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By kenny
harpers ferry, WV
September 7, 2015
this is an accurate driver , and accuracy is very important with the big stick
Consmay be a little light for some gilfers
By Collin Breckenridge
King City, Missouri
Good driver!!
August 4, 2015
I have had this driver for a couple weeks now. It has added at least 15yds to my drives and it has mostly fixed my slice. Arrived on time. 
ProsSounds good on contact
ConsNone so far
By Thanh
Good driver - Good Shaft - Very Good Price
August 2, 2015
Very nice....
By dsober
Baltimore, Md
great value
July 31, 2015
I had the three wood and the driver works just as I hoped it would.
ProsNice feel and sound
By Scott
Palm Coast, FL
July 30, 2015
I don't usually review golf clubs. I did though want to take a second and say that this is the best, and most easy to hit driver I have ever owned. I have struggled with driver for years, and this stick has helped me to become a good driver of the golf ball.
ProsIt's straight!
ConsNot the longest, but I trade distance for accuracy.
By ed key ac
essex md
best driver for older player
July 19, 2015
This is the best for an older person I am 65 230 pounds 10 handicap. with this driver I always hit it 240 - 260 with no effort,, I have the senior shaft 13.5 degree I have it set on neutral and it draws about 5 yards , but the key is the swing effort is 80 % of max, so I can play every day . when I miss a fairway it is usually only by 5 yards, I won long drive contest with this driver it went about 275 yards, but that was a full max swing.
Prosgreat driver for older player that hits a Michelle Wie type of ball (low)
By Bud
Jacksonville, FL
What a Great Buy
July 8, 2015
I really couldn't believe the first drive I made with this club--The ball went High and long and straight. I am gaining about 40 yards on my drives. I can't thank Rock Bottom enough for this purchase. I'm a true Rock Head now.
By Bill
Hurricane, WV
Should have purchased 2 or 3 years ago!
July 2, 2015
I have had a problem for a couple of years getting the ball in the air off the tee with my 10.5 degree driver. In the dry part of summer that is not necessary a bad thing as it rolls a long way. However this summer with wet fairways and rough here in the east, and my league teeing off at 9 AM when there is a lot of dew on the grass, it is like hitting the ball onto Velcro. It finally dawned on me to purchase a 13.5 degree face driver that will fit my swing instead of me always trying to change my natural swing by trying to hit up on the ball. It have only played two rounds with this driver but I have averaged 7 strokes less per round. It am in my mid 70s and I believe that in a few more weeks I will be back to shooting in the 80s where I used to be before I got old.
ProsI am able to fly the ball over the wet rough and gain quite a few yards of distance compared to my old 10.5 degree driver in the conditions we are playing in now. This by itself makes this club a great buy, and then you add the fact that it was shipped to me almost before I finished the purchase, and I received it two days later,WOW.
ConsThe first day I used the club I hit the ball high on the club face almost to the toe and there is a slight dimple on the club face? It has not caused me any problems and I would make the same purchase again.
By Stan
Cleveland, OH
High launch
July 1, 2015
Easy to hit, forgiving and good distance; about the same or slightly better than my previous Callaway driver. At age 70 and a handicap of 17, I drive the ball about 225 with this driver.
ProsForgiving, straight but can be worked for fade or draw in neutral shaft position. High launch.
ConsNone so far (used for four rounds)
By James Stark
Port Rowan Ontario Ca
Outstanding club
June 30, 2015
Got this for a friend he is hitting in the air now carrying about 49 yes further with a swing speed of around 88 MPH. Very happy camper now.
ProsHigh loft very good shaft nice to the eye.
ConsCan't find one.
By Roger
June 26, 2015
I'm 68 and I hit this club very well
By Korey
Dad can hit drives again
June 24, 2015
Bought this 13.5 degree senior flex for my 76 yr old father.  He was carrying his former driver about 150 and rolling out to 175. This driver carries to 175 and he's hitting 200 yard tee shots for the first time in several years.  The club is adjustable.  However,  the weak fade he hit before is straight with this club in the neutral position.
ProsVery solid Adjustable Perfectly matched club
By Jim Runyan
Cape May County, NJ
Best Driver I've ever owned
June 3, 2015
This driver has a senior flex & 13.5 degree loft. I have also tended to hit a low ball & with this I am getting the proper height. Also I tend to slice or at least the ball & it has a setting for straight, closed or open. Now I'm hitting a draw. The feel of the is just perfect for me. The grip & the appearance is terrific. Service from Rock Bottom Golf was excellent.
