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By Leon
New Zealand
Reliable first up driver
September 29, 2015
Good feel, nice look down by the ball. Stiff shaft a little on the light side but otherwise a good first up driver.
By j pat berling
st. augustine,fl.
easy to swing
September 11, 2015
Comes through the ball with accuracy, very easy to swing. Some what forgiving, would recomend using a higher loft on this club.
By jason willett
charlotte, tn.
wow! long!
November 4, 2014
this club goes deep
Prosforgiving. off center strikes still go a mile!
Consnone so far!
By Bill
Cloverdale, CA
Nice driver
October 23, 2014
I've only used this drive a few times, but it provides some effortless distance. It's very good on off center hits, and can draw or fade the ball. The adjustability is great, and not just the hosel adjustments, but the club head weighting to promote a draw is very useful. One thing to be mindful of is the size of the club head. It's large and if you're not used to that, it could take some time to adjust.
ProsLong and forgiving
ConsLarge club head
By joseph
waretown, nj
Great Club
October 23, 2014
This is a great club for a great price.
ProsAdjustment options
By Gregg
love this driver
October 22, 2014
I hit the ball longer and straighter then with my old driver
ConsOnly made a 3 and 5 fairway wood to complement this driver
By brian smith
Long and straight
September 15, 2014
This is not the longest driver I've ever owned but it is long and forgiving. When my swing is grooved, it goes deep, but if I'm off, it is forgiving enough to keep it ion the fairway. Sets up really well and sounds great. Feedback is easy to read to make corrections. Great fast service from RBG and at a price ypu can't pass up. Would recommend to any and all that want to hit more fairways!
ProsLong, very forgiving
By Michael
Fairfield, New Jersey
Heavy, but balanced
September 8, 2014
There is a noticeable change in ball flight based upon adjustments. The club is heavier than any other driver I have previously had. I'm able to fade and draw much easier than before.
ProsEasier to predict ball flight.
ConsHeavier club may not be well suited for slower swings.
By Barry
September 4, 2014
By Rob
Independence, KY
Great Driver for the price
September 2, 2014
Long off the tee and forgiving
ProsHuge sweet spot
ConsHeavy head, you notice it after a few swings
By Andrew
Gold Coast.Queensland
August 29, 2014
Good power and nice feel sweet spot.
ProsGood feel and power
By Marthew
chesterland, OH
fast on time delivery and great prices!
August 28, 2014
Im hitting the ball longer and straighter and the adjustable head allows me to have the club exactly the way I need it for my game
By Terry
Great club!!
August 27, 2014
Awesome upgrade from my old callaway octane
ProsPrice Changeable weights n club face
By Dylan
Baltimore, Maryland
Easy to hit
August 23, 2014
I recently purchased this driver, 8.5 degree after my long time Nike driver needed to be reshafted. Within the first 10 swings at the range I realized that this club was much easier to hit. I don't notice much change in distance, but much more confident when swinging knowing that this driver is pretty forgiving. Can't wait for hole #1.
Prospretty forgiving adjustable club face easy to hit
ConsThe stiff flex shaft still feels a little 'whippy'
By J Simpson
Cuyahoga falls Ohio
New driver
August 15, 2014
easy to hit.. The distance is about the same as my old driver but better control
Prosgood looks and less fade for me. great price.
By Crazycal
Warren, MI
Great Driver !
August 15, 2014
This is one of the better drivers I've hit by Callaway over the last 4 or 5 years. Has nice head weight and really powers thru the ball ! Price is a no brainer. I bought the 11.5* loft and doesn't hit as high as one would think. Decent amount of roll as well. Overall a quality club at a very inexpensive price that hits long and straight !!
ProsEasy to hit and decent distance, easily adjustable also.
By David Doyle
Wheatland, CA
Callaway driver
August 11, 2014
This is a great product at a great price
By Dave
Chillicothe, OH
It is longer...
August 9, 2014
Great club!! I am already hitting it about 10 yards longer than my FT-9.
