By Mot
Newtown, PA
November 11, 2013
Great wedge
Love this wedge. Distances are consistent and the ball stops where you hit it.
ProsConsistent distance, provides loads of spin and cuts through the rough with ease.
By Tommy
August 17, 2013
X Jaws
Bought a set of X series Jaws wedges (none C grinds) when caveman had them on sale Great feel, good head weight. Length a tap shorter than Cleveland's .take some time to get used to the shots especially with flop shots.
ConsNone C grinds
By Shawn
Potsdam, NY
July 12, 2013
Great club
This is a great club! I highly recommend it and especially for the low cost.
By Steve
Stillwater, NY
July 7, 2013
Good Lob wedge for the money
I purchased this club due to the fact that i needed a short iron to be able to make it to the green below 100 yards (i have an awful time being able to finesse my pitching or sand shy of 100). Although it's taken some time to get adjusted relative to stance and swing, the club has performed great for the price. The finish is not nearly as dark in person as it is in the pictures shown (it's more like a bronze) and be aware that the club will rust once exposed to moisture and use but it is as intended by Callaway - "Your slate finish X Series JAWS CC Wedges are raw, meaning that the carbon steel is not plated. With time and use, your slate wedges will rust, which will add roughness to increase spin and provide a non-glare surface." that is quoted from callaways website.
ProsGood club for price Effective
ConsColor in picture not as shown
By Ross Kutisker-Jacobson
Toronto, ON
June 10, 2013
Wedge review
Weight and feel are good. Easy to get height on the ball. Tough to control distance
ProsFeel and spin
Consdistance control
By Nick
Woodbury, NY
May 30, 2013
So Glad It's In My Bag
After months of deciding what my last club in the bag would be, I am so glad I made this it. Just what I was missing from my bag for short shots off of the green. 20-25 yards, boom, at the pin, very little roll. Got the 60% wedge with no bounce. Easily helped shave 2 strokes off my round
ProsFeel Look
ConsThat I waited so long to get it.
By Michael
Albany, New York
May 23, 2013
Nice and Rusty
So far I absolutely love these 54 and 58 degree wedges I picked up while they were deal of the day. Both for under $100 total steal. They are rusting nice, and create good spin. The forged head gives you an excellent feel, and plenty of pop.
ProsForged head
By Nathan Craig
Sandy Eggo, CA
May 15, 2013
Best value
I upgraded from a Simac 60 and can't believe what I've been missing out on. Simac was great to get me going, but now that I've been playing a little longer it is worth upgrading. You can and will feel the difference (mostly on your ego when you shave 4-6 strokes)...
ProsControl, feel
ConsThe slate isn't protected against water damage like forged - be sure to keep it dry and clean
By UncleAl
Shelby, NC
May 13, 2013
A great wedge for the catbox.
I prefer using a lob wedge in sand traps and this club instills the confidence to get out every time. I'm no longer cursing every time I land in the trap.
ProsGreat feel Great price
By Zulx
Helena, Montana
May 12, 2013
Excellent club
My new Jaws CC has really helped me improve my short game. That accuracy and control I now have while chipping is the best I have ever had! Thank you to Rock Bottom for providing such great deals. I will be shopping hear from now on.
ProsControl Accuracy Loft
By Robert
Decatur, IL
April 28, 2013
Love this club. Can pop the ball up easily and the feel is great.
By chad
April 28, 2013
great club
great wedge for the value
Proslots of spin
By Omar chagollan
April 25, 2013
Perfect club
Love this club now I could stop them balls Rollin off the green
By Jason
April 24, 2013
Flop Monster
Gotthis club specifically to be able to hit high shots that stop quick off of dry hard lies, and it delivers perfectly.
ProsFinish, Grind
ConsCheap shaft, would prefer a DG Spinner
By TigerTwig
Brunswick, Ohio
April 21, 2013
Callaway 58% Wedge
You guys made my day on the Golf Course! The Callaway Wedge with its 58 degree loft made my on the green shots easier. The quality and price, unmatched by others. Thanks!
ProsI like everything!
By Mark
monroe, nc
April 21, 2013
Nice club
Nice feel, nice looks. Has an excellent sweet spot and swings true. Another solid club from Callaway.
By tom
April 18, 2013
callaway-jaws slate wedge
bought 2 from the cave man 58-8 bounce and 60-0
Prosgreat out of the sand around greens and for short lob shots these two are spares already have two from the caveman
By Gabriel
Chicago, Illinois
April 10, 2013
It does what a wedge should
It does what a wedge should. Great feel and the spin is insane. I already had a 52 degree non CC Version that I like quite a bit, but this 58 degree CC version is even better
ProsSpin more spin Spins a ton Feedback is great Grind is versatile
ConsGrip is kinda small
By Blaine
Salisbury, NC
March 29, 2013
good price
Did not like the feel of these at all and I'm a Callaway nut.
By Roy
Crowley , TX
March 24, 2013
Great spin
Very easy to hit and hold greens
ProsThe satan color and great look
By jim brown
little rock ar
March 20, 2013
great wedge
solid club
Prosmakes solid contact
By TL2Bass
Los Angeles, CA
March 19, 2013
Great Wedge
I own a handful of wedges, mostly high end ones and a couple of cheap dogs. With that said, this wedge fits my swing beautifully and definitely belongs in the high end zone - it just feels great in the hands. I can swing it with confidence and this is crucial for a 60* wedge around a green! Spin is good and the feel is solid.
ProsFeel Weight Finish
ConsIt wasn't free!
By Peter
Westchester County, N Y
March 16, 2013
Very versatile with a little extra weight
This wedge performs well everywhere and especially shines from the rough around the green. The heavy feel of the club makes it easy to go down and get your pitch/chips shots out softly without overaccelerating.
