By Scott
Wapakoneta, OH
Nice wedge
March 19, 2014
I have a three of the CG 14 wedges. I also carry a 52 and 56. The 60 isn't always in my bag but I do like it.
ProsSpin, looks
ConsBlack wears after a while.
By Gary
Mt.Pleasant, Utah
Cleveland black pearl wedge
March 18, 2014
Love the the club I ordered fast thanks caveman
By kenneth
lakewood, OH
okay wedge
February 21, 2014
I have played the Cleveland 900s for years and wanted to clubs gap between my pw and 52, so I went with the 50. I actually got less distance on full shots than with my 52 (I don't know if the standard wedge shaft changed during this time). I was also not that pleased with the new conforming grooves (I don't think that I can do anything about that though). It was okay on chips, just not a lot of check.
By John
Kinston, NC
Great wedge for a great price!
February 16, 2014
Went with the 50 degree to match my stronger lofted iron set. Classic look a address, the usual feel of a Cleveland (soft), and anti-glare. You can't go wrong with this one!
ProsFeel Looks
ConsGrip is just a touch small
By Sean
New Albany, IN
Wonderful Club
January 6, 2014
Has great feel and look. Waiting to hit on the course. Took a few practice swings and I think I am going to love it. Great price too.
ProsPrice, quality
By Alan
Buffalo, MN
Lob Wedge
December 24, 2013
Yet another wedge from Cleveland that works wonders around the green
Prosfeel, spin, lobbing
ConsDoesn't stop the yips, grab a beer and the nerves are gone, same with the skully's flying across the green
By Frank
Jacksonville, FL
Good Cleveland wedge
December 13, 2013
Cleveland wedges are always a good choice. Well made like the darker style.
ProsAlways a good choice, easy to hit.
By Michael
#1 Wedge in the Game
December 10, 2013
Always a fan of Cleveland Wedges
By Jackie
Birmingham, Al
Top notch Wedge
December 9, 2013
this wedge hits very solid, ball spins nicely , top notch club for the money
By Dave
Troy ny
Cleveland Wedges
December 4, 2013
Hit them at the driving range love the feel. Live in the northeast winter has set in can't wait to get them on the course.
By RussellR
Good club, good price
November 20, 2013
I have been using Cleveland wedges for a few years and have been very happy with them. This purchase was to replace a 60 degree wedge that I have been using for so long that the grooves are worn. Good to have a club that hits the ball consistently and gets some backspin!
ProsGood solid club that gets consistent results
By Nick
Dallas, TX
Cleveland Wedge user for life
November 14, 2013
I have been using my 60* wedge for over a year now and it is outstanding. I was between ordering a Vokey and the Cleveland and am more than happy with my decision. Looking to replace my SW next, definitely going to order another Cleveland.
ProsControl Consistency Feel
By Wayne
Best 60 degree wedge ever!
October 28, 2013
I have owned a handful of 60 degree wedgeds over my lifetime. This one is by far my favorite. It has a soft feel and works well both in close to green bunkers as well as from the distance I hit it from the green (up to 80 yeards for me...)
ProsGreat feel, look, and performance
ConsReally, none! it is not "cheap", but it is great! I wish that it was made in a 56 degree model, but is isn't.
By Leo
San luis Obispo CA.
Great control around the greens +or- 85 yards
October 28, 2013
Received Monday 10-21-13. practiced for a day and I enjoy the weight and feel. Striking the ball was effortless and the control was better than my previous 60deg. Did well at three different courses during last weeks golf excursion and the one constant was the Cleveland CG14 60 deg. The rest of my game needed attention but the chipping and approaching from 85 yards or less was very satisfactory.
ProsLove the weight and the feel of club, cuts well through Bermuda grass.
ConsGrips feel a little slick for new
By Trond
Fredrikstad, Norway
Just superb
October 6, 2013
Nice look and gives you a fantastic feeling in the game
ProsDelivered om time, without trouble, nice and easy as is should be
By Mark
Methuen, MA
Love Love Love
September 15, 2013
Love the color, feel, and forgiveness of this wedge. Got the 52* and its perfect for 90 yds in.
By Jack
Tioga, ND
September 6, 2013
great wedges can't beat a Cleveland wedge, but very specific clubs careful where you use them,
By Dave
great deal, quality club!
