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By Rick
Marietta, GA
GREAT ball
August 19, 2014
This is a good soft tour quality ball that is probably the longest of any and plenty soft around the greens as always ROCK BOTTOM delivers best quality at the best prices
ProsLONG, touch and feel, soft
By Tyler
Lake Worth, FL
Awesome ball
May 24, 2014
Great short game control. Feels great off the putter. Longest drives I have ever produced have come with these balls, and also gave a little more yardage with the irons. I have since replaced these for the b330...the iron distance meant more to me than the driver distance (I already am a long hitter), but these are still awesome balls.
By Larry
top ball
May 15, 2014
great golf ball very long
By Michael
Scottsdale Az
Callaway Tour i(z) balls
May 12, 2014
The Callaway Tour i(z) ball is no longer available at our local golf stores. I've looked and search all over the Phoenix Valley with no luck. These balls are the best balls I've played with. Better feel and better distance than Nike, Titleist pro1 v and the pro 1vx Thank you Rock Bottom Golf for keeping up and stocking balls that are no longer available in stores. You guys are the best...
By joel
East Lansing, Mi
great ball
May 9, 2014
if flushed off the tee goes a mile and has very good greenside spin. good drop and stop on approach without uncontrollable backspin. Putts well with good feel. Overall a really nice ball.
By Big Ralph
great balls of fire
May 6, 2014
absolutely the best deal on balls.....just as good as pro v's
Prosgreat price, good balls
Consthey are discontinuing these
By Ryan
Quechee, Vermont
Best ball I've ever used
April 24, 2014
First time I ever hit this ball, I hit my longest shot ever. Long story short, I never went back
ProsGreat Distance Great Accuracy
By Dae
January 8, 2014
good for the golf
By James Grates
Augusta ga
calloway tour iz golf ball
August 4, 2013
Great ball to bad to be discontiued
By James Grates
Augusta ga
calloway tour iz golf ball
August 4, 2013
Great ball to bad to be discontiued
By Joe Walton
Atlanta GA
Callaway Golf balls
August 2, 2013
You guys sent it out very quickly and I truly appreciate it. I'm a 2 handicap and love this golf ball....I personally think it's better than the New Hex Black so, I'm a happy camper at this pt
ProsTime it took to receive the golf balls Ease of ordering Cost
By Richard
Florence, Al
Good ball for the price
July 28, 2013
Like this ball alot
Prosgreat distance and feel
By William
Mt Pleasant, SC
not my favorite ball
July 23, 2013
Found a Tour while playing. liked the way it felt when I hit it. Bought these because of the price. Not a bad ball, just not my favorite. Going back to my Taylormade Rocket Urethane.
By Ed
Fremont, CA
My son is playing these and he has a 18 handi.
July 18, 2013
He likes them, but wanted to try something different to see the results. Trying Bridgstone e6.
By Clay
Northeast tennessee
Great ball
April 29, 2013
Great ball, great price, no brainer! Great feel, great distance, great spin.
ProsFeel, spin, distane, durable
By Tony
NSW, Australia
Great Hot Price
April 20, 2013
The perfect ball for distance and feel
By Christian C.
Calloway tour balls
April 15, 2013
Great balls with a great price.
By Mark
New Jersey
Great balls
April 13, 2013
Fantastic putting feel and spin rate. Distance also good.
ProsSpin Feel
By Chuck
Great price on a great ball
April 13, 2013
It's last years ball but as good as this years and for the price crazy not to get these balls
By Blaine
Salisbury, NC
Great price
April 11, 2013
These are just as good as Pro V1 at a fraction of the price, great job RBG!!!!!!
By Dave
These are great 4 piece ball
April 11, 2013
I love these balls but Calloway is discontuining them in favor of the hex chrome blacks tours. I tried the tours and the outer cover does not hold up as well as these. Get them while you still can!
ProsDurable , 4 piece, no too much spin
By Dave
Vienna, WV
Duh, How Could I Resist!
April 6, 2013
Those that think a tour level ball is no different than a cheepo need to think again. I love the tour balls, but won't buy them usually because of the expense. I not only bought these at a great price, I also got to personalize the ball! I am not a vain person, but having my top quality ball pre-marked was an added bonus.
