By Pherendeen
San Angelo, TX
April 30, 2015
One Hot FW
Love this X-Hot FW! :) Gets the ball up quick off of most lies including FW bunkers (not that I'm ever in one of those you know!!) Great price and fast shipping! Thanks Scratch! Pat
ProsBall has nice high trajectory to stop quick on the greens Excellent out of most lies
By Chris
April 14, 2015
easy to hit
By Paul Bell
Turangi, New Zealand
March 18, 2015
Callaway 3 X-Hot fairway wood
Great club off the tee and fairway, more than happy with this purchase
By Harry
March 14, 2015
Great club, First round hit three times landed on 3 Greens!!!
I bought this 11 wood to replace my 5 iron and it really does the job! On the very first round I had to use it on 3 occasions 2 from the fairway and once off the tee on 190 yard Par 3. I hit the par 3 tee shot ball flew up in the air landed 12 feet from the pin! First fairway shot I was 178 yard out slightly uphill and had to clear some 25" trees about 15 yards in front of me. The ball came out over the trees and landed on the green 10 " from the pin. Unbelievably easy to hit, soft on landings and easy to direct. GREAT CLUB!!!
By Bob
Louisville, KY
March 13, 2015
Easy height
Ball gets up very quickly and the face is very live. 25 degrees but looks very comfortable at address. Never thought I could hit an 11 wood this far. Very good club for senior speed swingers, Again two day ship. Nobody get product out quicker or cheaper,
By gerry
rochester ny
February 28, 2015
Callaway Golf X-Hot Fairway Wood
Good club head & shaft!
ProsFairly easy to hit.
ConsYou can hit any club bad!
By Charles
Lake City, FL
January 26, 2015
Great club, can be used as a hybrid
They say you're supposed to hit a hybrid like an iron, not a fairway club. Well, I like hybrids but can't hit them consistently like I can a fairway club. I got this little bad boy (11wood, 25 degrees) to be my hybrid and its perfect. Has a large head for an eleven wood, easy to hit. Highly recommended for anyone frustrated with hitting hybrids.
ProsLarge head, easy to hit.
By Tony
Sarasota, Florida
January 20, 2015
Great Buy
I needed a club for shots between 160 and 170 yards from the pin. Works like a charm for me. Nicely balanced and very easy to hit.
By dmcinc
January 19, 2015
Massive distance with easy playability from the deck
ConsLonger in length of club than standard.
By Joe
High p[oint ,nc
January 19, 2015
Callaway x hot 4 wood
hit the ball straight. Good distance . Club looks good .
By Grant
January 18, 2015
X hot 4 wood
Easy to hit, very forgiving
By Hoosier Bob
January 18, 2015
Love woods
I love my woods and this 11 wood, which is 4 degrees more loft than my 7 wood, should work real well. Its winter here so I can only dry swing it but it seems smooth. Callaway X Hot may be a lot of fun this coming year.
ProsMore lofted wood
ConsTo cold to use
By harry
houston tx
January 17, 2015
very good
smooth swing
By Bennett
los angeles, ca
January 17, 2015
why so loooong?
I bought the 4 wood, used it once and got rid of it as soon as I could. Why? It was longer than my 3 wood and probably longer than a lot of the drivers the pros are using. These companies brag about how much tech is in the head of the club and they go and make the shaft way longer than it needs to be. for that reason alone, I can't recommend this club. I want a club I can control and found hitting this off the deck much too hard.
Consshaft too long.
By Andy
January 17, 2015
What a price
Good distance and forgiving. Sound on contact is not as rewarding as the "ting" I got on. Y old Taylor made
By Alan
The Villages, FL
January 17, 2015
Great club to compliment the X-Hot driver
Same shaft as X-Hot Pro driver. Launches the ball high without feeling whippy. Nice compact club head
ProsCompact head shape Great Project X shaft Flexes without feeling whippy
By Rick seagrave
Kokomo in
January 17, 2015
Anxious to try.
Fast delivery and club looks great. Well try shortly hitting in nets.
By Mr. Knickers
Cincinnati, Ohio
January 17, 2015
I am tired of keeping it in the trunk or outfitting my woods with a rain bonnet. Great stick and as always, great price.
By Howard Shaw
Oro valley, Arizona
January 7, 2015
Great Club
The club does exactly what I was looking for it to do. Hits em high and they land soft from the distance I have had between clubs inthe past.
ProsFeels good, looks good .
ConsI find no faults with this purchase.........................
January 3, 2015
Great club
I can use the club many ways. Choke up and control or full swing.
Prosawesome. straight and true
By joshua
Saint johns, FL
December 27, 2014
Best bang for the buck.
You cant find a more forgiving fairway wood for less money.
ProsForgiveness Length $$$
ConsThe only con I CON think of is that it is the old version. Other than that the pros outweigh the cons.
By Spinmeister
Williamsburg, V.A.
December 27, 2014
High performance fairway woods
Bought two fairway woods, 4 &11. 4 wood is extremely accurate and provides excellent distance. 11 wood is perfect for par 3's at 110-120 yards. High loft results in drop and stop on green.
ProsAccuracy Distance control Pricing Super shafts
By Michael
Wadsworth, OH
December 22, 2014
Good Deal for a Great Club
Looks great and will be the perfect compliment to my set. Cant wait to hit it.
By Peter
December 18, 2014
great club
Great club.
ProsGreat feel and long.