August 17, 2013
Neededan in club for 50 yards our so, for a swing instead of a half a wedge shot, now I shoot that distance with more confidence than with a 'feel' shot. also use it fshot over an obstacle when I don't have much green to work with. Its made a big difference!
By Bennett
North Carolina
Great Club
August 15, 2013
Great feel with this club. Can really spin it good around the greens.
By Ethan
Great Wedge
August 9, 2013
The cleveland cg14 is a great value. I got the 50 degree wedge to use as a gap wedge on short par 3s as well as around the green for a little more roll out on chip shots.
ProsSolid feel and control. Great value for the price.
By John
Stuttgart, AR
Bites on the green quickly
August 7, 2013
I've always wanted to try a Cleveland wedge, as they are considered the best out there. So when it was time to buy a new wedge I got this, and wasn't disappointed. The ball checks up quickly when punched into the green from 40-50 yards and spins back on full shots much more than my old lob wedge.
Prosfeel and spin
By Herb Elliott
ST Charles Iowa
great club and good price
July 31, 2013
I was having problems chipping with my Cleveland 60 degree wedge and decided that the 54 degree would roll out better on the longer chips and it definitely has made a difference. It's saving me several strokes per round. With a full swing it gives me around 85 yards and really makes the ball dance on the green so that I can shoot for the flag more often.
ProsGreat feel and control ball stops quickly on full shots
By Elliott
Great Club
July 26, 2013
Love this club!! Doesnt get much simpler than that, control & feel of this club is one of the best wedges I've found.. Adding this to the bag was a great idea. Hard to beat having a consistent club in the bag that you're confident in
ProsControl Versatility
By Luke
Cedar Rapids, IA
Best Feeling Wedges I've ever hit
July 24, 2013
I've yet to hit a poor shot. The gel back is so amazing I'm considering buying a 56 degree wedge as well! They have the great weight and feel you expect from Cleveland wedges.
By John
Austin, TX
Love the Cleveland wedges
July 20, 2013
Can you really beat a Cleveland wedge? Another good one in a long line.
ProsGreat looks. Great feel.
By Darrell
Stroke saver
July 19, 2013
Has saved me at least 5 strokes a round
By DoubleD
Ormond Beach, FL
Great wedge!!
July 18, 2013
I can't believe I got this wedge at such a bargain. I wanted other wedges also, but were not available in the lofts I needed. This is a great wedge and is very consistent in distance.
By Warren Taylor
Cleveland Wedges
July 18, 2013
Good product would buy again off Rockbottom.
By K Dubz
Great Club
July 10, 2013
I read others reviews and i went with the 52 degree gap wedge. I love this club. I don't get more than 70 or so yards with it (my drives average 280 just to give a gauge) but the ball lands much softer than my PW. Also great around the greens as i have been having trouble hitting my 58 degree wedge.
By NovaJT
northern va
Great wedge, great price
July 8, 2013
I'm not sure why this guy was only 70 bucks but it was worth it. Having a 52 degree wedge is essential to your game inside of 100 yards. My pitching has improved and the club is easy to hit and forgiving. Love it.
By Don
suffolk, VA
My favorite club in the bag
June 25, 2013
I have the 52 for approach shots and chipping around the green. This is the best wedge ive played. Even mis hits are good.. This is why ive switched to cleveland in my iron play. Its good stuff
By Rich
Toronto, Canada
sexy looking wedge !!
March 26, 2013
This club looks slick. Picked up a 54 & 60 degree. Went from old no-name PW to this and what a difference in my approach shots! Ball checks up on greens, and I can occasionally pull the string on it too. 16 handicap - have a feeling that number might go down now 8-)
Proslooks & feel being able to put backspin on my approach shots !!
Conslooks so nice I don't want to mess it up by hitting it!
By The Thrill
Great Wedge
March 8, 2013
Great wedge, great balance, awesome price by RBG.
ProsBeen getting more spin with this 60 degree wedge.
By mike b
54 degree is sweet and special!
March 6, 2013
Hi i got the 54 about 2 weeks feels like you cannot mishit with this club..i can avg 60-90 with this club and swing hard or soft and it takes a nice trajectory! I liked it so much I got the 60 coming in tomorrow! To be a little more accurate around mounds and fluff lies etc. My only hard option was if to get the silver with black gel or black pearl I matched them Up. Now I have a range of 45. 50. 54. 60. a nice spread for someone looking to improve thanks rock and cleveland! My friend just kept picking this club up around the green for me and was like this feels like a really nice club and laughed all crazy....
