By Tom
April 16, 2014
Excellent clubs for moderate golfer
I have had these clubs for a couple months not. I played a handful of rounds. They make a world of difference in contact from my old starter clubs.
ProsBig club face
By Kuppy
St. Petersburg, FL
March 25, 2014
Great clubs
Hit straighter and longer from the first day I used these clubs. Fantastic balance
ProsGreat price and excellent service
By dan bennett
chillicothe, ohio union township
January 12, 2014
iron set
great looking clubs
By Ken Sadler
lewisville, NC
January 6, 2014
Nice set of irons
My experience to this point is limited. Haven't had an opportunity to use them in real time.
ProsThis is a nice set of clubs with a good feel.
ConsNone at this point
By Ken
December 31, 2013
Best irons I've owned.
I am amazed at the improvement over my 25 year old Lynx Parallax irons.
ProsVery easy to hit even for me.
ConsDon't expect a lot of roll from these high launching clubs.
Irvine, CA
December 30, 2013
A Great Iron Set
Every club is easy to manage, even with its number 4.
By Tom
Chicago, IL
December 30, 2013
I love these clubs
After playing with used TM Firesoles, my first shot with the RAZR X HL 9 iron immediately launches and travels straight for 125 yards. There were a few bad shots caused by the user not the equipment. I strongly suggest buying equipment that is current with technology and always got to Rock Bottom for the best deal.
ProsGraphite shafts for the price of steel sold me. Great looking clubs both color and design.
ConsNone. I have to purchase larger grips (midsize) to fit me but the clubs are perfect.
By William
December 27, 2013
Great clubs
Great clubs ! 8 grafite clubs at very reasonable pricing
By Sean
December 27, 2013
Beautiful clubs.
Great stuff.
ProsHitting longer and farther than ever.
ConsNone thus far.
By Bob
Wattle Grove, Sydney, Australia
December 21, 2013
A Pleasant Purchasing Experience
The value was great, delivery time was exceptional and my query was answered expeditiously and helpfully. The clubs were as described met my expectations.
By Jean
December 21, 2013
Game Improvement
The clubs were for my husband as an early Christmas present. Boy was he surprised and happy. He's been to the indoor driving range several times and can't wait till spring. Thanks Scratch for another great deal and a happy husband.
By Thomas
Norwood, MA
December 18, 2013
At last, a perfect set of clubs.
For years I've played with second hand clubs from friends who played far more than I and gladly made me a "deal" with their old clubs. None were perfect and none allowed me to play the way I wanted. Now that I'm retired, my wife has treated me to a new set of Callaway RAZR X HL irons and fairway woods. I just can't say enough about the feel of these clubs and the way I'm able to strike the ball. I'm looking forward to many years of golfing, improving scores and pride in my game.
December 13, 2013
By Michael Corey
November 29, 2013
Best irons ever owned
After buying the Razr X clubs",WOW ". 10 to 15 yards gained. I've been slowing swing and gaining another 5 yards.
ProsLong hitting irons
By Richard
Toronto, Ontario
March 29, 2013
beautiful clubs almost seem to swing for you !!
Sunny & warm today. Went out to a soccer field near my house & finally got to hit these lovely looking clubs I purchased over the winter. Spent 90 minutes, went through the set, hitting a half dozen balls back and forth trying to figure out some yardages. First time hitting a golf ball in 7-8 months or so. 75% cut down short swings and the ball just sails !!! Wow. Happy guy here 8-) 16 handicapper and I can see that number going down. These clubs will probably help me break 80 this summer !!! Previous clubs were 20 year old set I got while I was still in high school. Stunned at how much the equipment has improved, and how much fun and easy it is to smash balls now. Where a 4 iron would top out @ 210 yards with my old set (on my best swing), I hit one this afternoon with a slight tailwind and counted off 245 yards (probably 210 in carry alone !!!) If your clubs are old like mine were, do yourself a favor and try out some game improvement clubs like these....
Proslooks - nice stylish clubs distance & forgiveness. don't think I hit a single slice in 60-80 swings !!! dispersion was excellent. everything was straight or straight-ish. mishit a half dozen or so. ended up with an exagerrated draw.
Consif I had one complaint it would be the grips....they could be nicer, but I'm gonna end up re-gripping them this season anyway, so no big whoop.
By Jon
Canton, OH
March 26, 2013
Getting off the deck is easy!!
