By Seung
Keller, TX
Excellent balls.
May 31, 2013
Spins very well around the greens. Distance is as long as anything out there when hit well. Very durable ball.
By jt
Have played these for two years
December 31, 2012
Really a great ball similar to Pro V-1. Not sure if their age (2011) will matter at some point. I played 2011s last year in 2012 and they were fine.
By Kevin
Great balls my dad loved em
December 29, 2012
Got these as a gift for my dad and had em engraved he absolutely loves em. He even chased down a foursome in front of us that he thought took his ball. They said they didn't take our balls. Then my dad told him the engraving on it and they forked it over.
ProsAwesome. And engraving is totally worth it.
By Dave
New Zealand
Great balls, awesome feel.
December 11, 2012
Great feel and still plenty of ength
ProsFeel and length
By Steve
Adelaide, Australia
November 17, 2012
Hard to get this ball in Australia (at a reasonable price), so when I see them on offer I must buy them. Rockbottom delivered again!
ProsSpin & feel
By Oz
tour ball
November 10, 2012
tour ball at a great price
By William Wozny
Lynn, MA
Real Good Price for Great Ball
November 2, 2012
This is a ball I use and got it for a low price
ProsLow Price
By Bobby
November 1, 2012
Got these for $21.99/doz. They are truly comparable in quality and performance to the overpriced Pro-V1 . Had the good fprtune on my second sleeve to ace a 150 yard par 3 with an 8 iron that flew true, hit 3 feet from hole,checked up and went in. No ball could have done it better.
ProsGood distance. Good spin .
By Craig
New Zealand
Good ball
November 1, 2012
Well priced and great feel and distance
By Steven
Marion, NY
Bridgestone Golf- 2011 Tour B330-S Golf Balls
October 31, 2012
Great balls at a great price.
ProsGood distance
By Christian Chenault
playes better than pro -V
September 4, 2012
Great ball overall. Great feel, bites well on the green. lost no distance.
By Keith Fradenburg
Roseville, CA
Swing Hard or Else!
September 1, 2012
I am a 12 handicap. I have been playing the Bridgestone B330 RX-S for a couple of months now. I absolutely love them. When I saw this smoking deal on the B330 S, I thought what they heck they cant be that different, I will try them. The ball feels great off the putter and I spun one back with a wedge about 60 feet.! The drive though, a different story. I didn't quite have the swing speed to compress the ball enough to get the distance. Overall good ball but for me its a three star rating. Make sure you have the swing speed for this ball!
ProsGreat feel off the putter. Super spin around the greens.
ConsLoss of distance on the driver due to a higher compression
By Greg
San Diego, Ca
Perfect ball
September 1, 2012
Best ball I have ever played, great distance and control without a doubt
Prosthe control, plenty of spin and distance
Alabama Gulf Coast
Bridgestone B330-S Balls As Advertised
September 1, 2012
Lots of distance off the tee and great spin around the greens. Distance shots need to be hit pure for maximum distance.
Prosspin into green
By Rod
Great deal!
August 31, 2012
Great price for Tour line ball
By Roger
Moroni, Utah
Best balls for the price Ive ever played
August 31, 2012
Most balls try to live up to the Pro V. The bridgestone Tour B330-S are just about as good. Just about.
ProsThe sale price
ConsDont get quite as far off the T as a pro V
By Derek
Kitchener, Ontario.
Good ball - not best
August 31, 2012
I have tour level swing speeds with tour quality equipment and I can only play tour level balls. Given that the B330-S is a "tour" ball, it performs on the lower echelon of tour balls. The soft cover enables for a lot of spin and workability, and it's moderately long off the tee. It's not as hard as some of the newer balls and as such you don't get the same distance but this ball is very consistent if you're hitting it properly on every shot. Overall the ball is quite good and when they're on sale I pick up 2-3 dozen every time. But I would still look towards a Nike 20XI-S or Titelist Pro V1x if you were looking for the best of the best.
ProsSpin Control Workability Feel Touch for chips and putts
ConsCover gets eaten easily Not the longest of the tour balls
By Matt
Tulsa, OK
Love this ball!!!
August 31, 2012
I regularly try new balls when they come out. I keep these as my "go to" ball. This ball has all of the characteristics you need, good control around the green, good distance off the tee, plays well in the wind unlike prov1 or penta.
By Terry
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Bridgestone Tour B330-S Golf Balls
August 31, 2012
Yhey were as good as advertised.
ProsI hit them long and straight, that suits me.