ProsEasy to hit and getting used to.
ConsNone yet...
By Paul
Estella, NSW
Great driver
August 9, 2014
Very easy to hit with, I'm a novice and have consistently been able to make good contact. Great driver
5 Stars & then some
August 8, 2014
The club lives up to it's reviews..Base on all the positive reviews I please to say this I do agree, this a great club at a great price. Could not be more please.
ProsEverything, including the price as well as the RBG service.
By saul jauregui
Hacienda Heights, California
Perfect from the first swing
August 8, 2014
Apparently the club I purchased is a "tour" model and should not be available to the general public which is GREAT news for me! I called Callaway to verify the serial # and based off the # on the club it was verified as a genuine Callaway "tour" Razr Fit. Guy on the phone said I was lucky to have been able to find one for sale. NICE!
ProsFeels great, interchangable weights, etc.
By Mary
August 8, 2014
I am a lady with about a single digit handicap. I purchased the 11.5 degree with a senior shaft. Never thought that driver could add uber distance but this one absolutely did and beyond my expectations. I normally hit my driver 210-225 yards but with this one 225 is now on the lower end of the range. There is a par 5 on my club course which I have been playing for years that I am always about 200 yards out. First round with this driver and it was 164 to the middle of the green from the center of the fairway!! Also, did not give up accuracy from my old driver which was a big concern.
ProsAccuracy, Distance and, as always, Price
By Brad
Nova Scotia, Canada
August 8, 2014
This club is very nice. I find the stiff shaft a bit soft compared to my tour FT-3. I've played with the adjustments a little so far and it does change ball flight, still playing with it. When you load this puppy up the sound is amazing and d anyone nearby will be watching the next one to see how far it goes. No problem getting 8.5 deg up in the air. Hdcp 8... Swing speed 118mph.
Prosgreat looking great sound goes far
ConsNot sure i'm hitting any more faireways than normal The shaft has some fiberglass wrap marks on lower 12 inches and ink was a little blotchy. (Scratch offered to return and get new one, but like hitting it to much to send back and wait!)
By richard
Dayton Tn
razor fit review
August 7, 2014
Great club at a great price.
By Nick
August 7, 2014
Best driver I have ever hit. A lot of my friends have this driver and love it. They paid $300+ for it in 2012. Suckers!
By David Moraca
Highland, NY
Great driver!
August 6, 2014
Excellent value. I went from being a major "slice" driver to hitting it straight. And I have the adjustment in the standard position, not closed. I think the weights made the difference. Face is also very forgiving. I have hit it occasionally off the toe and heel. The ball has faded, but nothing like a dramatic slice. And if I hit the sweet spot, I am about 30 yards longer in the air. My only criticism is that directions on adjustment were not included but they were easy to find online.
ProsForgiving club face. Nice grip. Excellent price.
ConsNo adjustment instructions.
By Jason
Oxnard, California
hitting it straight and far
August 6, 2014
Haven't changed any of the factory settings and the club hits the ball a mile.
ProsBall goes far and straight
By Don
Love this club
August 6, 2014
I lost all of my Callaway drivers in a fire and went with other clubs after that time. I should have never changed! This club was great and a wonderful price.
ProsGreat balance and easy to hit.
By Chambo
Power forward!
August 5, 2014
Best driver I've ever had my hands on. The face is solid and not mushy like some drivers. Alignment is easy to adjust to and bleeding to the left or right is minimal. The only time it gets offline for me is when I'm trying to over hit the driver. I like the weighting and put mine in draw mode. This driver gives me super confidence and allows me approaches I can hit from par 4's 420 and in. Love it!
By Gary
Mechanicsville, Md.
Love this driver!
August 5, 2014
Hitting the ball father and straighter than I ever have!
ProsAble to adjust the head & head weight to staighten out your drive!
By pete
Syracuse ny
straight and long
August 5, 2014
Hits the ball very straight. Distance is about 15 yards longer than old driver.
By smooth
north adams ma
what a steel....
