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By Curtis
Goshen, IN
I like the color orange for finding the ball.
July 29, 2015
I started hitting these orange balls and I have reduced the balls that I lose. They are easier.
ProsA good ball that flies straight.
ConsThe price.
By Craig
Newtown, PA
April 1, 2015
very orange
By Mike
Puyallup, WA
Great color
February 4, 2015
These hit great off the tee ad spin better than average around the green.
ProsEasy to find color
By Bob
A good ball for the average golfer
December 17, 2014
Bought the ball for gifts because I got some last year and I was very pleased with the performance. Good distance and easy to find because of the color they stand out.
ProsGreat price for a high quality ball.
ConsGet ribbed because of the color.
By Andrew
Great orange e6 balls
December 13, 2014
I've always been inclined to use orange or yellow balls as they're much easier to spot in the rough. These are super bright. May not be for everyone as they may throw you off a bit with the non-white color.
Prosbright orange color; can't beat e6 performance
By r
Orange Bridgestone E6
December 11, 2014
Like the orange color for the fall. E6 is a soft ball that seems to get more roll than my normal 300RX.
By Michael
Goodlettsville, TN
Great ball at a great price
December 2, 2014
Love it in orange.
By Steve
November 19, 2014
Great for the price.
By Swanny
Great price
November 15, 2014
Great color to find your ball
By Mike
Overall excellent ball
September 2, 2014
Great ball that will help knock some spin off your shots if you are a mid/high handicapper fighting a slice/hook. Great value at this price.
Philadelphia, PA
Great Ball
May 3, 2014
Very playable. Perfect for my swing.
By Christopher
Orlando, FL
Love these golf balls
February 19, 2014
Wish I could get these at this price all the time. Love the orange. Great Price and playability.
ProsPrice, good balls, orange
By James
Frankfort, IL
Great Ball
August 27, 2013
Helped out on my slice, make it more of a cut. Hit straighter and longer!
By Larry
Great balls and price!
August 22, 2013
Love them. Shot a very low score last weekend using them.
By Mike
Kingwood, TX
Good Visibility for drives
August 21, 2013
I bought these soley because they were orange and I sometimes hit a mean slice..... the coloring helped me find my balls on non-ideal hits. The only thing thats keepign it from being a 5 star rating is the color kind of threw me off when lining up my putts.
By Zenas Fung
Santa Ana, California
Good Golf Ball
August 14, 2013
I really like the feel of this golf ball. Off the face, it just feels nice and aesthetically it is a great looking ball and the orange makes this ball really easy to find.
By Ron
Los Angeles, CA
Bridgestone e6 Golf Balls-personalized
August 13, 2013
I received these golf balls with less than the expected delay. Bridgestone e6 golf balls are a high quality, middle class type ball. I personalized these for my son, who is a 19 handicap. They work well for him, and the color works to help find the ball when he hits a directionally challenged shot. Overall, a great value for the price. Thanks again Rock Bottom.
ProsGood color choice for people who don't hit it very straight.
By David
August 6, 2013
They fly straight, great distance,good feel, and good visiblity
ProsAll good
By Joshua
United States
great balls
July 27, 2013
Love e6 no matter what color
By JD.Too
The Rock, Arkansas
Very good balls
July 24, 2013
These balls give good spin and distance. If I ever hit one of these balls in the pond(doubtful), then not even a mama cottonmouth protecting her babies could keep me from retrieving one of these. They're that good.
By Zach
Taylor Ridge, IL
On the tee
July 24, 2013
I like to play this ball, but I don't like to hit it off the tee because I am not used to the color. But that is the whole point of these balls. So....
By Nick
San Jose, CA
Get it in Orange
July 22, 2013
Tried e6 in attempt to straighten out my draws. It did promote straighter shots but I do miss softer feel of the Callaway HX Bites especially around the green. I'd recommend getting these in orange as it is very easy to spot.
ProsHits straight Good price
By Duane
Jenks, OK
Orange Balls
July 22, 2013
Great three piece ball that goes straight. They check on the greens real well as well.
Proscheap straight check long
Consneed to come in yellow as well
By David
Nice ball at good price
July 19, 2013
Good distance
By Jim
E6 Balls
July 19, 2013
Really fly straight. Love em
Richmond, Va.
Great Golf Balls
July 19, 2013
Could not believe the price for these great golf balls. Bridgestone e-6 balls for $19.99 a dozen. Also rapid del.
Prose-6 balls match my swing.
