By Rob
July 24, 2014
Best bang for the money
For the price it's a great deal!
By Tyrone
July 22, 2014
Does what it says on the can...
Does what it says on the can...shame about the frustratingly short battery life, not that this batteries are cheap either.
ProsDoes what it says on the can...
ConsCR2 Battery
By Bruce
Land O Lakes, FL
March 29, 2014
Use it on the range, too
Great! I use this on the range also, as they move the hitting area sometimes by 30 yards. Really helps to get you dialed in before your round. Helps me eliminate misclubbing for approach shots.
ProsGreat product And the battery life is good even in the Florida heat.
By Brian
Beachwood, OH
February 17, 2014
best investment ever
this was the best single investment ever in golf equipment. took 4-6 strokes off my game.
By Bing
Ann Arbor, MI
May 4, 2013
A valuable tool
It is a handy and helpful tool on the course. It also helps my practice on the range.
ProsLight and quick read.
By Sam
New Zealand
May 2, 2013
Bushnell Tour v2
Great product at a fraction of the price here in New Zealand. Still cant believe how fast it got here, it was on my door step in four days. Great work Team!!!
By NZ_golfa
New Zealand
April 30, 2013
Great Product
Easy to use and very quick to give distance. Silicone cover is nice inclusion.
ProsAccuracy Size
April 29, 2013
Super Game improvement device
A must buy for golfers who want to improve their game . Gives exact distance saves time and gives more confident .
ProsLight weight, quick distance read.
ConsSo far nothing.
Henderson, NV
April 28, 2013
Laser vs. GPS = Laser wins
Ive never used a laser before, but Ive had a GPS for several years. At first, GPS gives you more confidence because you have distances to hazards and front middle back of the green. More info on the shot inspires. ver the years to start finding that not all GPS units gave the same yardages, sometimes as much as 15 yards difference. Now your new found confidence is compromised. With laser, confidence is now 100%. Line of sight is still an issue with laser so I now carry both a GPS and a laser. Distance to the flag is without a doubt the most important number and GPS just cannot deliver with the precision that a laser can. The debate is over for me. Laser wins and at these prices the Bushnell V2 is a no brainer. Trusting your yardage is key and laser delivers!
ProsEasy to use Quality made Durable No need to connect to internet
ConsAbsolutely nothing
By Keith
Roseville CA
April 25, 2013
Laser Aim
I switched from a Sky Caddie to this and love it. I really have the confidence with this thing. My buddies (sky caddie die hards) were saying how inaccurate it was but in comparison the Bushnell was a yard or two different from the sky caddie. I was hitting it closer than them and by the end of the round they were asking me for yardages. I know its expensive but well worth the cost. Enjoy!
ProsFast, Quick Yardages to anything you point it at.
ConsLine of sight only
By George
April 19, 2013
Pretty Neat"
I've only used it once, but already feel more confident that I know the exact distances. It will improve my approach to the pin. Preacher234
By Jake
Blythewood, SC
April 11, 2013
Great Rangefinder
I use this rangefinder at work and on the course. I rent cranes and when I pull a radius we need to be very accurate. When I pull a tape and shoot the same distance it is dead on. Love the ease of use as well!
April 4, 2013
On target
Awesome rangefinder! I am not the the most accurate player with my clubs, but I do want to know the distance to get it close. I had a GPS, but it seemed to take some time to load the course I was playing on. If I played a course back nine first, It didn't seem to track the holes well and would be out of sequence. With the new rangefinder I can get instant feedback with any obstacle on the course and not slow down my play. Looking for sprinkler heads are a thing of the past. It was pricey, but was a good deal from RBG after comparing it with other web sites. Very nice accessory to have in your bag.
ProsEasy to operate Accurate Saves time
By Bernie
April 3, 2013
Bushnell makes the best range finders on the market. Plus this supports a Great Cause.
By Kevin
Auckland, New Zealand
April 3, 2013
Bushnell Tour V2 ex Rockbottom
I have found Bushnell Tour V2 very helpful in unfamiliar courses where distance estimation can be tricky. The V2 takes the guesswork out of determining distance when one shot away the green.
ProsGuesswork removed in distance estimation.
ConsI have no dislikes about V2. Obviously the Slope model would add another dimension.
