By Jon Hemmati
October 7, 2015
Machie Hybrid
My son really likes this club
ProsGreat value
By Stu
June 6, 2014
Love This, Too!
This club helped me shoot the lowest score EVER for a round of golf. The shots were straight and long, unlike how I usually hit!
So Calif
February 4, 2014
I decided to go with the Cleveland Mashie Plus because I liked my Cleveland driver I purchased this past summer. The hybrid also had the same tour level shaft, so I figured why not. Gamed it one round. I definitely liked the Cleveland over my Taylormade. Not only for the shaft and the kickpoint. But also how the head looks. The trajectory flight was great as it should be for a hybrid.
ProsIt works
ConsNone...if you can get over the Cleveland name.
By Steve
January 31, 2014
Steal of the century
Are you kidding me. I bought three of these babies at under $30.00 (each) . Very Long, Very Accurate, Very Forgiving. Cleveland equipment is the bomb. Get one of these before they are gone for good. The look may not be all that appealing to some but after one round you wont give it up...
New Zealand
January 28, 2014
Great rescue.
By Don
Bartley, NE
January 25, 2014
forgiving hybrid
I already had the older Cleveland 3 and 5 hybrids. I think this club is even easier to hit. I have only had a chance to play with this club once but so far I like it a lot.
ProsEasy to hit. Large sweet spot
By Alex Asinas
Milton, ON
January 13, 2014
180 yards
No spin at all dead straight.
By pat berling
st. augustine, fl.
January 12, 2014
very easy to hit!
From the rough or fairway, this club gets the ball up and on its way with ease.
By Joe Bales
Klickitat, WA
January 12, 2014
Cleveland Mashie Hybrid
Love the club, love the price, and I really love the knit head cover.
ProsGreat feel to this club, it pretty much swings itself!
Milwaukee, WI
December 24, 2013
Very good hybrid
Great hybrid. It's very very easy to hit. It's longer than my taylormade burner hybrid. The best part of this club is a Miyazaki shaft. It's very stable every time I hit. The only part I don't like is that the face is slightly closed, but it's not a problem. I could adjust for it. Cleveland is very underrated.
ProsVery easy to hit and forgiving
ConsThe face is slightly closed.
By Dawg66
Marietta, GA
December 21, 2013
Help has arrived!
Easier to hit and control than my long irons and my old 3 wood. The "rails" on the sole are probably the reason for this. The club feels good in my hands which adds confidence. So good!
By Bill. com
November 28, 2013
Nice looking club!
As always, Rock Bottom got the clubs to me quickly. Bought H3 & H4 to replace two older hybrids in my bag. These Mashie + hybrids arenice looking clubs, not at all ugly like some other website reviewers say. I like the retro gray. The head shape is teardrop, and there is definitely offset. That being said., they still set up square, not closed like every Callaway looks to me. I hate that closed look. I want to say I hit these great and they feel good, but my work schedule changed and I haven't played any golf for over a month now! All I have done is hit a couple half shots in a field beside my church. That felt good, and I can't wait to put a full swing on the ball with these clubs. The price was killer, two clubs for less than $100 with shipping. I really like Cleveland Golf equipment.
ProsGreat shaft and square set up;great price
ConsOffset face
By John Dailey
Buckeye, Arizona, 85396
November 19, 2013
Geting the ball in the air has never been eaiser
These hybrids really are a necessary club to have in your bag. It is mich eaiser to get the ball up out of fairway rough and gain distance as a result.
By Jeonghun Kim
Fort Collins Co
November 19, 2013
Good Hybrid
I doesn't not use it yet. it looks good.
By sweetswing
United States
November 18, 2013
My second favorite club, first is the 23*
I'm a 62yr old 2 handicap. Just cant swing as fast as I used to. These Hybrids replaced my 3 and 4 iron.. Way easier to hit high and soft and just as long as I used to hit the 3, 210yrds, 4, 195yrds.. sweet.
By Dennis
Lincoln, NE
November 14, 2013
Great Club
I purchased both a 3 and 2 mashie and they are both fantastic. They're easy to hit even with a marginal lie. Perhaps not as forgiving as some rescue clubs but from the fairway the 2 is longer than my 3 wood. I recommend these highly.
By R.W.
Chicago burbs.
October 21, 2013
Nice and easy
One of the easiest clubs to hit in the bag. Solid from 200+ regardless the lie you find yourself in with a nice high ball flight and the price is right.
ProsEasy to hit. Looks solid.
By Rich
Boston, MA
October 21, 2013
The Mashie can Mash
Excellent Club, I bought the 2 and 3 Hybrid. Need to get used to the offset, but when you hit it pure, you know. Good distance and flight and good sweet spot.