By Lou
Chicago, IL
Bang for your Buck.
July 17, 2013
This is one of my favorite golf balls to hit at an amazing price!
ProsDistance Feel Price
By Bob
Good deal
July 17, 2013
First quality and arrived fast.
By Ivan Ai
Edison NJ
July 15, 2013
it is megic. I feel a big difference with other brands. I love it. Good distance and control. But you have to learn how to use it .
Proslonger distance and high.
By William
Lake Park, GA
A great ball
July 14, 2013
This a great all around ball. Above average distance, but excellent control on long shots while still maintaining decent control around the green. Great for high and mid handicappers.
ProsLove the color
By jorn
great ball, to a great price
July 10, 2013
played e6 for years, just try another colour
Prosgreat ball
By Bryan
Detroit, Michigan
Great Golf Balls
July 9, 2013
Really like these golf balls..helps my slice problem & the orange color is easy to track
Proscolor & spin control
By Dan
Sanford, NC
Best Ball for Me
July 8, 2013
I can get a little wild off the tee sometimes so I tried the e6 to help reduce some of the occasional side spin. Not only did my drives stay on the golf course but I've gotten more distance. The optic orange is easy to see, both in flight and on the course. Best of all, I scored my very first hole-in-one with these in 50 years of playing! Needless to say, I'm now a Bridgestone fan. Couldn't beat the price either.
ProsSoft feel, straight ball flight, decent spin off of wedges.
ConsThere is nothing about this ball I dislike. Great performer in all aspects of the game.
July 8, 2013
By John
Austin, TX
Good ball at a great price
June 30, 2013
I don't believe that I get quite as much distance with the e6 as I do with some other balls, but I know for a fact these things go straighter for me than any other ball I've played and I'll take the tradeoff. Have enjoyed the yellow version in the past, couldn't pass up the deal on these orange. So far, so good!
ProsStraightest ball I've played
By Greg
Great Ball for the money.
June 27, 2013
This ball is a great distance ball and cant be beat for the money.
ProsLong, durable and easy to find.
By sergio
Bridgestone e6
June 26, 2013
Great color for the early evening
By Nathanael
Monessen, Pennsylvania
June 25, 2013
These are some of my favorite balls. They play straight off the tee.
ConsLimited Spin around the green
By Larry
Benton, AR
Great golfball! Extra LONG
June 24, 2013
Hits higher and further
ProsHits higher and further Color
By Matt
Cincinnati, Ohio
Nice & Responsive
June 24, 2013
A softer ball that helps those of us that don't have the big club head speeds. Also very good around the greens, seems to be nice and controllable.
ProsSoft for slower club head speeds Good around the greens
By jim
Who cares about the color.
June 23, 2013
Plays great , love the e6 golf balls.
ProsBall flys straight
Conswould rather play white or yellow ,
By John
Arlington Virginia
Bridgestone e 6 golf balls
June 12, 2013
These Bridgestone golf balls are great &. Love the bright orange color
ProsA great price break on 3 or more boxes
By Roger
Milton, Florida
The Bridgestone e6 has the feel of a tour ball at a fraction of the cost.
June 12, 2013
I've played the Bridgestone e6 for a few months and I'm very happy with the way it performs. I especially like the way the e6 jumps off my driver with the feel of some of the lower compression balls. This ball may not spin as much around the greens as a Pro V1 or B330, but for the money, I think this is one of the best balls on the market.
ProsI like the feel and the distance
ConsIt does not bite/spin as much as some other balls.
By Chris
So. Cal
Durable Ball
June 10, 2013
The most durable ball I have played. Easy to find so I can play this ball several rounds. Also is very responsive. Found this to be a real good ball at sale price.
ProsDurabel, cut resistant, easy to see (orange). Plays good for me.
By Jerry
Vancouver BC
Great value
June 5, 2013
Nice ball great value and sharp color
By Ray M.
Great Golf Balls
June 4, 2013
I started using the e-6 last year and my game has gotten much better when using the e-6 golf ball from Bridgestone, they have reduced my slice greatly which in return has took a good number of strokes from my game, highly recommend the e-6 to anyone that wants to have more control and wants to knock a few strokes from their score card!!!
ProsControl, color, durability, and price when bying them through RBG
ConsHave not found any
By Jay
Rowlett, Texas
Good Golf Balls
June 2, 2013
The Bridgestone e6 have helped me alot. I now hit the ball straighter and for the most part I am not in the woods LOL
By Jake
Nice balls
May 31, 2013
I'm no expert but these balls seem to fly nice down the fairway for me. Also the orange color makes it easy to tell which ball it yours.
