easier. Not bad looking either. I was concerned that it might look like a stroller.
ProsEasy to retrieve clubs
Clemson, SC
May 14, 2012
Great Push Cart
This is a great cart. The 4 wheel design of this cart makes it extremely easy to push. I recently played 9 holes in a heavy rain and the cart moved through the water logged fairways with ease. Rock Bottom Golf has the best price I could find anywhere. Their customer service is outstanding. I was thoroughly amazed how quickly this cart arrived. I would not hesitate to highly reccomend this cart and Rock Bottom Golf!
ProsEasy to push, easy to fold and store in trunk of car
ConsNothing at all
By Skip
Pittsburgh, Pa
May 9, 2012
Bag boy quad
Is a nice cart, like how compact it folds up and easy to put up. Has a nice little bag to put your keys and things in. It pushes pretty easy but doesn't turn as easy as a three wheeled cart. Overall I am very satisfied with it.
ProsEasy to put up and take down. Nice and compact.
ConsDoesn't turn as easy.
By Mike
Ann Arbor, Michigan
May 8, 2012
bag boy quad push cart
So far, I am glad I bought this cart. It is light, easily foldable, and fits my huge bag. No complaints after a couple of weeks.
Proslight fits a big bag
Conscup holder should be built into the top...not hanging off of the side
By Steve
New England
April 30, 2012
Great Push Cart
I was deciding between this cart and the Clicgear 3.0. To be honest I was leaning towards the Clicgear until I went into the store and tried it out for myself. I liked the features and styling of the Clicgear more but the big issue I had was with my bag. I have an Ogio stand bag that when I put it on the BagBoy it is nice and secure with zero wobble/movement. When I put it on the Clicgear it didn't sit properly and would wobble because of the stand legs. The BagBoy also folds and unfolds much easier (two steps) as compared to the Clicgear which takes a few more steps. Honestly, I would highly recommend both push carts but do yourself a favor and go to the store and put a bag like yours on each and see how it sits. The BagBoy handles just as well as a three-wheeler due to having larger wheels than other four wheel carts. I have been using my BagBoy now for almost a month and absolutely love it and couldn't be happier.
ProsOnly two steps to fold. Stand bags sit securely. Oversized bag under handle works great to hold personal items. Adjustable handle is perfect for all heights Rolls excellent through rough
ConsLess accessories Cart doesn't lock closed when folded but never had an issue with it popping open.
By Chad
Cottage Grove, MN
April 28, 2012
Best Cart, Cheapest Price, Fast Shipping
I would highly recommend this cart. Top of the line for a good price!

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