August 4, 2014
picked up 10 plus yards off tee , at times up to 30 yards......rock bottom delivered in a timely manner
By John
Liberty, MO
Love it
August 4, 2014
Pretty forgiving. I haven't checked, but seems a little shorter than most drivers. But I am very satisfied
By John Tingley
south carolina
callaway driver
July 29, 2014
have been very successful with this driver!!
Consthe grip
By Richard
Cleveland, OH
Great Club, Great Value
July 29, 2014
Bought this a week ago, arrived in just three days. One day on the range to dial it in (the neutral, square settings fit my swing best), and then saw an immediate improvement in both distance and accuracy on the course this weekend. Ordered a regular shaft and it's pretty stiff.
ProsAccuracy, Distance, Well Built, Price
ConsNone so far
By Robert Penegor
United States
July 29, 2014
I like the fact that you can adjust it a few different ways, after I get use to it!
ProsAdjustable!!!! The feel is good.
By Roger
Albert Lea, MN
Long and Straight
July 29, 2014
This club allows me to hit a draw and has added 15 to 20 yards to my drives. Just love it!
ProsNo longer have a slice
By Brad
Harrison Ar
Love it
July 28, 2014
By far best driver I have ever had
ProsStraight and long very forgiving
By Jon
Appleton, WI
Excellent Purchase
July 28, 2014
If you want draw this is your club.
By Michael
Good so far
July 23, 2014
Not bad so far though seems the interchangeable weights work loose easily when shaking in a bag in a cart. I played 8 or so holes and they needed tightening. A plastic lock washer or something similar to stop the weight becoming loose May be useful
By Raymond Jones
Cape Girardeau, Missouri
July 23, 2014
Driver is a good deal for this price---having a hard time getting it dialed in. it is easy to adjust to make draw more but it you fight a hook much harder to get dialed in.
By John
New Hampshire
Good quality club but...
July 22, 2014
Just a little insight on my game. 6hdcp, 94mph swing speed. I can say this club is not for me. I bought the stiff flex with 9.5 degree loft. For me the shaft is pretty stiff. You'll need a swing speed in the upper 90's at least to load this shaft up. Because of this I had a hard time feeling where the head is. Ball flight was also to high for me. Mostly I just don't care for the dead no feel shaft.
ProsGreat build quality
ConsDon't care for the shaft
By Jordan
Arlington, Wa
July 19, 2014
Love this driver! I have had such trouble fixing my wicked slice. With this club I am able to make adjustments so that it better suits my natural swing.
ProsAdjustable Huge sweet spot Great distance
ConsNothing yet
windham, nh
July 17, 2014
ProsGreat quality, and added distance with drives
Consnone yet
By Seung Kyun
Columbus, ohio
best deal ever
July 10, 2014
best deal ever
Prosbest deal ever
Consbest deal ever
By Alex
Arlington, TX
Solid and very adjustable
June 3, 2014
I have been using this driver for the last 2 years. Someday maybe I'll upgrade but I have a hard time missing the fairway with this thing. It is definitely long and straight (outside of the occasional user error.) Some days I go to the course and if I'm hitting a slice or hook all I have to do is adjust the settings. Going from a tour burner to this driver has easily saved my game a few strokes.
ProsEasy to hit and very forgiving
By Matthew
Great Driver for the price, awesome performance
May 29, 2014
I had ordered it off another site before seeing it here, but great club, ball explodes off the face and i thought a much better feel and performance than the razr hawk and easily worth the slightly extra money in cost now that they have them here on sale. Very straight shots,and the adjustable weights really help make it your own, fun club to hit and worth the price
Prosperformance, adjustable weights, great feel consistency
By Bryan
St. Cloud, MN
Great Driver
May 28, 2014
Played most of the season last year with this driver after getting a great deal from RBG during masters week. Love the simple adjustability and after a few times on the range I had it dialed in. Nice size, not so overly big like your swinging a shovel. The best driver I have had so far
ProsGrip, size, adjustability
By Tod
Stow, Ohio
RAZR Fit Driver
February 25, 2014
Beautiful club at the right price. Can't wait till all the snow melts.
