By Thomas
Jacksonville, AR
Good ball
September 19, 2014
Bought as back up balls for a trip to play unknown courses. Good playable ball at a price I wasn't afraid to lose some/most.
By Evan
Madison, WI
For the price...can't be beat in the 3 piece category!!
September 2, 2014
Great feel off the tee and around the green.
By Brian
Good ball
August 29, 2014
Only played one round with these but I like the feel. Seem fairly durable and come off the club well.
By kjbags
Cleveland, OH
Great Balls
August 27, 2014
These Callaway golf balls perform well with a nice pop off the tee.
ProsNew balls at a great price
By Kevin
Lincoln, RI
Great Ball
August 27, 2014
Found these on here and now have a new favorite ball.
By Lance
Hampton Roads
Great golf balls at great price
August 23, 2014
Best deal I've found all year!
By Lucas
Kc, mo
August 18, 2014
Great balls for the price. Long!!!!!
Great ball, Great Price, tough to find better all around ball
August 12, 2014
I'm a 7 handicap with a solid short game. Need a ball that is long off the tee that can still stop off an 8 iron. This ball delivers. It's not going to back up for you in firm conditions but will bounce and check when struck well. It's about 10 yards longer for me than the prov1 off the tee and given my drive distance averages around 240 this extra bit helps on a longer course. Will buy more of these for next season too
ProsDriver distance Price Decent spin for a 3 piece ball
By KingfishCT/FL
Great Ball
August 9, 2014
This is a great ball at a great price. I've played it for several years. Might be 5 or so yards shorter than the ProV's for me but is equal in the short game around the greens.
ProsFeel, durability, price
By Donald Fairman
carmichaels pa
August 7, 2014
This is a very good golf ball that I thoroughly enjoyed playing with you should good distance good accuracy and a good feel around the greens
By Randy
Kingwood, TX
Great Transaction!
August 7, 2014
This is my first shopping experience with Rock Bottom Golf. I could not be more pleased with all aspects of this transaction.
By Michael
Great balls!
August 5, 2014
Great ball at a great price. Stock up and save!
By Mike scorzelli
Excellent value
August 4, 2014
Balls ars brand new as advertised. Why anyone would buy full price new balls when these are available is beyond me.
By MikeC
Plano, TX
A Must Buy
August 4, 2014
These are like brand new except for the price. I saw no defects on any of the balls and they played just like new. Highly recommend these!
By Cheryl
Fort Worth, Texas
August 1, 2014
Bought these for my husband. Great value and great ball. We play 3-4 times per week so a supply of balls is a must. Thanks for sharing the savings with your customer, which is why I keep coming back to your site.
ProsGreat value. Great product.
By Ric
Love Callaway
August 1, 2014
I always play Callaway, but usually the IZ or IZ balls. Rock Bottom had such a great deal on a 3-dozen box, that I had to try them. I've only played a couple of rounds, but I haven't noticed much difference yet. They work well for me.
By Terry
United States
Great deal
July 29, 2014
I was concerned when I ordered them they might be seconds or that something was wrong with them but they appear to be the same as what I pay $25.00 a dozen in the pro shop and they play the same. The first four rounds I shot with them was 76, 77, 78,78 and I am a 9 handicap. Thanks Rock Bottom Golf.
By Derek
United States
great ball. . good price
July 29, 2014
Great quality balls at very good price
By Nukegolfer
New Jersey
Good solid ball
July 26, 2014
This three piece gets the job done for me and you really can't beat the price of ~$1 per ball. Good all around performance. Decent distance off the tee, solid with the irons, and a decent putting ball
ProsCost All around performance
By Linda Block
United States
Great Balls
July 23, 2014
Super price. Love them.
By Ed
Great Balls!
July 21, 2014
I've been playing the HX Diablo Tour fot 4 years and love them!
By Mark
top notch balls
July 20, 2014
great feel, great roll on the greens
Prosfeel on hits, Callaway name, price
By Ray
Kaukauna, Wis.
Great Ball
July 19, 2014
As good as the Pro V1 and at a $1 a ball that's all you need to say..
Prosas good as a Pro V
By Matt
Surrey, BC
Loooonnnngggg Ball!
July 15, 2014
Sure did notice an increase in distance. Feel around the greens is okay. Depends on what you're looking for.
ConsNot that soft.