By Darrick
Fresno, CA
April 3, 2013
Rangefiner is awesome
took 3 strokes off my game not guessing the distance, quick and convenient
Prosquick accurate
By Drummyg
Wellington, New Zealand
March 6, 2013
Best buy ever!
I bought the Patriot Package V2 Range Finder on a Wednesday and it was delivered to New Zealand by the next Wednesday!!! This is fantastic service from a great on line golf outlet. I have bought several items from RBG now and the service has always been very, very good. If you are wanting the cheapest prices and excellent value for money with a quick delivery to NZ, RBG is the place to buy it!!!
ProsExcellent service Great products at cheap prices Quick delivery Delivery updates with a well known global firm Very simple website to use Excellent Range Finder (almost half price to NZ prices)
ConsNothing, RBG is awesome!!
By JP Kollwitz
December 11, 2012
Pinpoint Accuracy
The GPS gave me a Front Middle Back yardage, and I had to guess the approx location of the Pin. No More Guessing.
ProsAccuracy; Compact
By Kasey
Wichita, KS
December 6, 2012
No more guessing!
I have been able to take my V2 out and play a few rounds so far. I was worried about the smaller size (previously used a 1600). No problem at all with the size, my V2 gave me readings much quicker than my old rangefinder. For the price it cant be beat! The patriot pack is nice as well, the silicone sleeve adds a little bit more protection and I love the zero friction tees.
ProsSpeed Size Value Accesories
By mike
December 1, 2012
great product great cause
great product and money goes to a great cause
By helme heine
New Zealand
November 27, 2012
disappointed about the reduction of $22,00 two weeks after purchase
By rekatksir
July 19, 2012
Bushnell Tour V2 rangefinder-"Patriot Pack"
I have used this golfing and hunting and have found it to be extremely easy to use, versatile, and accurate. The "Patriot Pack is basically a donation since there is little of incremental identifiable value included.
ProsAs noted above: Easy to use Versatile Accurate Fits in your hand well
ConsThe included clamp for attaching this to a golf cart is strong and useful but clumsy to store with no way to attach it to the case for the rangefinder. It has to be stored separately and is easy to misplace.
By Andrea
Auckland, NZ
July 2, 2012
Patriot Pack Rangefinder
Have been debating whether to get this Rangefinder or not. I love it ! It is fantastic especially from 100metres and in from the Pin. Thank you Patti for directing me to this site. Was easy to track the package and Fedex customer service was great too. Only took 5 days to NZ
ProsCompact easy to use
By Kevin
June 23, 2012
Perfect tool for the course
Spent a little more on this that I wanted to' but it was worth it! Accurate and easy to use, compact and sturdy too!
ProsSize, ease of use
By Bill
April 30, 2012
Great Product at a Great Price
Everything I expected and more. Can't beat this price either.
ProsPrice, Quality
By Neil
New Zealand
April 21, 2012
Awesome Service and Product
Just to easy and a great price and service to boot. Had to come all the way to NZ and was able to track all the way by Fedex. The unit itself is just fantastic and was very well priced. A++++
By John
New Zealand
April 19, 2012
Another happy customer
Once again RBG delivers! I was on vacation and my damn Sky Caddie was not working as the course configuration of the golf course I was playing has changed. This is the second time this has happened so fed up I decided to order the Bushnell V2 Rangefinder. It arrived just a few short days later and I was able to put it into play last weekend. Very cool. Getting the precise distance to the flag is great but also being able to measure distance to objects in the fairway, hazzards etc is great. Very pleased and RBG prompt delivery was great as usual.
ProsAccuracy Compact and lightweight No need to download courses or recharge No annual sub Exact distances to flag Able to measure distance to fairway targets
ConsRequires line of sight - only advantage of GPS when in a gully or behind trees. Doesn't cure a slice!
By Ron
Leetonia, Ohio
April 11, 2012
This is a REALLY Cool device.
Don't listen to the bad reviews, this laser rangefinder is easy to use and takes all the guess work out of club selection. You don't need the slope edition unless you want to lighten your wallet some more. I could have saved $5 bucks buying off e-bay but I trust RockBottom and they always deliver a quality product quickly.
By doug
new bern nc
March 28, 2012
can not wait
as of yet, i have not used the product but i am very excited . i will be playing this sat in a superball and think it will be very helpful. I do know that bushnell is highly respected and expect great things from a quality product.