ProsValue and performance.
By Kirk hershberger
Cincinnati. Ohio
Great driver
February 18, 2014
Driver has great feel ball explodes off the driver head great purchase
By William Betz
Bluffton Indiana
Callaway RAZR Fit Driver
February 1, 2014
I have been able to hit into a indoor net but haven't been outside yet. I love this driver. I've always had the most luck with Callaway drivers and that's why I bougt this one. Plus the price was great. I have always had a slice and was able to switch the heel toe weights and it led to straighter shots. I am now able to start peeling away some of the bad habits I have with body position, and the positioning of my hands that I used to compensate for the slice. It has let me see how bad my swing plane was which is the biggest contributor to my slice. Now down the road I will be able to invest in a fully adjustable Callaway driver or I might even try a Taylor Made.
ProsEnough adjustability to help hit better shots for an average golfer. Love the shaft and grip
ConsHaven't found one yet. Can't wait to get it on the course and see what kind of shot shapes I can produce.
By Jimmy
It's just perfect!!!!
January 2, 2014
Great club at a great price. This is my 2nd and the first cost $399. I have tried some other drivers but this one is the best I've had. My playing partners ask me why I try anything else. I think they are right, this baby performs. Also why try anywhere else but RBG, great items, fast shipping and GREAT PRICES!!!! Thanks RGB.
ProsJust the right suger and spice, great look and great performance.
ConsCan't think of any.
By renaid phoenix
chandler, arizona
wonderful product
December 21, 2013
with this senior flex, now I can hit straighter, even long than regular flex.
By Michael
Awesome Driver!!!!
December 10, 2013
By far the best purchase in a golf club I've made! Awesome price for a great Driver. Definitely would recommend to others.
By Mike
Skeetown, Michigan
My first adjustable club
April 29, 2013
My first time out with this club I hit the furthest drive of my life, in the 270 range. I'm a 18HC This club won't give you a headache with the options, and You can make the adjustments in under a minute. Club hits the ball far and straight when struck correctly. The thing I like the most about the club is the sound. It really lets you know when you mishit the club. The adjustments will not fix a hook or slice. You need to learn to hit it straight, but I've found out when you hit it straight, its a BEAST off the TEE.
ProsHits LONG Sound of impact tells you if you hit it good/bad Adjusting takes seconds Feels great
By Brett
Denver, CO
Worth it
April 21, 2013
I've been golfing for about a year now and figured it was time to change drivers (old driver was Warbird regular flex). I was hesitant to spend this much, but I'm glad I did. I've had this for about a month and have noticed a large improvement. I used to slice about 4/5 shots with the ball always off the fairway. Now it's about 1/5 with the ball in the center of the fairway and rarely in the rough. Also, my previous drives were max 275 but I'm easily hitting 300 at the range with this. I even hit 330 on a par 5 center of the fairway (personal best)! Most people say money won't improve your game, but the $200 I payed for this, was definitely worth it. Not to mention the free callaway hat was pretty cool.
ProsUncomplicated adjustability Comfortable grips Distance Accuracy Looks cool
ConsStiff shaft could be better
By Mark
Western Washington
Best Driver I've had
April 9, 2013
More consistent distance and direction than my R9 Supertri. Hit 7/8 fairways the first 9 holes I played with it.
ProsEasy adjustability Solid distance Workable
By Mason
San Antonio, texas
Great distance
April 9, 2013
This club gives you more distance
New Zealand
Gives me more distance!
January 13, 2013
Very easy to handle, fits my swing and gives me an extra 20 metres in length - a fantastic buy
By tony
new zealand
hitting further than my R9
January 9, 2013
longer drives than my R9
By Daniel
Rochester, MN
Best control and great distance
January 7, 2013
I've hit a lot of drivers and went through the entire crop @ my local range before deciding on the Fit. The level of adjustability seems small compared to a TM perhaps, but once you dig in to it there is actually more than enough to suit any one's swing while not being overwhelming or overly complicated. Distance wise this driver was almost as long as the cobra AMP, but the big deciding factor was the control and consistency I got out of it. I would hit 7out 10 great on the amp, on the Razr it was more like 19 out of 20.