Prosball flight, color, and price.
By Nick
Woodbury, NY
May 29, 2013
My favorite ball. Flys nice and long, with great feel
ConsIt's Orange
By Scott
Susquehanna, PA
A very good ball..
May 29, 2013
This ball and the Wilson duo are the only 2 balls my friend John will touch. He says the feel to distance ratio is perfect for him and his scores recently would seem to reflect that.
ProsSoft feel and good distance. Decent sticking power around the greens. An all around good ball.
By Matt
Seattle, Washington
Awesome Golf Balls
May 28, 2013
I have played the e6 for several months now and they seem to suit my game pretty well. The downside is that they are hard to work from left to right or vice versa, but that's the point of this ball. They will absolutely help you hit better shots, but just be prepared to lose some distance. If you are a big hitter but have problems with a hook or slice (me), it's a great ball, if you don't have much power, I wouldn't recommend these since they travel 15-20 yards shorter on average on my drives. In addition, I don't particularly like the feel of these balls off my putter face -- they feel very firm.
ProsImproves my accuracy off the tee.
ConsHard to work if you do want to draw a ball. Feel pretty firm of the club face.
By TheLadyTaz
Alexandria, VA
Great Ball
May 28, 2013
I love these balls. They perform just as good as my more expensive balls. I like these because losing them doesn't happen as often based on the orange color, but even when I do I am not as upset because of the lower cost per ball.
ProsOrange Color Perform Well
By Joshua
Salem, MA
May 28, 2013
I do enjoy the flight path of this ball when driving but miss the spin of the Callaway balls I used to use, but was expecting that loss. Orange is crazy easy to find.
ProsOrange Straight
ConsSpin with irons
By Paul
Amawalk, NY
Great balls
May 28, 2013
The e6 is a great ball -- low spin off the driver -- has really helped me off the tee.
ProsLow spin off driver
Milford ct
Great ball Great Price!!!!!
May 28, 2013
Good Ball Playes well!!!!!
By Jim
youngstown, ohio
got them on sale and fgifted them to my son. he says they stay clean and carry well.
May 28, 2013
Big on distance and seem softer and hold the greens better.
Prosthey never look soiled and i spot them on the fairway easier.
Consi gave them to my son.
By Darren Clark
Chicopee, Massachusetts
Love these
May 27, 2013
Love these e6 orange balls. Long and straight. Enough performance around the greens for an effective short game and the orange balls make it a lot easier to find MY ball.
By Howard e Howard
Petaluma ca
Bridgestone balls
May 27, 2013
Nice item
By Jas
Rock Hill, SC
Good Golf Ball
May 27, 2013
Good ball solid off tee box and good around the greens
By Dave
Fort walton beach, fl
Love the orange!!!
May 27, 2013
This ball performs great...and I dont have trouble finding it when it goes in the woods.
Proslove the color preforms great soft touch on the green
By Mr. Henry
Gettysburg, PA
Very good ball!
May 27, 2013
Great value! Bridgestone performance and E6-strong!
By Sam
Great Balls for the price!
May 27, 2013
The balls are very long and straight. it's soft around the green. I gained some distance compare to other balls I have used.
By George
Good ball Great Price
May 25, 2013
My handicap floats between 24 and 29 because I have very little accuracy with my shots. The e6 ball helps reduce my spin rate so I get a more consistant result. The ball is also good around the green. Also, it has been my experience that the orange and yellow versions of this ball have a more durable cover.
ProsLove the orange because it annoys the "snobbish" type of golfer
By Frank
Pittsburgh, PA
Bridgestone Golf-e6 Golf Balls
May 25, 2013
I had been using Titleist Pro VI balls before receiving the Bridgestone e6 golf balls. I have played 3 rounds with the e6 balls and have gained 10 - 15 yards on my drives and they also perform very well around the greens.
ProsI love these balls because they perform as well for me as Titleist Pro VI at a fraction of the Pro VI's cost.
ConsI found nothing to dislike about these balls.
By Frank
Pittsburgh, PA
Bridgestone Golf-e6 Golf Balls
May 25, 2013
I had been using Titleist Pro VI balls before receiving the Bridgestone e6 golf balls. I have played 3 rounds with the e6 balls and have gained 10 - 15 yards on my drives and they also perform very well around the greens.
