By Adam
Fort Wayne, IN
January 15, 2014
Nice club
I have only had the chance to hit this at an indoor simulator, but the results were consistent and the club had a nice feel.
By Frank
Panama City Beach
January 13, 2014
Great price
By donald thomas
san antonio, texas
December 26, 2013
Great Club for Low HC Golfer with solid swing
A great Club for the low HC golfer who swings the ball on plane. The smaller head gives you solid on target shots when struck solid. Ball holds the green and gives great Tour ball flight that cuts thru the wind. You will attack Par 5's with these and get birdies as your rewards.
Prossolid feel, dead on target, ball flight is great and not too high,
Consdue to smaller club head, a bad swing will result in loss of distance and depending upon you shift feel, this may feel a little stiff for some golfers but you have to try them to know this for sure,
By Sam
Morro Bay, CA
December 24, 2013
Good club
Bought this club because of the price. Turned out to be my favorite hybrid in the bag. Goes straight and long. Easy to hit out of the rough and even easier off of the fairways!
ProsLittle offset on club head makes it easier to aim and shoot.
ConsLittle offset may make it harder for some to hit where they want. This is definitely a club for those with quicker club speed.
By David
Endicott, New york
November 7, 2013
Excellent Club
This club exceeded my expectations Great from all lies.
ProsPrice and performance
el paso, tx
November 5, 2013
What a hybrid!
I had bought my set of irons without this club and instantly regretted it. I had previewed the club previously and it was very well made. When I hit it off the club face right it game me great distance with a great feel.
ProsVery forgiving
By chan
November 5, 2013
good hybrid
By Ron
San Diego, Ca
October 22, 2013
Great purchase
I ordered this club to complete my new set of Callaways. It came right on time, great packaging and of course, the price was right. I had seen this club sell for alot more but RBG always seems to have the best price. Highly recommend you look here first for any needs. Thanks RBG.
new hampshire
October 22, 2013
quality club
Quality club for a great price. great addition to my bag
Proshit further with greater accuracy
By Tommy
August 10, 2013
Excellent hybrid
Used for quiet some time now, save lots of bad shots. The ball fly really high with zero roll. Excellent cut from the bad lie. Tour model is good weight on the head if you like the feel more.
By jeff
virginia beach, virginia
August 2, 2013
great club
easy to hit.
By Tony
North Carolina
July 31, 2013
Great club - fantastic price
Best golf club investment I've made recently. Club sets up nicely ... consistent 180 + with 4 hybrid & 190+ with 3 hybrid.
ProsThe right club to hit from the rough. Easily out drives a 5 wood.
By Thomas
Rome, NY
July 29, 2013
My go to club when I need to get the ball up in the air and still get 200 plus
Love it
By Mike
Boise, ID
July 19, 2013
Sets up well and hits straight...
4H, stiff shaft, nice hybrid, hits high and straight. Very Solid
By Wayne
Milton vermont
June 1, 2013
Nice club
Great price and matches my set too.
By Michael
Chinderah, Nsw
May 27, 2013
I'm yet to master consistency with this club but when it does come off its got a great feel and nice distance.
ProsFeel Distance
By rick
northern california
April 20, 2013
this club is way easier to hit than the titlest

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