By Scott
Hickory N.C
December 2, 2013
Love it
Putter has everything I have grown to love about Odyssey. I play often enough to know putting is all about confidence and when setting up with this putter on those 5 footers It seems to line up itself. On the downside it does take getting use to on the longer putts.
ProsEasy to line up. Putter face is hot so shorter back stroke
ConsIf I had to choose one it would be hard to get speed for longer putts
By Mike
Monroe, NC
November 26, 2013
Just what the doctor ordered
Love this putter
By Steve
St. Paul, MN
November 22, 2013
Built in forward press!
This makes a lot of sense. Forward press with the back of your left hand (conventional grip) facing & going towards the target during the stroke. Helps keep the angle of the right wrist established at setup.
ProsHelps forward press
Consa little diffrent system
By Clay
May 16, 2013
Great feel and weight
A little hard to get used too but I immediately improved. Reccomend!
By Steve
May 5, 2013
A good putter
I have used this putter for 5 rounds now and I am really liking it. My accuracy has improved and the ones I miss are left very close to the hole.
Pros-Easy alignment -Good feel
Consthe only downside to me is that the club is a little bulky when in the putter tube on my bag. It's in the way when I try to get to my wedge's
Prairie City, Iowa
May 2, 2013
Confidence Builder
Love this putter! It really helps with lining up your putts and the ball rolls nicely off the face. Nice feel.
ProsAlignment aids and weight.
ConsNothing so far.
By Gary
Napier, New Zealand
May 1, 2013
Great Buy
First day out with my new putter was round one of our club's strokeplay championship.What a day ! 8 one putts, two from the fringe of the green and one forty footer from the front of the green.Absolutely love it.
ProsLining up is easy and the angle of the shaft makes it easy to stroke the ball which rolls beautifully.
By rocky
charlotte nc
April 29, 2013
great putter
make putting easy with the wide head
Prosthe price and performance
By Ryan
Central KS
April 26, 2013
Great feel
No more pushing or pulling puts. Great feel. Real solid. Good value
ProsMichael Jordan Wayne Gretzky Bo Jackson Brett Favre
ConsCharles Manson John Wayne Gacy BTK Andy Dufrain
By James TerHaar
Macom Mi
April 25, 2013
new putter
I have used my new backstryker putter for three rounds of golf I have cut my three putts 75 percent I really like it and the price from rock bottom was great Like doing bus. with them
Prosgood price and fast delivery Putts real good to
Consthere is nothing to dislike
By Tom
March 18, 2013
love this putter
Alignment is the best of the many putters I have purchased. No longer pulling putts to the left being right handed. Balance and feel are great especially for someone prefers a straight back and forth stroke. Lagging my long putts much closer and four footers are almost automatic. Great forward press set up for consistent ball roll. Virtually eliminates the hop and skip.
Prosalignment feel balance great roll consistent sound
ConsI prefer a fatter grip but that can be replaced easily
By D-Bone
February 26, 2013
A Steal
the wight and look of this putter is just what I was looking for
Prosalignment marks on top make putting a breeze weight of putter head is spot on not too light not too heavy
Conssweet spot is smaller than the ball to elaborate when looking at bottom of club where the insignia is the width is less than the ball at address will ultimately make me a better putter but at first look its intimidating
By Derek
February 14, 2013
Smooth putts
Nice long lines.
ProsI really like the weight distribution.
By Steven
Dallas, TX
February 5, 2013
Looks Funny, Highly effective!
I bought this club for my 11 year old little brother who struggles with the standard mallet putter. He is putting much better with this beast. This putter has a huge head so someone like me who is used to a Ping G2 style will probably have a hard time adjusting. Super hot off the face. Alignment aid works perfectly. Weight feels very nice!
ProsAlignment Aid Weight Feel
By Charlie
Eatonton, GA
January 24, 2013
Odyssey Backstryke Marxman Putter
I thought the putter was well balanced and it felt very "crisp" when I struck the ball.
ProsThe feel of "crispness" when striking the golf ball.
ConsThe ball accelerated much faster off the club face than I was use to with other putters.
By Milesy
Nelson, New Zealand
January 4, 2013
Great Putter
I've never tried a mallet putter before and got this on a whim after reading reviews that it really helped with short and pulled putts. All I can say is that the advice was right. It's just about impossible to pull a putt using this putter, and the alignment and weight have made anything inside 4 feet a gimme. My natural putting stroke is "in to out" (which accounts for the pulls) but the setup of this putter forces me to bring the club head back straighter. I still need to work on the longer lag putts some more, but this putter is all I wanted. It also gets a really good roll through the fringe grass, I guess because of the forward press.
ProsCan't pull putts like I often used to. Brilliant alignment
By Russell
Perth , Western Australia
December 12, 2012
Odyssey Back Stryke Marxsman
The putter feels very balanced and my sub 6ft putting has improved considerably with this putter. The putter promotes a very true putting stroke and I find it easy to hit the ball squarely with this club.
