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out of USA
Not bad
October 23, 2014
I have used it once. Feel was good
By Rick
Nice grooves
October 22, 2014
Very aggressive grooves that put spin on the ball.
ProsGreat feel
ConsFeels a little heavy compared to some of the other wedges I have used.
By Al
Nice sandy
October 22, 2014
As expected, this Cleveland wedge is still a solid club and good price as well
ConsCan get a glare from club face during low light periods
By Luke
United States
Great wedge
October 22, 2014
I love the Cleveland CC series wedges. I have purchased several different lofts, and all of them are superb.
ProsGreat feel Great spin
By Rob
Berkley, MI
Great club and for $50 you can't beat it!
September 16, 2014
Great wedge. You can't buy these used for $50 at the local golf shop.
By jtrohe
great service great club
September 13, 2014
Speedy delivery. Great club, and as advertised.
By Nick Vallarelli
Jacksonville FL
Best wedge I have ever used
September 8, 2014
First round playing with club I had no issues of throwing lawn darts from inside 100 yards
ProsVery accurate and very soft impact
By Brian
Woodland Park, Colorado
Phenominal Price for a Phenominal Price
September 6, 2014
The 50% off clearance cave is just a phenominal promotion. These CG 14 wedges are just second to none! Brand spanking new for 50 bucks? Are you kidding me!?
By Ed Mahoney
Love the feel
September 2, 2014
This wedge has a great feel and balance
By Ken
Cleveland wedge
August 30, 2014
Haven't had it out on the course yet but can definitely feel the quality in hand. This will be on rotation with my Vokeys
ProsGreat deal on a Cleveland wedge
By Bob
Springfield, Illinois
As advertised
August 15, 2014
Great club, delivered on time. I now have 52, 54, 56, 58, and 60 degree Cleveland CG 14 - 16 wedges. Now if Cleveland could only sell me a swing...
ProsGreat performance.
By john
Great Club
August 11, 2014
got the 58 degree it is my go to club for pitching and chipping!
Prosgreat feel and balance
By Eddie
Garden Grove, CA
July 9, 2014
These are great wedges for the price.
By John
Chehalis, WA
Great wedge at a great price.
June 30, 2014
Everything I expected. Goes well in performance with my Taylormade Burner 2.0 irons.Good service from Rock Bottom.
By Charles
San Ramon, CA
June 27, 2014
Purchased both the 56 and 60. Cannot beat quality of these wedges, nor the value on this site.
By Ray Talbott
Wichita Falls, TX
Cleveland Wedge
June 9, 2014
Wedge is as good as it get's. While slightly heavier than my previous wedge it performs great from all conditions. It's weight is good for sand shots as it helps the club glide thru the sand (and we have heavy sand due to high winds). Gives every shot "bite" to help control the distance.
ProsSit's up perfectly when aligning. Gives sense of confidence when looking down.
ConsBright finish is a draw back with high sun (reflection can be annoying).
By Jean-Claude
Casselberry, FL
Great wedge
May 29, 2014
I use this thing so much when I'm within 80 yards. Love this club.
By Chad Davidson
Should have bought 2
May 27, 2014
I love this wedge more than any club in my bag. i wish I would have bought the 60 degree as well when they were on sale.
ProsEasy to hit
Consnone what so ever
By cody
Great feel
May 23, 2014
has a solid swing you can feel all the way through the ball which gave me great control
By Evan
Highland Hts., Ohio
May 22, 2014
I bought this club to replace my CG10 wedge, can't wait to get out on the course and use it. I've hit friends CG14 before, and you can get excellent backspin on the ball.
By Jason
May 2, 2014
Get your spine on. Backing them up all day. Easy to hit.
By Anthony
Great Club
April 30, 2014
I have played nothing but Cleveland wedges for about the last 10 years now and have always been more than satisfied. This club follows in line with the other wedges I've played. Great feel and controllability and an overall great look. I'm very happy with this purchase.