Prosclassic look ,,,nice fluid feel in swing tends to feel a bit heavy but once you realize the forgiveness and why its weighted nicely, you gain realization its not bad and hard to beat the price
By Bobby
Bakersfield, Ca
Fantastic Club
March 6, 2013
I've been wanting a 60 for about a year now, and finally decided to purchase one. I have to say I couldn't be happier. The price was perfect and service was just as great.
By Derek
Solid wedge
February 28, 2013
Picks the ball up clean, even in dense sands or heavy roughs.
ProsSeems to remain consistant reguardless if I hit it fat.
By Nick
Sydney, Australia
Great wedge
November 5, 2012
Great club, especially for the price.
ProsIt works in the sand and off the grass
November 4, 2012
By C. "Big House" Wardell
Crownsville, MD
Softest & most forgiving wedge I've ever played!
November 2, 2012
Absolutely love the club. Have gone low (for an 18 HDCP) twice since adding it to my bag and even holed out from 75 yards for eagle. definitely a welcomed addition to my bag.
ProsIt's balance and soft feel. I really believe I feel the club absorbing the ball and softly releasing it along the path of my swing... really cool!
ConsNothing at all to date, but I've only played 5 rounds with it.
By Butch
Nashville, TN
Value in a great wedge
September 2, 2012
I love this wedge. Great feel far and away from the green. I get great feedback immediately when I swing this club as the bounce is perfect.
ProsGreat Spin Great Bounce Great Price
By Andrew La Marca
Philadelphia, PA
Great Club
August 30, 2012
Great Club...Easy to hit, but need to practice with it as it differs from stock wedge SW. Overall amazing
Prosprice, feel, easy hit, enjoyable
By Andrew
Stamford, CT
August 23, 2012
Great from around 100 out and round the green
Prosgood spin
By Grant
Grand Forks, ND
Nice wedge.
August 23, 2012
Good weighting. Nice grooves. Decent grip, could be better.
By Warren
Why did I wait so long.
August 19, 2012
I feel so stupid for waiting over 4 years to get these wedges. They are worth more than full retail price. Controlling the chip distance speed with this club was eye opening. I should have bought them 4 years ago.
ProsBall control.
ConsNothing so far.
By Omar
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
August 17, 2012
Bought the 56 degree and the 60. Great wedges! Have improved my approaches from short distances!
By Jimmie
ft lauderdale, fl
great club great price
August 17, 2012
Loved them since day one...
Prosprice feel
By Chris
Perfect fit and feel
August 16, 2012
This is a great wedge for around the green and from the bunker. From the sand all one needs to do is visualize taking no more than a dollar bill of sand and this wedge pops that ball right out of there.
ProsGreat fit and feel
ConsNothing at all.
By Gerry Griffin
Boston, MA
Cleveland CG14
August 15, 2012
Quality that I've come to know from Cleveland Golf. The club is good from tight lies and heavy rough as well as sand. Black pearl finish provides superior optics
August 15, 2012
By Philip Kay
Deer pk.,il
Do i like this club?
August 15, 2012
i've had lower scores with this club.I'd recommend it to any level player. Buddy Kay
Pros Ease of use.
Cons nada.
By Tim greaves
Melbourne Australia
August 15, 2012
Great feel, great look and even better controll around the freen
ProsColour and feel
By Steve Morton
Springfield MO
The best quality for the best prices !!
August 15, 2012
Great product and service ....Love Rock Bottom Golf !!!!
ProsI told my friends about these wedges and 4 of them purchased these and the Titleist wedges too...Thanks !
By Eddie B
Orlando, FL
Great Wedges and Great Feel
August 15, 2012
I bought a 56 and 60 degree because it's nice to have a matching set and the price was right. I will say that Cleveland makes a great product. I had gotten away from them and had a mix/match set of wedges before, but I love these wedges, it has greatly improved my accuracy having the same wedge in diff lofts and they have a nice touch around the greens too.
ProsSpin Control Looks Feel
ConsThat I didn't have the gap wedge in a 50 degree
By mcjaxon
Miami, FL
CG 14 54/58 wedges
August 15, 2012
I haven't used them on the links but have got out to the range. So far I am happy. Nice feel (solid with low center of gravity). easy to hit with nice controllable distance.
