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By The Bay
Washington, DC
Awesome Driver
February 13, 2015
I have being playing a Callaway Fit driver for a few years and I hit the ball pretty far. I decided to try the X-hot pro driver after I purchased/played with X-hot pro 3-wood, 5-wood, & 3-hybrid ... and was blown away by the performance of the club. The X-hot pro driver is LONG!!! 1st round using the club, I hit a massive drive on the par 5. Then hit a 5-wood into the green...8 ft Eagle putt - which I missed (I guess I need a X-hot pro putter...LOL!).
By Tommy C
Mountain Home, AR
The Kid Loved It
December 29, 2014
I bought this for my wife's nephew for Christmas. I checked the driver out and loved the feel-I wanted to keep it, but it was Christmas so I had to give it away
ProsGood driver at a great price.
By Alan
The Villages, FL
Hot and straight
December 19, 2014
This driver head combined with the Project X shaft is the longest driver I have used. The shaft has a flexible feel without being too soft. The head is slightly smaller giving the club a classic head look. Great value from Rock Bottom Golf
ProsLong hitting, Straight Adjustable face lies Great feeling shaft
By Jonathan
Columbus, OH
Great Buy!
December 18, 2014
I purchased this driver for my son for Christmas. He has not gotten it yet but he will love it. It looks great and feels really well in the hands. I can't wait for him to get it and try it out. You can't beat Rockbottom's price and costumer service. Thanks Caveman!
ProsLooks great! Nice grip! Great price!
By Donald
Converse, Texas
Light, Straight, Long
December 13, 2014
This driver had great feel, it is light with at 440 CC head which allows you full control of the club head for very nice draw, fade and straight tee shots. shaft feels great, used the stiff 6.0. Hit 75% of the fairways the first round I played with this, 1 shot went too long straight but past the fairway. Hit 3 drivers 310 plus, down wind of course. you will love this driver and you will feel the control with the smaller club head and light shaft and head. Went back online after my round and ordered the 3 wood.
ProsLight, Straight, Long
New driver
December 10, 2014
First round and couldn't be happier. Improved distance over my old Taylor Made and only missed 2 fairways.
By Jeff
Wilmington, MA
Great driver for the price
November 23, 2014
I have used this driver for two years. Very easy to hit. I hit a number of drivers before deciding on this one and it was not the longest of the drivers, but the control I gained with this driver is well worth giving up a few yards. It does not have a lot of adjustability and that did not concern me because it felt so good hitting it with the factory settings. A great buy at the Rock Bottom price!
ProsThe silver head eliminates glare. Looks good at setup.
ConsDon't like Callaway stock grip. Swapped it out immediately.
By Justin
Buford, GA
Bought for Dad...
November 17, 2014
This was purchased for my father who is just starting out in golf. He hits this club straight and long and is very happy with it. Callaway performance at a discount price!!!
Sylvania Ohio
good club lite feel
November 14, 2014
By Ed
Wilmington, De.
November 10, 2014
I can easily hit this club as long as my last driver with less effort. If I want more distance its there too. Nice real nice.
ProsNice feel and easy to hit.
ConsHaven't found any.
By Jim
Santa Cruz, CA
Great Driver
November 7, 2014
This driver is easy to hit and long. Great club for the money.
By Thomas Romero
Lake Charles, La.
October 24, 2014
This driver is long. It's the pro version, so the Project X shaft is an added bonus for this club. The overall length of the driver is longer than my TaylorMade was, which may add to the distance. I am 59 and was playing from the blues. We are now playing from the tips to avoid trouble that we usually would encounter if we were long. No problem scoring from the back, just maybe a longer club coming in. Still a wedge in in a lot of cases. You will not be disappointed with the club and with the RB price, you can't go wrong.
ProsLong and straight.
By Bill Davidson
Kelso ,, Wa
Callaway Golf x-hot pro driver
October 22, 2014
the club feels really light in your hands so takes a little time to get use to it with your swing,, but in time its a great driver,,
Prosgreat price for sure,, good looking club,,, helps make faster club head speed
Consonly thing is it takes time to get use to be such a little club in your hands
By ed
x-hot pro driver
October 22, 2014
good quality and great looks- but I do not quite have the swing speed to get the proper flex and kick in order to crush a drive-. still driving between 200 & 225. overall I am satisfied with this product and it will stay in my bag.
By Jeff Weston
United States
Straight and Long
October 21, 2014
Just got, like the feel and the extra length and straightness off the tee. Enjoyed playing around with the settings to see what fits best for me.
By Carson
jacksonville, florida
great club
October 14, 2014
hits the ball further and straighter
By wes
love this driver!
September 20, 2014
Great driver and great price!