By JayG
United States
Great Deal
April 22, 2014
I've been playing Cleveland wedges for a long time so this was a no brainer. Great price for a quality club. I tend to wear out wedges so I should have bought 2 or 3. My bad.
Prosspin and feel
By Bob728
Long Island, NY
CG 14 wedge
April 21, 2014
So far so good. I had one before that disappeared so I was glad to get a replacement. I'll need few more rounds to get used to it. This 58deg seems much easier to hit than a 60deg. Especially for a mid-handicapper like me. Price was good and shipping was on time as promised.
By norm
cleveland 56 degree s/w
March 30, 2014
have only used the club twice in 3 rounds. the first time i put the ball with in a foot of the hole on a difficult bunker lie, it was awsome, a great club. very nice feel and weight. i am very happy with the club and rbg service!
Prosthe club has great feel and weight, does what s/w should.
By Joel
Hesperia, CA
100 Yards
March 23, 2014
Bought this club for the 100 yard shot that I always seem to be having. It handles the fairway nice, feels ok at impact. Have not tried to use it out of the sand yet. But the sole does not fill me with confidence. Ball does spin good when hit right. Good club.
ProsPrice Quality
ConsBetter on the grass than the sand.
By Rich
Jax, fl
excellent feel and balance
March 18, 2014
Love the club
ConsStock grip could be better.
By Plop
Browntown, USA
Great Club
February 20, 2014
This is my first Cleveland wedge and now I understand why people love them so much.
ProsWeighting Spin
By Tim
Salt Lake City
I love this club
February 8, 2014
I love Cleveland wedges and this one has the weight I like for a 56*.
ProsWeight Balance Price
By Paul
United States
new year same good wedge
January 5, 2014
bought this as a gift, after the person tested a few out. Exactly what they were looking for in a wedge. and the price couldn't be beat!
Chattanooga, TN
Great wedge for the price!
December 17, 2013
Ordered a 54 and 58 degree to compliment my X-Hot Pro Irons. Love the feel and the ball seems to pop off the face. Zip grooves provide nice spin and hold the green well
ProsNice Feel spin "Pop" off face
By E. T.
Columbus, OH
Best wedge .
December 14, 2013
Best wedge I ever owned, Cleveland owns the wedge business.
ProsGreat out of sand. Confidence builder on wedge shots.
By Ron
Cleveland Wedges
December 11, 2013
Bought the 54 and 58 degree wedges. They are terriffic. Replaced two non-Cleveland wedges with these and see improvement.
By James
Pinehurst, NC
Great Wedge!
December 8, 2013
Could not be happier with this sand wedge. Great feel and balance. Perfect for me.
By maurice greenfield
excellent club
December 8, 2013
By Bob
Manchester, NH
CG14 Scores!
December 7, 2013
Great weapon in the bag. From 50 yards in, this Cleveland wedge delivers everything you could ask for. The STD Bounce model is more versatile to boot.
ProsFlexible, Forgiving and Accurate
By Marc
Bloomington, MN
Looks good, plays well with others!
December 4, 2013
I like the looks and feel of this 58 wedge much better than the older 60 wedge it replaced. The CG-14 doesn't require as much of a back swing and follow-through to get that high flop shot you need over a bunker to a short-side pin; so the margin for error seems increased--more forgiveness. It plays well from sand, for the same short-side shot, since the flange has some bounce. I'm a 20-handicap player, and perhaps this coming season I can get that into the teens by saving three-four shots per round with this "touch-club."
By Bill Hatts
Scranton, PA
It's a Cleveland Wedge
October 22, 2013
Not much to say. Best wedges on the market, good price and quick delivery
By Evan Hageman
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Best Wedge in my bag
September 7, 2013
Very soft off the club face Looks very nice
ConsFace Scuffs easily
By Joseph
Cuyahoga Falls, OH
Short game savior
August 29, 2013
Have been thinking about replacing my 60* wedge for some time now. After playing two rounds with my new Cleveland CG14, I wish I had bought it when I first considered getting one. I am able to better control my spin and stopping action with this club. Almost holed a 30 yarder uphill over a bunker with the action on this club for an eagle.
