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By Ryan
Maple Valley, WA
Excellent value
January 31, 2014
I am a new golfer and really did not have much information regarding what is hot in the golf world. I bought this driver because I had excellent shots with my father's Callaway FT-iz 3 wood. I love this driver, and I couldn't find a better price. Easy to hit similar to the 3 wood. However, this is somewhat of an unqualified opinion since the only other driver I have any experience with is also my Father's - a Nickent, not sure of the model.
By jim
las vegas nevada
adds distance
January 3, 2014
the light weight makes it easier to swing through
By Matty
Los Angeles, CA
December 28, 2013
Best looking driver I've ever seen. Nice large, light, head. Fast club speed. Definitely added distance to my drive.
By John Williams
New York Mills Minnesota
awesome driver
September 25, 2013
Very good driver great shots off the tee impressed with how much further the ball traveled about 25 to 30 yards more
By Ronald
Back in the game!!
September 7, 2013
Sometimes it's hard to admit your getting older but I noticed I've lost quite a few yards off the tee. I realized I swing slower now and it was time for a new driver with a senior flex. Magic, I'm now back in the game off the tee. This club is easy to hit and has great eye appeal that instills confidence as you address the ball. Price was right and I could not be happer with my purchase.
Prossenior flex option,great eye appeal,good price
By Tommy
Forged composite driver.
September 1, 2013
Bought half a year ago, shipment arrived quickly. Very well packed, Rocks! . The driver is light weight for fast swing speed with longer shaft46'. If you are switching from standard 45, it will take some time, shallow face with large sweet spot in the centre, but I felt Ft-iz has larger spot and more forgiving with better control, missed my ft iz. Both have slight closed face angle. Felt so much different with Taylormade drivers, so buy it before you try it .
ProsInexpensive, quality
ConsNot as solid as Ftiz, felt a step back.
By Dumas
Albuquerque, NM
Callaway Diablo Octane Driver
January 29, 2013
Nicely balanced for my skill level (beginner). taking a bit to get used to but when I connect with the sweet spot the ball flies straight and long
Proslooks, feel and balance
Consnothing yet - only played it about 50 shots or so yet
By Lee
Phoenix, AZ
Great Driver
January 26, 2013
Really nice driver, a little longer than my previous driver, but straighter. Very easy to hit.
By steve
Callaway Diablo Octane Driver
January 13, 2013
I was really surprised how this club inproved my drives....straighter and about 15 yards longer. It is an excellent club and at the best price I've ever seen. My favorite store now is Rock Bottom Golf.
By Jun
Gainesville, FL
I only use one driver
January 4, 2013
it is this, constant get 200+ on this.
By glenn
sound beach,new york
December 16, 2012
great club for an unbelieveable price.great service from the caveman
By David
Long and Straight
December 9, 2012
Using this driver added at least 25 yards of distance. I was able to consistently keep it in the fairway. I played my best golf this past year by only changing the driver in my bag. Same swing. Maybe even a little easier than before.
ProsEasy to control Very forgiving Light Distance off the Tee
By Jack
Dallas, PA
Awesome Driver
December 9, 2012
The best driver I ever owned. The ball just rockets off the head, straight and long!!! Love it !!
By Wade
Pelzer, SC
Amazing Club!
December 9, 2012
I bypassed the driving range and went straight to the course and I shot 5 strokes under my handicap. I was consistently hitting it 15-20 yards further and VERY accurate! The longer drives were enabling me to use shorter irons into the greens and therefore lower scores. The ball just explodes off the tee with very little effort. I highly recommend this club.
ProsLONG! Forgiving Great feeling grip
ConsThe head cover is a little hard to remove.
By Travis
Weldon Spring, MO
Great driver and even better price
July 6, 2012
Great club for a really great price. First nice driver I have owned and can't believe the difference it makes. Just crushing the ball.
ProsForgiving Great feel Great price
By jason
san marcos, TX
great club
July 3, 2012
this driver added roughly 20-25 yards off the tee maybe more on really good strikes. I now hit consistently around 300 yds.
Proseverything it's used for
Consnot the most esthetically pleasing club I can always do without tribal stuff.