ProsNice look and nice feel
ConsIt takes a while to get used to looking at all those extra grooves on the face
By Dan
Des Moines, Iowa
March 14, 2013
Great Look!
The club looks great in the bag but more importantly performs on the course. Great feel and excellent spin from around the green.
ProsLooks Feel Spin
By pal callaway
inland northwest
February 28, 2013
no bounce no problem
the 60 degree 0 bounce jaws wedge is fantastic! i play callaway prototype blades and have jaws in 52,56,64 and now 60. I play mostly under maintained western bent grass courses which are brutal on a high bounce wedge. This 0 bounce wedge is a little tricky but workable from 1 yards to 65. You might be crazy to have this club if you live in florida but way out west it's the ticket! If i play a lush course I'll use the 64 but come aug and sept it will be in play almost anywhere....
Prosthe grind is unlike anything in the bag great price
By William
Pittsford, NY
February 24, 2013
A lot of wedge for the money
You can't go wrong with these wedges for the price.
ProsGreat wedge for the money.
By Larry
Central Ohio
January 29, 2013
Awesome wedge!
Best wedge I have ever used, period.
By Perry
January 28, 2013
Nice Club
Nice wedge good feel. Im not a fan of Calaway grips but not a problem, I'll change it.
By dave
Upstate NY
January 27, 2013
Good Feel
Feels good and balanced and grooves help my control around the greens. Very happy
By Lawrence levee
January 26, 2013
great spin
this club has more spin than cleveland wedges
Prosthe feel
Consnothing so fare
By Ben
Buffalo, NY
January 24, 2013
Fast shipping
Item arrived fast! Looks great! Can't wait to get a chance to use it!
ProsGreat wedge for the price
By Christopher
Orlando, FL
January 15, 2013
Good wedge
I purchased the 54 degree and the 58 degree wedges. These are great, especially the sales price I got them for. Rockbottomgolf also ships the clubs to 2 days from the order. Great service.
ProsPrice Club
By Kael
Groves, Texas
January 10, 2013
Great club
Great club. The club is a perfect weight and very forgiving.
By tim
Thousand Oaks, CA
January 5, 2013
Confidence inspiring wedge
Great look at address, real solid feel. Highly recommended
ProsLook Quality feel
By Jun
Gainesville, FL
January 4, 2013
Great wedges
Definitely the best wedge I have used, it is like cheating as others says!
ProsConsistency Durability Quality
By Kayd
White rock, bc
December 28, 2012
Greatwedge for great price
Picked this up for $47 and have made my money pack in up and down competitions! Solid wedge
By Rick
Schertz, Texas
December 19, 2012
Callaway has given me a fantastic club. 60 degree and zero bounce... I used to land on the green and watch the ball keep rolling. Now, that thing lands and pretty much stays put. Wish I would have gotten one of these earlier.
ProsGreat with spin and bounce
By joe
canton, ohio
December 11, 2012
so good they're like cheating
I've had them all. Vokey, Cleveland, other Callaway's...these are so good its like cheating!
ConsGrips were replaced with tour wraps.
By marty
toledo ohio
December 5, 2012
best wedges I ever bought
By Richard
Palm Beach
December 5, 2012
Best of the best.
Sweet club,bounce and loft perfect..Price is right..Don't hesitate it will be gone..
By James
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
December 4, 2012
Control, Spin, Confidence and Fun
I replaced my 56 degree sand wedge with a 54 degree and a 58 degree Callaway Jaws set, one of the best additions so far to my set. From the minute I swung these clubs at the range I felt like I was in control of my distance and ball flight easily. I love playing the short game now with so much confidence! I only wish I could get a 50 degree loft so I can fill in the gap between by PW and 54 degree. Highly recommended club!
ProsEase of use Look Feel Control Consistency
ConsNothing to dislike
By Glen
December 4, 2012
Great Spin
Title pretty much sez it all folkes. Great spin and a nice soft feel with a very versatile sole grind. Finish will rust with age just as designed - perfect.
ProsSpin Feel Sole Grind
San Diego
December 4, 2012
Great product for a great price
I used the 60* wedge on 2 rounds of golf and its the perfect distance when a sand or pitching wedge are just too much. I'm still getting used to the feel but when I make good contact the ball flies and arc's exactly the way I need it too.
Proseasy to hit sounds solid when making contact perfect for improving short game
Consno headcover
By Jarvis
December 4, 2012
Bought the 54* and 58*. Fast shipping to Canada, great wedges. Definitely Recommend
ProsSpin Looks Weighting
By Callan
Qld, Australia
December 3, 2012
A+ Spin
Great control
ConsNothing yet
By Daniel
Lake Wales fl.
December 2, 2012
So far it is one of the best wedges I have used.
ProsIt has really good fell and really good around greens.
ConsSo far nothing
By starter Scott
Houston TX
December 1, 2012
great wedge unbeatable price
54 jaws fit perfectly with my cg10 56 and 60 degree wedges
Prossolid feel great spin control
By Scott
Lebanon, missouri
November 24, 2012
60 deg
Club feels great the ball flys off the face.
ConsGroves do a number on the ball
By Justin
oakland city,indiana
November 9, 2012
Love callaway wedges
I have been using callaways wedges for some time now love them. They have a feel and play to them you can't beat. I had been playing with the same sand wedge for years X-20 and finally realized it was time for a change so I purchased a new one and love it.
Prosprice play is easy great weight great design
By travis
Alta, UT
September 24, 2012
Excellent Wedges
Love the feel and spin these wedges provide. Got the 54/12 and 58/0, both feel great after 5 rounds. THinking about buying the 64/8 too!
Prosnice feel and results

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