By Li
April 25, 2014
A Fine Wood
It's a steady fairway wood, although the sound is kind of low-tone. Distance is fine.
By Dave
Farmington, CT
April 24, 2014
Better than expected
Hott off the face and accurate
By Marion
Wakefield, MA
April 24, 2014
Great Club
I am a Callaway girl and needed to replace my 3wFT. This did the trick. Great controlability, just another great club by Callawat
By Zach
Marietta, OH
April 16, 2014
Great club for the price. Very pleased with this purchase!
ConsCallaway stock grip wears easy.
By Gina Dominguez
March 31, 2014
Fairway Wood
Weakest part of my game just got a boost:)
By chuck
ostrander ohio
March 27, 2014
just what I needed
feels great
Prosgreat price
By Mike
Portsmouth, VA
March 20, 2014
Great Club!
I love this 3 Wood. I hit it long and straight.
ProsLong & Straight
By James
Kerrville, TX
March 7, 2014
Fairway Razr 3
Great club for the price
By Bob G.
Mesquite, NV
February 25, 2014
Love the feel
I have played only one round with the club but am impressed with it. I am a higher handi cap player and the Calaway 3 fairway wood filled a range gap in my game. I started to hit a draw more frequently with it also. Hoping to see lower scores soon. Love the club.
By Grubbsy
Rotonda Fl
February 25, 2014
Great Driver!
I picked up about 10 yards with my new driver. I can't believe I got it so cheap. Thank you
By Shawn
Griffith Indiana
February 17, 2014
great club
Bought this club here for the 2013 season which was my first season bought the matching driver as well. I loved both but could not hit the driver sliced every time. But the fairway was my go to club had about three hundred carry on it very hot face had alot of mishits due to my rookieness but a fantastic club.
By scott
January 22, 2014
as advertised
as advertised
By Jimmy
Richmond, VA
January 3, 2014
nice club for the money
I got this 3 wood as I had recently gotten the 9.5* RAZR X Black Ti driver, with which I was and still am completely blown away. This 3 wood has good carry and very accurate. Received it 24 hours after my order was placed- are you kidding me? That's service, and is typical from Scratch! This is a good club, though I'm more impressed with the driver.
By Joe Scarfo
Queensbury, NY
December 16, 2013
As solid as the driver version.
Purchased the Black Ti Driver mid-season and have had a major distance advancement(howbout 30 yds!!), so I naturally wanted to duplicate my distance advantage with it's 3 wood mate. It worked. a good 20 yds better w/the 3 wood at this time. Your products prove that technology does not have to be expensive. Keep up the improvement of our golf games. A 15 year Caveman.
ProsEnables you to increase club speed for more distance. It should be called "Straight Razr".
By Al
United States
December 14, 2013
looks great
So far so good I like callaway clubs
By RussellR
November 20, 2013
Just what I needed
I am very happy with this club. Good feel and is easy to hit off the deck.
By Matt
Chicago, Illinois
October 2, 2013
Great accuracy
It has very great accuracy and gets very good distance. It lies very flat and is good to hit on fairways, grass, and even sand.
ProsGreat distance and very accurate.
By Henry
Moscow, ID
September 17, 2013
Love it
If you want distance and control, this is the club. Easy to get up off the deck and easy to hit straight!
By long ball
United States
September 15, 2013
good off the deck or tee
nice fairway easy to hit very straight goo distance
Prosam able to put a small draw with this club that i cant do with any driver i own. also good looking
By Rod
Alberta, Canada
September 9, 2013
Great club!
Replaced my old faithful Adams BUL 3 wood with a Callaway Razr X. Great club! Easy to hit off the fairway and long!
By Bill
Odessa, FL
September 4, 2013
Nice Ballance-Good Contact Feel
I purchased the Callaway Razr X Black Ti 3 & 5 woods. These clubs have a great balance and a "solid" contact feel. I am happy with the purchase. I was play Taylor Made woods and welcome the change. I used to play Callaways and am glad to be back.
ProsHappy with the clubs.
ConsI had to wait for shipping. It took longer than represented (was supposed to be same day shipping-received clubs in about a week).
By Brandon
Corbin, Kentucky
August 27, 2013
Great Club & Fast Delivery!
I needed a fairway wood in my bag, to complete my setup. I have RAZR X Black Irons, and chose this Wood based on other reviews, and I'm very happy. It's very long, consistent, and easy to hit.
By Gary
Brooklyn, NY
August 20, 2013
A great purchase! In every way.