ProsCost Good quality product from recognizable leader in wedge technology Gorgeous looks
ConsNot much... Maybe a tad heavy? Not sure yet on this...
By terry grady
new hampshire
Black Pearl wedge
August 15, 2012
very nice club, and much less than my friends paid
Prosgreat club
By Mike Hansel
Stettler, AB
Love it
August 14, 2012
Nice weight and feel
By Hammer
Gold Coast
Great Wedge
August 14, 2012
Just played a round at Pacific Harbour, Greens were still wintery but I had so much control with my short game. Took some time to get used too but wow, balls were stopping, checking and spinning like I've never done before.
ProsWeight control price
By Todd
Seattle Washington
tons of spin
August 12, 2012
I recently bought the 52,56, and 60 wedges. And wow they put some spin on it. Great out of the fairway and the bunker.
Pittsburgh, PA
Extremely pleased with my purchase
August 6, 2012
Bought the 56 and 60, and love these clubs already. Only golf prob a dozen times a year or less and have never been a good wedge player. Previously only had stock oversized PW from iron set and a hand me down lob wedge. Feel so much more in control w/ these Clevelands. Couldn't pass them up for the price, and very glad I made the purchase. Still struggling to hit the 60 degree full swing but its been helpful for tricky shots around the green. First time out stuck two different shots within 5 feet w/ the 56 on a dried out municipal course ... def a stroke saver.
ProsQuality Feel Price
By Duane
A good club at a great price!
August 4, 2012
I like this club a lot. I have the same ones of other degrees so I knew what I was getting. I have used other clubs that will give you a little more green side spin if you prefer that kind of play, but this one gives a good amount too, just not as much as others I've played. Titleist specifically. But don't be shy to get this one, especially at RBG prices.
ProsGood all around wedge
By Tom
Buffalo, NY
August 1, 2012
Great for flop shots
By Danny
Lexington, SC
Best wedges on the market
July 26, 2012
I know there are a couple of newer models on the market now, but still great, balanced wedges. Bought one for one of my golfing buddies and he loves it. Only wedges I have in my bag
Prosbalance and feel
By Corey Y.
Conshohocken, PA
Just Awesome!
July 25, 2012
I've had my eye on these wedges for a long while and they were worth the wait! I've played Adams, TaylorMade, Callaway, and the Titleist Vokeys in the past while I was trying to make my decision. These wedges play absolutely terrific! Cleveland has the name in the wedge space and these clubs reaffirm that thought. The quality is terrific from a manufacturing standpoint. The black/gun metal color is extremely durable and will take a beating and still look great. The zip grooves on the face deliver on their promise. I've traditionally shot between 90-93. Since I've purchased these wedges (52, 56, and 60 degree) I've been playing with much more confidence in my short game and the results have shown. This year I've cut 10 strokes off my game and I know that these clubs have contributed. The ball sticks to the green on approach shots and chips. I'm getting out of the bunker with much more confidence. Overall, I feel incredibly confident when I pull one of these out of the bag, that I'll be able to hit the shot I want and I won't chump it. Remember, it's the player more than it is the club and the club isn't going to instantly make you a better golfer, but when you're confident in your equipment, you will play better. I'd recommend these clubs to anyone looking for great wedges, from a great company, at a great price!!
ProsQuality Control on Approach and Around the Green Price Confidence
By Gubbs
Hamilton, Waikato
It will get your wheels spinning
July 24, 2012
First time I have had a lob wedge (60*). Does what I expected gets up quickly and stops. My swing still not 100% after returning to golf after an extended lay-off but with our softer winter greens here in New Zealand I have had it back up (nice feeling, just need to learn to control it). Great value at this price.
ProsDoes the job Excellent price
By Dave
Vallejo, California
Cleveland CG14 black pearl zip groove 60* wedge
July 23, 2012
Went to the range and hit balls about an hour. I was impressed with how easy this club is to hit. Stopping and backing the ball up or just landing softly. A far cry from my worn down Taylor Made wedges. Played a couple of rounds so far used the club a half dozen times, the outcome was great each time.
