By John
Kinston, NC
February 16, 2014
Tour Driver for Less!
Excellent look at address with very solid feel. Stock shaft is just ok - I usually play Xstiff but went with the stiff in this one. Very workable.
ProsLooks feel workability
ConsBall flight a touch to high.
By Rolly
January 21, 2014
great deal
great deal and love it to , shipping and everthing was write as they said thank's
By Mike
Boise, ID
January 11, 2014
Beautiful driver...
Tour version 9.5 degree, Nice looking driver without a lot of distractions, nice light shaft Project X tour shaft
Prosgreat set up
By Tyler
Beverly, MA
January 11, 2014
Good club
Works well so far
By David
January 6, 2014
I broke my driver on the range and went looking on Rock Bottom to replace it. There were a lot of choices on sale but my son, a teaching pro, said go with this driver! He was right! Works with my swing speed and I got what I needed at an excellent price.
ProsGood spring off the face!
By Bud
Las Vegas
December 28, 2013
I took it deep
I played with my new driver 2 days ago for the first time. I played with my regular partner. we have played together for years and normally drive the ball side by side. To both of our amazement I drove it 30 yards ask him on the first hole and that continued for most of the day. I was amazed at how far and straight I was able to drive the ball the first time I used the club.II am anxious to get back to the course to play again. I find the club extremely easy to hit and very forgiving on off center hits..after some more work with this driver, hopefully I can get my handicap back down to 3 or 4 where it belongs.
Prosanywhere from 20 to 30 yards longer then my old Nike driver. I guess I'll put the Nike behind the door in case somebody tries to break in my house.
Consthe only con is that I did not find this driver earlier so that I could have played with it before now!
By Jim
Winona, MN
December 18, 2013
Long and straight...feels good at address
I have loved this driver from about the 4th or 5th swing of it (to get used to) and now after playing a full season with it. It feels nice at address, I have fewer miss-hits, and I have driven the green on par 4's (two or three times last season). I too don't like that sticker on the face that leaves a residue, but, that's the only negative! You need a new driver and have always stayed away from oversized drivers? This one is comfy at address!..Now here's one to try...and love playing!
ProsGreat club, feels comfortable at address, swing with confidence, fewer miss-hits, great distance, roll, and compatibility to hit straight. Callaway did a nice job on this driver!
Conssticker on clubface leaves a residue, but soap and lukewarm water gets it off...not that big of a deal!
By Dilligas
October 4, 2013
Not too old to still drive the green!
I know all of you who are reading this have tried out your playing partners new driver. Well, every time I have, I ducked hooked it left or had to call for a mulligan ( real men don't take mulligans). This is absolutely the truth, I _ _ it you not, I hit the Diablo four times during my round and it went down the middle and twenty yards farther, 240 to 275. I have used a Taylormade for the last 10 years which I have been very happy. I am not being paid any dollars for writing this review.
By Eric
Nashville, TN
May 15, 2013
Good Value
Decent club for the price. Can play fades and draws pretty easily with this, but when trying to hit a straight drive, still trying to figure that out on this club
ProsPlaying draws and fades
ConsDistance isn't great and can be hard to hit straight
By Nick
Long Island, NY
April 19, 2013
Good Driver, Great Price
got the 9.5, and it hits long and straight.
ProsLook Feel Weight
ConsSticker Callaway put on the club face didn't come off properly leaving a film on the face.
By dallas
April 15, 2013
i got this driver and it only took a few shots till i got into the swing of things. i absolutely love it and am starting to shape my shots.
By David
Lexington, KY
April 12, 2013
Whoop! There it is!
This club is great! I am just crushing the ball. Love Callaway.
ProsThe look
By David
Lexington, KY
April 12, 2013
Whoop! There it is!
This club is great! I am just crushing the ball. Love Callaway.
