By Scott
Charlestown, MA
May 8, 2014
Great Putter!!!
Good balance and alignment, always feels good of the face.
By Art
Erie, CO
April 30, 2014
Alignment aids!
Nice weight, good feel and sound, and the shape and lines really help with alignment.
ProsAlignment aids
By sky186
Baltimore, MD
April 12, 2014
Feels Great
Head feels heavier that previous Odyssey models. Feels and sounds great.
Proslarge sweet spot
By Ian
Miami, FL
March 12, 2014
Awesome club - if only my putting was better
Great club, very happy. good price
ProsGood feel
By Chris
Palm desert, California
January 28, 2013
Sexy looking putter gives confidence
Belly putters are great. I don't play in PGA tourneys so I don't care if they are banned. It gives confidence of sinking five footers more often.
By Guy L
New Zealand
October 25, 2012
great putter
Well balanced Quality putter at bargin price
ProsFeel and balance
By Alan Emmons
Livonia, NY
September 3, 2012
I like it!
This putter puts a nice roll on the ball - after a little time on the practice green getting the line I was getting the ball to the hole with less effort than with my previous putter. A good purchase.
ProsA nice putter at a great price - nice cover too.
Conscan't think of anything
By Todd
August 31, 2012
Odyssey Teron Putter
Great putter at a great price. Arrived quickly.
August 30, 2012
Good balance, and the weight gets the ball started on line every time (even when you miss the center of the face). Have to practice with it at first to get the feel, but then it's dialed in.
By Peter Dulhanty
Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia
August 27, 2012
Great Putter
I have used this putter for a few rounds and have noticed a big difference in my game. I have shaved 6-7 putts off already. Great roll off the face, very helpful and forgving.
ProsDesign and look, great roll, forgiving if you make a mistake
By Jose
Springfield, ORegon
August 27, 2012
Great value for excellent putter
Was looking to upgrade to an Odessey putter for a while and when this got down to the low low price of $49.95 I could not pass it up. I love the lines on the top of putter to line up putts.
By Ron
August 24, 2012
Super Deal
Great putter, RB is the best.
By Chris
Lockport, ny
August 23, 2012
Can not beat it for the price. Makes lining up putts a breeze. Step up from the two ball putter.
ProsWell balanced and just heavy enough for a light touch in striking the ball.
By Greg
Chicago, Illinois
August 23, 2012
Love the new putter!!!!!!!!
By Neville Idour
New Zealand
August 23, 2012
Superb Putter
Nice unit in every way. Feel, alignment, looks. Hard to beat.
By Isaac
manchester, NH
August 22, 2012
Great Putter
Absolutely loving it.
By larry murray
westerville, ohio
August 22, 2012
great club
this putter is great it has help me drop putts ,from a distance that i could not drop before
Prosgreat feel,great sound when you putt, great price
By Jim
August 22, 2012
White Ice Teron Rocks on the Green
Maximum forgiveness and extreme weighting yields great accuracy on the green. Odyssey doesn't make any junk and the Teron is outstanding.!!! Rock Bottoms price was out of this world as well....well done Caveman!!
ProsFace Balance Feel Distance control
ConsOnly helps on the green....wish it helped getting there as well.
By Chuck
Blacklick, Oh
August 20, 2012
Instant improvment in putting
I first thought what the heck a $49 Odyssey what a deal. First time I used it the feeling was great, went from a Scotty Cameron to this putter and am loving it. I have played three rounds with this putter and have yet to come close to a three putt. Best $49 I have ever spent on a golf club.
ProsFell of ball coming off the putter face confidence gained with each round Prompt delivery from RBG
By andrew
August 18, 2012
Odyssey Golf- White Ice Teron Putter
best putter i've used ever, so easy to line up & the feel is great as well.
Prosgreat all round
By Perry
Cresskill, NJ
August 17, 2012
Great putter
Just got this putter to upgrade from a Ping Zing 2. Great weight balance, roll off the putter and consistentcy. Easy to line up the putt. Also can't beat the price and service at RBG.
ProsWeight balance Roll Consistency Design
By Rod Medland
Tocumwal NSW
July 21, 2012
Purchased two for my mates. The improvement in their putting and confidence has been noticeable.