By Paul
Des Moines IA
July 1, 2012
This club took about 36 holes and some pratice to get going. But now it is great. Long drives and really straight. Saved me 6-8 strokes off my game.
ProsAll of it!!
By Charlie
Sweet Diablo Octane Driver
June 27, 2012
I only hit this club three times on the range before venturing out on the course for our golf league match. After two or three crushing tee shots, my partner and I were hollering "El Diablo!!" and I was waving the club around like a sword. Really helped to demoralize the other team!
ProsEasy to hit. Beautiful coloring and artwork on head. Great clubs for all ability levels.
ConsWhen I get excited, I tend to overswing. I wish I would of gotten an extra stiff shaft instead of the stiff shaft.
By Pleased
Great driver
June 22, 2012
A little weird to get used to at first, but I was bombing all my drives straight and far yesterday. My first day on the range with it was a little rough because you really have to figure out the tee up height for the club. A lot of people are commenting about how light it is, but I really don't really notice a difference from any other driver I have hit. I am sure if I was holding 2 at a time it would be obvious, but there really isn't enough of a difference to cross the threshold and make me say "Wow this is so light." Feels like any other driver I have hit. I got the 10.5 degree, which does sometimes come off the tee a little high, and sort of wished I would have gotten the 9.5, but its fine. The shaft is stiff, but my brother and father picked it up and started to swing it and asked "you only got the regular shaft?" There was a sticker on the club that said stiff, so it wasn't the wrong club either, it just isn't as stiff as most would imagine. No harm or foul however, because I am a smaller guy and probably have a low to mid 90's swing speed, so it helps me keep up with the bigger hitters. I actually outdrove a few people yesterday, multiple times, in combination with the nxt tour ball by titleist, which is unheard of for me.
ProsGreat feel, Great design
ConsA little overhyped, and the stiff shaft could be a little stiffer
By $hane
Grundy, VA
Awesome Driver!
June 20, 2012
I love this driver, it really added distance to my drives. It is one of the best looking drivers out there also, the design is great.
ProsLooks killer. Easy to hit.
By kevin
wellsville ny
good distance
June 18, 2012
allows for good distance but it is difficult to shape the ball the way i want to
By Cody
Rochester, NY
Great Club
June 17, 2012
This club is a steal for how cheap it is on Rock Bottom. This is a great club that has given me some extra distance and is easy to hit. A little bit bigger than my previous driver, which took some time getting used to, but I am loving it now. A must buy if you are looking for a quality driver at a very reasonable price.
By R howard
I still blow
June 15, 2012
the driver is bitchen but i still blow....thanks for reducing the price of driver as soon as i bought it....Good looking RBG ! BITTER PARTY ONE your table is ready...
Prosthe forged face of driver really projects ball with tenacity....It has straightened my drive,,easily driving the ball 280 to 300 consistently ...
ConsI could have done without the satanic Baphomet on the bottom of club as well as the" tramp stamp" tribal design. Yes this is the "diablo" driver, so I should have known....
By shane
love it!!
June 15, 2012
thanks callaway and rbg love it
By David
Seminole, TX
June 14, 2012
I just love this driver. Had it about a week now and really hitting it further and straighter. I was hitting about 250 to 255 and now my drives are around 260 to 270. It is really solid when you hit it good.
ProsIt is solid and easy to hit.
By Cal
upstate New York
Great club
June 14, 2012
I'm 50 and new to golf ,less then one year. I bought a cheap set of clubs to start and wanted to upgrade my driver after I was better at driving. This club has made it easy to hit a long straight ball off the tee with little effort for a beginner. I received my club in two days and can't wait to order a new set of irons. RockBottom is now my goto for anything golf.
ConsDidn't buy my first set of clubs for RockBottom!!!!
By Terrance
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Nice looking driver
June 8, 2012
I can't work the driver like my old taylor made burner. Not much if any distance increase. Feels nice when you hit the sweet spot. I think I should've tried the tour model. Waiting for the Taylor Made R11s to drop a little in price.
ProsNice looking, Good feel, Lightweight, Price
Conssound, the workability,
By Garry
Great Buy
May 31, 2012
Bought this for my daughter, she loves this driver, Hits it with lots of confidence
By Garry
Great Buy
May 31, 2012
Bought this for my daughter, she loves this driver, Hits it with lots of confidence
By Curtis C
Great driver!