I have always had an issue of hitting the ball "fat" and blading the ball in a low, fast trajectory. The concept of a high loft iron made me curious so I went and hit some at a simulator before deciding of the purchase. These irons were able to slide instead of dig into the grass and was able to launch the ball in a nice, high trajectory that gave extra forgiveness around the green. Also, something to be said about Rock Bottom Golf. I order these irons on 3/22/13 and used the free shipping option and was given an expected delivery date of 4/5/13, which isn't bad considering it was free. Here I am writing this review on 3/26/13 and the irons arrived, pristine condition, and well packaged. Thanks Rock Bottom Golf!
ProsFast off the face High Trajectory Easy hitting off the deck Better placement on the green
ConsSound is a little more "hollow" Recommend steel shaft because high loft with graphite dramatically increases the consequences of mishits
By Gary
March 20, 2013
Nice clubs
Good set of clubs
Prossleek looks
ConsNothing wrong with the clubs, my swing however is a different story
By Sam J.
Houston, Tx.
March 19, 2013
Good clubs, Excellent Price
I had (still have actually) a set of Adams Redline irons which were good. When I saw these Callaways for around $300 I went to my local GolfSmith store to hit them. I was pleased enough to "pull the trigger" on the purchase. And out on the range and out on the course, I seem to be able to hit these Callaway irons straighter on a more consistent basis. And the Callaways - in my opinion - are more forgiving on mishits; no more unexpected "fades" (ha ha) on mishits. I like them a lot.
ProsThe look is great. Love that red and black look. The price was a good $100 less than the golf store (which shall remain un-named) "sale" price.
ConsTwo things: (1) I wish there had been an approach wedge with the set. (2) Not a big fan of the Callaway grips.
By Angel
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
March 12, 2013
Great irons for an unbelievable price!
Great feel and weighted properly! Definitely a plus to improving your game! They are very forgiving clubs which I'm glad I purchased!
By Kevin Mattson
March 10, 2013
Very Forgiving!
Used these for the first time and what an improvement in my previous clubs. They helped most on the short game and missed hit shots. No problem getting these in the air.
By chris
March 9, 2013
Callaway HL irons
These clubs are awesome. Super easy to hit. Very forgiving! Worth every penny! Just played the Legacy in Pheonix and they were worth every penny!
By Harry
Indianapolis, In
February 20, 2013
The best buy I have had for some time
Razr clubs hit the ball very straight and long and are by far the best clubs I have ever had. I was so impressed with the way they feel. It is still winter here but I have a soccer field across the street and it was still a little chilly but had to hit the Razr's and I was amazed and impresswed how well I hit tham for the first time.
By Jimmy
Cleveland, Ohio
February 20, 2013
Good looking irons
Can't wait to get these Callaway irons out on the links. They feel and hit like a good heavy club, perfect for my medium to high handicap.
ProsSleak look, and good feel.
By Michael
Morton, Il
February 13, 2013
Mid-Winter Review of RAZR X HL
I have only swung a few clubs a few times due to the fact that it is mid-winter where I live. Sometime in March I will finally get to try them out for real, and have high hopes.
By lg
Washington, DC
February 11, 2013
Great price on a very forgiving iron
Very forgiving iron, I ended up returning this set and getting the set that adds the 3h. Before purchasing, I hit the 6 iron off of a mat and the results were better for me compared to the diablo edge and razr-x.
ProsForgiveness Heavy head
Conswould have liked option for a 3 iron or steel shafted hybrid Made in china
By John
New Zealand
February 10, 2013
Very pleased with this purchase. The irons have a nice big sweet spot, make a pleasing sound on contact and hit the ball straighter and further than my previous clubs.
ProsNicely balanced clubs. I like the weighty feel of the club head.
ConsWould have liked a matching sand iron
By jim
red oak, IA
February 4, 2013
Love the feel of these, super forgiving
Got these for X-mas to replace 7 year old Wilson Ci6s. My normal ball flight is a draw and my miss is a low draw/hook. These launch the ball much higher and I just about can't get the ball to draw more than a few feet with anything shorter than the 5 iron. It took a little getting used to aiming at the flags, but the clubs do what they say they'll do and my shots are landing softer than ever! Callaway got it right with these, I love 'em!
ProsSolid construction Great feeling and looking player improvement irons that launch the ball high and straight.
ConsCan't work the ball as much, had to get used to that
By Kyle Jenkins
December 27, 2012
Fast delivery and great looking clubs.
Awesome look and feel. Nice grips with great traction. They just feel comfortable.
ProsGreat looking club at address. Top quality.