Prosprice, workability, feel
By Jack
Mechanicsville, VA
Great Club, Great Feel
August 21, 2013
I started using this wedge just a couple days after I got it. I didn't have a gap wedge and had problems with my 75-100 yard shots. This club has been great for that yardage!
ProsGreat feel, perfect range
By Stuey
56 degree
August 5, 2013
Picked up the 56 degree, standard bounce wedge. My go to club around the greens.
By Chad
st. paul
Quality Cleveland Wedge
July 30, 2013
Brand New, Nice Wedge
By Hawk
Great Product
July 28, 2013
the 56 degree really helps on the short game. very easy to hit and accurate.
By Kyle
Costa Mesa, CA
Great Club
July 17, 2013
Great out of the sand, and high spin
ProsLots of spin
By Kyle
Costa Mesa, CA
Great Club
July 17, 2013
Great out of the sand, and high spin
ProsLots of spin
By Jon
Great wedge
July 10, 2013
60 degrees wedges and I don't mix. It was the bane of my golf existence. But soon as I tried the Cleveland wedge, I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Great club is an understatement.
By Art
Marietta, GA
Great club better price
April 26, 2013
Played with a couple of rounds felt good right out of the bag. Looking forward to using it more.
By Josh
Atlanta, Georgia
Great Wedge
April 15, 2013
Great around the greens!
ProsSolid feel Spin control
By Grady Lasron
CG-14 Lob Wedge
April 3, 2013
A very versatile club with the 12 degree bounce. A well designed and balanced club promotes confidence. Quality craftsmanship from head to grip.
Pros12 degree bounce angle makes the club very versatile and forgiving
ConsNothing not to like
By Brad
Rapid City, SD
Plays great out of the sand
March 30, 2013
Early in the season the sand isn't in very good shape but I was able to power right through without digging to deep. Best sand wedge I have used
ProsPrice Good in the sand
By Blaine
Salisbury, NC
Great price
March 29, 2013
These do it all. Full shots half shots chip shots, pull your club and have no worries and you cant beat the Rock Bottom price.
By Neal
Washington D.C.
Excellent wedge, good price
December 11, 2012
Excellent wedge, good price
By Advice Rock
Killa Cali
Too Good of Wedge
November 28, 2012
I'm very biased, just love this wedge. It's the old square grooves, so it's got the max amount of spin you can get. And I really enjoy the insert they used on the cg14. Not sure why they got rid of it.
ProsFeel, distance, control
By Wangkuen
Santa Rosa, ca
Great item great deal
November 24, 2012
Top quality wedge!
By Wes
Central Arkansas
Great wedge for scoring
November 24, 2012
Great club for golfer looking to score and improve game.
By Charle82
Brisbane, Australia
Great feel
November 12, 2012
I finally got a set of good wedges, and I'm not disappointed. These Cleveland CG14 wedges are balanced in the hands and swing square - that's given me a lot more confidence in tight spots around the green and in the sand.
ProsThe wedges are nicely balanced and swng well
By Jflorida
Very good wedge
November 10, 2012
Delivers solid results. Excellent club for the price.
By Craig
Fleetwood, PA
Solid Wedge
November 9, 2012
This is a workmanlike wedge. I have used the square-groove version and prefer it, but since they are no longer available I will use this.
ProsSolid feel.
ConsNot as much bite as with Square grooves.
By Craig
Fleetwood, PA
Solid Wedge
November 9, 2012
This is a workmanlike wedge. I have used the square-groove version and prefer it, but since they are no longer available I will use this.
ProsSolid feel.
ConsNot as much bite as with Square grooves.