May 31, 2012
Great driver and very easy to swing! My head speed increased from the club I was using before.
ProsIncreased distance.
By Joe
Twin Falls, Idaho
Great Driver!
May 26, 2012
I've had this as a replacement for an '09 TalyorMade Burner that cracked. I liked the Burner, but a replacement was not available so I ordered this club. To my surprise, not only do I love the feel of this driver, I hit more consistently and every bit as long or longer then with my Burner. I'm not a great golfer, average in the upper 80s low 90s, but I have already shot better rounds with the consistency of the Calloway Diablo Octane. I'd highly recommend to beginning to average golfers.
ProsThe feel, the forgiveness, the consistency, and the length of the drive.
By William
Woodstock,On Canada
Diablo Octane Driver
May 24, 2012
I am generally happy with the Diablo Octane driver, it's a very versitile driver allowing me to hit shots like draws much easier. It does take some getting use to compared to other drivers, I found getting use to the lightness and club head size was the biggest curve for me but when you do find the sweet spot this driver does deliver top performance!!
Prosweight of club shot making capabilities
By Jerry
Milan, IL
Just what I needed
May 22, 2012
My new driver showed up in three days which was great. I have only used it at the range so far. I could tell after my first drive that I liked it. I have been fighting a slice. This driver appears to be helping me straighten it out. At the low price that I paid I feel it was a great deal.
Prosforgiving long and straight
Consso far so good, nothing to dislike.
By Travis
Machias, Maine
May 22, 2012
My first try at the 400cc+ driver. I am amazed at the improvements in technology since my last driver update. SUPER long. I have gained 35+ yards on my out of date driver. Even get good drives out of hits not flush in the sweet spot.
ProsFeel Forgiveness Distance
london ontario canada
Very Disappointed
May 22, 2012
I bought this club after my 2007 Burner broke at the hosel. I checked rock bottom and the golf digest buyers guide to get a good brand name driver.I thought I was getting a good driver but I cannot stop it from pushing every ball to the right. A big fad to a large slice and I NEVER I repeat NEVER did this with my old Burner.I'm actually having a new shaft put on my old Burner so the deal I thought I was getting from Rock Bottom turned out to be not much of a deal. Im very frustrated and disappointed. I've bought stuff from the Rock before and been very happy with it. My old Burner and some wedges but not this club .
ConsIt does not let me keep the ball from fading to slicing the ball.Have tried everthing.My old burner I could turn it over once in a while for a draw.This club I cannot even hit it straight
By Jason
Portland, Oregon
May 21, 2012
I have always been a fan of Nike and Adams drivers. I was in the market and decided to go hit a few different ones. i tried the Nike machspeed, Nike VR, Adams Speedline, some Taylormade drivers and a couple others. None even compared with how nice this club is. Great distance and very easy to hit. Go out and buy this club before they are gone!!! You wont be disappointed.
ProsDistance Smooth Easy to hit.
By Dennis
Indianapolis, IN
Hitting The Ball Further
May 17, 2012
I just received my Diablo Driver today. Normally I can hit a driver about 250 yards. With this driver I am hitting the ball 250 yards in the air. The Project X stiff shaft and 9.5 degree loft was the perfect combination for me. The club looks and feel great and responds even better. The head cover is extremely sharp. All in all, a great purchase
ProsGreat look and feel
By Christopher
Justice, IL
May 16, 2012
I love this driver. Used to hit a 450cc titanium forged Nike from way back in the day. This new club is lightweight, easy to swing, the extra inch in the shaft is barely noticeable and gives me a few extra yards on my drive. The sound is exactly the kind you want your ear to learn to pick up. Not so crazy about some of the "tribal" graphics on the club head and shaft. They don't really stand out, but at the same time, wish they weren't there.
Proslight fast durable
Constribal graphics
By William
Carl Junction, Missouri
Amazing driver
May 10, 2012
I just received this yesterday and played a round with it today without any practice. I am amazed at how nice it hits. Long and straight is what I had all day. This was an upgrade from the Callaway Edge that I was using and well worth the purchase.
By Paul
Murphysboro, Il.