ProsThe look
By James Holderfield
Hurley, New Mexico
April 5, 2013
Great driver
I really like this driver it took me a few holes to figure out there us only one way to hit this club and that's hard. I'm use to a 3/4 swing easy stroke, nice and strait. Not with this club the softer i hit it the worse the slice or hook. So i started full swinging it all balls and the ball went strait as an arrow and far. I couldn't believe i reached the green on a 300 yard par 4 my first eagle. Now that i figured out how to hit the club, i can now fade the ball the amateur way of course.
ProsWeight, Forgiveness, Grip, Feel, Sound, and of course the added distance
ConsThe only thing is i can 3/4 swing this club. I don't know maybe its the stiff shaft.
By Chris
March 28, 2013
brand new just as advertised
ProsGreat club for the money!
By Blake
March 26, 2013
Diablo Tour Driver
Only 2 rounds with this driver so far. When you hit it square the ball jumps off the face and rolls out nicely. Great value for little money.
ProsBalls hit on the toe still get a nice result.
By Todd
Ontario canada
March 17, 2013
Love my new driver. Very forgiving
Love the club. It replaced an older titleist driver. Way more forgiving. Thinking of buying another one for my set down south. Obviously great price!
By Mark
March 1, 2013
Great Driver
Got this driver from RBG and couldnt be happier. Long! Great feel and sound!
ProsLong Straight Long
By Don C
Carson, CA
March 1, 2013
Excellent driver for the price
Wanted to try this club on the range first, but didn't get a chance. I was switching from a Cleveland Launcher which I consistently hit 235-250 yards on most of my good drives. When I got up to the first hole GPS said the pin was 265 yards away. I thought I hit it is reasonably well and yelled fore and had to go up and apologize because my ball was only about 8 feet from the pin. I used the club 11 more times that day and I can't say all of them were 260+, but even on miss hits the ball carried at least 50 yards farther than I was expecting it to be. So I am very pleased with this club and highly recommend it.
ProsExtra distance. Longer miss hits.
ConsClub feels light. Doesn't give a loud ping when struck well.
By steven passmore
palmdale, ca
February 28, 2013
very good value
good price .good club.
By Robbie
Perth WA Australia
February 11, 2013
Great value for money
Have learnt to start loving a big driver once again, after many years of avoiding using one. Great distance and feel
ProsValue Weight Feel
By Nick
February 11, 2013
Best product and shipping bar none
The club feels so natural and the price was unbeatable
ProsWe'll rounded
ConsThat I didn't get one earlier
By mike
February 7, 2013
If you can hit it,,,
I read a lot of reviews on drivers. I was really hesitent to buy a tour driver but at the price I fealt like i couldn't pass up the value. Taking in to consideration that I'm a weekend golfer at best, I hit the ball a TON with this club. When I was able to hit it straight it went at least 20 yards farther than my old Wilson driver. The club is a little beyond my capabilities as far as control goes. The open face has turned my baby sized fade to a slice like I haven't seen for a long time. When I do hit it good, it goes a mile. Nothing wrong with the club, just the user.
ProsPrice distance looks
Consnot forgiving at all
By joe
January 29, 2013
great driver
I am totally enjoying my new octane driver, It's the best piece of golf equipment i've bought in years! I;ve added 20 to 30yards per dirve which has given me some better scores. I love it and would recommend it to anyone.
