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By Eugene
Great Price for Quality Club
May 25, 2014
Great price for such a quality driver. Light weight and very easy to swing. I''m 64, and the 12 degree loft makes it easier to get in the air. Some may want to opt for a firmer shaft. The Reg. seems a bit whippy, but defintately a quality club.
ProsLight weight, easy to swing. Very god price.
ConsReg. Shaft seems a bit whippy.
By Raymond
United States
Good buy!
April 15, 2014
Brought this because it was on sale. Great bargain I can hit it well. Much longer and better than my old driver.
ProsFeel solid contact even when I miss hit it.
ConsGrip not so good.
By Paul
Vero Beach, FL
Very easy to hit
April 8, 2014
Very light and easy to hit. gained some extra yards with this club. has a nice draw bias.
By Mickey
Thompson, PA
Makes a duffer like me look good.
April 1, 2014
Very pleased with this purchase. Right out of the box was hitting balls longer and straighter than with my Calloway. Have only been on range, can't wait to get out on course.
By Frank
Newport Beach
SL 290
March 27, 2014
Seems to be a great club. Weather not been Good to use much
ProsNice addition to my bag
By Jerome
Jupitor, Florida
Love the Cleveland SL 290
February 26, 2014
This driver is very easy to hit, is very forgiving on off center strikes, has amazing distance on sweet spot strikes, & I have been hitting a lot more fairways.
By Neville
Dunedin, ew Zealand
Niceone Cleveland
January 26, 2014
Log an straight
By Chris K
Los Angeles
Great Driver!!! Will be buying another Cleveland driver soon....
January 23, 2014
The driver works great on all courses here in So Cal.
By Christian
Edgewood, WA
This thing bangs
December 24, 2013
Love the weight, feel, sound and distance.
By Dean
Toowoomba, Australia
Great work guys!
December 18, 2013
The club is excellent and arrived in Australia in less than a week. Very well done guys, I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting a great product and excellent service!
By bob spada
canandaigua,new york
Cleveland Launcher Driver
December 12, 2013
Only used the club twice but very straight and improved my drive by 10-20 yards,great club for the money.
By Jim
Pinehurst, NC
A Great Driver
December 3, 2013
An excellent driver. Light, low kick point that creates extra distance with a great feel. Love it!
By Eric
Good Driver
November 27, 2013
For slower swing, this driver is good.
By wayne
Garden City, Michigan
Had to get it!
November 22, 2013
After being out driven by a friend of mine who has basically the same club as this one, I just had to get one. It's lightweight and much longer than my previous club. I finally found this website with a great price on clubs. Brand new and very happy with how they were shipped. Looks exactly how it should, and they were very careful to ship it properly. Ordered it Friday and got it the following Tuesday. QUICK SHIPPING. Thank you Rock Bottom Golf for your awesome prices, just had to get this!
ProsLight weight and longer than my previous club.
ConsNone existent
By Carlos Acosta
mission tx
great shots
November 21, 2013
Cleveland has a great line of clubs
ProsEasy to hit staigth shots with more control
By anthony
Independence, MO
Average Club
November 14, 2013
I am a beginner so my swing speed and form are still being tuned. I just learned how to drive the ball around 200-250 yards and I thought the Cleveland club would help since it was lighter weight. It took some time to get used too but my overall rating of the club is average. The club is too long and the theory of lighter weight = increase speed = longer distance would only be a factor if you drastically increase your speed. I believe as a beginner, I would have been better off with a standard,heavier club. Also, the forgivness is not that great on this club.
ConsWeight (too light), and shaft is too long.
By Harold
North Carolina
GREAT Driver !!!
November 11, 2013
Recently ordered this Driver and took it out for a round. Loved it from the very first tee box. I'm 66 years old and have always had a smooth, tempo based swing. This Driver has added 10-15 yards to my drives with a straight, mid-high trajectory. The ball seems to jump off the face of the club. Love the feel of the club and sound of it hitting the ball.
ProsValue Feel of the club Cleveland quality
By John Guzowski
Fairview Park, OH
November 11, 2013
I really like the feel of the shaft and the ball travels a long way. However, I' wondering if I should have gone with the 310 - a smaller head. I paid $99.00 for my club, and it's now $69.99. I guess I should have waited a while. I am actually thinking about also getting the 310 in a stiff shaft 9.5 degrees - I could always use an extra driver, as long as it works.
By colin
Waimate, South Island (NZD $12.00)
swing easy
November 1, 2013
received driver and tried to smash drives down the fairway....slice,slice,slice, I had an idea just swing easy and let the club do what it was designed to do great results.Mail service the USA to NZ awesome ordered Friday arrived the next Wednesday fantastic!!!
ProsNo settings set-up properly swing easy and the ball will fly
ConsNo middle of face mark
By Les
Sun City West, Az
Sweet Swing
October 29, 2013
The light weight makes it effortless to swing. I've noticed about 10 yards improvement on distance.
By Dave
Orange, CT
Great Driver
October 22, 2013
This is a great driver. Light and smooth swing. Very forgiving and has given me an extra 15 yards. Would easily recommend to a player with a slower swing.
ProsLight, smooth swing, very forgiving
By Thomas
Great Club
October 10, 2013
When I got this club I was swinging very hard and slicing it, then I realized that if I slowed my swing down- this club did all the work- I am now hitting the ball 20- 30 yards further and straighter than my old driver without having to swing as hard. Very forgiving even when I was swinging it hard.