ProsExcellent ball at the lowest price possible. Logo or printing are an added plus.
By Frank
Monroe CT
Great Ball Great Price
April 4, 2013
These top quality balls for this price? You can't go wrong!
By doug
It may the sub for the ProV1
April 1, 2013
On a routine casual rounding, it can replace the expensive ones.
ProsPlayable; descent performamce in distance and control.
ConsNot good for wind, Reacts quickly to the wind.
By Rusty
Thrilled by this ball
March 24, 2013
and with the personalization offer I couldn't be more pleased..............from a deal. First time I've ever got the balls personalized but it made it the coolest thing.
ProsI think they are the most underrated ball out there. If I thought I could buy a better ball then I would have.
By David
Bellaire, TX
nice balls
March 7, 2013
I find this to be a very playable ball, particularly when compared with other balls at this price point
By Phil
Denver , Colo
great ball, great price
March 6, 2013
The Callaway Tour I(Z) is a great ball, and at $24.99 a dozen, a better price than I have seen anywhere else!
By John
Woodbridge, VA
Great ball.
February 26, 2013
Good feel. Great around the green.
ProsPrice Feel
By Layne
Near Cincinnati, Ohio
Great Ball !
February 20, 2013
Previous fitting session indicated that the Callaway Tour IZ was the best ball for me. I was happy to acquire more at such a "great" price !
ProsGreat distance ball with enough spin for the short game !
By McFly
Great Ball, Long, Soft
February 13, 2013
Callaway makes great golf balls. Great distance and nice spin around the greens. Better than ProV.
ProsLong, nice spin, all around great ball
By Jr
These are Great
February 6, 2013
I like be able to play with a very good ball at a very good price.
Prosexcellent distance and control
By Rich
Somerville, NJ
I love the golf balls, they are long, hold their line well and are soft
February 6, 2013
I have been using these golf balls for about a year, I went through the Bridgestone test at my golf course and these balls were longer for me than their product.
ProsLonger, Softer
By Rich
Somerville, NJ
I love the golf balls, they are long, hold their line well and are soft
February 6, 2013
I have been using these golf balls for about a year, I went through the Bridgestone test at my golf course and these balls were longer for me than their product.
ProsLonger, Softer
By Tod
Stow, Ohio
Callaway Tour I(Z) Balls
February 5, 2013
Great balls for distance off the tee and and control around the green. Compares favorably with Pro V I but at a much better price.
Prosover all performance and value
By Dave
Stevensville, MI
These balls cant be beat
February 4, 2013
I picked up a seasons worth from the Cave for $25 bucks a dozen on sale. These balls are my favorite (I like them even more the pro-v ones). They spin great around the greens and you can still shape the ball from the tee and fairways. You will not find a better ball for the money.
Proslength spin feel best ball on the market for the price
By Bill Davidson
kelso, Washington
tour z golf balls from Callaway
February 4, 2013
the ball has a good feel off the tee,,, has good spin but not so much you blow it off the green and feels good when putting
Prosall around feel
By jim
red oak, IA
I like these better than the new hex black
February 4, 2013
More durable and pretty much same feel and distance as the hex black balls for much less!
Prosgood spin decent distance
By Chuck
Oh yeah
February 4, 2013
ProV is my ball of choice but there is absolutely no drop off for me with this Calloway. For the price, can't beat it!
By John
Philadelphia, PA
Great Price
February 4, 2013
High quality golf balls at a great price
By Mike
Look Great
February 2, 2013
Quick delivery---Printing looks great
By Daniel
Swanton, VT
Great Ball Great Price
July 17, 2012
Play very well. spin nice and stop fast. great price for a tour ball.
By pat
good ball good price
July 15, 2012
it does what you want it to do.......
By Gary
St. Louis, Mo
Great price- quick delivery!
July 8, 2012
I ordered the IsI callaway golf balls, great price- had them within days!
ProsComparable to proV1's, but $20 cheaper per dozen!
By Mark
Cleveland, OH
July 6, 2012
Awesome golf balls, highly recommended!
By Chad
Tacoma, WA
Top quality ball for an excellent price!
July 3, 2012
You just can't find this quality of ball for a better price.