By Marc
boca raton, fl
December 31, 2012
Awesome club
I am a 20-22 handicap, so basically shooting in the mid to upper 90's, with a few rounds here and there in the low 90's. I was hitting a Taylor Made 9.5 reg flex for a long time and cracked the head (hit it off the heel). While waiting for the club to come back (still not back yet), I played around with various drivers and never quite got the right shots consistently out of any (including my Taylor). I had to go down to a 3/4 swing and really slow it down to hit is straight. Lost a ton of distance. Mentioned this to my course pro and he looked at my swing and said I was doing fine and maybe my problem was equipment. suggested that because of my relatively fast swing speed (I'm a big guy), I should consider a stiff shaft, so I took a risk and bought this club (9.5 stiff) (I have a Calloway Diablo Draw 3W and love it). Took a few swings at the range to get back to my original (one month ago) swing. Wow! What a difference...shots were going straight and far - best drives I've hit in a long time (or ever for that matter). Ok, to the course I go. I play on a long course - lots of long par 4's with water approach shots. This driver added 20-40 yards to my drives. Shot a 91 my first time out with the new driver. Now I'm hitting short/mid irons at the green on 300-400 yard holes instead of 3W/5W. I'm hitting short wedges for my 3rd shot on par 5's. Now, don't take this the wrong way. No club will add 40 yards to your drives, but if you've gone to hitting it softer to straighten out your shots, and you can hit a fuller swing straight, there's your added distance. Love this club. Will sell the Taylor Maded on Ebay when I get it back. Dont' get me wrong - the Taylor is a good club...just not good for me.
Prosgreat shaft stiffness for my fast swing speed. Straightened out my drives so I can now hit a full swing
ConsPaid $20 more for it two weeks ago
By Brad
Atlanta, Ga
December 24, 2012
good driver
I love this driver. It is well balanced and perfect for my swing
By Anthony
Los Angeles
December 18, 2012
For the experienced player
I have the X shaft and this driver is not forgiving. But for the first time ever, I am able to hit a draw, fade, or push to the right. Make a mistake though, and this driver will slice or hook out of bounds. I am averaging 220 with it right now but i think as I continue to improve, i should be able to consistently hit over 240 after a nice roll. This driver was too much precision for my handicap but it is making me a better player.
ProsControl Clean look (not distracting) Paid 70 bucks for it
ConsNot forgiving X Shaft requires you to swing out of your shoes to avoid a slice.
By Ray
Buckeye, AZ
December 9, 2012
It's a big change
I've been having trouble with drivers. The problem being that I keep pulling my drives left. My previous drivers (2) were draw drivers that were used to cure a slice that I couldn't get rid of. I started using the offset driver many years ago after Cobra came out with the first offset driver. After several years of not playing due to physical ailments, I came back into playing and bought new set of Cobra S3Max irons & woods and couldn't hit them, especially the woods. I bought them with senior shafts and traded them in for Adams Redline clubs and also bought a Speedline 9088UL draw driver, again with senior shafts. To make the story shorter, I found that my swing had changed due to the years of layoff. I then bought the Diablo Octane Tour driver with a regular shaft (no offset). Although I still haven't got it totally figured out, I have started swinging easier and hitting the ball straighter and added about 25 yards to every drive. I'm still using irons with senior shafts, but will probably have them re-shafted with regular shafts. The Diablo driver has turned out to be a good change.
ProsPrice ($89.99) Quality Distance Accuracy
ConsI didn't find it sooner
By Brandon
South Milwaukee, WI
December 6, 2012
Great driver for the price
I hit straighter and much farther with this driver. I debated for a while whether to get the Taylor Made Super Fast or this driver and I'm glad I did. I tried the Taylor Made Super Fast driver and i could not hit it straight but this driver I was able to.
By Tezza
Adelaide - Australia
December 4, 2012
Great brand and quality
Have been using now for 3 months and really love the club
ProsValue for money and brand
By Steph
Pauanui, New Zealand
November 27, 2012
Great Club
My son is using it and loves it
ProsGreat price
By John
Brockville, ON
November 10, 2012
Got an extra 15 yards without trying. Excellent club!
By dan
November 2, 2012
way down the fairway
never been so far down the middle. Awesome
Prosdistance accuracy shaft
By David
Memphis, TN
October 29, 2012
I used to be a regular golfer with a 7-10 handicap but hadn't played for a couple of years. I was using a Taylor Burner and hitting it pretty good but my son was out hitting me by a good 15-25 yards. From the first drive, the Diablo was great adding those yards back to my drives and I hit it very straight. It feels great to hit and the sweet spot is bigger than I thought it would be since it's a tour driver. I'm so glad I bought it. Good luck to all who get one.
