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By Mitch
July 21, 2014
Good Club
I bought the 11.5 degree and I find myself in the fairway more often than not. Incredibly easy club to hit. Struggling some with trajectory.
ProsLooks Great. Feels Great. Tremendous accuracy.
ConsLaunching the ball to high which is a combination of my bad swing, 11.5 loft, and a shaft that may or may not be right for my swing. Getting reasonable carry, but getting it way up there and the bottom is falling out with zero roll.
By Mac81
Dallastown, Pa
April 22, 2014
Great Club
took only a few swings to get use to this club, my first brand name driver and at this price was it was a steal. I added about 15 more yards but most balls are playable. Thanks again Rock Bottom.
ProsMore yards Good feel Doesn't sound clunky when you hit the ball
By Raul
Scottsboro, Alabama
April 1, 2014
Great Driver
I used the driver for the first time on 3/23/14 and was slicing to the right. After my friend suggested I change my position, the balls were going further and straighter. Awesome driver at a great price.
Proswell balanced, great distance
By chevyman
February 23, 2014
Razr Hawk driver a winner
This club performs as I expected it to. Draw face is a plus. I hit it mostly straight as I was a slicer. Not any more.
ProsPrice, draw bias, nice senior shaft.
ConsNone that I can see
By Neville
Dunedin, New Zealand
January 26, 2014
A Winner
Callaway have a big one here. Gets it nice and long.
By butterfly
washington dc
January 25, 2014
I like it
I went to the driving range on a cold Tue. I hit five balls that sliced I change my ball position and the balls were flying down the fairway. it went from a cold day to a very not one. the hawk driver live up to the press.
By Bill P
Sandhills of North Carolina
January 25, 2014
Great Driver for over 70 golfer
Ball flight is naturally higher with some distance loss. So far I am finding more fairways than with my old driver.
ProsHigher and straighter ball flight.
ConsAbout 5-10 yards loss in distance.
By Bob
Hemet, Ca
January 18, 2014
Great Driver for a Fat, Old Guy!
I was lucky to purchase the club on a super sale from RBG. The club arrived on time. Used it for the first time 1/17/2014. This driver does all the work. I get more loft, the ball goes straighter if I take a easy swing. If I try to swing too hard, the ball takes off like a rocket, but usually into the trees on the left. I am pleased with the club and with RBG. I'll be back.
By Xiaodong
Sunnyvale, CA
January 16, 2014
not bad
need time to fit
By Frank
Ft Worth, TX
January 15, 2014
Extra Yards
Played 18 holes with my new driver on Sunday and I hit it well and got 20 to 30 yards over my old driver. It is light, makes a solid sound when hitting the ball, and the ball flies high and straight.
ProsLight, gives extra yards, solid sound
By Heath
West Peoria, IL - Illinois
January 13, 2014
Great driver upgrade
Huge upgrade for my wife. Really likes the look, feel, and sound
ProsFeel Sound Interesting flex and loft options Price
By john
January 12, 2014
great price!
Amazing deal!
By Curtis Johnson
Hemet, Ca
January 3, 2014
Feels great
Took it out for the first time today and loved it. The senior flex is great for me as I haven't golfed in about 35 years and just starting to take it up again. My golf buddy wanted to try it and after about 3 hits has gone home to order one before the night is over.
ProsReally seems to feel great and already I feel comfortable with this club
ConsDon;t know what I can blame my score on now! lol
By Ross Paine
January 3, 2014
Great Value Callaway
Brand new club has already added distance to my game. Second in the first comp I used it and 3rd in the next one. Very satisfied. Delivery was first rate and very fast, arriving in Australia less than a week after placing the order.
By George
Phoenix, AZ
January 2, 2014
Does the job.
Like the driver. The offset really helps. The club is solid with a great feel. I thought 13.5 degrees might be too much but I am getting much better elevation. The club looks cool, too.
By Christian
December 30, 2013
Does the job, WELL!
I have used this driver for the past year. Sounds great, almost a bomb went off, flies true. I have been out driving R1's & TM Burner's. Definitely worth a try at this price!!!
Prosdistance sound
Consha! none
By Bob
Langhorne, PA
December 14, 2013
Wrong Driver sent!
Ordered a Draw Driver, a Neutral Driver sent. Returned Driver and was told correct item no longer in stock so refund issued. This was confusing since the correct driver is still listed on the web site as available and "in stock." Ordered a new Driver from a different site.
ProsOther items ordered from Rock Bottom have been shipped and arrived fine.
ConsThis order was a mess.
