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June 2, 2015
calloway 3 rescue
i wasn't sure i would be able to hit a 3 rescue but this club hits as well out of the fairway as off a tee, great club to have in my bag
Prosgood price matches my set of razors
By Jim
Winona Lake, IN
May 13, 2014
Great club that performs well
The first time I used this club it performed to my expectations. It is forgiving and got the ball up and flying where I aimed it. Great club!
By Thomas Skoog
Sun City, AZ
March 14, 2014
I love this club
Great Club. I just purchased a set of irons. They did not have a 4 or 5 iron. This 5 hybrid cover both. I love it.
By Dan
Burnaby, BC Canada
February 26, 2014
#4 Hybrid
First shot on the golf course with this club was on a par three KP hole. Four feet from the pin, yup I like it!! Yes, we do golf year round here in parts of the Great White North.
By SF Golfer
San Francisco
February 25, 2014
Great substitute for fairway wood
Able to hit off fairway in almost any condition, accurate, high loft, lands softly on to green with great carry distance. Even miss hits is straight and forgiving, the weighted bottom is what keeps club head on line when there is contact. Easy to use in fairway bunker and picks ball up very clean with nice contact.
By Paul
Sarasota, FL
February 21, 2014
Great club, great value
Very easy to hit, accurate and forgiving. I highly recommend it to all.
By Guy L
February 5, 2014
good hybrid
good hybrid at fair price
Prosvery light
Conssmall head
By Tim DeGraw
Rochester NY
January 24, 2014
Great Deal
Exactly what I was looking for at a great price.
By Ron
Southern California, US
January 16, 2014
Great club and a great price...
This is a very good looking club. It's easy to hit and has a lot of different uses on the course. I must have hit the web site just at the right time. It was 50% off the list price and then another 50% off. It came with a nice head cover and was delivered right on time.
Proseasier to hit than an iron. Well made. Excellent price...
By Mike
Boise, ID
January 11, 2014
Hits straight
I completed the set with the 5 hybrid, v sole cuts easily through rough, gets air quickly hits straight.
Proseasy to hit straight
Consoffset, makes it a little harder to work the ball.
By Ross Paine
January 3, 2014
Instant Results
Purchased to replace ageing Callaway 5 hybrid and fitted like a glove. Straight and true, we became firm friends from the first shot and it has stayed that way thru the first 2 games using it. I am stoked with the playability of this club.
Santa Clara, CA
January 1, 2014
Callaway hybrids = CONFIDENCE CLUBS!
If you're having issues with your long irons, Callaway hybrids are the solution. They are easy to hit, accurate and inspires confidence in your game.
ProsSuper easy to hit! Super accurate! Super fun!
Irvine, CA
December 30, 2013
A great hybrid
I bought a number 5. When I cannot control the contact surface of an iron 5 well and cannot use a fairway wood number 5 at certain challenging spots, I like to use this number 5 hybrid and it satisfies me every time.
By Philip
Wellington, Wellington
December 30, 2013
Callaway RAZAR X Hybrid
Great club to have in the bag if you are not hitting your irons consistently.
By Dave
San Pedro Ca
December 26, 2013
The easiest Club to hit With
Most Excellent
ProsEasier to hit the Golf Ball. The club just feels good!
By Tom
Webster City, Iowa
December 17, 2013
Hybrids a good choice for older golfers
When I received my hybrids I was very impressed with how they felt in my hands. I have not had a chance to hit any golf balls with them, but looking forward to spring when I can. My irons and fairway woods are Callaway and have been pleased with their performance.
ProsHybrids are easier to hit than irons particularly when one is older.
ConsI do not have a negative comment since I have not used them.
By Adam
Bohle Plains, QLD
December 14, 2013
Excellent Club Even For Higher Handicap Players
This hybrid is an excellent club hits the ball long hard high and straight can hit up on greens and the ball will stop due to the height off the club. AAA+++ all handicap players will benefit from this club very easy to hit
ProsVery easy to hit, Great loft off the club face, ball will stop when hitting up on greens, great feel, great quality,
ConsI don't own a 3 or 5 hybrid that will be my next order club grip a little greasy straight out of the box however came good.