ProsLong straight drives
ConsThat I didn't get one sooner.
By Darren
Bris, Australia
October 26, 2012
This was a good buy
I am not the greatest golfer , yet! So may have bought this one a little early but at this price couldn't let it go . Haven't got control of this one yet but the few a have connected goes like it should need to learn how to control thin one
ProsGreat quality
ConsNot forgiving as many say
By Peter
sf, ca
October 25, 2012
Great club
love the feel, easy to hit and like the tour specs
By Jack
October 24, 2012
Excellent club
I had broken the shaft of my Callaway Diablo Wdge Driver and needed a replacement one immediately. The new one did not disappoint and having a senior shaft made it easy to use with straight drives.
ProsThe senior shaft
By Ray G.
Astoria, NY
October 2, 2012
Early returns are looking good...
I've only had the chance to give this club a go at a range a few times. However, the balls were new range balls so consistency was pretty good. I've always suspected that a "Tour" model driver would better suit my swing and this club has proved to me that I was right. A bit more compact head with a deeper face and shaft that is just about 1/2 shorter than a 'standard' model means that I'm getting more sweet-spot hits and the ball is jumping off the face. My r7 that this will replace was good, but I would usually strike the clubface pretty high up most of the time and not 'quite' grab the sweet-spot, thus losing a bit of distance. The '09 Tour Burner I tried last year was just too BIG and too light and I felt that I couldn't always control the club, and the ball just didn't jump off the face. It didn't sound right either. This club has a decent sound on good hits so you can get decent audio feedback, without sounding like a bell. It also has good tactile feedback as well- I could usually tell if I was heel or toe biased on the strikes based on feel and ball flight. It sets up 1* open so that is something I need to account for, since I usually play a draw that might morph into a slinging duck hook once in a while with the r7 set to neutral/low. Lining up to the left side with a more neutral grip gave me a slight fade back to the intended target. BUT- I was able to work the ball to the left with the right setup, so I can keep my draw when I need one. Distance was increased a bit over the r7 and a LOT over the Burner. Maybe 10 yds carry over the R7 and 15-20 over the Burner. Getting this club during the $69 sale was a steal and I'm glad I held back a few weeks before pulling the trigger on this one.
ProsPerformance Looks PRICE
Consnothing so far
Chino Valley, AZ
September 20, 2012
All the rest are pretenders
Average drive today 285-290,I have a swing speed of about 95, but should be a little higher with the longer shaft and lighter club. I had two drives today at 305. Shot 78, not bad for a 13 handicap. My last Driver PowerBilt AirForce One with a motore shaft which I still like but the Callaway does what it does a lot easier. I hit ten of 14 fairways, This driver is easy to control, even off center hits get good results, From other comments I thought the Project X shaft this one being a stiff was not going to work but I love it. And to beat it all, I got it from Rock Bottom Golf for 69.99 plus shipping, what a score. Oh by the way, I just got this in the mail today 9/20/12 and this was my result.
ProsIt works just like it said it would long drives easy to control
ConsThat I did not have this club before now.
By Christopher
Cincinnati, Ohio
September 17, 2012
Great price, great driver
This is an excellent driver! Not to mention that I purchased this driver on sale ($69.99). Can't beat it.
Prossmooth good feel distance great price
By Marcus
September 5, 2012
Buy this driver!
Great club, its almost too easy to hit well. Very long and impressive trajectory. I have to swing ridiculously hard to make this club slice at the range. With my normal swing I just hammer the ball straight down the fairway. It is a bit heavier than the Taylor Made 2.0, which I like. It feels more substantial and helps me swing easier. I would never have been able to afford a club of this caliber until I found rock bottom golf, and shipping was FAST. My order was at my doorstep a day before the estimated time, from their warehouse to my door in 2 days which I am overjoyed about. Thanks for the great deal, guys.