By Dave
Sacramento, CA
November 27, 2013
Great Driver at a Great Price
I was pleasantly surprised to see this driver on sale and quickly ordered one. While I've only played with it twice, I am delighted. Some golfers do not prefer stock shafts and grips, but I have to say this shaft is excellent, neither "whippy" nor too stiff. I have done business with Rock Bottom Golf a number of times and have never been dissatisfied--great company, great products, great people.
Prosbalanced well designed sends the ball on a true flight
Conscan't find any yet
By Nat
November 25, 2013
Great driver, great value
I've only played with driver once so this would be my very initial comments. As with new equipment, you need to get used to it but this is definitely longer than my Callaway FT-IQ. My drives are at least 10 yards longer and for the price, it's a bargain. Thanks Rockbottom Golf for these outstanding values.
By Snakeye
November 23, 2013
Too light
Nice club but is too light. I over swing it and blast it right every time. If I change my tempo it is fine but not willing to change my swing just to hit this club. Going back to my TM R-7
By Verlin
November 22, 2013
Love my new driver
When I swing correctly ,I get 20 to 40 yards more than my old driver.
By Mitch
November 21, 2013
Rockbottomgolf never let's me down
This driver is a great driver I hit the ball low and I seem to only hit a 13 degree with height so I bought a razr hawk 13.5 degree on Tuesday night late and it was at my house Thursday when I got home from work. 69.00 for a brand new razr hawk driver or you kidden me, that's freaking awesome I almost bought two...
ProsPrice, shipping, long, straight, easy club to hit, it's the year of loft go et you some...
ConsNone at 69.00. Thanks. Rockbottomgolf, Caveman you da man
By Joseph Gallo
Upper Chichester, ePa.
November 21, 2013
Do not remember.
Has not performed as it did in an exhibition in July.
ProsLooks good, and feels good.
ConsI am not getting the same distance with this club as I did with the Salem model in a July exhibition.
By paul
new lenox il
November 20, 2013
straighter than my ftiz
bought it because it was a good deal and I like callaway
Prosgoes strait for some reason
By A Cohen
November 20, 2013
great buy!
the Callaway RAZR Hawk driver is a great aid for a slice if you order the draw model. The club definitely keeps the ball flight straiter. So glad to add this driver to my bag.
By Base
March 28, 2013
Straight and far
Would recommend to all. This club gives you length and accuracy. Truly worth the price!!!!!
By Rich
Wasaga Beach, Ontario
March 12, 2013
Slick looking driver that performs!
Really nice looking club (shaft is pretty sweet too) Nice & light. Swings easy. Can't wait for the snow to melt here so I can start hitting this for real !! .... only hit into a net in my buddies garage so far, so I can't really tell how it performs yardage-wise, but the ball does seem to really pop off the face. Sound is a bit muted when the ball is struck, but to each their own - I prefer it actually - not really into loud pingy driver sounds. Still sounds nice when you hit one on the sweet spot!
Proslooks & swingweight. (the RIP shaft is one of the prettier ones I've seen) lots of POP! price
ConsNot a fan of Cally's stock grips. Fairly minor complaint, since I'll be regripping after a few months anyway...
By Kirk
Fort Dodge, Iowa
February 11, 2013
I personally think Callaway has the best club for the money
I already have this club and my son uses mine all of the time instead of his nike club so I bought him one and we both love the accuracy we get, this time of year in Iowa we play in an indoor league so it really keeps us up on the equipment advances.
ProsPrice, Name Recognition, durability and accuracy
By Lou
Summerville, SC
February 7, 2013
Good Value, added distance
Have played two rounds with new RAZR Hawk and so far I'm pleased with this new driver. It flies the ball a little lower but get more distance overall. Do not like the sound, it's a dull clunky sound.
ProsMore Distance
By D
San Diego, CA
January 30, 2013
GREAT driver....glad it is available at RockBottomGolf
I played with a FT9 for years....and switched to a white headed driver. I missed my I bought the Razr Hawk as a replacement of my FT9. The Razr Hawk is a significant improvement not only above my FT9....but a dramatic improvement above the white headed TM driver I used. Why the heck did I ever abandoned my Cally for a white headed driver I will never understand.
By wes
January 26, 2013
love everything callaway
great driver, very happy so far
By Jim
New Hampshire
January 26, 2013
Great price for a quality driver
Very light and nice feel . Good distance and straight .
By John Dixson
Hobe Sound, Florida
January 22, 2013
Great Gift
Purchased for a cousin to give to her semi-beginning golfer husband. Total success in that he has been able to straighten out his drives and is even starting to draw a bit when he tries. Got a slight increase in distance as well.
By John
Columbus, Ohio
January 3, 2013
Best ever for me!
I am hitting the best drives ever with this driver--my playing partners have been impressed.
ProsGreat sound, solid feel.