ProsZip groves are great. Had the ball stopping and backing up like a TP. Great feel. And club looks great at address. And can't beat the price
ConsI love everything about this club. Except that I don't have the matching sand wedge! Next on my buy list
Minneapolis, MN
Good Value
July 18, 2012
Good price on Cleveland wedge that is the best
ProsLook Play
ConsEasily worn face
By Brian
Liberty Township, OH
Nice club!
July 18, 2012
Had my first round with this club today. Swings very easily and balanced, and I was able to be reasonably aggressive around the green even though the course was dry as a bone. A good complement to the other clubs in my bag.
ProsBalanced club Good control of the ball
By John
Loveladies, NJ
Great lob wedge
July 18, 2012
Very good
ProsRock's price & Cleveland's quality
By Steve
Minneapolis, MN
Love these wedges
July 18, 2012
I've never purchased wedges before. Only had the basic wedge you get with a set of irons. I LOVE these. I played my first round with the 52, 56 and 60 with an assistant pro. Frankly, I was a bit nervous because from 50 in, I was below average. I am not saying I am a short game wizard now, but these really helped the game. Pulled off some full swing flops over bunkers and waters with the 60. Hit the 52 & 56 solid nearly everytime.
By joe
st. Louis , mo
Great wedge!
July 17, 2012
Bought the 52 to replace my callaway 50. huge difference. This has much better feel. A bigger face, and better sweet spot. the weight feels perfect. took it out for 18 without any practice and it preformed beautifully.
ProsFeel, weight, face, look.
ConsNothing so far.
By Dilon
Very solid
July 17, 2012
Great wedge for the price. Spins well and I have great confidence with it.
ProsSpin Feel Appearance Price
Nice Wedge, Nice Price
July 15, 2012
Very good price for a very good wedge.
By Roger
Nw Missouri
Cleveland Golf Club CG14
July 14, 2012
solid golf club, love the feel on center hits, great stopping spin.
ProsFeel, spin, no glare finish
By Scott
Gives Cleveland a good name
July 13, 2012
Absolutely love these Cleveland wedges. The black pearl look is very cool, but more importantly my shot game has greatly improved with this purchase. I've confidence of where my ball is going, the distance, and get under the ball every time.
ProsLooks Consistency Exactly what I want in a wedge
By Scott
Susquehanna, PA
Great wedges, as expected from Cleveland...
June 24, 2012
Too bad square grooves are gone, but kudos to Cleveland for thinking outside the box. These have alot of spin and won't disappoint. They're very well balanced and vestaile.
ProsPerformance Looks
Consgoodbye square grooves....
By Patrick
United States
Sick Club
June 21, 2012
Good feel and Good Looks Spins tight and just overall good feel through the shot
ProsLight,Looks nice, overall feel to the club
ConsNot much
By Mark Hunermund
Vineland, Ontario
Great Club
June 4, 2012
This wedge was easy to hit right away. Good stopping action and consistent distance. Very nice from bunkers or tight lies.
ProsReally nice wedge. Good looking and easy to hit.
ConsThe finish will wear rather quickly.
By Roger
Wow! What a great wedge
June 4, 2012
I'm very bad at using wedges but this wedge I have done very well with. Easy to use. It has helped me have a much better game and lowered my score.
ProsEase of use.
By David
York, NY
Cleveland wedges...very nice.
May 24, 2012
I bought two Black Pearl Wedges from RockBottom Golf (56 and 60 degree). The price was right, and I love the way they perform. They were well worth the money.
Prosthe look of them the feel
By TShake
Lenoir City, TN
Great Buy!!
May 21, 2012
I bought this club to replace an outdated lob wedge that I have had for years. It came the day before I had to leave town for a tournament in North Carolina. I had no time to practice with it. The first shot I made with it I told myself "that was the best 70 bucks I've spent in a long time" . I love this club so much that I have purchased a 56 degree just like and am currently waiting on it to arrive. Thanks Rock Bottom for providing a great product at an outstanding price!!!!
ProsFeel Ease of use Zip Grooves
By Brett
Salt Lake City, Utah
Fantastic wedge
May 15, 2012
I'm an amateur golfer that was looking to improve my game with shorter shots and my sand wedge just wasn't cutting it. I bought the 54 and 60 wedge and the have been the perfect fit into filling in those gap shots from 80 to 120 yards that I had a hard time with in my approach wedge. Pops of the head beautifully and can really give you those finesse shots or even just help improve your short game in filling in those distance gaps.