ProsQuality Weight Balance PRICE
ConsLiterally nothing.
By Luis
Manteca, CA
September 5, 2012
A definite upgrade
I got the 9.5 degree with a stiff shaft...Had been struggling with my old R7 and wanted something else without breaking the bank. I've hit a bucket and played two rounds with this club so far and it starting to feel more comfortable... i feel way more confident when walking up to a tee and i can actually "shape" some of my shots... Sounds dead when you mishit but if you catch it flush you will go a ways. I've actually outdriven my playing partner for the first time in a couple of years.
Proslook at adress... compact light feel to the club
Conssound... but who gives a ...
By Johnnie Z
September 4, 2012
great price by rockbottom....sweet forgiving club....added a few feet on drives too !
great price by rockbottom....sweet forgiving club....added a few feet on drives too !
By Rohith Siriwardena
Australia - Perth
September 3, 2012
I was looking for this for some time
I tried this on the other day and really liked it.
ProsCost was very reasonable, delivered very quickly It helped me to improve distance very effectively
ConsI bought it for 119.99 and now it is 89.99 . i should have waited another week to get this price
By Matias J
Espoo, Finland
August 25, 2012
Great head, not-so-stiff shaft
I am very, very happy with the driver now when I changed the shaft from the Project X 6.0 Stiff to House of Forged's Jamie Sadlowski shaft. Now I can the ball very far to right direction and - in comparison to Adams Insight tour head earlier on the HoF shaft - the control and workability is in right balance with my skills and swing. Great feeling, great sound, right weight etc. workability. I do not expect too much forgiveness since my approach to that is that the club should tell me phycially, when I hit bad to avoid repeating poor swings. Now the balance is right with this shaft; the club lets me to put my best swing on it with full power behind the swing and still there is a lot of potential in the club I have not learned to use. So, I really expect the club to stay in my bag for quite a while. Thus, the head is cashing all the promises when shafted properly. OEM shaft could work for many (as the ones on Octane Tour fairway woods 15&18 which work very well - long nice, well controlled hits, but I need to hit with those much lighter to hit well and precicely and then the ball flies beatifully and far) but did not work that well with my swing but that is not average. After years at gym and speeding all my strenght when hitting with driver, the shaft is not in use it usually would be. Thus, I would guess it should work with anyone hitting respective Diablo irons.
Proslenght, workability, sound, feel, potential, reliability
By Brent
Clinton, Mo
August 18, 2012
Great driver. Big improvement over my old one. Very forgiving on miss hits. Huge sweet spot. For the money you can't go wrong.
ProsForgiving, long carry.
ConsNothing to dislike.
By Robert Finberg
August 18, 2012
Driver is working well for me
Im learning the feel of the Callaway driver and so far I like it
ProsLight weight yet powerful
ConsPerhaps a little too long
By Jason Williams
Lusby, MD
August 17, 2012
Great value!
Great driver at a great price! Solid sound, straight shots, added distance. Blazing fast shipping, next day less than $10!
ProsPrice Value Sound
By Mike
Tampa, FL
August 15, 2012
Picked up 20 yards
By Charles Mc Caig
August 14, 2012
Diablo Octane Tour Driver 10.5
I'm 76 yrs old and this and this driver has given me back the distance i had lost using it.I tried the Taylor made Superfast 2.0 driver and it didn't even come close to the distance i am getting now with the Diablo Octane which is around 230-240 yds and i am totally blown away by this.This club is in my bag to stay and i'm so very happy that i bought it and i have recomended it to my fellow golfers who have noticed the difference in my driving.The price was also very affordable for me.A real bargain.Thank you so much.Sincerely Charlie Mc Caig Sr.
ProsEverything !!!!!!!!!

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