Great Driver
May 9, 2012
This is a terrific driver at an outstanding price. It has a wonderful solid feel at impact and is longer than the Diablo Edge and Taylor Made Burner. Get It!
ProsLong Feel Forgiving
By Matt
Kalamazoo, MI
Big sweet spot, instantly added distance!!
May 5, 2012
Just got back from the range to test out my new Callaway Diablo Octance (Stiff flex, 10.5 degree) driver. First hit was a thing of beauty - great sound, light weight to swing but can feel the club head well and just laid into the ball. I had an old driver that was put together from GolfSmith (460cc square head) and I would get anywhere from 225-230 total drive. With this club, the ball was in the air for 240-250! Big sweet spot on this club too and also allows you to shape your shot a bit if you want. I was just amazed at how easy it was to lay into the ball and come out with a burner through the air!! Love this club so far and can't wait to get it out on the course. P.S. I was really wanting the Taylormade SuperFast Burner, but it was temporarily sold out when I went to buy. I'm not in the least upset with my decision to go with the Diablo Octane!!
ProsBig sweet spot Great sound Lightweight, but not "too lightweight" Aesthetically beautiful club!
ConsGrip could be upgraded
By Dave
Baltimore, Maryland
Great value for the price
March 31, 2012
Needed a driver to keep up with the "Big hiiters" I play with every Spring and Fall. I am very please with this driver. Feels good on back swing and through the strike zone. Very forgiving sweetspot if you don't overswing. I still have the mishit but have greater confindence using this club
ProsSound Swing and Feel Overall performance
ConsSize makes it easy to damage pulling out irons from the bag.
By jerry
washington, ill
Big bang for the buck.
January 28, 2012
This driver is best. hit it 295-310 with out any effort what so ever,it will be hard to beat this one for the $$$.If your looking for a driver this is the one.
By Walt Maselka
best 99.00 i spent
December 9, 2011
I dont have to swing as hard to get distance and roll...easy club to hit looks good at set up etc
Prosextra length easy to swing extra roll and distance without alot of effort
By El Gordo
Calgary, AB Canada.
Sweet Feel!
December 9, 2011
Even though ordering this in November into Canada, I've hit this club a few times (indoors) and absolutely love the swing, the feel and the balance of the Diablo Octane. The only thing better than the actual club was the on-line purchase experience. I was a first-time Rock-Bottom purchaser, but with the OUTSTANDING pricing, the ease of ordering and the TERRIFIC shipping (3 days in hand, in Canada!) this was EASILY the best on-line purchasing experience I've had. Can't wait to order more!
ProsThe swing feel -- so completely natural.
ConsNot getting one sooner!
By Chris
Victoria, Australia
December 8, 2011
Bought this club as someone who has been playing for about 3 years now to replace a full-set type driver. Love the club, am hitting straighter and longer and manage to connect well all the time with the ball. Looking forward to much improvement! Rockbottom golf excellent service, was delivered within 5 days as promised to Western Victoria! Would recommend this site to everyone!
By Michael
Melbourne Australia
December 8, 2011
Great looking club. No difficulties adjusting to it after a change from a lesser driver, was hitting staright and long from the off!
By Rakesh
New Zealand
Great Driver
December 3, 2011
I have been using an off-set driver for a while now. I took the Octane to the range and after a few adjustments to my swing, I was hitting straight and long.
ProsGood feel, long straight drives.
By pacman
long and easy to hit
December 2, 2011
club is fantastic very long and easy to hit great stick high ballflight but very impressive
Prosjust awesome best buy on internet and it is authentic
By David
Bella Vista, Arkansas
Drive with more consistency
November 28, 2011
I have only played one round with this driver, but was really happy with the results. I seemed to big much more consistent each time I hit it and felt like I could hit the ball where I wanted to. My old driver is a very heavy swinging big bertha so there was definitely some adjustment needed to my swing. As for distance, my one round with this club was in 20-30 mph winds that seemed to always hit you in the face so can't say that I hit it any longer at least consistently. The feel with this club is great especially on center hits.
ProsStraighter drives, more consistency in swing, distance, feel, looks good, price (RBG) is about the only place I shop for golf supplies.
ConsHave not found any dislikes

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