By Sawgrasser
Melbourne, FL
December 17, 2014
Long Fairway 4-Wood
I needed a club between my 3 X-Hot fairway wood and my 3 hybrid. This 4-wood is perfect and fills the gap perfectly.
ProsBall jumps off the turf and flies long and straight. Great price and fast delivery
ConsThere are no cons with this club.
By Robert
conover, north carolina
November 25, 2014
this club is great
first time on the range I was amazed at the distance and control that I had with this club. I would recommend this club to anyone who really wants to improve his score and ball striking.
Prosexceptional control and distance on and off the tee.
By Woody
November 25, 2014
Chose to buy a 5 wood instead of a hybrid Picked the xhot 5 wood since I like Calaway. Picked xhot over xhot2 due to price and did not think there would be a large difference Very pleased with the club. Good look and feel. Nice solid feel contacting the ball. Expected distance and ball flight for a 5 wood Have played 2 rounds. Shots from fairway and rough, solid and straight shots. For me a good choice over the hybrid
By Jimmy
Appomattox, VA
September 4, 2014
Great Club
Used it for the first time on a short par 5, went 5 wood, 5 wood to green. This club is very nice and the price was out of this world. Thanks RBG, once again you have come through.
ProsNice set-up, great feel, great price.
By Dennis
Ofallon il
September 4, 2014
Great club
Very satisfied with my new Calloway club. Has a great feel and distance.
By Sergio from Murrieta CA
Murrieta CA
August 6, 2014
Callaway X HOT 11 Wood
Recently purchased the Callaway X Hot 11 wood, I was amazed at the excellent ball flight this club produces. The first day on the course, my golf partner was so impressed with this club, that he ordered the same club that evening. it is a great 180 to 200 yard club.
By Steven
Los Angeles, CA
July 21, 2014
Callaway X-Hot 11 wood
Very easy to hit with high trajectory. I can hit to about 180 yards - a nice replacement for my hybrid.
By Chris Fritter
Saint Paul Minnesota
June 5, 2014
To easy to hit
If you want long easy to hit golf shots this is the club for you.
By Vidar André
Sandefjord, ex
May 1, 2014
Easy and long
Like the view of the club. goes faaar! love it.
By Bruce
New York
April 26, 2014
This club isn't as's WAY better!!! I bought this club last year to replace a 3 wood and it was the best choice I every made. From the tee, the fairway or light rough this club is just awesome. I had to get this one for my nephew before he stole mine!!! lol
Proslooks feel playability price
By Jeff
Wilmington, MA
March 15, 2014
Easiest Fairways Ever to Hit
I had never used Callaway fairway woods before the X-Hots, and I am glad I made the switch. I am a 10 handicap that had always played TaylorMades prior to this, and I I always had trouble with the 3 and 5 woods. I bought the 3 wood first and I have never been able to hit shots so far and straight as I do with the X-Hot. The ball jumps off the clubhead. I then bought the 5 wood and had the same result. These clubs will give you a confidence you've never had before with fairway woods.
ProsGood look at setup with no glare thanks to the gray finish. Nice weighting.
ConsStock grip was not great. Switched it out immediately.
By Luke
Davenport, IA
March 11, 2014
Callaway X-Hot Fairway Wood
I wanted to catch up with the new technology aspect of the game. I bought a 3 wood (15*) and took it to the range. I loved the look, setup and feel. It was very easy to hit off the tee and deck. I liked it so much, I bought a 4 wood for the days I want to pull out the 3 and 5 wood to add a wedge.
By Shoe
Brentwood, CA
February 4, 2014
Easy to hit
Good distance when hit flush. Nice swing weight with a balanced feel. Inspires confidence at address.
By Alex
Point Roberts, WA
November 1, 2013
Great 3 and 5 wood
These are fantastic woods. They are great off the deck and off the tee. I still have a grip with woods though, they are much harder to hit than hybrids. The 5 wood is 2 inches longer than the X Hot 3 hybrid but only goes 10-15 yards further. I can hit the ball very well with the hybrid but the wood is tough sometimes. It doesn't take away how great the woods are though.
ProsDistance, feel, control
ConsHard to hit compare to hybrids
By Ray Aubin
October 5, 2013
Great balance and feel
I made my first hole in one using this club. Thanks cave man!!!!
By Tim
North Charleston, South Carolina
August 27, 2013
Good Fairway Wood
Great off the tee. Great off the deck. Has replaced my older driver due to the distance and forgiveness it provides.
By Matt
Clarksville, Tn
August 22, 2013
Good buy
Great price on a great club. This is what you would expect from Callaway.
By Eric
Albuquerque, NM
August 16, 2013
Great fairway wood
Upgraded by Diablo 3w to the X-hot. Wish I had done it sooner. Great club, easy to hit even off thin lie. Penetrating ball flight with lots of distance.
By Patrick
Oak Park, IL
April 26, 2013
Awesome Club
Awesome club, I have no complaints. Easy to hit off the ground, and I also don't feel like I am skying it from the tee.
ProsRockets off the face Solid feel and not a high tingy impact sound Easy to hit off the fairway
By Hawkeye
April 25, 2013
hot face and long
Best 3wood I ever used. Got to a couple par 5's I never came close to. Ball just explodes off face like it was shot out of a cannon. Excellent for tee shots on tight par 3's without sacrificing too much distance. Just an awesome club.
ProsDistance, Forgiveness, High launch

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