ProsSo far everything
ConsA little hard to hit consistently but practice makes perfect right...
By Dan
Raleigh, NC
Great Club-Great price
May 14, 2012
good feel, and control
Consfinish wears quickly
By Matt Wickam
Riverside, CA
Clevelans CG 14 Black Pearl
May 14, 2012
Love these wedges...Solid Feel. Great greenside control. Great quality.
ProsFeel, Control, Quality
By Jon
Hayward, CA
Saving me strokes on my first day out!
May 3, 2012
solid, smooth and easy to work with.
Prosfeel, wieght and look
Consnothing, but i do wish i had the 56 degree also
By Norm
Aurora, CO.
CG 14 Tour Zip Groove Wedge
April 26, 2012
This wedge replaced a CG14 I lost. The wedge is very easy to hit and feels good in my hands. I think it is lighter than the CG14 I had before, which was not a Tour Zip model. I am thinking about replacing my other old CG14's and getting the 60 and 52 in the Tour zip model. As always the" Scratch" provided a great product at a great price.
By Aaron
great value
April 22, 2012
Great wedge for the money. Zip grooves aren't as good as the vokeys for spin. Still very happy with all purpose wedge.
By Christian
April 19, 2012
I have the 56* and 60* version of this club. I bought the 56* first as I needed a reliable sand wedge. I loved this so much I stopped carrying a 5FW and bought the 60*. Easy to target and drop the ball where I want when I get within 100 yards. Love these sticks!
ProsGreat feel Great control Great club
By Bill Simpson
Salem, Oregon
Good Wedge
April 8, 2012
Cleveland makes good wedges.
By Chuck
Grand Junction, CO
Never had a lob wedge before
April 4, 2012
Until sticking this 60 degree wedge in my bag, I had never carried a lob wedge. I used the standard PW, GW, SW that came with my set. I pulled the sand and gap wedges out and replaced them with 56 and 60 degree CG-14 wedges. I must say that this allowed me to be much more flexible and aggressive around the greens. I still miss-hit a few shots but I knew I could pull out either one of the CG-14 wedges and play a variety of shots. I am looking to replace the PW with a 52 degree but haven't found a bronze CG-14 at Rockbottom yet. Maybe I'll go for a CG-15 or 16.
ProsPurchase of two wedges gave me a variety of shots to play around the greens. The look and feel of the wedges also gave me confidence to try different shots.
ConsNo 52 degree wedge in bronze.
By Alf
Lindsay, Ontario, Canada
K9V 4X8
April 2, 2012
I have had other CG14's and love them ...needed the 60'....same quality as before
Conswish it would be available in graphite shaft I have to have a graphite shaft inserted and a new grip
By Dan
Burlington, VT
Good Buy
March 31, 2012
Arrived quickly and as advertised. I have not had the chance to use the club yet bu appears to be good deal.
By Roland
Great bargin
March 21, 2012
With little change in weighting and shape of Cleveland wedges over the years, it not hard to see this was a great buy for the price. Although the club is not there newest model, the performance is that of the newest.
By Jason
Winchester, CA
Great Clubs at a perfect price
March 19, 2012
Perfect wedges. Since picking them up I have been out twice and my short games has improved quite a bit. I'm able to get the ball to check up better and control spin a lot easier.
ProsCost Quality
By Andrew
CG14 Black Pearl w/ Zip Grooves
March 14, 2012
AWESOME!!!! so much control, smooth swing, well balanced, great spin ability, clean look... What more do you need to know?
ProsGreat Looks Zip Grooves provide ultimate control and spin
By Jacques
Awesome Wedge
February 20, 2012
Great wedge, very flexible for full shots or delicate shots around the green.
ProsSlightly larger face helps make better contact.
By Josh
Pittsburgh, PA
Great Feel
February 19, 2012
straight to the point, I am not great at the chipping game only due to my own demise! However, this club has drastically improved my game and gave me a new boost of confidence around the green!
Prossmooth feel natural soft loft
By Budman
Excellent gap wedge
February 17, 2012
-Great feel -Crisp contact -Flawless wedge -Stops so easy on the greens -Hit it about 110 with good backspin -Best gap wedge in the industry
By Jonathan
Auckland, New Zealand
Lovely feel
February 16, 2012
Great club - does everything it is supposed to do.
