By Oscar
Waterloo, IA
March 4, 2014
Great putter
An upgrade from my Cleveland putter. Better weight and very smooth off the face. I would recommend this putter.
Prosweight and look
By Mikael Venevi
February 5, 2014
Great putter
By Merve
New Zealand
January 28, 2014
I am enjoying using this putter. It lines up well for me, and now I have confidence when making the put.
By matt
January 24, 2014
great feel
best putter ive had to date weighted very well so easy to hit a straight putt
By James wilson
January 20, 2014
Big Saving
love this club! contact is very sweet and has a great feel.
By Xiaodong
Sunnyvale, CA
January 15, 2014
Great putter
It is very good putter. I like it
By Heath
West Peoria, IL - Illinois
January 13, 2014
Great feel
Major upgrade over old putter. Consistent feel
By alan
January 11, 2014
mini t putter
have only been able to try it inside so far but it swings real nice and the ball comes off perfectly straight. another great putter from Odyssey
By Frank
Royersford , pa
January 9, 2014
Great putter for the money
Only had a chance to use it once because of from the Northeast. But it had great balance and great feel.
By Ted bartlett
December 30, 2013
Great bargain
Very happy with my new putter ,nice and comfortable grip ,good weight and looks deadly
By Mitch
Kokomo, Indiana
August 13, 2012
Great Putter
Bought one and recieved it about a week ago. I have played 3 rounds and have convinced myself that it is the best putter for my putting stroke. I have made putts consistently that I have previously struggled with. I like it so well that I just ordered a second one so that I will have a back-up in case something should happen to it.
ProsNo cons
By Jeff
Central VA
August 13, 2012
Great Putter
Really, this putter is nice and works great. After practicing a bit with it on the putting green, and then going to play 2 rounds with it, my line on the green is much more consistent and I have taken off about 5 strokes per 18 with it (due to limiting the number of 3 putts). I shoot around 100, and a lot of that is due to poor putting, so this is a definite improvement and I'm looking to get in the lower 90's now as I get more used to the Mini T. One thing to note is the shaft angle (from toe to heel direction) is definitely more than I am used to, maybe 20 degrees off vertical where I am used to 10 degrees. It is not made for arms hanging straight down type of approach. Because of this, I had to completely change my putting stance and grip (but it was time to change this anyways because what I was doing in the past wasn't working). As for Rock Bottom, I was impressed with the fast shipping and pricing, got to me 2 days after I placed my order, great job.
ProsGet feel, easy to line up and keep a consistent line.
ConsShaft angle from toe to heel is large.
By brandon
cass, west virginia
August 8, 2012
Great putter but hard to get used to if you use a blade putter but great putter
Prossound feel
By Mike
Perth Australia
August 4, 2012
White Ice Mini T Putter
I thought I would use the putter for a few months before making comment. I had trouble with alignment and distance control for a while but now am quite comfortable with it. Does it make putts that I previously didn't make - No, but it is just good as other putters i have tried. Its a quality product and I recommend you try before you buy.
ProsQuality product - nothing stands out
ConsNothing especially
By rob
nhulunbuy, NT, Australia
August 3, 2012
Sweet spot
Love the feel
By Mark
Jerome, Idaho
July 28, 2012
Great addition to my bag
I've been struggling with my putter all year, so I bought the Mini T to see if it would help. Played my first round today and sunk a 25 footer for eagle. It feels great and rolls the ball perfectly. Coming from a 10-year-old Nubbins blade, this is a great upgrade.
By Gary
Sac. Ca.
July 18, 2012
Great putter, easy to line up , very stable at address.
Hardly ever three putt anymore.
Proslooks, feel, price.
ConsDoesn't help me read the greens. lol
By Andre
Mitchellville, Maryland
July 12, 2012
Review of the Odyssey White Ice Mini T Putter
This is the first putter I've been able to totally maintain my line with a nice easy roll of the ball. The alignment mark is perfect for my concentration on my view down the line when I'm over the ball. It appears to be a very sturdy product and suits me well. That is why I have two.
ProsFace contact material is great to create the proper roll.
By Scott
Susquehanna, PA
July 7, 2012
Really nice....
My friend Bill got this putter about 2 weeks ago and hasn't looked back since. I had a chance to use it for a few holes and really like the alignment aid. Apparently he does too, as he's made just about everything inside of six feet for the past 2 weeks....
ProsNice alignment. Firmish feel, but responsive.
By Lynn Story
Oak Ridge, TN
June 28, 2012
Great Putter.