1st, ordered the 3 & 5 woods about 9am Wed. morning, received them Fri. @ 3pm, Wow!. After putting on my Lamkin midsize, 4 wrapped grips, I was on my way. Pow off the tee. Especially the 3w, it responds like a driver as well as its results. The launch & sound of each are 'pro-like'. Simply towering & masterful. My playing crew exclaimed, "whats gotten into you today"? I didn't tell it was my new woods. I could surely feel the speed difference from my old woods. So 2 range sessions were needed to adjust to the cutting through melted butter type of feel. Hitting them, especially the 5w off the turf, hitting down, leaving a divot, then looking up seeing the ball in that 3rd floor window ball flight, whew...I feel like a golf monster, and Callaway is Dr. Frankenstein. I guess that makes the caveman Igor.
ProsThe look & the sound. The way the shape slices through the air. The face allows some backspin, & shaping!
ConsSomeone else could make this same purchase. I would recommend this purchase but not to a friend. I Really don't mind out hitting my playing pals
By pete
West Virginia
August 17, 2013
good club
Good hitting club.
By sam
ottawa, oh
August 13, 2013
great club for the price
i have played quite a few rounds with this in my bag and i love the results. i didnt have to get used to it i was just able to pick it up and hit the ball. i love the look at adress and the forward flight i get. good from the tee, great from the fairway... i do however think a regular flex shaft might have been better for me. if im struggling with my driver i fall back on this right away.
Proslooks great sounds great off the face best bang for your buck
Consi should have gotten a regular flex shaft
By James
Virginia Beach
August 13, 2013
Good club, the right price....
I ordered this club around midnight on a Wednesday, it arrived at my front door by 10am on Friday morning. Super fast shipping. The club was packaged well, and in excellent condition. My only complaint is that the quality of the club is extremely better than the quality of the player that swings it! I highly recommend!
By Jeff Pate
Burlington, NC
August 13, 2013
Smoking 3-wood!
This was my first purchase from RBG and I am very pleased. I ordered the 3-wood this past Friday and it arrived on Saturday with ground shipping. I went out to the range on Sunday to hit the club, and wow... what a difference. I generally hit the ball high and when I teed low, I hit a low driving shot that was either straight or with a beautiful draw that rolled for another 25-50 yards--to about the 250 marker. I had the same success hitting it off the ground. This club has such a great balanced feel that is a joy to swing. I can't wait to get on the course as this may be the end of my driver.
ProsBalanced, comfortable hitting both off the tee and from the turf.
By Ed Ciesla
Easton, PA
August 12, 2013
Not for a beginner
This is a nice club, but difficult to control for a beginner
ProsNice feel, well made.
ConsGood club, bad golfer.
By Ashish
East Brunswick, New Jersey
August 10, 2013
Thrilled with my purchase
I was never able to hit a 3 wood before. With this, am hitting the ball 200 yards, dead straight!! Couldn't be more pleased with my purchase - especially at rock bottom prices!!!
August 7, 2013
By Hashburns
Seattle wa
August 3, 2013
Callaway 3 razrx blk
How can U beat the price of this club at 89 bones from the caveman but at Putez golf 100 bones and that's on sale plus tax.. Compared to the X 3wood of a few yrs ago the head is a lot bigger..I have not hit this club yet but I just wanted to tell folks about the fast shipping and pkging from the cave..excellent on all it on a Sat..which was great can add to my bag and hit the course tonite..and give it a go..the xhot (newer club) feels better when hitting the ball but for 180..I'll take the great feel for the same distance and 90 bones difference in price for the blk x..anyday..I have the razr x hl clubs and they are the best set I've had in a long time..they are just what a guy that's had 3 surgeries and has been off the course for about 3yrs needs...but hard to give up my Nike saq's driver..I live in Seattle and hate the Tax..U buy a club for 200 bones and u end up paying 220..but here u buy a club for 200 and pay for the good fast shipping and it's still 15 bones cheaper..or I go to Oregon to see my Mother and buy down there..thanks to the Caveman..I'll be back for more stuff as time goes on..
ProsLuv the looks of the back of the head ..looks like it wud slide rite through the rough to make contact..
ConsCan't be any for a great club like this ..and the price I paid..I've hit this club at the golf shop and it's very smooth..even off the tee..
By Ray
Ruskin, FL
August 2, 2013
Good Fairway Wood
I get good distance with my new wood. It feels good to swing.
ProsLooks good. Feels good.
ConsNone, yet.
By Thomas
Rome, NY
July 29, 2013
Nice wood hits long
Would buy again
By Ken
Austin, TX
July 29, 2013
A Rock-Solid Club That Works For Me.