ProsPrice, durability, performance
ConsThey quit making them
By Jeff
Seattle, washington
Great golf balls
June 28, 2012
Great prices on great golf balls. Good distance and soft feel.
By bob
meadville pa
callaway IZ balls
June 26, 2012
have better life span than prov 1 and 1X don't cut after a few holes can't see any distance loss either spin just as good
Prosall good
By Boneqaurk
Great Ball!
June 24, 2012
Goes farther and spins sideways less than other tour balls. These are a great alternative to ProV-1's. Buy with confidence and a great price from RBG. (Hit my longest drive of the year with this ball last Thursday...292 normal drive is in the 240-260 range, PLUS these fly straight as an arrow!)
By B ryan
New york
Callaway tour (I z) g balls
June 23, 2012
Great price
ProsWere 42.00 a box last year
By Tom
Zanesville, Ohio
Great Deal
June 20, 2012
I recently purchased 3 dozen of these balls for 24.99 per dozen. Simply put, the best ball for the price around.
By Sean
Great Ball for Great Price
June 8, 2012
The Callaway IZ is a great tour level for a great price. I found the distance of this ball was really close to the TP5. The only done side I found on theses balls was that I couldn't shape them that easily. However I can get used to hitting the ball laser straight with a ton of distance for a great price.
ProsReal long off irons Good feel around greens just enough spin off wedges damn near indestructible
ConsHad to really work to draw this ball
By Paul
Albany NY
Great bargain
June 4, 2012
By Kevin
New Jersey
Great Golf Ball
June 3, 2012
This was a great golf ball at the regular price, You can't find a better at the sale price of $26.99.
Prosexcellent distance , great feel and very durable.
By Kevin
New Jersey
Great Golf Ball
June 3, 2012
This was a great golf ball at the regular price, You can't find a better at the sale price of $26.99.
Prosexcellent distance , great feel and very durable.
By Hiro
New York
Great ball
June 3, 2012
Obviously more fitted to myself than HX. Value for the difference.
By Guilherme
tour level ball
June 2, 2012
good spin for less than 30$
By Rich
New Britain, CT
Great balls
May 31, 2012
Great price for a great ball!
By UncleAl
Charlotte, NC
I love this ball.
May 30, 2012
Plays as well, if not better, than a ProV1.
ProsGreat distance and feel at a SUPER price.
Don't Give Up on a Good Thing
May 29, 2012
I have been playing this ball for a few years. Callaway has a new ball out but you can't beat the iz for distance, feel spin you name it. And a $40 ball for $25 that's like money for nothing chics for free
ProsLong off tee
By Scott
Best Balls
May 29, 2012
I just love these balls! Perfect balance of distance and control!
By jeff
moses lake, wa
very close to the pro vx
May 29, 2012
I have been playing 30 years and am a 2 hdcp. Played titleist provs since they came out. Great ball but one expensive and two i have always had issues shredding them with my cleveland wedges. The callaway iz id would say goes about five yards further, spins the same on full shots and spins a little less on approach and chips. I am not shredding the ball now which means i can use it longer. I boughtt three dozen.
Prosnot going to find for the price a better top tier ball
Conswould like just a hair more spin on chips but for the price and durability I can adjust.
By Steven
Maumelle, Arkansas
Great deal
May 29, 2012
This is one of the best balls i personally have ever played. I have a fade that normally has me aiming just outside the fairway and these balls really helped to calm that down. With these balls i have alot more confidence to aim right down the fairway and expect just a slight fade that is now more predictable. These have been a game changer for me. I have shaved off nearly 7 strokes just by playing these balls. Thank you for keeping the cost affordable so that i could try something new.
ProsGreat feel around the greens, immense distance of the tee
ConsWish they came in brighter color.
By Mr Thomas Richard Boubel
United states of america
love this ball
May 26, 2012
long and good spin, great in windy conditions
Prosbest ball for distance and control
By Chris
May 24, 2012
By Roger
New Jersey
Great Deal
May 23, 2012
These balls are great from every area of the course. They're much more expensive anywhere else.
By Noonan
Edmond, OK
Great Balls! Better Price!!