ProsI love these balls because they perform as well for me as Titleist Pro VI at a fraction of the Pro VI's cost.
ConsI found nothing to dislike about these balls.
By Birdie Bowen
Elyria, Ohio
Good Golf Ball
May 25, 2013
Becoming one of my favorite to use. I've decided to use multi piece golf balls about 10 years ago, and have played many different ones. Nike, Callaway, Titleist, Srixon, Wilson. All good golfballs. Bridgestone is just as good. I like the feel off of the driver and irons. Also the color helps since I am older and a little easier to find on some of those mis-hits into the rough.
Prosfeels good off of the irons and drivers. not a lot of spin off of the driver. like the color
Consdoesn't listen very well when I tell it to go into the hole on my shots into the greens.
By Rob
Las Vegas
May 25, 2013
I love these balls!! Easy to find, long and straight.
By Wayne
West Palm Beach, FL & Winchester, NH
Great Buy - Great Ball
May 25, 2013
This Bridgestone e6 ball was recommended to me by a pro while having a club fitting. I have been very pleased with its performance and I use the optic yellow and orange for visibility. For my club and ball speed it works for me and the price was right.
ProsIts performance on the tee, the fairway, and the green is the best I have used.
By Jimb
Raleigh nc
Good golf balls
May 25, 2013
These are long and good around the greens
ProsOrange is easy to see
ConsNo super thrilled about orange
By James
North Jersey
Great Deal on a great ball.
May 25, 2013
E6 is my go to ball.
ProsGood ball, reduces side spin and keeps your drive in the fairway.
By carlcabo
A ball for the average golfer
May 25, 2013
A gret ball for high handicap golfers. Soft feel, and control. You should be able to gain at least two strokes with these balls.
ProsGreat control.
ConsThe day glow orange can be distracting
By Luke
Excellent Value and Unbeatable Price
May 25, 2013
You can't beat the rock bottom price on these excellent golf balls!
ProsPrice Value Quality
ConsOrange balls are a bit hard to pick up in the Spring. Prefer the optic yellow for the Spring and orange in the Fall.
By Bobbie Lou
Philadelphia, PA
Great ball for the price
May 25, 2013
This ball suits my "less than pro" swing speed to give me the distance I need. I have not noticed exceptionally straight drives, but I don't think that is a fault of the ball. I have always enjoyed Bridgestone products and this is a quality ball at a good price.
ProsGood distance. Very good price. I like orange golf balls.
ConsNo cons.
By Mike Bish
Madison, Alabama
E6 golf ball at half the price. Sweet!
May 24, 2013
Fantastic,love the E6 golf ball
ProsOrange, great distance and hugs greens, great price
By Mike
West Palm Beach, Fl
Bridgestone E6 Orange golf balls
May 24, 2013
Ball has good flight for me. Has good feel around the green. The only resaon I didn't give it 5 stars is because I'm having trouble getting used to the orange color (the sale was only for orange).
ProsGood flight for me, good feel around the green
ConsOrange color.
By Tom
Good Ball
May 24, 2013
The e6 is a good all around ball for those that desire a low spin ball (helps me keep the ball in the fairway).
ProsLow spin, durable and the price was right!! I like the yellow & orange colors... makes it easier to recognize my ball.
ConsNone that I can think of.
By steve graham
The Villages, Florida, 32162
May 24, 2013
Its the second time I ordered these balls at the super discounts. Love them on the course. I always know which ball is mine.
ProsDifferent, can always spot my ball. Great distance and still hold the greens.
By Christopher
Northville, MI
May 24, 2013
Just what the doctor ordered. Consistently straight and down the middle.
By Paul
Fort Worth, TX
Great balls at the best price ever
May 24, 2013
I wasn't sure about the orange balls at first, but it didn't take long to be won over. These aren't miniature golf-type balls. They are very advanced looking, and are quite easy to find in the air and on the course. They are great.
By Greg
Wichita, KS.
Great price for good golf bass.
May 24, 2013
I have used Bridgestone e6s before and they are good balls.
ProsI love the price.
ConsNothing yet.
By Scott Rehwinkel
Best ball I have played yet
May 24, 2013
I was by far the straightest ball I have ever played with I usually slice 3-4 a round not with this ball it is great will be buying more forsure
ProsPros long straight and easy to find Cons none
By Mike mug
Great feel easy to see
May 24, 2013
Always liked Bridgestone products. These have a great soft feel around greens and just fine off the tee. The orange is new but once you get used to it they are much easier to see anda more importantly find
ProsGreat feel Very visible Easy to tell which ball is yours
ConsNone unless you hate orange
By Frank
Sacramento, CA
good quality ball at a great price
May 24, 2013
I purchased these orange balls to see if I could follow my ball better in flight.