ProsSeems like a custom made driver for me
ConsHaven't found one yet
By Jeff
Tuckerton, NJ
Excellent Club
June 3, 2015
I just received the X-HotDriver and could'nt wait to get it on the range. Great feel right from the first swing. Very forgiving, increased my yardage by at least 20-30 yards. Can't say enough good things.
Prosvery confortable to swing easy to adjust.
By John
Royersford, PA
X hot
June 2, 2015
Light driver. Increase club speed
By Andy McPhee
Doylestown, PA
Absurdly forgiving
May 26, 2015
A golfing bud of mine bought one of these and I tried it. Ripped three great drives in a row. Fantastic. Ordered one myself, and I just love it. It is extremely forgiving, and besides that it looks great. I feel much more confident hitting this stick than my old driver, a Cleveland HiBore, which I LOVED. But this one, man, it's a keeper!
By John
Manassas, Virginia
Not great, but good.
May 11, 2015
I didn't use this driver very long. Went from the Diablo Octane to this driver. Went back to the Octane after a few rounds of mashing balls al over the course. Just never got used to it, or it wasn't for me. But the Diablo series from Callaway has always done it for me. Not that pumped about the Hot series. 
ProsIt's a driver. 
ConsI personally could never hit it well. 
By Brian
cincinnati OH
Upgrade from my TMag driver
May 7, 2015
This club is easy to hit long and straight.  I found it to be an upgrade from my Burner 2.0.  The driver is now one of my confidence clubs.
ProsLong Forgiving Great price from RBG
By Ryan
Okemos, MI
May 6, 2015
I know Callaway continues to makw high quality clubs but this club really blew me away! Definatley worth the buy for the price! Feels great in my hands and the balls are flying off the club! 5 STARS!!
By matthew
Channahon, IL
shaft issues
May 6, 2015
Go with the stiff shaft of you are on the fence.  The lag I feel with the regular shaft really impedes distance
By Ed
Aurora, CO
Liking this one!
May 4, 2015
Great price for a great club! Played a couple of rounds, so far, with this one and very happy with it. My buddy hit it really well, so will probably be back for one for him! Callaway seems to be my brand now.
By John
Mansfield, Ohio
Great Game Improvement Driver
May 4, 2015
13.5 degrees L flex worked really good for me an older slower swinging player. More accurate good hits in play with very good distance. Gets up in the air fast and hot. I really like this driver. Highly recommended.
Pros79.95 plus 9.99 shipping
ConsSometimes I think driver shafts are getting too long. Just an opinion.
Ontario , Canada
May 4, 2015
By Jacqui
Great club
May 3, 2015
I need to practice with this club a bit more to give you a proper comment about it but seems ok the one time I have used it.
By Rob Cox
CanalWinchester, Ohio
So far so good with this driver
May 1, 2015
Delivered prompt and on time as always, And the club itself so far has been fantastic.
ProsEasy to hit and control
By Ken
St. Simons Island, Georgia
This club promises more than it delivers
May 1, 2015
I read the reviews before buying this club, and they sounded like the perfect solution to hitting the ball farther and straighter. Unfortunately, the club did not live up to the reviews in my cae. I hit the ball about the same distance as my Rocketbalz driver, but the Rocketbalz is easier to hit that the X-hot. The x-hot feels good in my hands, but the superior performance and game improvement are not there for me.
ProsGood feel, nice balance, attractive appearance.
ConsHarder hit and not as forgiving as some clubs. Distance seems to be about the same as other hi-tech clubs.
By Jim Wilson
Allen, TX
X-Hot Driver
May 1, 2015
Excellent addition to my X-Hot irons and #3 Wood.
By John
Trumbull, CT
Great Driver, unreal price!
May 1, 2015
Three rounds so far. Adjusted to open and kept one ball in play for 18 holes on a tight course. Easiest way to lower your score is to avoid penalty strokes. Will continue to buy from the Rock!
By Michael
Collinsville, OK
Amazing results for a beginner like me!
April 30, 2015
I am only a beginner, so I've used a couple of my buddies drivers in the past, with no luck at all. I finally decided to get my own and i ran across this deal, figured I'd scoop it up for a low price and just practice practice practice...i noticed RIGHT AWAY the difference, i was hitting straighter and further immediately! oh, and the sound it makes with solid contact, PRICELESS! Great Deal RBG!
