By Josh
January 27, 2015
One of the best fairway woods I have owned
By Michael
Morton, Illinois
January 21, 2015
Awesome Club Amazing Deal!
I have a set of Callaway X Hot and I am very excited to add this 3 Deep Fairway Wood to my arsenal! Keep the deals coming Scratch!
By Micah
Humble, TX
January 19, 2015
Awesome club
I received this club last week and played two rounds with it this past weekend. Club looks and feels great until you play with it. Once you do, it feels amazing. The ball launches off of the club very nice and the distance is just plain nasty. Very easy to hit off of the tee and just as easy off of the ground. Very nice for those 200+ yard par 3's. Gentle swing and you are on the easily on the green.
ProsLooks great, feels great, and hits great. Also, comes with a nice quality head cover.
By Tim Pike
Jacksonville, FL
January 18, 2015
HotXXXXXX Awesome!!
Hot club for even a hotter price!! Can't believe the performance of the stick. Get ball flight and feel.
ProsHot Face
By John
January 18, 2015
Great Club, Better Price!
Been looking to upgrade my 3 Wood for a few months and this deal was just too good to pass up. I am a Callaway Guy so this is a great add to my set.
By Jeff
Hamilton, oh
January 17, 2015
Really good alternative to a driver
X Hot 3 deep is a really long club off the tee. The stock shaft has a pretty decent feel to it.
ProsReally nice off the shelf club that most amateurs would play really well with.
By Leo
January 17, 2015
I like it
Very good, I can hit it straighter and further with this club than with my driver.
By Alan Reynolds
Fort auderdale, FL
January 17, 2015
Great Club
I bought the 3 wood and it does everything promised. I have the driver and this is a awesome pair to have in the bag.
ProsLooks good sounds good
By Raider5537
January 17, 2015
I have been searching for a replacement to a Ping isi titanium 3 wood I have had for years. I hadn't found anything that was as easy to hit and anything as long as the old Ping until now. Wow this 3 wood is the longest I have ever hit. Close to as long as a driver! With the deeper face I have been using it off the tee on short par 4s. Buy it you won't be disappointed.
ProsEasy to hit. Length. Price.
By Wayne Jearld
January 17, 2015
My Callaway X-Hot 3 Did eqaseep is the Prefect club for Me
I am able to drive the club through contact, making it easy to move the ball to the target...
Scottsdale, AZ
January 17, 2015
An decent fairway wood
It doesn't have the biggest sweet spot among the fairway woods but it can shape the ball well. It takes a while to get used to it.
By D Sargent
Bellaire, MI
January 17, 2015
3 wood
Can't wait to try it this spring here in Northern, MI
By Scott
Albuquerque, NM
January 17, 2015
Great Off the Tee and Fairway
Needed something between a Razr X driver and an XHot 3 Hybrid. This was a great addition to the bag. Just the right loft all for $43!
By john
australia 'down under'
January 8, 2015
great club amazing distance & control
great buy i love it .highly recommend
By Curtis
Redwood City, CA
January 3, 2015
A good solid deep(tall) faced club.
ProsDeep face, you won't slide under ball and get the dreaded pop up.
By nick
Sydney, Australia
December 31, 2014
what a club
This club makes a great noise on impact. It looks great and the shaft is really good
ProsEverything about the club. The great price at RBG
ConsNothing, nada
By Gary
December 30, 2014
Callawy's X-Hot 3 Deep Fairway Wood - an easy to use club
Got this club to have as an option off using it both off the tee and fairway. This club to easy to hit and will be a permanent club in the bag. Worth looking at this club.
ProsEasy to hit - another Callaway reliable club
ConsSome may not like the heavy weighted head of the club.
By gene
fremont wi.
December 13, 2014
I have the 11 wood, want to try the 3 deep 3 wood reg. flex
if the 3 wood 3 deep hits as well as my 11 wood, it has to be a winner
Prosnice looking club
By Matthew
Houlton, ME
December 5, 2014
A great niche product.
A deep faced fw isn't for everyone. But for those that can use one, this is a great one.
ProsLong bombs
By John Moses
New Zealand
December 3, 2014
By Jim C
Waretown nj
November 26, 2014
Nice solid club, ranks up there with Tour Edge and taylormade.
ProsStiff solid feel.
By Justin
November 26, 2014
best 3 wood
Perfect weight and well balanced
By Cliff L.
Calhoun, Ga
November 25, 2014
Driver substitute!
Amazing club. Hits long and straight. I've been playing golf for a few months and tend to slice my driver a little too often. The ball explodes off the face and if anything I have a slight fade sometimes. I'll be finding a lot more fairways with this club.
ProsLong and Straight. Confidence booster
ConsI'm not great off the ground with it(probably me more than the club itself)
By Jack Anderson
Newport Beach, California
November 25, 2014
Has potential to hit the ball a long way for a 3 wood.
If you hit the ball squarely on the sweet spot, the ball will definitely go a long way. If you miss the sweet spot, the clubhead is not very forgiving. Maybe a bit too much bulge and roll on the face. You have to "open" the face too much to get a high trajectory. Normal square face produces a driver like trajectory that likes to roll a long way. This club is too unforgiving to the average golfer. I even replaced the shaft with a premium shaft and could not control the face (shot dispersion) to my liking.
ProsFor the low handicapper (0 to 3), and with generally windy conditions, this club is a great addition to the bag. It will hit the ball low, and with lots of roll, that will result in good distance for a 3 wood. Texans would love this club.
ConsThe opposite of the above comments. In order to carry this club in your bag as your "go to" 3 wood, it requires a lot of practice with the club, and maybe some adjustment to your swing.