ProsGreat driver
By Jimmy
Richmond, VA
Are you kidding me?
September 10, 2014
9.5* X Hot Pro Driver=Distance!!! 20 yards more at least, hitting some 270, as compared to the standard 230 I typically get with the old driver. Get this club, and the 15* X Hot Pro fairway wood, which prompted this purchase. Thanks, Scratch!
By Butch
Mount Pleasant, SC
Hot face, but a bit too light
August 29, 2014
The ball absolutely leaps off this face, but the overall package is a bit too light for me, can't tell where it's at in mid swing. If your looking for distance this is the club.
By steve
newport news, va
Super deal!
August 29, 2014
I purchased this driver to be a donation at a fund-raiser that I was attending. The club was ordered around lunchtime on Thursday and was delivered to my home by dinnertime the very next day, even though I only paid the standard shipping fee. Way to go Scratch!! Thanks for the fantastic service:)
By Patrick
Xenia oh
solid club
August 20, 2014
Hits as long as my dads tmade sldr. Nice club.
By Toby
August 16, 2014
Great club I'm just a beginner this club is easy to hit straight an far a real pleasure
By Alex
Point Roberts, WA
Fantastic Club
August 7, 2014
This was in my bag for last season and it was fantastic and long! However, since the Big Bertha Alpha came out I had to make the switch. It doesn't take away how great this club is. I did crack the face and had to send it in for warranty but it was still a pleasant experience. Great distance and forgiving!
ProsDistance Forgiveness Feel
By Baird
Murray, Ky
July 21, 2014
Easy to hit a long way
By gus rockers
United States
Great club
July 15, 2014
It has as solid feel and the accuracy is excellent
By Seung Kyun
Columbus, ohio
good callaway driver
July 10, 2014
might be better than even x hot 2
By Jim
Willmar, MN
Sweet look
June 23, 2014
Easy to hit and long. Took a little getting used to soft feel off face, but the results are long.
By Mike
Johnson City, TN
Solid Weapons!
June 10, 2014
Won a gift certificate and decided on a new 3 wood, so the Pro recommended the X Hot, so on its first test it was LONG! Was a great addition as I have tried many over the years and was still hitting a tour head 06 Burner, I figured if the 3 wood was that long the driver has to be hot. WOW! The X Hot is super long, picked up some definite yardage, my friend has Big Bertha and I am popping it past him again!
By David
Twin Cities
In the bag
April 28, 2014
At the range this driver was going right everytime and could not turn it over. Great sound, great trajectory but went right. Adjusted to closed position and way better results as I can get it to turn over. Played one round so far as the weather here in the upper midwest has been lousy for golf. This driver begs to get after it. The smaller head and progect x 6.0 shaft is a good combo. Bombed two t shots that left my group and I in awe. In the bag it goes for this year and will tinker with the face angle, as I think i was leaving it open. Bought the xhp 3 wood and that thing is a monster of a fw.
ProsPrice. Sound. Looks. And of course distance.
ConsNo alignment mark on crown.
By Nick
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
Great upgrade for the a great Price!
April 25, 2014
Added 10 to 20 yards to my driver and the adjustability, while not as advanced as other brands, works great for a person just learning control the ball out of the box.
By Chris
Cleveland, Ohio
Add Distance and Shot Shaping
April 8, 2014
I immediately added 6 or 7 yards off the drive. I've been hitting short par 4 greens off of the drive consistently. The confidence level with this driver is through the roof. Callaway definitely outdid themselves again.
By Steve
Callaway Golf- X Hot Pro Driver
March 5, 2014
Great Club ! I have a very high trajectory and this club really helps get my ball flight on the correct path. Boring, not ballooning. Surprisingly forgiving as well. I would recommend this club to anybody looking to hit it long with some roll.
ProsGood price. Good looks and sound
By stephen
wellington, FL
Great Driver
February 27, 2014
tried alot of the most wanted drivers and this is by far the longest and the best.
By Vic
Titusville, Fl
Believe the Hype
February 25, 2014
Just got this driver last week and WOW! What else can I say when it exceeds one's expectations from the last? First, I've been a Callaway fan and had all sorts of their drivers the last few years and of recent the Diablo Octane Tour. That was a great club and figure I'd give this x-hot tour a go and surely was not disappointed. Average about 10 yrd further with controllable fades and draws. The frame face technology helped kept the ball in play as the lighter shaft and head lets you bomb away. Understand the x-hot 2 is now out but it is essentially the same with added loft adjustment(s) capabilities. I personally like the look of the original better and believe in minimal tinkering. AND let's not forget about saving some $$ for the bottom line which is even better...thanks Rockbottom!!!