ProsFeel, control
By Barry Minette
What a Great Value
February 6, 2012
Cleveland Golf is a well know name as it pertains to wedges, These are no different.... great feel
By Greg
New Zealand
Great wedges
February 5, 2012
Bought wedges with my new set of irons. Very happy with the two wedges I purchased and after two rounds definitely wont be parting with them. Price was exceptional
ProsHigh quality club
ConsNo issues
By Scott
Cincinnati, OH
What you would expect from a Cleveland wedge
February 3, 2012
I have both the 52 and 56 degree wedges. They both feel solid when hitting the ball. I am getting the ball much closer to the pin and good back spin on the ball with the zip grooves
Prossolid feel to the club good spin on the ball gives me more confidence around the green
By Bob
January 24, 2012
Superb product!
Proseverything except the grip
Consgrip is too "hard"
By Scott
Cincinnati, Ohio
What you would expect from a Cleveland wedge
January 20, 2012
I got the gap and the sand wedge. Both are solid wedges and have improved my confidence around the green and out of the bunker.
ProsSolid feel to the club Good backspin on the ball
By Jason
Lexington, Tn
Solid Wedge
January 17, 2012
I am a decent player shoot in mid to high 80's and this wedge is a nice wedge. Looks good to the eye and i have since purchased the 52,56, and 60 in these wedges. Nice looking and solid feel.
Prossolid feel
By duane
Zip Grooves
December 17, 2011
Love the feel and look!
By Ted
Elk Grove, CA
Love it!
December 16, 2011
Getting away from the stock wedges in my set to a big step up in equipment. What a difference in performance and control!
ProsGet's the ball in the air, and controling spin.
By John
Las Vegas
Awesome club
December 15, 2011
Great club.. Reccommend to anyone..
By Ray
Wichita Falls, TX
Wedge, Cleveland Golf; CF14
December 15, 2011
Have only had one opportunity to use so far (weather is a drag). Lighter than my previous wedge so I have a tendency to overswing. Great from the bunker, generates lot's of spin. Also very nice for chipping and pitching, creates loft for soft landings. Haven't formed any likes or dislikes yet that should come after a couple more rounds.
By Hags
Endwell, NY
Great wedge
December 14, 2011
I love this wedge. It is a little heavier than my old wedge and I feel like I have much better control on chips. The grooves really dig-in and give great spin. Overall it is a terrific club.
By Jeff
Once you go black
December 14, 2011
...well you know the rest of the saying. These PEARL BLACK (ironic name i know) zip grooves are sleek and stylish and most importantly keep that afternoon sun from glaring off the club and into your eye.
ProsControl, feel, lack of reflection
By Daniel
Cleveland rocks
November 21, 2011
The weighting is perfect on the wedge. Its jus perfect to get used to the feeling Great sounds and I would recommend
Pros- evenly weighted - not too heavy - looks good - great value
By brian
cant beat the price
October 30, 2011
its a cleveland . what else do you need to know
By Hugh
Pawleys Island, SC
Great gap wedge
September 27, 2011
Cleveland makes great wedges and clubs in general. Hit it close first time on the course. Great club from fairway or trap.
ProsGreat feel. Looks good at address
Sydney, Australia
Great Club
September 13, 2011
Easy control.
ProsFeeling & performance
By Ken
Marseilles IL
Love it!!!!!!!!!!
September 13, 2011
Sand wedge has great feel from fairway or sand traps. Would highly recommend it. Thanks for the great deal.
ProsLike the feel of the ball coming off club face when hitting ball from the fairway or rough.
ConsHave found nothing to dislike
By Rowe Henderson
Greenville area, SC
Excellent Wedge!!
September 13, 2011
This was a replacement 56 degree wedge for my Cleveland golf set (my old wedge wore out). This black pearl wedge is doing great!!! I like the new zip grooves. I had my original Cleveland wedge for close to 20 years, so I assume this new black wedge will be in my golf bag for a very long time!!
By Taehee
San Jose CA
Very good club!
September 13, 2011
Very good as I expected..
Proseasy to control
By gil blais
Perfect for 100 yds
September 13, 2011
Gives me the right distance between my pitching wedge and sand wedge
Great price
September 13, 2011
Perfect height and distance. Not great bite compared to my sons CW jaws.

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