ProsControl and consistency Forgiveness Adjustableness
By Matt
Palm Springs, California
Wonderful club
January 4, 2013
Upgraded from callaway ft-iz imix w/ grafalloy epic to this. Feels much better than the old driver. Feels powerful for lack of a better word. Again, a wonderful club.
ProsAdjustability and distance.
By Dale
Victoria, Australia
Great driver
December 19, 2012
Thanks Rock-bottom I am a stagnant mid handicapper who hasn't seen much improvement in a few years. Driving has always been my biggest pitfall. The Calloway RAZR straightened me up from my first round, with it , hitting heaps of fairways and playing to my 14 handicap easily. I find that the factory neutral setting is good , but in time will play around with it and see what difference it makes. Don't usually use fairway woods but getting a new one for free convinced me to try it out. Really liked it and will defiantly leave it in my bag. The 3wood was easy to hit both off the tee and off the deck, easily smashing a 230 m approach pin high!
ProsAdjustment Shaft Grip Price Free fairway Everything so far
By Bob
Top of the Line
December 18, 2012
Great price. easy to adjust. Easy to hit. Nice club.
Prosgreat driver
By Lindsay
Driver & 3 Wood
December 17, 2012
Excellent product and service. The only problem I had was the 3 wood did not show up with the driver. However, after talking to a real person, they fixed the problem immediately.
ProsExactly as advertised
By Don
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Hopefully time will tell
December 17, 2012
After three (3) trips to the range, I still cannot hit a straight shot or get the ball in the air. The rare decent shot is 20 yards shorter than I typically drive. Balance is far different than any driver I have hit. My mistake. I normally do not purchase golf clubs without a thorough trial. For now I'll leave my Burner in the bag. Just as dissatisfied my the matching fairwayy wood.
ProsNothing so far
Uithoorn, Holland
100% satisfying.
December 17, 2012
Wonderful. Very easy shot with longer distance than my usual distance with old clubs. I am now very happy with driver and free wood no. 5
By Raymond
Hong Kong
Great distance and highly forgiving
December 16, 2012
Easy to adjust Very forgiving Excellent pricing
ProsEasy to adjust Very forgiving
By David
New Plymouth, NZ
December 13, 2012
I'm a mid teens handicap, have been for the last 5 years, my weakness has always been the tee block, inconsistency with the driver has been a thorn in my side. I finally got measured for shaft stiffness and trajectory, trialled some drivers and settled on the 'Fit', Rockbottom supplied a price that was second to none (Bargain). The driver has changed my game! my miss hits are fewer, I'm straighter and much much longer that before. The confidence off the tee is rubbing off on my irons, all of a sudden, hitting from the fairway is easier. From the first time I picked this club up it felt comfortable, no awkward period of getting use to the change in shape or grip, it is literally the easiest club I've ever picked up to swing. Bottom line, on average I'm 20 meters longer, hitting 50% more fairways, with the misses only in the rough (not the neighbouring hole).
ConsPerhaps the head cover could do with some of the other brands fancy extras..
By Marc
Brisbane, Australia
Awesome golf club package!
December 13, 2012
Over the moon with getting a free 3wood with my driver! The clubs are awesome to hit very forgiving and feel and sound great. Very happy with my purchase!
ProsLook good Sound great Very forgiving Awesome price
By joel
love the adjustment
November 2, 2012
adjustments cool and goes a mile
Prosweights face angle distance
By David
Wellington, NZ
October 29, 2012
Easy swing, improved distance & great feel. Just listen on a practice swing - you can hear the difference. The adjustable weights make a huge difference.
ProsVery easy to adjust to from previous driver
ConsYet to find anything.
By John
Oshkosh, WI
This Driver is Loooonnnng!