November 9, 2012
Same club at proshop was$ 119 got 2 for less than1 !! Grooves have feel of a velcro un sticking and the balance is amazing and light weight. Holed out from 55 yds . 2nd round using the 58 lob
ProsPrice Balance Feel Grooves
By Nathan
San Diego
Just do it!
November 7, 2012
If you're less than a scratch golfer, but at least know e difference between a good club and metal stick then this will improve your game... I went from a low level Adams club to this and am incredibly pleased with the results.
ProsGame changer, control the spin, great appeal
ConsNothing yet
By Dave
Harrisburg, PA
Great wedge.
November 6, 2012
Replaced CG12. Excellent backspin
By Will Nguyen
Houston, TX
For nail biting accuracy, these are the wedges for you!
November 5, 2012
Others may come and go with their so called new technology, but when it comes to trusting your wedges, nothing comes close to Cleveland. This wedge has the perfect bounce so that you won't ground your club when hitting it off a fairway lie, yet the loft is perfect for controlled shots from within 90 yds. You can open up the clubface to dig in underneath the sand for that perfect bunker shot, and by closing the face, hit a well aimed fairway approach from just short of pitching wedge distance. The zip grooves are the key, when you hit down on the ball, it imparts biting spin to give it that sought after "action" after hitting the green, allowing you to not only keep the ball on the green, but to spin it back towards the hole for those makeable birdie opportunities. Excellent club, grab one and start scoring low!
ProsZip grooves Just enough bounce to keep from digging club into ground Perfect weight and feel for a solid shot and positive feedback
ConsNo complaints here!
By Rich
Kansas City
Pretty good!!
November 5, 2012
I'm a 15 handicapper and had a chance to break this club in yesterday. I am quite pleased with it. The feel is nice and it imparts some pretty good spin on the ball. The weighting is adequate for playing out of the rough without feeling you have to swing from your heels to get out. It is very comparable to my Vokey wedge, and much better than a stock wedge!!
ProsFeel Sole weighting Spin Looks
By JY Kim
Central, SC
Good feeling
November 4, 2012
I bought 52-, 56-, and 60- wedges because I had used three different branded wedges. I am very satisfying my CG14s.
Prossoft feeling price control
Consnothing so far
By Chuckster
Kissimmee, Florida
Great wedge for the bucks.
November 3, 2012
Always liked Cleveland wedges, wanted something I could use on sand shots where I've short sided myself (which is often!). This 58 degree is perfect!!!
By kim
fits missing distance
November 3, 2012
I got this to cover shots from 70 - 80 yards. I have swung it and like the feel. Cant wait to try it out!
By Randy
St. Louis, MO
Great club for the price
November 3, 2012
Excellent value for the price. Club allows me to really control the ball on those short pitch shots and flights well on the longer ones.
By adam
November 2, 2012
love the spi i get off these
Prosspin feel price
By Ken
Swift Current, SK
Great wedges!
September 14, 2012
I had been using Callaway X-Tour wedges (52, 56, 60) for the past couple of years and thought they were great. That is until I bought the Cleveland CG14 wedges. Not to disrespect Callaway, but the Cleveland wedges, in my opinion, are twice the club as the X-Tours. I find the feel of the CG14s to be outstanding. The weight is at the clubhead, where it should be. I've only hit them on the range as I've just recovered from a broken wrist, but I can't image them being any different on the course than on the range. I'm looking forward to actually hitting them onto greens this weekend.
ProsFeel Balance Price
By Matt
New Zealand
Well worth it
September 1, 2012
Great feeling wedge. I got both the 52 and 56 degree, Play just as any good wedge should. Nice feel around the greens and good response from approach shots. I use bridgestone b330-s balls and get these wedges to back up a good amount when i need. Overall a great buy.
