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By Monty
Randolph, NY
June 4, 2013
Great product
Have used them to practice, and will be using them to teach a junior golf camp this summer
ProsGood price
By Ray
Kansas City
April 25, 2013
For a Buck, Yeah
I used this at a recent tournament and in a few minutes I had other golfers putting to my discs. This one is a keeper.
ProsEasy to carry in your bag.
By Scott
Susquehanna, PA
April 22, 2013
Everyone is hawking these....
These and the "alignment sticks" have everybody and their brother marketing their own brand. It's a disk that you put on the ground as a target to putt to if all of the holes are taken on the practice green (like in a tournament).....OR you could putt to a tee that you stuck in the ground...up to you. This one comes with a video, so it may be worth the investment.
ProsThey work. Comes with a video
By Ezy23
Carrollton, GA
March 10, 2013
Cooler than I thought
I wasn't sure what these were when I bought them. These things are going to be handy when there are 50 people on the practice green. Just put them down and create your own hole. They look good and are the perfect size. These allow me to practice anywhere.
ProsFlexability Size Looks Convenient Price
By Mike
Brewerton, NY
March 9, 2013
better than expected...
what else is there to say - 4 practice discs and a booklet of nice putting drills for this price? kind of a no-brainer...
By Ann
West Palm BEach, Florida
February 10, 2013
Nice to have "games" to use to practice putting. Sound effects of the ball hitting or rolling over the disc are not as advertised. Re-ordered to use as stocking stuffers.
By John
Pembroke, MA
February 7, 2013
Simple & Effective
These are terrific, just a no-brainer at $1. I was putting around the house into a plastic cup, which was ok, but I really wanted to be putting at regulation size holes and get a feel for distance, "lip-outs", etc. These are exactly what you need. You get four so you have more than one target to putt. Really, it's a great litte training aid.
Prosprice functionality
By michigan matt
January 29, 2013
simple, functional
putting discs are accurate size. booklet shows simple drills to help. definitely worth $1.00
By Rufus
Palmdale, CA
January 24, 2013
Great Item
I think this is a great item. It not only gives you four targets to put at, it goves you a set of putting drills and you can hear the ball roll over the target.
ProsIt not only gives you four targets to put at, it goves you a set of putting drills and you can hear the ball roll over the target.
ConsNo dilikes about this item.
By John
Boston, MA
January 6, 2013
Great for the winter.
These discs were a Christmas gift and should help keep my putter warm this winter. They are perfect for the house and practicing from room-to-room. You can place them anywhere and they are exceptionally portable. They will be great for the putting greens when chipping and putting this spring.
By Don
Southwick, Ma.
January 2, 2013
puting disks
great way to practice at home on carpet
By Tony Ferriera
New Hampshire
December 30, 2012
Great Products!
These guys at the organization know how to give deals and their shipping is excellent!
By G. W. Greupner
Lake Elmo, MN
February 17, 2012
Many of the practice greens around here don't have holes, but put stakes up for targets. These are much better targets to use to work on pace. They are also very handy for when the putting green has a lot of traffic. Great to use for chipping practice as well.
ProsComes with a handy case to protect them while in the bag.
By Vic
December 2, 2011
Putt Maker
Perfect for practice putting on the hallway carpet.
ProsPortable, use anywhere, anytime. Realistic sound when ball is 'putted'.
By John
auckland NZ
November 28, 2011
Simple solution to putting practice
Give yourself something to aim for when putting on the carpet. I used to just aim at chair legs until I got these. My Wife is no longer nagging me about the dents in the furniture!
ProsTake them anywhere.
ConsCould achieve the same result with a bunch of old Neil Young CD's!
By Ed Simac
Ottawa, Ontario
November 28, 2011
Ho hum
Didn't learn anything new.
ProsNot much
ConsNot very informative
By Tim
London, Ohio
November 12, 2011
Fits in your bag
Nice to have something to aim for when practicing, in the home or on the practice green. If you golf somewhere that does not have holes in their practice green or the green is crowded throw one of these down and have something to aim for.
ProsRegulation size Comes with carrying case Fits in the bag
By Marc
November 6, 2011
Great putting drills
Inexpensive way to improve your putting....highly recommend.
By Eli
Butner, NC
September 30, 2011
Putting Drill Tool
Create putting drills that lowers number of putting strokes. A great visual aid to help perfect distance putting.
United States
August 15, 2011
5 bucks and you got some solid putting discs
Just got this on a whim bc it was on sale (5.00) and I wanted to get some cup sized markers for practice. so far they are great, and the exercises are good as well. I'm already a 2 pph player, so hopefully with practice these can get that average down, but I didn't expect that to happen over night. These are a good cheap, well made, useful product.
ProsOn sale they are a great deal ($5) Well made Handy for carpet practice as well as real greens
ConsI don't know that they would be worth it to me at $20.00
By Nathanael
Monessen, Pennsylvania
August 14, 2011
Nice and Portable
Great for practice. Shave off strokes.
ProsPortable Improves feel Improves confidence
By Greg
Geelong, Victoria
July 25, 2011
Handy for practice use
These may just seem like a couple of discs and not worth the cheap price offered by RGB, however when you read and try out the appprox 15-20 drills explained in the book accompanying the discs then it all makes more sense to invest in this training aid. For example, on is to place them in a perfect 1-2 metre/yard square and just put from one to another in a clockwise fashion. This promotes feel of those short putts that most of us get a little nervous on the green during play!! They are also handy to practice with at home and if the practice green is a little crowded prior to playing in a tournament you can make your very own hole to putt at in your own area away from the crowd.
Pros-Easy to setup / use -Can use at home / office -Better than hitting various put lengths on practice green for feel and tempo of golf stroke -Cheap!!!
By scott
wyckoff, nj
July 6, 2011
Good system
Great price. Convenient practice tool.
By Andrew
Somerton Park, SA
May 29, 2011
Handy Little Tool
Been using it a bit at home, and it does add a bit of focus and realism to practice.
ProsHelped my putting.
By Kevin
Pukekohe, New Zealand
March 9, 2011
Very handy practice, training and warm up aid
No holes on the practice green available to use? Chuck down a disc and you have your own private simulated one. The whole set up is great to use. Lay out your own practice area at distances you want to practice at, not what you are forced to use in the standard practice area. The "user manual" guide is great and with the whole set up fitting in the slim carry case is so easy to keep in your bag on a permanent basis.
ProsSimple easy to use. Lay out your own practice set up Can be carried in your bag on a permanent basis Gives instant feed back when the "hole" is hit
ConsIt's so good others want to "borrow" on a permanent basis.

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