ProsPrice was great Weight of the head and balance
ConsAngle of striking takes a bit of getting used to but is more reliable for me rather than the conventional putter design
By Duane
Hoffman Estates, Illinois
November 30, 2012
solid putter
played one round with it so far and putting line was solid.
Proseasy set up hands forward auto setup produces smooth roll
Consbackstryke design takes some adjustment time for distance control
By Robert Cayo
Kalamazoo, Michigan
November 30, 2012
just as ordered
works fine just what I ordered.
By Tracy
November 28, 2012
In the Cup!
Well I am legally blind and the Backstryke Marxman really help me get a line on my putts. What's nice for me is that my long 'lag' putts get me a lot closer than my old putter, because of the lines on the backstryke act 'for me' like sights to the cup. 2 putts are almost automatic now...and within 4 ft it’s like a 'give me' automatic in the cup. Also the ball seems to roll off the Backsrtke with ease. A real a nice feel.
By Bill
San Antonio, TX
November 10, 2012
Good Feel
I love the feel of the ball as it comes off of the insert. Angled face helps get the ball rolling with good top spin. Grip is not to my liking so I will replace that in the next week or so. I used a Winn jumbo grip on my previous putter and liked it. Played 18 with my swing coach and he tried and loved the putter.
ProsInsert gives great feel Angled face
ConsGrip - Hard
By Tom
Ft Wright,ky
November 10, 2012
Great Putter
I know this sounds like a cliche` but I putted instantly better and shaved some stroke my firts time out with it!
ProsEasy allingment,very nice feel.
By G
Miami, FL
October 29, 2012
Great feel and roll
The weight of the putter head combined with the forward press of your hands promotes a true roll of the ball everytime. Having the shaft in the back of the putter head lets you easily align your putts from start to finish.
ProsWeight Forward press of hands Alignment
By Chad
Cleveland, OH
October 29, 2012
Great purchase
Very happy with the new putter, especially since it was on sale. It has a great feel and wish I could have used it more before the weather turned.
ProsGreat feel at a great price
ConsNone yet.
By robert
Madison wi
October 29, 2012
Awesome Putter
has solid feel and at an awesome price
By david
Ferndlae, Washington
October 28, 2012
Love this putter
Great feel, great club. Lining up putt's is easy and I have improved my putting accuracy greatly.
ProsThe way it feels - good weight and balance. Lining up putt's.
By Vince
October 28, 2012
Great Service & Price
I couldn't pass up the sale price of the Odyssey putter. Shipped very quickly. The putter was a strange design with the hosel at the back and the alignment at the front of the putter. After using this putter and practising it works well, easy set up for alignment and a great feel off the face.
ProsPrice the feel off the putter face the alignment
By dave
October 28, 2012
Backstryke Marxman
Unique putter that I'm still on the fence about. I like the mallet style, but have not decided if this putter is right for me. I've only played 2 rounds with her, so I don't want to kick her out of bed just yet. The rear/center shaft alignment is nice to look at from address, but my putting motion seems to be off with this. I did change the grip right away to a Winn Jumbo pistol.
Prosprice unique technology
By Danny Lin
Covina, CA
October 28, 2012
Great Alignment, squares up nicely
Improved my putting stroke and makes sure that my hands are forward throughout the putt. Rolls true and where you aim it at.
ProsFeel Alignment Setup Solid Roll
By Steve
United States
September 21, 2012
Love this putter
I bought this putter on a whim from RBG because the sale price (around $59 inc shipping) was too good to pass up. I wanted to try something other than my Rossi. I am really glad I did. I'm a low nineties golfer trying to find the eighties, and truly, putting is my least favorite part of golf. Something about this putter (the offset shaft, the shape/alignment, the balance) makes me more comfortable than I have ever been. I've had my best 3 or 4 round of putting ever. I'm not one to write reviews, but I'm really really pleased with this putter.
ProsBalance Shaft Alignment
ConsAbsolutely nothing
By Jason b
August 25, 2012
Great service
Fast shipping and great price as alway with rb.
ProsNice click off the face
By Gary
Ludlow, Ma
July 11, 2012
Now I can putt
I love this putter! This is the second center shaft putter I have owned and the way this one lines up is amazing. 4-5 foot putts are not a problem. Anything under 12 feet is practically a "gimmie". I could not be happier with the results I have gotten from this putter. Not to mention RBG has this putter at least $20.00 less than anybody else. What a bargain. Don't let the look scare you. This club makes putting easy.
By Andrew
June 16, 2012
Well worth a try
A few people comment and say geez I can't hit that funny looking thing, you get them to take 3 putts and when all 3 roll beautifully they start asking a few more questions and drop the attitude pretty quick. It does promote a quick forward roll and performs beautifully, and now there are a few heads to choose from you should be able to find one you like

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