By James Bryant
Red Bank, NJ
July 15, 2012
Great Feeling Putts
Odyssey really focuses on putters that get the ball rolling as soon as possible after contact. The ball does jump off of the club face which makes sure I work on controlling my tempo and not having to exert myself on putts. I love the look of the putter as well. Overall, it's a great putter and one I will be using for a long time.
ProsEasy to Align Ball Rolls Great Beautiful Design
ConsHave To Clean the White Face A Lot
By Dwayne
July 13, 2012
Awesome Putter
Putter putts very smooth. With my old putter I would always leave it short, the ball comes off the club so much better and I have way more control.
ProsVery Smooth Has Awesome Control And Feel
By Vishal
Jacksonville, Florida
July 13, 2012
Good Putter
It is an excellent putter. My putting has improved ever since I have been using it.
ProsGood roll Lightweight
By Billy Phelps
Dallas, Texas
July 12, 2012
Great Product
Love the the feel of this putter!
By Tim
San Clemente, CA
July 12, 2012
The best putter I've ever owned....
Perfectly balanced, best by far i've ever owned. It's taken 4 strokes off my game already. I bought 2 originally to practive with at office, friend came by and asked if he could have for golf trip so bought another....
By Mark
Queen Creek, Arizona
July 10, 2012
Phenomenal Putter
I couldn't wait to try this putter. I've been using a six year old Odyssey white hot and liked it a lot. What can I say, glad I made the purchase as this putter has a true roll and goes right where you want it to. It's very forgiving...I love the directional lines that help you with a straight line putt. I'm learning to control the speed but it's one of the best purchases I've made.
ProsTrue roll Great feel Good looks The direction lines are great
By Lloyd
NT, Australia
June 30, 2012
Great Putter
Just starting to play golf after a long break and with this putter after 3 rounds of 18, I am now sinking the ball within 2 shots on the green. A definite confidence builder when it comes to putting. RockBottom Golf rocks for the very prompt delivery, as I received the putter in Australia within 5 days of ordering. Couldn't be happier and have made additional orders with the same outstanding response.
ProsQuality and Feel Easy to line up Less puts
By Ryan
Cumming, GA
June 22, 2012
Great putter, even better feel
I was upgrading ALL of my clubs so I wasn't going to stop at the putter. I work for a major sporting goods retailer, and have an outlet to major discounts on odyssey putters in exchange for some training on how to market them. I completed the training, and really liked the way they were designed, and the features they had to offer (I am a mechanical engineer, so I liked that they didn't leave out how and why the putter is great). I actually wanted a slightly different putter than this one, but it was going to take 3-4 weeks to get, and I would have to pay handling for the putter alone from odyssey, so I just decided to go with the one from on here. The thing That I really like about the putter, is that the way they are designed on the top with lots of parallel lines actually subconsciously helps players align their putter on their target line. It really does work, as I can very easily see where I am aimed because of the exaggerated aiming mechanisms. The feel is also superb. Now I was going from a 6 year old target brand 2 ball knock off putter that wasn't straight, so its sort of mute for me to describe how this feels, but it is a much more defined "click" when I hit the ball, like a putter should be, rather than trying to hit it with a mallet. After getting used to the consistency and feel of the putter, I was able to judge distance pretty much perfectly. Combined with the aiming stripes on top, I can pretty much 2 putt EVERYTHING (even things 50 feet away end up within 2 or 3 feet after the lag) and even sink a few with some luck.
ProsGreat feel, Grip is incredibly comfortable
ConsA little bit of adjusting from my old putter, but all for the better.
By David
Wickliffe, OH
June 12, 2012
Putter feels great
I am a new golfer but this putter helps me line up my shot better and the weight on the head makes me feel more comfortable with my putting skills.
ProsGood weight, looks cool, easy to line up
By Dave
Southern Cal
June 12, 2012
Great club for an unreal price!
I went to a golf store that had a lot of putters to test out on their putting green. The Odyssey White Ice Teron I felt was the best option for me until I looked at their price tag, they wanted $149.99 for it! That night I got on Rockbottom and sure enough they had it listed for more than HALF of the retail price at that store. Ordered and received it within a few days. Love the look and feel. I had to adjust my swing a little because the ball seems to rocket off the face compared to my old putter, but like any club you have to adjust a little. I sank a 30 foot birdie my first time out with it. Couldn't be happier.