I have used this putter for 3-4 rounds, I can't think of a 3 putt green in those rounds. I know good golf rounds are scored from 100 yards in and especially on the green. Great putter and great price.
ProsGood look, balance and feel.
By Thomas
Elk Grove Village, IL
June 28, 2012
this is got to be one of the best putters on the market. my distance control and consistency almost instantly improved 10 fold. i am an average golfer, and i used to get my fair share of 3 putts. my first round with this new putter, i did not 3 putt one time. it feels like a gentle pendulum rocking back and forth, very smooth, and very accurate.
Prosfeel, distance control, consistency
By spectre
June 26, 2012
Great putter for lining up your putts
This is an excellent putter for anyone but especially those who have a hard time holding their line when getting ready to stropke the putt. Very good head weight and easy to move through your putting stroke.
ProsEasy alignment, Good head weight,
ConsA little glare off the top of the head in bright sunshine
By Chris
June 26, 2012
Great putter
Hard to have a miss hit with this putter. Ball comes off the face of the putter so smooth!
ProsLook & feel
By Pin
Auckland New Zealand.
June 26, 2012
Odyssey White Ice Mini T Putter
Very well balanced and easy to use. True to target. Improved my score by at least 3 strokes per round.
Prosgood looking. Balanced and ease of use.
Consnothing so far
By Bob S
Novi, Michigan
June 25, 2012
No more 3 putts
Three rounds under my belt with no 3 putts.....only 27 putts for round today. Putter has great feel and balance with tremendous distance control. Short putts roll true and longer putts are inside nice tight 3-4 ft circle of the hole. Only wish it had been available in 36". I am 6'4" so I will likely have to lengthen to better suit my stroke. Takes a little practice to get used to if you are coming from a blade, but well worth it. Works best if you tend to have a pendulum stroke. Steal at $49 for fathers day!
ProsGreat feel, balance, and distance control. Putts come off face true with no adverse spin from poor stroke.
ConsWish it was available in longer shaft length Cover keeps falling off (magnet is poorly aligned)
By Roelof
June 25, 2012
What good putter
Very good putter. So easy to lign up. Great 'ping' sound. Improved my putting.
Proslign up sound feel
By Charlie
Syracuse, NY
June 24, 2012
Great Putter - Good Price
I have always tried Odyssey putters at the local sporting goods stores and always came away with the same feeling, "A putter with a great feel,but out of my price range". When I saw the Odyssey White Ice Mini T Putter for less that $80.00, I jumped at the opportunity. Odyssey makes great putters. In my last two rounds, I have been able to sink some long putts that I wouldn't have made with my old equipment. I like the feel of the ball leaving the putter head. I get excellent feedback in my hands as I strike the ball. The ball rolls true without any bounce and stays on line longer. The white alignment strips are awesome, helping me to get the ball on line in the first place. As I get more used to the putter, I find that even my lag putts are finishing closer to the hole. I love this putter. It has made a difference already for me on the greens.
ProsGreat alignment strips True ball roll Nice feel Good price
By Andrew
June 24, 2012
Ball rolls real nice
A huge upgrade over my old putter, real smooth repeatable stroke, weight in head is appropriate for a mallet putter.
By Michael K
Las Vegas
June 23, 2012
Knocking them in
Really easy to align. Practiced with it for 15 minutes and figured out the speed. I changed the grip and haven't had a 3 putt yet. Recommended highly.
ProsEasy to align.
ConsNothing yet
By Joe Maynard
Uxbridge, MA
June 23, 2012
White Ice Mini T Putter
I Love this putter. I am getting better roll of the ball, making longer putts, And I love the feel of this putter. Over all, on a scale of 10, I give this putter a 10.
By Ron
June 23, 2012
New Putter
Just starting to get use to this putter, have had two other Odyssey putters and love the feel and craftsmanship. I'm sure I will get the same great results, once I get the feel of it.
ProsGood weight, good length (35"), good visual look, great sale price.
By Dan
Flagstaff, AZ
June 23, 2012
Worth the money for this putter.
I have wanted this putter for many years. My last putter was almost 30 years old and I wanted to upgrade and update. I have looked at the reviews and this was it. I have shopped around and the price was right. The ball actually goes where I hit it. A wonderful replacement.
ProsThe price and feel. It's a a solid putter.
ConsI don't have anything really bad to say.
By Steve
Rochester Hills, Michigan
June 18, 2012
Great putter at a Great price!
If you can pick a good line on a put and make a smooth stroke, you'll find this putter design will roll them consistently and you'll find more putts hitting the bottom of the cup.