October 29, 2012
The ball seems to just jump off the face of this driver. Great distance and pretty decent control.
ProsGreat Distance Great Fell and sound
ConsTendency to go right
By Tony
South dakota
Straight, forgiving, fun to hit
October 25, 2012
Love this driver. Been using callaway drivers for years, and this is by far my favorite.
ProsGolf pride grip Forgiving Solid even on off center hits
By Jason
New Zealand
Callaway RAZR Fit driver
October 25, 2012
Best driver i have purchased
ProsEven my miss hits are going straighter and longer
By Kelly
United States
A dollar a yard.
October 25, 2012
That's not a bad deal for someone who has physical limitations which make getting any decent club head speed. The Razr-fit was a replacement for a Taylormade R9 which was a nice driver but not as forgiving as the Razr-fit. The Razr-fit being the first adjustable head driver Callaway produced sho head driver is a rare case where you get more than what you paid for.
By john
yellowknife, nt
long, and forgiving
October 4, 2012
with the opti fit technology, this makes the club so much easier to hit. dont have to change your swing or anything. just swing the club and let the club do the work!
Proslight weight easy to hit long forgiving
Conscant change the loft
By Brad Hietpas
Little Chute,WI
Great Feel
August 9, 2012
It is the most solid driver I have ever had. Was using a R11 Taylor Made but the RAZR fit had added 15 yards to my drives and is much more forgiving on miss hits.
ProsLooks Feel Ease to hit
ConsWish you can chose a larger grip
By Jeremy
Roslyn, NY
August 9, 2012
It may very well be the best driver Callaway has produced, at it is a stern competitor with the R11S for driver of the year. I am a huge Callaway fan when it comes to the woods and drivers. I don't play it, but I've demo'd it with a project x 7.0 shaft and it really was a beast. It gave me a few extra yards over my Octane Tour, but it was really the forgiveness, stability, and control, even without the FCT that really got me. Excellent choice if you're a mid-low or scratch player.
Prosvalue distance control balance stability
By allan smith
gr8 driver
August 2, 2012
all round gr8 driver
By Dubz22308
Richmond, Ky
August 1, 2012
This is the Business gentlemen if you want distance and accuracy this is the driver for you. Bought a Burner 2.0 and couldnt hit it consistantly so gave it away and bought the Razr fit and gained 10 yds and a consistent draw. Aldilla rip nv awesome!!!!
ConsOvrall weight 325
By Kip
Thrilled with new Callaway Razr FIT driver
June 5, 2012
Enjoying much improved control and distance.
ProsFeel, balance and improved accuracy.
By kevin
wellsville, ny
terrific distance
June 3, 2012
this is a great driver to have on those long holes. It added 15 yards to my drive.
By Andrew
Nicest feeling driver I've hit in a while
May 25, 2012
Have not seen 1 person say anything bad about this club. Adjustability aside, still a great feeling driver. Well worth the top shelf price, do yourself a favour and get 1 of these
ProsLong Straight Adjustable
By tom
bay city michigan
Razr fit driver
May 23, 2012
great product ive only used it a couple of times but its longer than my R7 im happy still working on fine tuning which is easy.
Proslength and adjustabilty ease
By Terry
San Antonio, Texas
Awesome Club
May 16, 2012
What a Driver!!! I 've played 4 rounds with this driver and it's made a great improvement, I hit longer and have better accuracy. Way to go Callaway!!
ProsEverything so far.
By harvdog
redding, ca
Great feeling driver with exceptional distance
May 15, 2012
I compared this driver with the RBZ and R11s and liked this driver better. First it has a much more solid feel and sound at impact compared to Taylormade, and this distance is the same without the white head to get used to.
Prosfeel, balance, adjustability
By Doug
Dahlonega, Ga
The ball jumps off the club head..
May 14, 2012
I am getting more distance.
By Jesus Alarcon
Antelope, California
Razor fit driver
March 25, 2012
It's a nice driver with adjustable weights that corrected my slice
ProsI like everything about this driver

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