ProsBall responds well to putts Easy to aim Can defend yourself with it if someone were to attack you
By Oz
Camden, Me
June 5, 2012
Great product
Superior feel. Easy alignment. Great deal.
By Lance
Austin, Texas
June 5, 2012
Darn nice putter
For the price I think this putter is a great buy. Takes a little getting used to because its pretty lite, at least for me. I really like the balance it has!
By bob
May 31, 2012
simply amazing
can't believe it. average putts/round/hole went from 2.4 to 1.5 and has held for 15 rounds
Proseasy to control speed
Consneeds a larger grip
By Dale
Vancouver, Canada
May 28, 2012
works for me.
Three rounds in and I like the putter. Best of all it likes me too. It's face balanced so it fits my style of putting, and it lines up easily.
ProsGood mass- easy to align.
By John
Mcminnville, Or (spruce goose)
May 26, 2012
White Ice Teron Putter
I have played 27 holes with it and had one 3 putt, my fault judging the distance(left it short). The way the ball jumps off the face my opponents think I put too much speed on it, but it slows down perfectly. If it was lost or stolen would buy the same putter again.
Prosweight ball alignment sound
Conshead cover I almost always need 2 hands to put on or take off. Magnets are on 2 flimsy fingers so you have to grab both at the same time.
By Connor
May 21, 2012
great putter
I have this putter now for a month and it is smooth as can be! Anything less then 7 feet seems so much more managable. It has a lot if feel when you hit the ball and my putting has improved greatly.
ProsGreat feel less putts great price
By Michael
United States
May 21, 2012
white ice putter
like the feel of this putter and the ease of hitting the sweet spot every time
By Shaun
May 18, 2012
Love the smoothness of this putter
First two swings with this putter were 1 putts. Can't get better than that. I was struggling with my mallet and wanted to go back to the stability I felt swinging my Odyssey 2 ball. This club exceeded my expectations. Great balance on the center shaft version. It gives you confidence you'll get the ball to the hole but still has good feel for distance. GIVE YOUR BALL A CHANCE GET THIS PUTTER!
ConsDidn't come out sooner
By Jimmy
Toronto, ON
May 17, 2012
A couple things I forgot in the review - Rockbottom please merge if you okay these first. Quite funny, my golfing buds call this "The Ferrari" and make comments every time the ball hits the bottom of the cup. I ordered the left hand putter. It's a bit different than the picture in that the shaft is offset (has that little bend in it) and is mounted on the edge rather than center. Was dissappointed a bit at first, but that went away as soon as I started hitting it.
By Ron
May 16, 2012
Great value
Just used it once so far. Nice balance. Great feel.
ProsFeel Look Value
By Frithjof Løvik
Oslo, Norway
May 16, 2012
excellent putter
Excellent feel and sound for an affordable price.
Prosfeel sound price
By Kyle
Binghamton, NY
May 16, 2012
Excellent Putter
Putter hits very true. This putter seems to hit my line much easier than my old mallet putter. It hits slightly softer so I needed to get the feel for pace again. Overall I am very happy with this!
ProsLooks great. Feels great in hand. Hits sift and true.
By Jeff
May 16, 2012
Awesome feel
Awesome price, awesome feel to this putter. Makes long putts seem closer. A+++
ProsLook and feel
By Chris
Boston, MA
May 15, 2012
This putter's appearance will attract attention even if your stroke doesn't. It has an incredibly balanced feel, and a nice weight.
ProsLooks Balanced Feel Nice Weight
By Chuck
Seattle, WA
May 14, 2012
goodbye 3 putts!!
This was the first item I ever bought on this site and it came just like I had hoped but not what I expected.... I was really worried about the quality of the item. came out perfect!! I lost 5 strokes off my game the first week.
Prosthe weight in the head makes the putting so much easier
By mike
May 14, 2012
easy alignment
I like the feel of the putter, it will take some getting used to the sound of the putter when striking ball. Not a solid feel
Proseasy aligment
Consit makes a "tinny" sound when striking ball
By doug
May 14, 2012
Great Putter
ProsGreat balance and feel
By Brian B.
New Orleans, Louisiana
May 14, 2012
As advertised
Received the new putter in just a few days. very nice workable putter and the price was amazing!
Proslength, feel, looks

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