By Pat
March 16, 2012
great value and exceptional ease of use
First time dealing with rockbottom golf was easy and fast, They made the whole operation a breeze and I saved quite a few dollars and the head ache of going shopping. As promised the Tour V2 rangefinder was easy to operate and gave instant and a exact distances to any point I shot. The patriot package was a great value and I recieved the package much faster than I thought was possible.
ProsPatriot package is a great value. Tour V2 Rangefinder is all You will ever need it works perfectly
ConsIt showed me my wife is right I have no concept of true length
By ChefGolf
February 27, 2012
This thing is amazing. Made a huge difference in what you think / how yardages are marked on course. I have only used it once and know it made at least a 3 stroke difference. I have been debating buying one for years! If you are thinking about it go ahead and do it! Thanks Bushnell and Scratch.
By Dazza
Wellington, New Zealand
February 26, 2012
Fantastic, both value and service
This review has two components, firstly for Rock Bottom Golf and secondly on the Bushnell - Tour V2 Rangefinder. A friend had informed me about Rock Bottom Golf webstore. They said that they had used them in the past and that the deals were worth checking out. I was a little reluctant, due to the fact that I'm in New Zealand and Rock Bottom is in the States. However curiosity got the better of me and obviously, I took the plunge. I must say the experience has been an excellent one. The whole process from clicking the Buy button to opening my FedEx package with my Bushnell - Tour V2 Rangefinder inside took only 5 days. Incredibly, 2 of these days were a saturday and a sunday. Purchasing from Rock Bottom is just too easy. Now, as for the Bushnell - Tour V2 Rangefinder. It's simply wonderful. Before receiving my Bushnell - Tour V2 Rangefinder, I played in a couple of golf events where it seemed everyone else had one. I was determined to get one of my own. I've used it in 2 competition matches recently and I'm convinced it has saved me at least 4 shots. It is reassuring to know the exact distance to certain objects, the pin, the tree, the hazard, the Tee block that you've just hit from - to measure how far you've actually hit the ball. The increased confidence standing over the ball with the correct club in your hand is just great. I would most definitely recommend to anyone, either a scratch golfer or a weekend hacker to get one. you wont be sorry. BTW, I won both of those matches that I mentioned earlier and I'm pretty sure the guys that I played with are seriously considering buying a Bushnell - Tour V2 Rangefinder - from Rock Bottom too i might add.
ProsThe accuracy of the device is incredible, it is able to pick out the pin quickly and give the resulting distance. I purchased the Patriot pack, which came with a couple of extras thrown in, a Towel and a Silicon cover. Very nice.
ConsNot really a con, but If you haven't used a rangefinder before, it takes a little bit of practice to get the laser lined up correctly. but once you've got it sorted, it's a breeze.
By Gani
St. John's, NL; Canada
February 3, 2012
Great for your golfgame.
It will take away the guesswork of approximating distances to the flag. Great tool.
By mike
christchurch new zealand
January 7, 2012
bushnell tour v2 rangefinder
its been a great item. knowing exact distance to hole as already cut shots from my game. wish had brought one earlier
Prosno guess work needed
By Guillaume
Paris, France
December 12, 2011
Simply perfect
Looking to know your distances, lower your handicap and get precise? This is what you need! When no markers are available, just look through the viewfinder, click and you've got the exact distance. Adapt your club choice regarding the conditions (balls fly a lot less in cold temperatures) and you'll be spot on! Real simple to use, no manual necessary, two buttons and you're up! Excellent deal, great service... Simply perfect
ProsEverything, simple to use, clear viewfinder, no fuss, an extra batttery, nice carrying pouch... Lightweight yet sturdy....
ConsNot much, the color of the protective silicon "Skin"?
By Michael G
August 19, 2011
Bushnell V2 - it's a winner!
I previously owned a SkyCaddie, which was good - but this is even better! No waiting for satellites to lock in, no downloading courses, and no guessing exactly where the pin is - this is precise, and so simple to use. I also like the fact it is compact, and very light. I carry my bag - so clipping it to the bag makes it easily accessible. This is brilliant.
ProsEverything! Easy to use, accurate, no syncing required, just brilliant!
ConsOnly 1 small 'issue' - doesn't work in fog!
By Yi Xiang
Cambridge, MA
June 29, 2011
Accurate and convenient! Great product, fast shipping!

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