ProsEasier to fowwow in the air.
ConsKind of difficult to find in the rough
By Mike
Philadelphia, PA
Can,t be beat...
May 24, 2013
Considering the sale price of $11.99 these balls are hard to beat. The ball lasted an entire round with minor scuffing. Sometimes harder to find than one would think with the orange color. Not the best around the greens but no rock either.
Prosprice distance good roll
By brian
chino, ca
Great product for the price.
May 24, 2013
I struggle with a slice off the tee, and these balls help me straighten it out.
By Al D.
Yonkers, NY
Great deal on excellent golf balls
May 24, 2013
Best value on a ball with minimum sidespin.
ProsComes in Orange, Yellow, and White. Holds up very well.
By Al
Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Easy to see.
May 24, 2013
I wasn't sure if I wanted to play with a non-white ball. I am very happy with the orange e6's. They play the same as the white ones. They are easy to find in the air. I can find them on the ground from great distances. AND, I know it's my ball. One other thing, for some reason, they stay much cleaner than the white e6's. You don't get the green smears as you do on the whites. They don't collect the dirt very easily either. Dandelions are prevalent now so I might avoid yellow balls.
ProsLow spin rate. Easy to find.
By Jim
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Great price! Great service!
May 24, 2013
I've been buying a lot of golf gear from Rock Bottom & have turned a lot of people on to the site. Never disappointed!
By Mike
Boston, MA
Great Balls
May 24, 2013
These and the e5's are great balls foer the price
ProsGood distance, durable
By Dwayne
Great deal
May 21, 2013
ProsGreatest balls made, just orange
By J
Asheville, NC
My go to ball
May 17, 2013
Love 'em. They certainly don't 'fix' a slice or hook, proper technique does that- but these balls seem to ease the pain a little on distance shots. And I generally don't care if my balls are colored or not, but I do find it weird that Bridgestone gave these E6's, especially the yellow, quite a bit of depth to the finish. They just, look good. Besides, who can't appreciate a 3-piece ball for under $20?
ProsAppearance Value Performance
By Robert
Colorado Springs, CO
Great ball
May 6, 2013
Soft enough around the green, but long and straight off the tee. I've hit more fairways with this ball than any other one I've played.
ConsSurprisingly difficult to find despite the color.
By Blaine
Salisbury, NC
great balls!!
April 12, 2013
These are great balls at an even better price. Thanks RBG!!!!!!!
By Bob Hale
Bridgestone e-6
April 8, 2013
So far excellent!
By Kevin
Fredericksbrg, VA
Distance and Feel Combined
April 6, 2013
I used to play the B330, but I find that the e6 does not get as far offline on a mishit. These balls are very durable yet still give great feedback around the greens.
By Rob
Wilmington, OH
Long and straight at a great price
April 6, 2013
These balls are consistently long and straight. I've been able to get better results from these than the B330 varieties.
ProsWork great Cheap price
By Ben Z
South carolina
Balls Balls Balls
April 5, 2013
Best price on Bridgestone. went in with 3 guys to get minimum price. delivered next day. thanks RB
By ken vaske
reading, oh
April 4, 2013
nice feel, good spin.
By Alan Phillips
Corona, CA
Excellent Golf Balls
April 3, 2013
I've used these for about two years.
ProsThese Bridgestone e6 golf balls are medium soft and rugged. They hold up until you lose them. The longest I've played one of these balsl was 30 holes. I'm sure it could have gone 30 more if I didn't lose it! The arrow makes it very quick and easy to line up putts and improves putting accuracy.
By Eric
Mount pleasant, sc
Love the e6
March 30, 2013
Great ball. One of my favorites to hit. Great touch, true to our swing
By Daniel
Rochester, MN
Soft and good control
March 14, 2013
A decently soft feeling ball that likes to go fairly straight. A lot of people swear by these and they really are good balls worth giving a shot even if not my personal favorite.
By Phil
Great balls
March 5, 2013
One of the softest ball I have ever game. Good spin and it bites on the green but distance wise, lose up a tad to TM TP3 and TM Burner Tour ...
ProsSoft and good spin
ConsLose some distance on driver shot.