By Bill
Hot Springs, Arkansas
November 25, 2014
hot face, great feel
Proslong, able to work the ball
By John M
Phila, PA
October 23, 2014
Great Club
The club is great it really allows me to work the golf ball.
By Wayne Thurston
Broken Arrow Oklahoma
October 23, 2014
Pretty solid club and the price was right.
I need to change grips on this club before I can give it a true rating because the grip is to small for me. I have hit the club several times and it fees pretty solid, but I can't really tell much difference in distance from my old 3 wood.
ProsSolid Feeling and price was right
ConsNot crazy about the color and I would be nice to have a certificate of authenticity since there are so many rumor about knock offs.
By Richard
Slinger, WI
October 11, 2014
driver is now in scrap bin
hits long and straight I don't know why I own or play a driver...I guess I feel like I have to play it cause it costs $400 compared to this measly price
Prosforgiveness, looks
By Steve
Northern California
October 8, 2014
Shaft is not stiff enough....
I bought this club partly based on the glowing reviews and it's great price. Yes, this club face is really hot, but the Project PX 6.0 "stiff" shaft is just a bad fit for this type of head. There is no control. I've always played a stiff shaft with a consistent ball strike. However, even a slower swing speed like mine can over load this shaft to cause miss hits at the toe. Maybe a 6.5 or 7.0 would be better, but that's getting to an x-stiff. This shaft feels like a regular stiffness at best.
ProsHot club face.
ConsBadly matched shaft.
By James
Chesterfield, Va
September 30, 2014
Callaway Wins Again
I've become a Callaway woods fan in the last several years. Technology is cutting edge and aesthetics are pleasing. The XHot 3 Deep is the latest I've tried. As reported by others, this club is longer than my current 3 wood.. Set up at the ball is very appealing and friendly. Price was right and delivered super quick.
By Nic
Nashville, TN
September 23, 2014
Awesome distance and forgiveness off tee or fairway.
By Earl
San Diego, CA
June 3, 2014
Great club off the tee
I primarily hit this club off the tee and use a hybrid for off the fairway. The shaft was stiffer than I thought. My swing speed is borderline between regular stiff shaft so it took awhile to get used to. I have difficulty hitting it off the fairway so I only rating it 4 stars...
By Henry
Los Angeles, California
May 6, 2014
Deep for a reason!
Great club if you know how to hit it. I hit my 2nd shot off the fairway, a 250 yard bomb, after a 290 yard drive. It was a dog left right hole and I had trees and OB in front of me. So I hit a something between a fade and a slice leaving the golf ball 5 yards to the side of huge hole on the green. Distance and workability are certainly inbuilt into this club. Love it!
ProsDistance, workability, looks
ConsHigh difficulty club. Not for a beginner.
By Tristan
April 15, 2014
Goes as far as my driver
I play the 13* as a 2 wood - general usage is 95% off the tee, maybe once in a while off a very clean fairway lie. For me, the 3deep is only 5-10 yards behind a driver in terms of carry, but actually rolls out further. The only time the driver will go substantially longer than the 3deep is severe downwind conditions. Best club I've every played from Callaway.
Pros* ridiculous distance * great control with smaller head and shorter shaft compared to driver * looks and feel
Cons* need your A-game to hit it off the deck * for higher swing speeds, you will find the stock shaft lacking
By Josh
March 4, 2014
This club is a weapon! Great of the tee and out of the fairway. I am a high handicapper but can still manage to hit decent shots with this club. Tee it high for low spin or hit down a bit for more spin on approach shots. My favourite club in the bag. Nearly as long as my driver but much more accurate and consistent. I am considering getting rid of the driver and adding another wedge.
Pros-versatile -consistent -perfect club head size and profile
Cons-a little on the stiff side -club length takes some getting used to
United States
March 1, 2014
Long and Hot
Took it out and during my first round with the club, hit 3 wood, 3 wood to reach par 5 in 2. Easy to hit off tee, but takes some getting used o to hit off deck. Slightly deeper face takes some getting used to hitting off deck (but it is winter and the lies are really tight with dormant Bermuda). That, and "my eyes" getting used to looking at it. Replaced my Adams titanium face 3 wood. Easily 10 yards longer.
ProsLong Easy to hit off of tee
ConsTakes time on range to get used to it May not suit your eye
By JohnE
Charlotte, NC
November 19, 2013
Very Long
Taller face makes it easy to hit off the tee. Longest 3w I've ever hit. Easy to hit straight off the tee. Plenty of workability too off the tee. Very low spin the cuts through the wind. When hitting off the deck it won't go as high as other 3w's but it still travels a long way. It's a good fairway metal if you have room to land your shot. I hit this club 6-9 times a round off the tee and 1-2 times off the deck therefore its tee performance means more to me.
ProsVery consistent, great alternative to hitting a driver. Very long from all lies. cuts through the wind.
Conslow spin rate from every lie makes it harder to land softly on appoach shots.
By Aidan
October 6, 2013
Good Feel
This felt really good and was easy to hit. The one drawback was that it wasn't that straight.
ProsLook Feel Ease of Use Distance
By Paul
September 3, 2013
Game Changer
Played my first round with is club on the weekend (13 deg, 6.0). Used it as alternative to driver. Outstanding results. Best round in 10 years. Long. Straight. Maybe gave up 10 metres on my Ping G20 driver, but only missed one fairway all day.
ProsEverything I wanted as a plan b if driver isn't working. Game changer.
By Andrew
May 6, 2013
Increadibly long
If you do not require adjustability of face angle this is simply the longest 3 wood you'll hit. Sit perfectly, nice noise, easy to get in the air

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