By Tommy
September 7, 2013
Great hybrid
Get you out of rough so easy , zero roll works very well, fly really really high, much higher than my 5 iron, land so soft.
By Rick
United States
August 7, 2013
Huge Deal
I had a three Hybrid I bought from Callaway and wanted a four, Rock Bottom came through with a great deal and the club performs unbelievable. Great distance, soft landings on the green, who needs an iron
Prosimproves my game, better control, more distance, cleaner strike spot, a great price as i bought a three Hybrid from Callaway for better than twice the price, this plays just as good
By Robby
Gadsden, Alabama
July 30, 2013
Pure Impact
I have found that this club has helped me make pure impact and helps achieve higher ball flight so you can hold greens! Very nice club
By Bryan
Dixon, IL
June 14, 2013
Nice feel.
Good feeling club.
By Dutch
May 18, 2013
Callaway Hybrid
Hit the ball nice with this on my first use. Both distance and straight
ProsLike the stiff shaft
Boise, ID
April 28, 2013
Forgiving and long
This club is long and easy hitting. Highly recommend.
ProsLong Easy hitting
By Dan Redmond
Calimesa Ca
April 18, 2013
Love this hybrid!
I had the Rocketbalz Hybrid....This one is waaaaay better!! Love the feel and the distance!!
By kevin
wellsville, ny
June 9, 2012
straighter shots
gives my shots more distance because it is so straight
By Gary
Knoxville, tn
February 24, 2012
Great club
I hit this club in a rental set and bight one as soon as I got home. It was the easiest hybrid I have hit.
ProsIt has a good ball flight. I hit it great right out of the bag
By Earl
San Diego, CA
December 3, 2011
Used often and love the performance.
I am not a long hitter and I tend to use hybrids a lot for my second shot on par 4s. I have a 3 hybrid and 4 hybrid. I really like hitting these on and off the fairway. I swing through and it feels like the ball pops off the club face. I like the flight path that is medium and now have predictable distances with my hybrids.
ProsDependable Predictable distances
By Tym
November 30, 2011
Great club
Great club, a little too light for my taste but overall a good performer for the price.
ProsGood price Good performer
ConsA little too light
By Robert
Redondo Beach, CA
November 6, 2011
Great club
I went to GolfSmith and Dicks sporting to try out all different type of hybirds and the RAZR X was the best feel for me. Its light and forgiving in the rough.
ProsForgiving light
By Randy
Regina, SK
September 30, 2011
RAZR X 3 Hybrid
Great club. I hit about 220-230 with this club so it has replaced my woods. The price was good. I'm extremely happy with shaft and the trajection of the ball.
Prosgood trajection good sound long hitting capability forgiving
Consgrip is a little hard
By Andrew
Somerton Park, SA
July 29, 2011
Favourite club in my bag
I bought the 3 and just crushed it. I was happy with my traditional 4 iron, but I hit this hybrid so far I ended up buying the matching 4 hybrid to bridge the gap between my hybrid and 4 diablo forged iron. Its long and forgiving
By Col Royce
Brisbane, Audtralia
June 26, 2011
Excellent, nothing more needs be said...
Like me razr iron this club is near perfection. Excellent price (as usual). Excellent delivery... Great...
By Joe
chicago, il
June 25, 2011
Great club
I hit this at the store and knew I wanted it right away. Was able to buy it from rock bottom for $30 cheaper than in the retail store. Easy club to hit and very straight out of the rough.
By Justin
oakland city,indiana
May 8, 2011
this thing rocks
I had the chance to try my buddies this week and love it. Next week I am going to buy one in a 3 hybrid. Great distance and easy to hit. Can't wait to add this to my set of Callaways
Proseasy to hit cool looking great value everybody else wants $159.99
By john
newport, nc
May 6, 2011
great club
I purchased the razor X irons and they are great and now adding this 3 hybrid makes my set of clubs even better. This is the easiest hitting hybrid that I have ever hit, great forgiveness. I REALLY ENJOY HITTING THIS CLUB STRAIGHT AND FAR. A MUST HAVE FOR EVERY GOLFER NO MATTER WHAT YOUR SKILL IS

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