I have been carrying a 15-degree 3-wood and then drop down to a 3-iron hybrid in my bag. I was looking for a club that would give me the distance between these 2 clubs, plus get more loft into several elevated greens. This club is working well for me in that regard. I carry all Callaway "X" series clubs (except the putter) in my bag, and this is a good fit if you're looking for a club that gives you more loft than a 2-iron hybrid and is quite easy to hit. I also have a 2-iron hybrid, but if you're playing into elevated greens (especially going for the shorter par 5's in two), a 5-wood plays better.
ProsMore loft than a 2-iron hybrid and easier to hit consistently off of "good" fairways and out of the rough.
ConsIf you're playing fairways where the grass is very short and you are consistently getting tight lies, then a 2-iron hybrid may be a better selection (assuming you consistently hit fairways).
By Chad B.
Atlanta, GA
July 29, 2013
Definitely what I needed!!
I love these clubs. I bought the 3 and the 5 woods. Both are easy to swing are perfect for when the driver is too much club.
By Tom Allison
St Clair Missouri
July 27, 2013
easy too use I like the weight of the club nice off the box
Prosgets the ball up quick off the fairways
By Tom
Royersford Pa
July 25, 2013
Callaway Razr Black Ti Fairway Wood #3
Awesome club I play a lot of fairway woods instead of some irons alot. Also a light club to swing. Not to big of a club head on it I really like these woods.
By Bill
July 24, 2013
True Fairway Wood
Used it yesterday at the range for the first time, and was not disappointed. comfortable grip, lines up to the ball well, excellent disatnce and loft. Rock Bottom Price also.
By Don
Jacksonville, Florida
July 20, 2013
Great Quality
The fact that I have trouble hitting any wood or hybrid doesn't count. When I get some practice with this Callaway RAZR X I know it will be better than any other just like my Callaway RAZR X Driver. RBG, as usual, was quick to ship and you can't go wrong shopping here.
ConsNo dislikes
By ars8r4
Louisville, Kentucky
July 15, 2013
Good woods for the price
Bought both the 3 and 5 woods and love the feel of these things. Excellent quality and price.
ProsQuality, Feel and Price
By Bob
In the Catskills, NY
July 13, 2013
Nice clubs
I purchased the Black TI driver and liked it so much I decided to buy both the 3 and 5 fairway woods with regular shaft. Only used them for a couple of rounds so far but like them very much. The 5 wood is not quite as long as my old 5 wood. I consider the driver, 3 wood and 5 wood to be outstanding clubs and recommend them.
Prosappearance and feel
Consno dislikes
By Geoff
June 25, 2013
Razrx TI Fairway
Purchased to replace my R11 three wood. Love the look, the feel and everything about this club so far. An excellent replacement
By Sluff
June 25, 2013
Exactly what I expected from Callaway
Only been to range so far, but was great right out of package. Ball flight was long and on target. Great upgrade from old 3 wood broken by my son. Made Father's Day shopping easy. Git it and hit it!
ProsBall flight Quality Great price and fast shipping
ConsGrip was put on club backwards. Alignment marks On backside of club.
By ryan
new zealand
June 22, 2013
callaway wood
Really nice feel and lift from the fairway, club looks amazing and is very good.
Proslook feel
By kurte
alexandria, New South Wales
June 20, 2013
super fast delivery
great clubs, great price
By Adam
Atlanta, GA
June 20, 2013
Good All-around 5 wood
Good Club and Great Shaft. I typical have trouble launching any fairway metal or driver high enough as I have steep swing tendencies. No problem with this club, plus it is 15 yards longer than my 3hybid (approx. 240). I now look to this club off the tee for any shorter par 4 or tight fairways.
By Juan
Miami, FL
June 18, 2013
Love this wood
I improved my game with this Club, Im so Happy
By John
Bluffton SC
June 13, 2013
Good looking club at address
Easy to hit with an outstanding result
By Dan
Roseworthy, South Australia
June 12, 2013
RAZR X Black Ti
Great club, long and true. Nice feel and look. Very happy
By Cale
Minneapolis, MN
June 11, 2013
Bad turned into Good
I’m a 12 handicapper and I wanted to use this club immediately, because of my new 3 wood experience. The first time out, I topped the ball 3 times and popped one up in the air. I have to admit that this was extremely painful to watch and see, but I kept my head up. I had 250 left on a par 5 going into the wind. The smart play was to layup and hope for a good third shot, but my ego got in the way. I swung easy just to make contact, and I hit a pretty good towering shot short of the green. I also played last weekend and smashed this 250 yards going into the wind and in the rough. All in all, I just need some practice time to familiarize the way this club swings and feels.
Consweird swing feel. like

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