May 22, 2012
Love these balls! Very comparable to ProV 1x's. Would definitely buy again.
ProsLong Durable Great hold/feel on greens
By Benjamin
Sycamore, Illinois
best ball ive ever played
May 21, 2012
hard to find a flaw in these balls. longer than anything I've ever hit and they stop fast enough on the greens when you want them to. They are EXTREMELY durable...the other Callaways i was playing previously got chewed up easily by my wedges but one of these can last a couple of rounds no problem. at $25 a dozen i bought 4 and will be coming back for more without a doubt. if you are a 10 handicap or under, you need to be playing this ball!
By Alan
Chicago, IL
Firm but the price is right
May 21, 2012
I purchased these about a year ago and did not like them at all. I felt they didn't spin as much as their predecessor, and they did not have the soft feel you look for in a tour level ball. I only played a couple sleeves and retired them until reading all the praise they were being given here. I gave them a second go the past couple weeks and was more receptive to the performance this time, but the feel is still too firm - especially on mis-hits. I have noticed a slight increase in distance (more noticeable with the driver) but it's not significant enough to warrant losing feel and greenside control. For the PRICE, the ball gets 4 stars, but you can find a better ball when comparing others that have the same retail value.
Proscost added distance
Consfirm feel low "tour" performance
By Kim Swithinbank
Charleston, SC
Love these balls
May 21, 2012
extra distance for me as a 14 handicapper with medium swing speed and lovely feel around the greens
By Bob
Great deal
May 20, 2012
Great deal for normal every week player. Not as much spin as a Pro V1x but in the same class for distance and wear very well. Got to like them at this price.
By Danielle Cotter
west plains MO
Love the Tour IZ
May 18, 2012
Really like the feel of these balls, they just come off the club really well. i've had better control around the green and not losing any distance off the tee.
By BJw
good price
May 16, 2012
great ball - played these last year. Bought 3 more dozen b/c of the super low price. There are some minor flaws on each of the balls, however. Given the price I didn't bother to send back as I don't think they should affect performance that much. [note: I had this problem with 2 other online retailers as well, and sent those balls back. not sure if Callaway was having a manufacturing problem or what]
By Tim S
Houston, Texas
Great balls at fantastic price
May 15, 2012
New golf balls at used prices. Quality tour level balls at generic prices.
By Sang
Gambrills, MD
May 13, 2012
The ball is great for the price. But it is harder feel than what I am used to. It makes a thud sound with my driver. Still a great ball.
By T
Best ball I've played
May 3, 2012
10+ yards further than my pro v1s. Very soft feel. Great spin
By Paul
Fairfax V
Callaway Golf Balls
September 10, 2011
By Bill
Murray, KY
Calloway Tour i(Z)'s
August 17, 2011
Have only used the ball for a couple of rounds but am very impressed. I'd been playing ProV1X for the last couple of years and decided to try these Calloways on a whim after seeing them at Rock Bottom. The feel and proformance is right in line with the claims made by the manufacturer and says a lot!
ProsGreat distance Soft around the greens Increased durabiltiy over eariler Calloways
By Mike
Great Ball
August 16, 2011
It is long and soft, the best ball I have ever used.
ProsThe value, length and feel.
By Angelo Del Mastro
Melbourne, Australia
Great Ball
August 16, 2011
I am a 17 marker and thought I would give them a try at that great price. Well worth it. Played at Huntingdale on Monday and kept the ball in play on every hole. I generally hit the ball fairly straight, but I do try to hit it with a little draw which doesn't always work for me, and I did like the way it came off the club, nice and solid.
ProsGreat Ball Great Price Great Service
ConsWhat's to dislike?
By Mike
Gaithersburg, MD
Callway - Tour IZ
August 16, 2011
Great ball - sweet price. Premium ball at less than 2nd tier player balls like Titleist NXT.
ProsGood enough for the PGA tour - nuff said
ConsRock Bottom temporarily sold out
By terry
callaway tour(z) balls
August 12, 2011
very nice ball feels good off club face and around greens as long as pro v sounds a little firm off putter but still rolls nicely very good ball in wet conditions we are having at moment with soft greens and fairways
By Steve Janson
August 4, 2011
these balls are one of the best I have tried all the balls on the market and i keep coming back to these
Prosgreat contol
By Jeff
Pleasanton, CA
Incredible Deal!