ProsGood weighting, smooth roll of putts, comfortable grip, great price too!
By kevin
wellsville, ny
May 30, 2012
great weight and feel
I love this putter. It gives me a greater chance of making any put from and distance.
By Davis
West Virginia
May 30, 2012
Great feel and touch.
The feel and touch of this putter is excellent. I have been able to eliminate three putts all together, and capitalize on some birdies from distance. When the ball comes off I have not had it bounce once. Everything comes off smooth with a good roll. I had a blade putter before and was not use to the back at first, so I recommend hitting the practice green for a bit just to get use to it. I would recommend this putter for both the quality and the price.
ProsFeel Touch Roll
By JC Campbell
United States
May 29, 2012
Great putter for the price!
I've been experimenting with several putters over the past couple of years. Most were blade type putters. A $39 Tiger shark putter with an oversized grip seemed to work the best for me. I had tried several Odyssey putters at my local course and a few retailers and thought they were pretty nice, but a bit overpriced. When I saw this putter for < $80, I went ahead and ordered it. This is the best balanced putter I've ever used and has just enough weight to keep my putting stroke smooth and straight.. After adjusting for the weight I'm putting more consistent. Highly recommended!
ProsWeight Balance Price Nice Cover too
ConsSo far......nothing!
By Lou
Rockwood, Tennessee
May 28, 2012
Love it !
Really like the putter allows for much more "feel" when striking the ball and really helps with lining up the put. However, as much as I like the putter I like the service I received from the Cave Man even more. I ordered the putter on a Sunday and it arrived at my door on Wednesday afternoon.....Thanks Cave Man
ProsPrice, feel and ease of lining up a put that it provides
By mike
May 27, 2012
odyssey putter
super purchase. bought two of these putters, because a friend tried mine and wanted it for himself.
Prosthe balance and easy to align putts
By Connor
May 23, 2012
Amazing putter great weight and feel and at a cheap price! 5 footers are now practicly automatic.
Prosweight feel price!
Consdidn't buy it earlier
By Victor
Brisbane Australia
May 14, 2012
Odessey Mini T Putter
Face balanced. Perfect weight Feels as good as it looks Accurate aiming lines
ProsLooks, feel and accuracy
By Paul Weeks
Auckland NZ
May 6, 2012
Odyssey White Ice Mini T Putter
Great putter! Love the weight and feel. Already seeing some of the benefits on the score card! Cheers
By chu
Ontario, Canada
April 30, 2012
Whaite Ice Mini T Putter
It works wondelfully for me
Prosit hit the ball nice and easy to control the distance
Conscan;t think about anything
By B
mid missouri
April 28, 2012
great putter
Purchased the Mini T a few months ago, and couldn't be happier. Alignment is a snap, and the 3 piece ball I play feels great off the face. I have seen drastic improvement from the 6-10 ft range and it boarders on almost being automatic. Lag putting has also improved, and I have only had three 3 putts in my last four rounds. This putter has certainly saved me strokes. Price and service was great. Thanks RBG!
Prosalignment, feel
By Ekabutr
Los Angeles, CA
April 25, 2012
Great putter
My putting skill is improved after I used this putter.
ProsPrice Weight
By Dean
Ilion, NY
April 19, 2012
Great Putter!!
Switched from blade.....Love it!!!!
By Dean
April 19, 2012
Great Putter!!
Getting familiar with this mallet after years with a blade. A few more work sessions,I'll be zero-ed in. Great Price!!!! Good feel! Glad i bought it!!
Prosfast shipping
Consmay change the grip..little small for my big hands!
By Kris Rafferty
North Dakota
April 19, 2012
Couldn't be Happier
I have played about 4 rounds with this putter and couldn't be happier!! Out of 4 rounds I probably left 1 or 2 putts short, this thing rolls true!!
ProsPrice Feel
By rob
April 19, 2012
Great putter
Good feel and weight
Prosgood feel and weight nice looking
By Jim
Florence, SC
April 18, 2012
Great Deal
I recently had to replace a putter that I had for over 10 years. I tried several putter and never got the solid feel of my old putter until I tried the Odyssey Mini T Putter. From my 1st stroke I felt the same feel I had with my old putter. The ball rolls true every time. I am now going on 4 rounds without a 3 putt. Definitely a great buy.
ProsSoldi feel True roll
By Ralph Beaver PGA
Tavares, Florida
April 16, 2012
Great putter, face balanced
It's great. I put on a larger grip so it would feel better in my hands. Easy to line up, I had a bit of a problem getting use to the weight, but now I'm a wizard.

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