By Robert Manasco
West Columbia, SC
Bridgestone-2012 e6 golf balls
March 1, 2013
I really like these golf balls. I am 66 years old and my swing is not fast at all. Low compression ball stays straighter than most I have tried. I buy the orange balls as they are easier for me to pick up the flight of the ball. Like the fell of the ball as you strike it.
Prosflies straight, easy to pick up in flight
By John
Woodbridge, VA
Good ball
February 26, 2013
Flew straight with good distance.
By Rob
Jasper, GA.
Great Winter Ball
February 25, 2013
I purchased Orange e6 Bridgestone balls for my winter golf rounds. They are easy to see on the "brown grass" and are soft feels, good for cold days.
By Ron
Great product
February 18, 2013
Long off the tee and stops on a dime.Yellow is easier to follow this time of year.
By Christian
Tucson, Arizona
Great rolling Balls
February 12, 2013
The first time I used these it seemed like they would roll forever! I would definitely recommend these to everyone.
ProsGreat roll Bright color
By Rex
Iowa City
Feel, Distance, Control, Visibility
February 4, 2013
I like the feel of the cover. The balls deliver good distance and you can work them. The feel is good for short game and putting. Since my eyes are not what they used to be, I like the Yellow option. More balls should come in yellow. When was the last time you saw a white tennis ball?
ProsFeel, workability, durability. Bridgestone quality
By Cameron
St Augustine, FL
Great Balls!
January 29, 2013
I purchased both the yellow and orange color Bridgestone e6 golf balls. The color helps me track the ball in flight, against a bright or overcast sky, and also helps me locate the ball when in the rough (foliage). The balls flies long and has medium spin around the greens.
ProsFeel, distance, and visibility
Conscost of [all] golf balls in general
By John
Pembroke, MA
One of the Better Balls Out There
January 4, 2013
I used these for the first time this year. I was not impressed with them the first time I used them, for whatever reason. Tried them again a couple weeks later and liked them a lot more. I'm not sure if they're actually "straighter" but they get good distance and feel good off all the clubs. These are good value for the price and feel just as good as ball costing $5-10 more per dozen
Prosgood distance feel soft on good strikes good value for money
By chasman
Anna Maria Island, Fl
Bridgestone Golf Balls
December 26, 2012
These work well for my game. I get the distance I deserve, which is not bad after 72 years. The color goes with my favorite sports team; Syracuse! Most places charge more for these. Good price.
ProsColor, easy to see and locate.
By John
Binghamton, NY
Bridgestone e6 new golf balls
December 17, 2012
Been playing these golf balls for a couple of years..they are straighter than most and have decent distance. Golf balls package and came new as described.
ProsDrives go straighter than most golf balls Decent feel around the greens
ConsPrice wasn't any better than the local sport stores but an ok addition to get free shipping
By Dave
New Zealand
Feel and distance
December 11, 2012
Great ball for the price, plenty of length and still receptive around the greens
By Bill
Ione, CA
Reduced spin
December 11, 2012
I was put on the machine to check all the details of my swing. The Pro suggested the E6 to reduce spin off my driver. The E6 so far seems to help out and I hit it a bit farther. I have a 10.1 index.
ProsGoes a bit farther and straighter.
ConsLess bit coming in to greens.
By Joeshrew
Narrows, VA
Does help slicers
December 8, 2012
they do help a slice some but not if the shot turns immediately into a slice yellow is easier to follow
By Rob
no more side spin
December 7, 2012
I've tried so many types of balls from every manufacturer. My swing speed is about 105MPH and my shot shape is normally a fade. These balls help me produce a repeatable slight fade vs the variable slice/fade/straight shape some of the higher end 3-piece balls give me. The less side spin results in longer drives. These are priced right, feel nice around the greens, and I love the yellow color which are much easier to find in grey skies. Great ball
Prosless side spin price color distance
By Vic
Brisbane Australia
Bridgestone e6 Yellow Balls
December 6, 2012
They are really great golf balls for feel and distance. The bright yellow colour makes them easier to see in flight and on the fairway (or rough).
ProsDistance Feel Bright colour
By Mike P
Chester Heights PA
Excellent Value
December 6, 2012
Good feel to the golf balls without sacrificing distance. Excellent value for the money, not a huge difference with higher priced Bridgestone golf balls
ProsExcellent value for the price
ConsNot quite as soft around greens as higher priced models
Memphis, TN
November 22, 2012
Ball flight is good and soft around the greens. Lowest compression ball for the money.

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