By Ron
Johnson City
As described
July 14, 2014
Very happy
By Dennis
Kansas City, MO
Great ball
July 13, 2014
its a brand new ball for the price of a few drinks in vegas. Love these ammo boxes
By Mackey
Leesburg, GA
Great ball
July 8, 2014
I order these balls every quarter!
ProsAwesome deal on a fantastic ball! You won't find a better deal new or used on the Internet.
By Mark
Waterloo, ia
Callaway Ball Rock!
July 4, 2014
great balls of fire! a great deal on a great golf ball
Prosdistance Callaway name price
By Ray
Pittsburgh PA
great deal
July 3, 2014
At roughly less than a buck a ball this was a great deal for a quality ball.
By Matt
Very good deal
July 2, 2014
These balls are a very strong deal. Pretty good feel, LONG. Very hard to beat for the price. Thanks Rock Bottom
ProsDurability, distance
By James
Kansas City, MO
Great deal on golf balls
July 1, 2014
Only way to go with the way I loose balls.
By Jim
Jacksonville, FL
A Better Ball Than The Price Would Indicate
June 30, 2014
I'm a high ball hitter. This ball has a more boring trajectory than others I have played with. It stops quickly on iron shots and still has ancient feel on the chips and pitches. Pitch shots check nicely and then run out just like I envisioned the shot. I really need to stock up on these!
ProsPenetrating ball flight As long as any ball I've played Good spin on iron shots Excellent feel around the greens
By Mark
Bellingham, WA
This ball does it all
June 28, 2014
I Played on super fast greens in a tournament with three guys who were using Pro V1's. My ball was whiter, longer, and held the greens just as well.
By Stacy
Houston, TX.
Great ball for the money!
June 26, 2014
I typically play mid-price/performance balls like the NXT, which up until now had been my overall favorite. Saw these jut before Christmas at a major golf retailer, on sale for 2doz/$36.00. Had never been a huge fan of Callaway balls, but noticed that it was a 3 piece so decided to give them a whirl, and bought a couple dozen. Liked them so much that I bought a couple more. Then when I saw that I could 3 dozen at Rock Bottom, for less than I'd been paying for 2 dozen at the retailer, I jumped on it. These have become my #1 ball now. They have good distance off the tee, minimal sidespin, great feel, and hold greens like glue. I have played pretty much every mid-level and premium ball out there, and I really can't tell any appreciable difference between this one, and any others - including the Pro V... at least for my game. IMO, this is a premium ball at a bargain basement price. As long as Rock Bottom continues to carry them, I'll continue to play them!!
ProsAll the attributes of a premium 3 piece, for the price (at RB) of a distance ball.
ConsCover seems to scuff a little more quickly than some, but otherwise none.
By Edward
Quincy, MA
Good Balls, not Too Pricey
June 24, 2014
Good balls. Prefer hitting them to what I had in my bag previously. Also, good quantity to the point that you can really get used to hitting them and not worry about running out.
ProsSomething about hitting the same balls & tees every time really helps consistency. Could just be me, but don't plan on switching it up anytime soon.
By Bob
Anaheim Hills, Ca
Good ball!
June 16, 2014
Long , great feel and better price.
ProsAll good.
By Dave
Ocala, Florida
Great Ball For A Great Price
June 11, 2014
I have been using the Callaway Chrome for a while now and was looking for something comparable. This ball really delivers. It is every bit as long (or longer) and has a nice feel. The spin is good but not quite as good as the Chrome. I would choose this ball over others at a higher price. For the money you can't go wrong with this deal.
ProsDistance Feel Durability Value
By Chuck
Collegeville, MN
great balls
June 10, 2014
although i only have limited experience with them (4 rounds) they have improved my drives by about 15 yards. although it might be a confidence change, whatever it is, its working.
Prosprice, flight, distance
Consnone so far
By John
Oakland, CA
Swing away for this price.
June 10, 2014
We all like top quality balls. I do too. I lose plenty too. Sometimes on the very first tee shot. 5 bills sailing into the woods. Now I can sail these at just over a buck. Oh, and when you get these, but in for a surprise at the feel. This isn't some piece of junk.
ProsA little over a dollar a ball for Callaways? You are really still thinking about this?
By Jim Wilson
Allen, TX
Special Golf Balls to Commemorate My 70th Birthday Scramble
June 6, 2014
Great ball, greate price, personalization was done as requested. Very pleased with the outcome!
By Tyler
Matthews, NC
Great Deal
May 27, 2014
Great deal on tour quality balls
By David
Troy, OH
Great Ball!
May 23, 2014
Great ball and great price!

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