By Barry Gonzalez
Dallas, Texas
Sweet Driver!!
April 30, 2015
Last 3 drivers have been callaway but just different degrees. I've gone from 10.5 to 9 to now 11.5.. Haven't golfed since August due to cold weather and new baby and can't wait to test this thing out
By Cliff
April 30, 2015
Fast delivery and great price.
By Dave
Higher ball flight
April 30, 2015
Ball flies higher with comparable overall distance.
ProsGood club for soft courses.
ConsOffcenter hits punished in feel and distance.
By Doc Joe
April 30, 2015
It was truly worth the price!
By mick
hoping to replace 8 year old Hogan
April 30, 2015
Not as I hoped
ProsGreat style sets up well
ConsShaft too soft for my swing...not as long or straight as my Hogan
By Shawn
East Texas
Great club, great price
April 30, 2015
Got this driver to replace the one I've been using for 10 years. When I make good contact, they go long and straight. Can't beat the price, hope I can get 10 years out of this one!
ProsGreat price, adjustable head
By Larry
Winter Haven, FL
Awesome Driver
April 30, 2015
I was looking for a replacement driver for my Razr Fit Extreme. Callaway has made another great driver with this club.
ProsEasy to line up square Lightweight Very little sidepin
ConsNothing negative except maybe getting more lessons. LOL
By Jack
Western Pa
X hot Driver
April 30, 2015
Perfect out of the box, longer and straighter than my collection of other Drivers, this one is a keeper
ProsGood grip, nice head cover
By John
Southport, NC
Easy to hit
April 30, 2015
This is an easy driver to hit. The hosel is adjustable to a standard, open or closed position. The closed position helps to control my wicked slice.
By Dan
United States
great club
April 24, 2015
Reading the previous reviews gave me hope this was the driver for me. I was not disappointed. I hit this club long and straight and the price was easy on my pocket. Cant say enough good things about this Callaway driver.
Prosgreat bargain. exceeded expectations.
By Bobby
Suffolk, VA
Hot off the clubhead
April 20, 2015
Great driver. Love the sound and man dos it come off hot! Definitely and improvement from my old Cobra driver. Handicap is going to be dropping now
Prossound feel distance
By Ron
April 19, 2015
Just got it and found the ball flies off the face. Club feels light compared to my other ones and found it very forgiving so far. Tried the adjustment from the S position to the O since my miss is a hook. Did not seem to make much difference. Over all my first impression is very nice!
ProsLively face and good feedback feel at contact
ConsLack of apparent change with the wrench settings.
By Donald
Palm Coast, Fla
The best
April 17, 2015
This club has been the best addition to my game in a very long time. It has added at least 25-30 yards to my drive. Which means strokes off my game . I would highly recommend the purchase of this club. No way you can go wrong.
By Chris
Even makes me play good
April 14, 2015
very forgiving
By Bill Taylor
Detroit, MI
Great Driver
March 26, 2015
This is a great looking driver that plays well. Right out of the box I was able to hit this club very well. My group was impressed with how far and straight I hit this club. This was a great choice for me.
By Will
My first Callaway Driver
March 18, 2015
I have been a casual golfer since in my 20’s, never purchase Callaway clubs prior. The choice of this driver was to match the set I had just purchased in the last 6 months. I have like the weight, speed of club head that my play has achieved and the length of drives has increased by 15 to 20 mts. I would be happy to recommend the club
Prosweight, speed of head achieved feel
ConsMe not being Tiger Woods to get the max out the club
By Paul Bell
Turangi, New Zealand
Great driver
March 18, 2015
More than happy with new driver, hitting straighter and longer, great price compared to what I would pay in New Zealand, Rockbottom Golf great to deal with
By Nick Theodosion
St. Augustine, Florida
This is the best driver I have ever used. It is easy to control overall straight drives time after time.
March 14, 2015
Being able to complete my swing and have it go down the middle each time made it much easier to head to the second shot with a better chance to get on time.
By spencer mcbride
Good driver
March 14, 2015
Great driver, only used it for a week now but have no complaints.
this is a great driver
March 11, 2015
you can get up on that it goes It out hit most of the new driver on the market great club
By Jinsuk
Cleveland, OH
better than big bertha driver
March 10, 2015
big bertha is overatted
Prosit's the best

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