By Xiaodong
Sunnyvale, CA
January 15, 2014
Good hybrid
Tried it today. Perfect!
By Paul
Estella, NSW
January 3, 2014
Very easy to hit
Highly recommend, I'm a high handicapper and can get onto balls with ease.
By Ken
December 31, 2013
Works well for me.
Whether this hybrid club is better than others or not I don't know but it does work well for me.
ProsA heavy club that moves well through the rough.
ConsYour ball isn't going to go 200 yards but that was your fault for hitting into the rough in the first place.
By larry
United States
December 23, 2013
razor XHL HYBRID 4
Loved the 5 Hybrid so much I had to have the 4. Very forgiving and good distance.
By Don
United States
December 19, 2013
Great club!
I am a casual player and love these hybrids. I am not a very good iron player and these hybrids have changed my game. I own a 4, 5 and 6 hybrid and I use them all the time.
By ross
new zealand
August 20, 2013
callaway rescue
great product for the 160m par 3 or for long second into par 4, i find it easier to hit than the long iron and more forgiving. i'd recommend the hybrid to those of us who are getting "longer in the tooth". Thanks Rockman
By Bill
United States
August 8, 2013
easy hit
much easier to hit then my 4 iron straight and long so far love it
Prosstraight and long
Consso far none
By Sheldon
Prince Edward Island
July 17, 2013
Great Purchase
No regrets at all from this club. Great price and product helping me hit it straight.
By Chris
July 2, 2013
Good Club
I bought the 4 and 5 lofts. I'm a high handicapper and I need all the help I can get. This club looks nice at address. I find I can get set up for my shots easily. I also hit fairly straight and get good distance with my garbage swing. These are pretty forgiving. I'm able to hack around a little better with these in my bag.
ProsForgiving Addresses well
ConsNothing so far
By William Hunter
June 30, 2013
Callaway RAZR X HL Hybids
These are great clubs and I hit them well.
ProsFootprint Price
By vincent Ruberto
May 6, 2013
callaway golf Razr x HL Hybrid iron wood
great hybrid very forgiving
Proseasy to use very forgiving
By Keith
Poconos, Pennsylvania
April 21, 2013
Very satisfied
Wow what club!! First swing I hit it 191yds straight at the flag and made birdie. I'm a 10 handicap and can carry the ball with this club up to 200 yes.
ProsGets the ball up quick High ball flight Feels solid Reliable club in bag
By Walt
Gilbertsville Pa
April 10, 2013
RAZR XHL 3 Hybrid
Re-Placing my 5 wood With 3 Hybrid. Good distance off Tee and Fairway.
ProsMuch easier to use in fairway Than an iron also in low ruff.
ConsNothing at this point in my game
By Darren
Spokaloo, WA
April 5, 2013
No stronger just longer
I recently had three vertibra fused in my neck, so my swing speed has been affected drasticly. I purchased the RAZR X HL Hybrid irons (3 & 4), and have not lost any distance. Actually my friends say I've gained 5 to 10 yards over my old Hybrids.
ProsFeel and distance control
By Sam Jones
April 3, 2013
RAZR HL Hybrids
I was using a regular Callaway 4-iron and decided to give this 4-hybrid a shot. Much easier to hit straight than the iron and I get a bit more distance using this club versus the std. 4 iron. It's a good "tweener" club for me as it gets me about 190-200 yds where my 4-iron was good for 180-190 at best. Perfect club for those really long par 3's.
ProsExtra distance. Surprisingly good height for a "long iron". I can even work the ball with this club.
ConsThis is probably a nit, but I had to get it regripped. I need mid-sized and there was no option to get the larger grips when I ordered the club. So if you need larger than std. grips factor the extra cost into your total expenditure.
By Tony
Brisbane australia
March 23, 2013
Good looking club
Great sill round club even on off cantered hits it still goes a long way Hits the ball high and lands softly
ProsLook good Good on off cantered hits High ball flight
ConsDifficult to a low flight ball to get under the wind
By Robbie
Perth WA Australia
February 11, 2013
Nice Hybrid - well balanced
Well Balanced Hybrid, Good Sweet Spot
ProsBalanced Nice Feel and Look
ConsSmall Sweet Spot
By Rick
Schertz, Texas
December 19, 2012
What a difference!
Wow! My 1st hybrid and I am impressed. The 3 hybrid makes the ball stick to the green as compared to my 3 wood. This is a game changer for me! Thanks Callaway and thanks Scratch for the getting me $30 off :)
ProsControl Easier to hit Sticks to the greens
By Gary Stocks
Perth, Western Australia
November 19, 2012
Be the club
Played my first round with the Razr X HL hybrid and hit it clean each time. Great balance in the club, perfect replacement for a 3-4 iron, especially for a hack who was inconsistent with those irons. Hit the Razr Hybrid four times and struck it well on each occasion.
ProsWell balanced club, good loft and carry
Dallas, Texas
October 2, 2012
Great club Awesome Price
I have a set of RAXR X HL clubs but did not opt for a 3H. After hitting the clubs (which I LOVE), I decided I wanted to add a 3H and Rock Bottom had the best price on the web. This club is sweet, just as easy to hit and forgiving as my other HL clubs and I can hit it farther than I've ever hit a 3 iron in my dreams.
ProsEasy to hit, forgiving, good distance.
Consi really can't say anything bad about this club.
By John
August 23, 2012
Does its job.
Club is very forgiving. Great distance.
ProsGreat piece of equipment.
By Dave
Kitty Hawk
August 1, 2012
First hybrid
I do not shy away from long irons... but it was time for the 2i to come out of the bag. I'm okay with it off the tee... but just about worthless out of the fairway or rough. I immediately noticed the consistency of flight with this club on the range. I also like the higher trajectory than my long irons for a softer landing onto the greens. Haven't used it too much on the course yet... but am anxious to.
Prosconsistency of flight, trajectory of flight
By Darren
Port Lincoln, SA
July 11, 2012
Love the look and feel of the club, really easy to hit.
By Andrew
June 13, 2012
Easy to get in the air, almost too easy
I found I was really popping this up high and getting almost no roll out. If that is what you are after, well worth the money

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