ProsLooks, feel, sound and technology behind the club. Product and lower retail cost = best value.
ConsMaybe the sound of impact but quite sure I'll get used to it when it's long AND in fairway!
By Vic
February 25, 2014
Broke my FTIQ and needed new club. Have used it a couple of weeks and as a novice golfer I am able to consistently hit this club straight. Hated to lose my FTI but this club does a great job also.
ConsNot talented enough to see any.
By Rocky Mountain high
Breckenridge Colorado
Beautiful club !!!!! Nice weight and feel !!!!
December 15, 2013
Just received driver a few days ago, since I live in the balmy climate of Breckenridge Colorado I won't be using it on the course until February in Hawaii . The price was Awesome and shipping was fast and easy. Thank you Scratch, I will return with overall review at later date.
ProsLove the weight and feel of the club, wanted to change to x-hot regular but I am very glad I stayed with x-hot pro. A little smaller head but the look and feel are exactly what I wanted.
ConsMaybe a little more color or design on top of head.
By John W.
Midland, TX
I made a mistake!
December 5, 2013
Bought it for my spouse. I tried it on the practice and was going to keep it since 5 out of 5 went 220+! She used it for that day's round and beat me by 7 Shots! Needless to say I'll have to pry it from her cold, d... hands. Have to order one for me, now.
ProsWeight and Balance felt better than my Nike VR Pro.
ConsDon't really need the adjustment capability.
By Jon
Peace River, Alberta, Canada
Great Players Club
November 28, 2013
I have a high trajectory and this club really helps get my ball flight on the correct path. Boring, not ballooning. Surprisingly forgiving as well.
By nels johnson
lakeland, florida
"HOT" good name for it.
November 6, 2013
Now that I've used it for a few rounds and have it tuned in, I've gained about 15 -18yards and have a consistent slight draw. Love the feel. Sound is something that I haven't gotten used to when it is hit flush.
Prosfeel, controllability
ConsOccasionally the guy that swings it but it is very forgiving.
By Alan
Vancouver Canada
Good driver
October 6, 2013
Easy to hit. Substantial feel on impact
ProsEasy to hit. mishit balls off the toe still turn out good
Consallen key fit is not perfect
Another Callaway Great
August 13, 2013
The look, feel and performance of the X Hot Pro is very satisfying, great job Callaway
By AZGolfer
Difficult to Align
July 26, 2013
I'm a single digit and better than average driver of the golf ball. Not sure who writes all these swooning reviews but I have had a different experience. The graphic on the face indicates the optimal location to strike the ball is near the heel. There is no marking on the crown on this model like there is on the "non-pro" version. Even with the face angle set to open, I cannot get the club to set up open without great effort. I find it very difficult to avoid hitting snap hooks. The ball does travel farther on mishits than my G20 or Razr Hex Black mishits. The difference is, I hit the ball flush most of the time with the other drivers and almost never with this one, I just cannot hit it off the heel. The number of fairways I hit with this driver is less than half the number I hit with my other drivers and the misses are on the order of tens of yards rather than one or two with my others. Hopefully I can sell mine and not take a big loss.
Proslonger off the toe, light overall weight so probably a good club for golfers struggling to generate club head speed over 90mph
ConsExtremely difficult to align the face with the desired ball flight, heel bias for optimal performance, longer distance on mishits means missing fairways by dozens of yards rather than a few
By Bud
Ocean City, NJ
Cured my slice immediately
June 1, 2013
This is a great club. I am hitting straight and long. My slice was losing more distance than I realized. It was corrected right from the start.
Prosnice sound at impact...very solid Good looking club Off center hits still go straight..big sweet spot
ConsNot a thing to complain about
By Lucas
Sydney, Australia
So far, so good
May 31, 2013
Played one round so far, ball comes off the face beautifully, great sound, Project X 6.0 feels good, love the look. Closed the face after the first round as I was pushing them right a bit, will see how that works in my round tomorrow!
ProsLook, shaft, sound, head size
ConsNo loft adjustment but I knew that when I bought it. Lucky I picked the right loft!
By Andrew
Very long and workable
March 25, 2013
Great driver to hit, longer than razr fit. Highly recommend this to anyone wanting to find those extra few yards
By Rupert
New Zealand
March 23, 2013
Worth every dollar you pay. Straight, easy set-up and no cutting like some tour drivers.
ProsNice head Awesome sound Good distance
By Jeremy
Roslyn, NY
X Hot Pro Driver
March 14, 2013
Had the pleasure of demoing this club yesterday. Very, very solid driver from Callaway. Not enough to make me switch from the Razr Fit, but it's hot face and stable feel at impact made it a blast to hit.
Prosdistance traditional looks stability

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