ProsGood feel around greens Look at address Performance
By Thomas Duhon
Westlake, Louisiana
Tour Zip Grooves Great
August 30, 2012
This new CG14 Wedge with the Tour Zip Grooves is the best wedge I have played in more than 20 years. Super control and tight pattern .
ProsThe distance control and the ball pattern
Parsippany, NJ
Great Club
August 30, 2012
My friend told me I needed a sand wedge. He advised me to spend a little more to get a club that will last. This club is definitely worth the price and hopefully will be the only one I'll ever own.
By Harry Nolan
Great buy!
August 28, 2012
Boston, MA.
Great wedges for a great price
August 28, 2012
These clubs are great and you can't beat the price!
ProsFeel Price
By Chad
Great Wedges
August 27, 2012
Loved the 52 and 56 right away.
By "Dennis"
This is the sandwedge I was looking for!!
August 27, 2012
The Cleveland CG14 56degree wedge is the perfect club for short game within 90 yards of the pin. It gives me confidence to go for the pin without having to second guess whether the ball will stick or run thru the green. The zip grooves help me to stop the ball much faster than I expected. Great club!
ProsI like the look, feel and the performance.
ConsI have no dislikes at all.
By Russ
Best wedge I ever bought.
August 22, 2012
Best wedge I ever bought.. They go long and straight,
By G, E. Grinnell
Hope Mills, NC
Excellent wedge.
August 19, 2012
I love this wedge. I had the 52 & 60 and this fit in pefectly with them. I will not be shopping for any more wedges any time soon.
ProsThe solid feel during contact. Great spin.
By Antti
Raisio, Raisio
CG14 excellent clubs
August 19, 2012
I have been wanting these for some time. Now the price was so good I couldn't miss it. Clubs work better than I dared to hope!
ProsFeel to grass, sand and ball
By Travis
Greenville, SC
Great Deal!
August 16, 2012
Great deal for some great wedges. Shipped quick and was able to play them 3 days after ordering. These wedges make stopping shots easy.
ProsLook great Feel Great LOTS of spin
By E-roc
C-bus, OH
So far, so good.
August 16, 2012
I'm a 20+ handicapper, but I bought these to replace my Solus wedges which are several years old. I purchased a 52* and a 56* and the wedges true to distances that I'm accustomed to playing. Good feel around the greens.
ProsWeight & feel
ConsWish I would have bought the dark matte finish.
By al
54 wedge
July 12, 2012
great club easy transaction no problems, thanks
Prosjust what i need it
By beezer
ann arbor, mi
great lob wedge especially @ this price.
June 15, 2012
This wedge has a great feel to it, looks good and is great for working around the greens. Couldn't be happier with this purchase.
ProsGood clean look. Weighted well, allows smooth contact with ball/thru turf. Comfortable grip
By Iksung Cho
Very nice
June 5, 2012
Nice at set up and easy to hit. Very soft on contact. I began using these instead of my pitching wedge (Callaway forged iron) around green as my go to club.
By Rick
Denver, CO
May 16, 2012
I NEVER write reviews, but I just had too this time. I bought a 56 and 60 in these wedges and it has greatly improved my short game. After 2 rounds I have dropped 6 strokes. I am now consistently shooting single digit scores and getting better. I LOVE these wedges.
ProsEasy to hit Accurate as a sniper rifle Very well balanced
By Chuck
Grand Junction, CO
Really improved my short game.
April 4, 2012
The 56 degree wedge really helped me with lob shots and getting out of the sand. As I grow more confident with it, I'm sure I will be able to stick it closer to the pin. The feel of the club and the confidence it brings were quite worth the price. I would recommend this club to anyone who wants to get rid of the standard sand wedge that came with the set and put this one in the bag.
ProsThe look and feel gave me confidence to hit the ball without sculling it.
ConsI wasn't able to find the bronze finish.
By Will
League City, TX
Nice feel
December 12, 2011
new to my bag limited experience
Proshas a good feel and so far i have hit some very good shots.
Consunable to comment at this time

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