By Fred
Quakertown, PA
August 9, 2015
3 wood
This club is awesome when you need alittle more control off tee than the driver. Still great distance. Also good for those second shots on really long par 5's.
By Steve
November 7, 2014
Luv this club!
Have been hitting this long and STRAIGHT!!! Hits well off tee and fairway. My new favorite!
ProsLong and straight
By Ryne
Duluth, Minnesota
August 22, 2014
Great club/ Great price
This is easily my favorite club in my bag. I love par 5's just because I know I will get to pull this out and crush a ball to the pin.
By Dan
August 5, 2014
nice club
Hits very straight, distance is just ok.
ConsLoss on distance
By Robert
July 28, 2014
Found the club very easy to hit
By Jeremy
Cambridge, MA
July 18, 2014
Does its job
For a discount 3-wood, can't ask for anything better.
By Jen W
Fenton, MI
July 18, 2014
Great 3 Wood
Light weight, perfect length, love this club in fairway or off the tee!
By Errol
July 16, 2014
Callaway Fairway Wood
Gettting used to it so far, its a different club altogether from what I have been using
By Bill
July 1, 2014
Bought for Grandson
Bought this for my grandson who took it back to college and says it plays better than his former 3 wood.
By Josh Romero
Gloucester, New Jersey
June 21, 2014
Amazing Club
Great club, used it on the range. Can't wait to get it out on the course.
By jim
New Jersey
June 17, 2014
great price for a solid club
never carried a 3 wood but at this price how could I not
Prosgreat price easy to hit
Conswish it had a bigger head
By Phillip
Lawrenceville, GA
June 12, 2014
I love this club!!!
I took this club to the driving range as soon as it arrived. It is a great 3 wood and is easy to hit
By Luc
St. Albans, Vermont
June 9, 2014
Filled the gap in my game
Needed to add more distance to my game, and there was a gap in the clubs in my bag. My golf club does not have many long par 5 holes, but when I played at other I soon realized I had a need.
Prosconsistent in both distance and accuracy. Great club to have in those long golf holes.
ConsNone right now, which there was an option to add more review after a season or more golf rounds. With only 6 rounds under my belt with this club, I have not yet found an issue (cant provide and wearing concerns or same distance and accuracy impact over a longer season).
By Mike
South Carolina
June 6, 2014
Awesome 3 wood.
Great Club. Great Distance. Straightest i've ever hit a wood. Longer also than my driver because so straight.
ProsGreat Carry and Roll.
By Dave
Beaver, PA
May 16, 2014
Great Fairway Wood
Bought the 3W earlier this winter. I've been playing it for about a month now. Long and straight. Probably the best 3W I've ever played. I'd like to run into a matching driver.
ProsGreat price. Excellent quality club. Long off the tee or fairway.
ConsOnly con I can say is that I noticed a couple very minor chips towards the crown, in the month I've been playing it.
By Patrick
May 16, 2014
great buy
A steal for the price
Prosstraight, good feel
By Philip K
May 14, 2014
LHFTIZ Fairway Wood
Since receiving this club I've used it several times on the course as well as on the range. I find it very comfortable to swing am hitting some pretty decent shots with it. Hitting this 3 wood almost as far as the driver very satisfied with the results I am getting.
ProsExcellent price for the quality of this club,
By phil truslove
Melbourne, Australia
May 8, 2014
Callaway Fairway Wood
Solid results so far, but not the quality of the 5 Wood I have in the same brand and model. Distance not quite what I hoped for. Ability to work the ball both ways not as easy as the 5 Wood.
By Christopher
Parkersburg, WV
May 3, 2014
Long and easy to hit
This club has made a big improvement to my par 5 game, and on holes with mishit or short drives.
ProsEasy to hit, easy to get through the rough and to hit off the ground.
By Patrick
Edmonton Alberta
April 27, 2014
High and Long
This Callaway 7 wood gives me the distance of a 5 wood but goes so high, very high. Easy to hit. My go to club. Fairway guarenteed. Great value. My favorite club.
By Ed Black
April 1, 2014
This 19 degree 4 wood gets the ball up fast and the offset prefents much of a fade.
This is my new favorite club, used today and shot an 80 in a very strong wind.
ProsEasy to swing not much fade.
ConsNot the distance I was looking for
New Madrid Missouri
March 29, 2014
Awesome Club
Great feel Love this club really like the club at address
By Matthew
Hillsborough, NJ
March 25, 2014
I needed a new 3 wood and this price was fantastic!
By Ed
Everett, WA
March 21, 2014
Solid club
I only been to the range with this club, but it's a nice easy to hit club. A welcome to my bag. RockBottomGolf is my go to place for left-handed clubs.
ProsPrice Quality RockBottomGolf Service
ConsOlder model (but who cares, see price above)
By Matthew
Metter, Georgia
March 18, 2014
Outstanding club!
Broke my Adams 3 wood and needed a replacement. This Callaway was inexpensive and had good reviews. Glad I made the choice to get it. Swings much like my Callaway FT driver.
By Blake
Ft Wayne, IN
March 13, 2014
Great 3 wood
Fantastic deal on a 3 wood for the money. Lightweight shaft, club has a great feel to it!