By Sunny
Palm Desert CA
I Had To Return
August 31, 2012
I have always enjoyed playing this ball. The Pro V1 is also on my list but below this B330S. So I returned to playing B330S. It feels good off the woods, irons, and the putter. Love the feedback and performance around the greens. Thanks Scratch for putting them on such a special price. Highly recommended. Sunny HCP 10
ProsGreat feedback.
By jason
united states
best ball i have played
August 31, 2012
wow is this thing great, longest off the tee i have used and still spins as good as any ball on the greens, putts wonderfully as well. i have tried and played all the top proline balls and this one just stands out above the others at this point.
By Bruce
Hamilton, Waikato
Great Ball
August 29, 2012
I actually got these for 19.99 per doz ( brought 3 doz) which makes a stonking great deal. I havent lost any distance moving from the Callaway Diabolo Tours but have gained more feel and stopping power so very happy. Would I pay the higher price for then now? Yes, they are worth it.
ProsSoft, spin, long enough as long as you have the club head speed. Durable for a soft ball as well.
ConsAt the moment nothing.
By Mike
Canton, Ohio
Great price, great balls
August 5, 2012
I've been looking for a new ball since Nike did away with the Nike Tour Accuracy TW 4-5 years ago. I used the Maxfli HT Tour for a while...great price, pretty good ball, but little spin. I got the 2011 B330-S on sale at a local golf shop when the 2012 version came out. I loved them...great spin, distance, and durability (surprisingly!). When I saw this was a no brainer...$26.99 a dozen??? May order a few more dozen before they run out.
ProsDistance Durability Spin
ConsNew version has already come out which means that when the 2011 version are have to start paying the higher price!
By Dave
Kitty Hawk
Great deal on a great ball!
August 1, 2012
Love the combo of length & feel. I was always a diehard Pro-V user in the past but got tired of their cover not lasting more than 18 holes. (They have since improved that... but I've already switched). The Bridgestone has that excellent combination that I look for... and is durable.
ProsLength, feel around the greens, durability.
By alcartledge
July 23, 2012
Product arrived in quick time and perfect condition.
ProsExactly what I wanted.
By Mark
Southern Cal
This is the ball for me
July 23, 2012
I agree with the Bridgestone philosophy that you need to find a ball to suit your own game. For me, this is it. Long off the tee and the right amount of spin around the greens. This is a ball I will be playing for along time.
ProsSpin around the greens Long and straight off the tee
By Joshua
Statesboro, Georgia
Bridgestone Is On Top
July 21, 2012
For many years Titleist was the only golf ball brand on top. With their fitting tool and many options, Bridgestone now sits atop the golf ball world. I was fit for these, and it has made a huge difference in my game. This ball really listens to what you tell it to do. And, buying last year's model will save you some money!
ProsGreat all around golf ball
By B
Great ball
July 20, 2012
Great distance and approach
By Steve
Wilkesboro, NC
Great Ball!
July 18, 2012
I absolutely love this ball. It provides great distance with great feel. I would recommend this ball to all of my friends.
By keith
dayton, oh
Great Golf Ball
July 18, 2012
Excellent performance. Equal to ProV1
ProsDurable cover
By Andrew
Long ball
July 15, 2012
Great ball that flies long, need a decent club head speed to get much spin. Check the bridgestone site for the ball fitting and find what suits you best
By Alex
Great Spin
April 3, 2012
Nice balls, great spin. Cuts a bit quickly though...
By Rod
Gold Coast Australia
Great Distance
February 22, 2012
Its a great ball if you want that few extra yards on your shots.
ProsEasy to hit and great distance
ConsOnly disadvantage that I found was not enough stopping power, not enough spin.
By Jerry Tovar
Oceanside , California
Hot Ticket
February 18, 2012
I normally play ProV1's. I wa sturned onto the Bridestones when I play a tournament with a Bridgestone rep in San Diego. I found the ball had a lighter feel and fly like a jet fighter off the driver. Light easy feel around and on the green.
ConsHaving to hand out sleeves to my friends when they run out of balls.
By Roelof
Best Tour Ball at Best Price
January 26, 2012
Was fitted for this ball by Bridgestone and have played my best rounds then. My h/cap dropped to single since playing them. Very good distance and control around green.
Prosdistance spin
By Jeremy
Orange County, CA
Great Golf Balls
January 24, 2012
Great deal on the price and fast shipping.
ProsThese are built great and meet my expectations. Plus a great deal on the price!

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