July 26, 2011
I fell in love with these balls after playing them, but was not thrilled about the price. The deal I found at Rock Bottom Golf was my saving grace!! The balls have a great feel and give me confidence on the tee box.
ProsGreat feel Long Great Name Brand
ConsOriginal Price seem to cut up easily
By Iggy Quinto
Brisbane, Australia
Golf Tour Balls- Callaway Tour-iZ
July 26, 2011
Have used the ball last Sunday on my golf game. Have used Callaway Big Bertha Driver (Stiff Flex) as well to see if they match each other. Happy with the outcome, but will try again next week on my regular driver (Flex) and see what the outcome will be.
ProsPrice, construction and flight pattern.
ConsDistance not as far as my normal driving distance.
By Daniel
Rochester, MN
Awesome Feel, Awesome Distance
July 19, 2011
As expected from a high end ball these do not disappoint. Longer straighter and more consistent drives all around with a ton of feel around the green. I may not be able to hit these all the time due to the price but I am definitely enjoying them when I do have them
Pros-Distance -Feel -Accuracy
Cons-Pretty steep for an everday ball
By Migeul
Fairfax, VA
great balls
July 19, 2011
great balls, good feel and distance. but always seem to find water for me
By Neil Gibbs
BC Canada
July 16, 2011
Balls are exactly as advertised and delivery was prompt. I am in North Central British Columbia Canada and it took less than a week to get my order. Very well done.
By Norm Stavenes
Richmond, BC
Good Ball, Good Buy.
July 11, 2011
played with this ball for the first time today. Didn't hit the ball real well, but shot net 72. distance on most shots at least as long as the balls I have been playing with.
Prosgood distance, good feel.
By Andrew
Somerton Park, SA
Nice and long
July 11, 2011
Golf balls seem to be the biggest technology advancement in golf. For years I used cheap balls thinking they are all the same, after using a nicer ball like this your other balls feel like rocks. They go further, stop quicker, and don't leave marks on your clubs. Well worth a try, especially at this price
By ItsSkylineTime
Cleveland, OH
Best ball for me
July 5, 2011
I've tried just about everything and settled on this ball. Love the Hot Bite, but it's just not durable enough. Tried the Tour I(s) and it spun too much off the driver. For me, this is the best option - straight and long off the tee with still plenty of grab on the greens. And at $25/dozen, you can't beat the price.
ProsStraight off tee Still plenty of grab on greens
By jim sheehan
naperville, il
Great product
June 28, 2011
Good feel and low spin
By steven
canberra, act
Callaway balls
June 28, 2011
fantastic product at a fantastic price
Prosgreat feel lots of spin fantastic price
By Jonathan
Greensburg, PA
Great Deal
June 27, 2011
Great price for such a high quality golf ball
By Robert Turner
Avondale, AZ
I was a Hot X Plus guy, but this has improved my short game along with the distance that I was getting from Hot x plus.
June 24, 2011
A great ball for the drive and around the green play. I recommend good to above average plays try this ball.
By Mike
I love my balls!
June 22, 2011
Great deal on great balls!
ProsDistance Feel
By B Max
New Hampshire
Feeling like a pro
June 22, 2011
These golf balls really fit my game. Thanks for making these golf balls affordable for the average consumer!
ProsBack spin, back spin, back spin
By Paul
Top value
June 20, 2011
Great balls for the price. Well done Rockbottom, I checked many other outlets (I'm a skinflint), you were the best.
ProsTop line ball for awesome price.
By juan
jersey city, nj
Great Ball...
June 19, 2011
Great ball flight and not too much spin on greens...
ProsGreat feel of club...
ConsScuffs easy...
By Joel
Windsor, ON
Great premium ball for the price
June 19, 2011
Great length off the tee, not as soft around the greens or off the putter as most other premium balls (Penta, Pro V1, etc)
ProsVery long - low spin off the driver
ConsFeel is a bit "clicky"
By Bob
Anaheim Hills, CA
June 13, 2011
Looks good, feels good and goes far.
ProsFeel and distance.

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