By Kent Newberry
Spartanburg SC
March 12, 2014
Great club for the money
Good feel Easy to swing and a perfect 150 yard club for me
By Tony
Buffalo, NY
March 8, 2014
Great Fairway Wood
These woods are very easy to hit off the fairway or rough because of their low profile face. I have two sets of the 3,5,&7 for my two sets of clubs.
ProsLow profile face
By richar dlawrence
bristol penna
March 8, 2014
Sorry to much snow on g/c to try out club.
Sorry to much snow on g/c to try out club.
By Arlin
Anniston, AL
March 7, 2014
Great Club
Ball flies off the 7 wood I purchased. Wish they had the 5 wood for me to add to my collection!
By Frank
Harrison, Ar
March 5, 2014
Awesome woods
I have the 3-5-7 and would not trade them for anything. I took a razr fit out of my back and went back to these. Good distance, great control and love the feel..
ProsControl, feel and distance.
ConsWish they had a 9 wood in these left handed like the right handed ones.
By Robb
February 28, 2014
Great price
Solid club great price
ProsPrice and ship time. Nice at address
ConsNot quite as long as my Taylor made but straight
By Craig McWilliams
Vancouver, BC
February 26, 2014
great callaway club
Killer deal on this callaway, nice feel but I haven't hit it on the course yet. Have hopes for the club.
By Dan
Crookston MN
February 22, 2014
Fun club
Nice setup and looks
Prosnice feel
By Grady Fulghum
Wilson, NC
February 18, 2014
Callaway 7 Wood/Left Handed
This Callaway 7 wood club has a great feel, very nice sweet spot, and will replace a couple of long irons in my bag. I hit this club off tight lies better than my long irons.
ProsNice feel, sets up in a way that promotes confidence, very good sweet spot
By Lorie
St George
January 12, 2014
Love this club!
I use the FT-iZ senior men's woods and love them. I bought this club for my husband. This club offers more control and distance.
Prosdistance & control
By Todd
monticello, illinois
July 1, 2013
FTiZ Left- handed 7 wood
Bought the 7 wood for my 14 yr old son. He hits it really high and it goes about 170 yds
Proseasy to hit looks great
By Ed miller
East Aurora New York
April 24, 2013
great club great deal
So far it been working great. Like i got from a pro shop. Very happy with fast delivery, came a lot sooner than thought . just needed warm weather
Prosevery thing
By Big tony
Abu Dhabi
April 24, 2013
Nice wood
Club has nice feel. Easy to hit. Quiet forgiving
ProsNice feel.
By Mike
Dunedin Fl.
February 20, 2013
Great Value
terrific service from rockbottom. Have the 3 and 5 wood, very smooth clubs, ball jumps off club. Terrific value!. Great job rockbottom!
ProsLooks distance value
By eddie christian
southside alabama
December 12, 2012
needed a 7 wood
the wood was better than i expected. hits great.
By jayson
hugoton ks
December 4, 2012
fairway club
very easy to hit
Prosquality and price
By Steve
Montgomery, Alabama
August 23, 2012
Easy to hit well!
Bought the 3 and 7 woods with regular shafts. Both are excellent clubs. The 7 wood is a bit easier to hit than my 1996 BB. Great value.
ProsCuts through rough easily. Handy alignment mark. Great presentation at address.
By C.D. Dumas
Sandy, Ut.
August 23, 2012
FTiZ three wood
Great value. This club is a nice addition to my son's golf bag, which includes an older Big Bertha Driver and five wood. The ball comes off the deck long and straight with this nice club. The headcover is one of the nicest I've seen on a golf club too.
ProsThe ability to hit the ball off the deck and it's good looks.
By Dean A. Messing
Hamburg, NY
August 15, 2012
Excellent Fairway Wood Hood
Great club once you add a shaft to it
By Ryan
Christchurch, none
July 18, 2012
This club is a beauty! Great distance and I love the sound it makes when you hit it just right. It's so much better than my old 3W it had me giggling gleefully every time I hit one nicely. One of my new favourite clubs.
ProsLook Sound Feel Distance!!
ConsThat I can't sleep with it :-P
By Rich Schotter
Vernon, NJ
July 17, 2012
This 7 wood is just right for me.
This club with the "senior Flex" shaft gives an older golfer like me so added snap when hitting the ball. It's my new go to club when an iron just won't do.
Prossenior flex shaft gives me a little more distance. the club feels comfortable.
Consso far there isn't anything I don't like about this club.
By Mike
Graniteville, SC
May 29, 2012
Long and Straight
Purchased this club to fill a need for a club to use on par 3s that would be long, straight, and land soft. This 7 wood filled the need and the quality if excellent. Received the club in two days and the price was the lowest I could find on the net.
By muddler
syracuse, ny
May 27, 2012
FTiZ rocks
only had it out on the course a couple of times, but so far it is the easiest of any of my 3 woods to hit and it goes about as long as my driver.
Proseasy to hit, goes long, sweet club
By Derek
Cape Girardeau, Missouri
August 24, 2011
Great Club
I bought this for my father and he hits it at least 20 yards farther than his old 3 wood.

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