ConsNo complaints here
By Lewis Wylie
December 9, 2012
Great price, Great clubs
Frm the moment I took my first swing with theres Callawayas I knew that I was going to be happy with my purchase. As always, within days after the order was processed, the clubs were my hand. Please keep up the good work.
ProsI have picked up a couple of yards, but more important, the ball is going where I want.
By Gery
Dickinson, ND
September 3, 2012
Great Buy
Good feel and balance just need to play more with them. My shots are more forgiving than any club I have had.
ProsGood feel and balance. Very forgiving on off center shots. Good deal for the price.
ConsNothing at this time.
By John
August 23, 2012
I've been playing the last 7 years with Taylor Made Firesole Irons. I can't believe the difference. Every shot seems to be solid.
ProsWell made and excellent clubs.
By ryan
Barrington, RI
August 20, 2012
I've had better...don't dig yourself into a hole
The head (Made in China) of the five iron I purchased had two scratches, and the grips are deteriorating on the majority of my irons a month after I purchased them. The irons works fine, considering the price wasn't burning a hole through my wallet, but spend the extra cash and you'll find a set that can out shine these irons off the tee/fairway any day.
ConsCheap grips, the ends are cracking and I've had them for a month. Scratched head
By Ryan
Beverly, Massachusetts
July 16, 2012
Instantly Improved My Game
Such a great set and can't beat the price. Having no trouble getting to ball in the air now.
ProsPrice Grips Design
By Darren
Port Lincoln, SA
July 11, 2012
Absolutely love these irons! have amazing feel and forgiveness, perfect for my level.
By Brad
United States
July 10, 2012
My old Adams were as good.
By Alan
Halcottsville, NY
July 5, 2012
These clubs feel like they belong to me. I've always felt my other clubs held me hostage. These are great. I've had to recalibrate my distances , + 10 yards on most irons. I questioned buying the steel shafts, but am very glad I got them. I might have rated these higher, butI I've only had them a couple of weeks.
ProsSturdy feel.
By Chuck
Burnsville, Mn
July 1, 2012
razor x hl
Love new clubs. great price. Wish the shipping had been faster 1-5 days took 5 days. I was ready to play with them.
By Steve Huber
May 31, 2012
High, Long & Straight.
I've always been a lower ball hitter, But these irons have changed that. The ball goes VERY high....And very long. I was flying greens the first few times I played. For me it was a two club difference. But I had crappy clubs, so obviously it will vary with each person. Its a lot easier hitting a 7 iron into the green instead of a 5 :). Bottom line...Great clubs.
ProsLooks Feel at impact Goes high and STRAIGHT
ConsCan get scuffed a bit easy, but no big deal. A tad harder to hit stingers. Which isn't really a con, but I use that shot a few times a round.
By Drew
United States
May 16, 2012
Excellent Clubs
After playing a few years with Nit** I purchased at Big 5 I finally upgraded to the razrx HL, let me tell you...A huge difference. They hit straight and well, have a very forgiving sweet spot. Being steel clubs you will know the instant you hit a bad shot, even without seeing the ball flight, though you wont hit many of those. They are long, in terms of yardage. If you look at the specs they have slightly less loft than standard clubs. Being a 25+ handicap, I recently shot an 86, only changing out my iron set with these. I used to hit a 7 iron roughly 130, with the razrx hl I hit this 7 iron 165, without swinging for the fences and blew by the green nearly 30 yards. As always, rockbottom got the clubs here in record time.
ProsStraight and long clubs. Easy to swing and release. great for golfers 5'5" to about 6'1", might be short for super tall guys.
ConsObviously heavier than graphite clubs. It will take two or three rounds to get used to the increased distance, PW hits like a standard 9 iron. They are so shinny you almost hate to hit off of dirt.
By Brad
Denver, CO
May 4, 2012
First Purchase
This is my first purchase with Rock Bottom Golf and I could not be happier. My wife surprised me and purchased a set of Callaway Razr X not the HL's. By far the best set of irons i've owned. I recommend Rock Bottom to every golfer I know.
ProsHits great Very forgiving on the miss hits good weight
ConsNothing to dislike
By William
San Diego
May 3, 2012
Love them
I've been to the range twice with them and played 1 round with them and so far I'm loving them. I still need to get to know them a little better but so far they are great
ProsPrice Forgiveness Distance High Launce
By Richard
Venice, FL
April 27, 2012
Great Irons
They are fantastic irons. Took a few rounds to adjust but the hit better and straighter than I have ever hit. ROCK BOTTOM GOLF IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ProsHits Accurate Great Spin

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