By Jason
Chicago, IL
October 10, 2013
The most underrated club EVER
Off the tee, from the FW or from the rough, this club does it all.
ProsStupid Easy to Hit
Tinley Park, IL
September 15, 2013
Straight shots and great distance
Bought this hybrid to replace my 3 iron and so far I have made the right decision. I have been hitting lasers straight down the fairway with great distance. You have to make sure you keep the club face open a bit with the offset shaft but its a great club. The old school look with new school distance compliments itself well.
Prosold school club look hit the ball straight as an arrow great shaft and grops on the club
Consmust open club face a bit but you can get used to it quickly
By Jeremy
Mandan, ND
September 15, 2013
Have only played one round with this club and it is just what I needed out of a hybrid. Straight and long. Hitting around 220 off the fairway with ease. love it going to buy the 5 when I can
ProsLooks great, light and fast makes for easy swing speed. sock looks great also
By Jack
New Philadelphia, OH
September 7, 2013
Really like the way the ball pops off the face of the club. Very smooth and easy to hit.
By James
Central Indiana
September 3, 2013
Great Club
This is a great club. I have the 23* (4) and now this one as well. They are both very easy to hit well. I've never hit my long irons very well, but these are a different story.
ProsEasy to hit well
By Tommy
August 14, 2013
Second gen's Mashie
Cleveland hybrid, The rails work really good, cut through thick grasses nicely. Premium shaft,
ProsGood weight , lots of kick from the shaft.
ConsA little offset to my eyes and grips.
By Michael
Fullerton, CA
July 22, 2013
Works great!
I needed something to carry me over 200 hards since my 4i wasn't cutting it. This was perfect!
ProsCost, quality, looks, head cover
By Mike
New Market, MD
July 5, 2013
Better distance than my 4 Iron
I bought this club to replace my 4 iron. After a session on the driving range, I found out that I hit it longer than my 4 iron. It is more like a 3 iron for me. I carry a 3 wood, 5 wood and a hybrid 2 iron (all from Cleveland). I may keep my 4 iron and add the Mashie hybrid as a 3 iron. I will have to remove my lob wedge.
ProsEasy to hit out of the rough.
ConsNothing yet.
By richard
June 3, 2013
Great Hybrid
Hits exremely solid, even on off center hits. Added 10 to 15 yards than my 22 degree. Excellent club to add to your bag.
ProsCost,Design and Added Distance.
By Dan
Cleveland, Ohio
May 31, 2013
I hit the ball straight for 200+ yds easy everytime now. When I have a bad day driving this replaces my driver.
By serge
May 30, 2013
Nice Hybrid
Love the look, weight and feel of the hybrid. Takes some adjustment time, only takes and easy swing to make the ball just pop and fly
ProsGreat looks Awesome shaft Great swing weight
ConsNot everyone may like the color/retro scheme
May 26, 2013
Nice Club
Hits solid. Great since my set didn't have a 2 iron
ProsFeels solid. Accurate
By Frank
May 2, 2013
Best Hybrid I've Had
Very easy to hit straight and long. I've tried several hybrids and this one seems the most consistent. Great buy!
ProsPerformance and looks.
By Mike
Skeetown, Michigan
April 29, 2013
Great little hybrid
I don't have any facts that these hit further than my Orlimar Hybrids I was using. I don't think they hit further than any hybrids I hit, it was about the same. These get the ball up in a hurry, I hit the 20.5 over a tree that was probably 20-30 feet directly straight ahead of me. Best part of these things is consistancy. I hit a nice fade with these everytime I hit the club. I know exactly how to play it and get the same result over 90% of the time. With the consistency it give you, the club feels amazing at address... It feels great, and the fact you know you are going to hit it good its the best feeling. I hit this club from some tight lies off crappy turf, above/below my feet/, fairway bunker, and from the rough. 100% satisfied Probably hit the 20.5 150yds out of a fairway bunker. I've never hit it that far from a trap before. Most consistent club in the bag
ProsConsistent Ball gets up in a hurry Great feel at address Confidence
By Teddy
Painesville, Ohio
April 29, 2013
The offset makes you go left but by the end of the first round, you adjust and it is sweet.
ProsEasy to hit. Sets up well. Throwback look.
ConsNot sure why it is offset but it takes a little time to get used to it.
By Allen
Fort Mill,SC
April 28, 2013
Cleveland Mashie Hybrid
Great price on a great hybrid.
By allen
adelaide South Australia
April 8, 2013
geting to used it.
Prosit one of the best club`s in my bag !
Consnot a thing.
By Blaine
Salisbury, NC
March 29, 2013
I love these they are very easy to get in the air and I love the look!!