By Gilly
Carthage, NC
January 1, 2013
Great Club
Took a little bit of getting use to the extral shaft length but now I am hitting them 80% down the middle with a little draw. Have gained 20 yards, possibly most of it in extra roll. This is during cold weather and will expect better distance once it warms up.
By Jeremy
Roslyn, NY
August 9, 2012
A bomb. Everything you could want in a driver; one of Callaway's best. Very long, straight, and forgiving. You can really decimate par 5s with this thing in your hands.
By Michael
Seal Beach,Ca
July 13, 2012
I about 30 to 40 yards longer off the tea I kill par 4's
ProsLong Ball Baby Long Ball
By Robert
New York
July 4, 2012
Extra Distance and Very Accurate
very forgiving
Prosforgiving powerful comfortable
Conssmall head
By Seth
July 2, 2012
Long, Long, Long but not very forgiving
Some ot these reviews will tell you that they are hitting more fairways now with this new driver. After playing 18 this weekend I can tell you that this driver is LONG. Some one called it the HAMMER which I can agree with but like a hammer if you don't hit the nail on the head than your not going to drive the nail or the ball as hard as you want where you want it. BUT when you do hit that sweet spot this club CRUSHES balls. I was consistently hitting my old Big Bertha Steelhead 230-250 tops. On the 17th tee, 390 yds, on a dog leg right i crushed the ball over the trees into the fairway right at the 100 yard marker. If you have a consistent stroke or are a low to mid handicapper this club is definitely for you. Grip it and rip it.
ProsFeel, Distance, Sound, Looks
Consnot as forgiving on mishits
By Lance
New Middletown Ohio
April 15, 2012
Killer Driver!
This is the best driver I've ever hit in my life! Put a good swing on it and it goes like Hell. I have the 10.5 degree and miss hit it low and it still went 270 yards. I've never hit so many fairways as I hit with this driver. I love this thing.
ProsSound, length, accuracy, looks and weight.
By Justin
February 3, 2012
Solid Driver
This is a very good driver. It is 4 stars because I feel like mis-hits are not as forgiving. But when I hit the sweet spot, I see an increase of 10-15 yards farther.
ProsExtra Yards Light Weight
By Jesse
Splendora, Tx
December 27, 2011
GREAT driver!
I bought this driver not that long ago, and love every drive. I usually hit wide right, but I'm on the fairway everytime now!
ProsStraight on.
By Jay
Hamersley, Western Australia
October 28, 2011
Superb Driver
Bought this after i developed a slice with my FT-IQ driver. Immediately hitting better and after numerous rounds my drives are still improving. Great feel and sound, hits straight. Can't recommend highly enough.
ProsPrice, feel, distance, sound, confidence off the tee.
By Daniel
Rochester, MN
October 4, 2011
By far my farthest straightest hitting Driver
I have a moderate fade with an occassional slice on my drives and an average distance of 215-220. The Razr hawk dominated my current diablo edge tour driver. With the RAZR hawk i was averaging 235-240 and out of 3 buckets of balls i hit i had 1 slice and my fade was reduced to neglible amounts. Not sure what makes it so much more superior to my diablo edge, but WOW!
Pros-Increased distance 20 yards -Reduced slice and fades to minor amounts
Cons-Not the club for you if you like long strong drives down the middle of the fairway or if you like your drives to go in to the woods
By Scott
Vallejo, Ca
June 5, 2011
The Hammer
Callaway reps had a tent at the driving range and I got to try an 8.5 and 9.5 stiff flex and a 9.5 regular flex. Wow! My current Taylormade burner 9.5 stiff was the comparison and after the test felt like a fast tin can upon impact. The RAZR 8.5s had a powerful impact like a sledge hammer with a low boring trajectory for high wind. The 9.5s was the bomb. I cleared right over the 250 target with a roll probably to 285. The accuracy and distance was awesome. The 9.5r was good but the rep said my swing speed in the 100s should keep me with a stiff flex. I could barely tell the difference with the few hits between shafts. If you can afford it and like the feeling of crushing your drives with power because you don't need more speed give this club a try. Remember F=ma.
ProsThe feel at impact was solid with a forged composite head not like an empty tin can. The accuracy was perfect with a neutral lie.
ConsTour heads sometimes have an open lie leading me to slice. Price
By Justin
Oakland City, Indiana
June 5, 2011
Best driver ever by Callaway
This driver is ten times better than my Diablo edge ever was or could think about being. I'm hitting the ball 20 to 40 yards more than I ever was with the Diablo. When I switched to the Diablo I started hooking and slicing it, something in my 16 years of golf playing I have never done.
Prosvery easy to hit cool looking great workmanship better than anything Callaway has made before
ConsIf you can find anything wrong with it let me know cause I can't

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