By Girard
Virginia Beach, VA
March 21, 2013
This club is amazing. I was a little skeptical after reading some of the reviews on other websites, but I was very excited after receiving this club and getting some range time in with it. Easy to hit, great distance, and looks awesome too. This value priced club is a perfect addition to my bag.
By Dixon
March 12, 2013
Cleveland Mashies
I hit them great. I now have three of them: 18, 20.5, and 23
ProsStraight and forgiving
By Bruce Noel
March 5, 2013
Excellent Club
Driving the ball from the fairway with the Cleveland Mashie Plus Hybrid after using a hybrid rescue for several years...I could kick myself in the butt. The distance these clubs drive the ball with very little effort and glide rail technology is superb. You cant go wrong at this price to buy the entire series
ProsWeight Glide rail Ease of driving the ball off the turf or tee Price...Price...Price
By chris
March 5, 2013
I hit this farther than my 3 iron hybrid!
By Bird Hunter
March 4, 2013
Got this club in 15.5 degree, regular flex and I could not be happier. Ball absolutely rockets off the face and goes for miles. It's great off the tee and even better out of the fairway or rough, glide rails really let you get down and go after the ball. Only cons I can think of is that this club is very light, almost too light to be honest. Faster and aggressive swingers may want to look elsewhere as the shaft flexes play a little weaker than what they state (I should've gotten a stiff flex instead). This club rewards smooth and controlled swings with amazing distance and accuracy. However if I get too aggressive it will hook on me every time.
ProsForgiving and long.
ConsVery light, shaft flexes are weak, go up one flex.
By Flee
February 21, 2013
23° Mashie - senior shaft
I have an 18 handicap, been playing 9 months. The best description of my game is that every shot is a random event; I'm a stranger to the fairways. Except with this club. I can pretty much do everything wrong and still have a playable shot with this one.
ProsIt's a quality club. The matte finish on the crown is nice.
By Lee
Chapel Hill, NC
January 27, 2013
Mashie Rocks
Have been watching prices for this club. Have a lot of hybrids and wanted to try the mashie with a regular shaft. Have been looking for a replacement for my 160-170 shot that would hold on the green. First opportunity on par 3, was able to hit a high shot that stuck on the green.
ProsWeight of club Feel of club Consistency of ball flight and distance Forgiving
By John
Pembroke, MA
December 29, 2012
Really Solid Hybrid
I have only one round with this club under my belt before the weather turned, but I was very impressed with it. I was not putting ideal swings on it and the ball went farther and straigter than I think it should have, which is a good sign. I thought the offset would be an issue but I didn't even notice it. My hits were basically all from tight lies in the fairway or tee box so I can't speak to if the rails really help with rough lies. This is a nice looking club and the aftermarket shaft they're using is terrific, really nice and light. I thought highly enough of the #4 after one round to buy a #3. I can't wait for the spring when I can really get some use with them
Proslook feel shaft long & straight
Consif you don't like offset, the look takes some getting used to
By Bob
December 21, 2012
What a great Hybrid
I replaced my 3 & 4 Iron with the Hybids and now getting out of the rough on a long iron shots is much easier.
By Erik
Las Vegas, Nevada
October 22, 2012
Excellent club
I have to say I'm very pleased with the Mashie. Firs time at the range i was pulling my shots hard left. Normally I play a slight draw. I quickly realized I had to make a slight ball positioning adjustment due to the slight offset found in the mashie, it was money after that my draw, no fade, just laser beams. What I like most about this hybrid is that my yardage is consistent 225-230 and landing soft with minimal rollout. Off the tee,off tight lies,in the rough,the Mashie conquers all.
By Scott
Susquehanna, PA
June 23, 2012
Not quite what I expected....
I'm a fan of Cleveland golf and have owned a couple of their drivers and wedges. Based on that experience (and a clever mashie infomercial), I decided to pull the trigger on the 3 and 4 mashie hybrids last summer. I'd like to say that I hit them further and straighter than my previous Nickent hybrids, but I'd be lying. The mashies just never seemed to measure up in the distance or forgiveness department. Their performance was "acceptable", but not overwhelming. Considering the $$ I shelled out on these clubs, I was left with some disappointment. I know club reviews are subjective and you're left wondering how good the guy complaining can play, so I'll leave you with this. I'm a 14 handicap who's been playing for about 19 years. In the 9 months that I owned my mashies, I hit a total of about 5 good shots with them. I've since purchased two 08' vintage Taylormade Burner hybrids from Rockbottom (about 3 weeks ago) and have hit the same number of good shots. Nuff' said.....
ProsLooks.. Hype... Cleveland name...
ConsNot much else...
By Andrew
June 13, 2012
Solid classic style club
Looks quite nice at address, feels like a classic hybrid not some bazooka headed freak club. Nice and easy to control

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