By Richard
This driver lighter thus it has a faster swing speed and is longer than other drivers..
October 8, 2013
I am hitting it longer and straighter than any of my previous drivers.
By Arty Kay
Philadelphia, PA
Great quality driver!
October 4, 2013
I got this driver for my son as a replacement for the one he destroyed. He loves it. Long, straight drives are the norm. He says it's super light to swing. It takes a little to get accustomed to since it's a bit longer than standard. He doesn't have a bad word to say about it. Cleveland is a quality product. Get this driver.
By Pedro Rodrigues
Porto, Portugal
Amazing soft feeling and good distance
October 4, 2013
This item was well packaged and dispatched. It arrived as fast as promised (one week after placing the order) and it went overseas. The driver has a soft feeling when hitting the ball and achieves good distances which really improved my game.
ProsLightweight Soft hit Pardoning enough
By vern
Fort Mill SC
looks good, feel good, hits good
September 2, 2013
Shaft is a inch longer than my previous driver;so it will take another round to attempt to master the longer shaft. That said, I think I have a winner here for a great price.
ProsFast delivery
By vern
Fort Mill SC
looks good, feel good, hits good
September 2, 2013
Shaft is a inch longer than my previous driver;so it will take another round to attempt to master the longer shaft. That said, I think I have a winner here for a great price.
ProsFast delivery
By Bob
Hartford CT
Hitting Ball Farther
September 1, 2013
Where else but RBG can you get a brand new driver for under $80. I have gained 25 yards on my good shots, not bad for a 16 handicap!.
By Edgeman
Dallas, TX
Great driver for the money
August 30, 2013
This is a well performing driver for me. The lighter overall club weight seems to help me pick up a little more club head speed. It's not the longest driver I've hit, but I can usually find the fairway with it. Very pleased with the results, and for $80 it was a bargain purchase.
ProsLighter overall weight helps me gain a little more club head speed, so I don't have to swing harder to get more distance. I have the 12 degree loft with S-flex and I lack no confidence finding fairways with this club. Forgiving club face, good ball flight trajectory.
ConsNone that I can think of.
By lawat
lincoln, ne
solid - superior weapon
August 29, 2013
this club is WELL worth the Rock Bottom price - even twice that - reduced weight and still "feel" the clubhead throughout the swing - get 'em while they last
Prosstyle performance
Head shape looks great
August 28, 2013
I like the pear shaped club head. It isn't at deep (tall) as many of the later released Cleveland drivers, which I prefer. What sets this club apart is the great club shaft. It is not a 'made for' shaft....but the real deal....including a serial number. The ultra light weight is going to take some time getting used to.
By JamesD
Amherst, NY
Straight Hitter, Easy distance
August 28, 2013
This driver is excellent. It's very light, but easy to swing well. It also seems to drive the ball straight with little effort and maximum forgiveness. It has a slightly closed face, which I normally do not like as I hook the ball. However, it seems like the torque of the super lightweight shaft is sufficient to counteract the closed face. It sounds sloppy, but works consistently well. The trajectory of the 9 degree is perfect for me and controllable. It's all I could have hoped for and is in my bag. An outstanding value.
ProsForgiveness Accuracy Light weight Cost
ConsThe look of the slightly closed face.
By Kevin Anderson
Boston MA
Nike Sasquatch no more
August 28, 2013
Decided I'd had enough of the square head and went back to a more conventional look. Was a little nervous going to a lighter club since I value accuracy over distance. But for the price I couldn't resist. Rock Bottom delivered in three days and I played with it last week with no warm-ups. Couldn't be happier with the results. When I made the right swing (always a challenge) the ball went 15 yds further than the Nike with very little effort. Plan on buying another for my set at my home in AZ.
ProsLighter club DID mean more distance Comfortable right from the start with no practice swings Great price
ConsPushed the ball a little to the right until I learn to trust the hip rotation without fear of major hook
By Tim
vancouver, canada
Great club for the great price
August 25, 2013
Great club for the great price.
By Wahoo Duffer
Feels great, flies great
August 21, 2013
I've played one round and had one range session with this club so far. After making a few adjustments, over the back nine I hit every fairway and was hitting a reliable 220 yards (I was hitting about 200 yards with my old, outdated club). I even crushed one that rolled to 250. I was very pleasantly surprised to be getting that type of performance, reliably, with flight paths that are pretty darn straight. The club feels light, but substantial. I couldn't be happier.
ProsLong Straight Cheap
ConsThe shaft graphics are a little chintzy
By Rich
Michigan... United States
August 15, 2013
Just received my 290, 12 degree, stiff shaft launcher, and took it to the driving range... WOW!!! solid, and accurate. I thought I got a good deal at $99... At $79, it's a steal.
ProsFeel, distance, and sound.
Consright now... none.
By Keith
Perry, Florida
Good Driver
August 11, 2013
Good driver it's nice and light has a good shaft.
foster, ri
great driver
August 3, 2013
cant beat the price,is a steal
By robert bornstein
winthrop ma.
easy to swing
July 31, 2013
i am asenior+this light club is r\easy to swing + iget more distance +astraighter drive =
By William
good buy
July 30, 2013
No added distance, but accurate without losing distance. I got the 12* regular flex and was afraid my ball fight would be too high with this club, but it looks pretty much the same as my 10.5 Yonex Cyberstar and is lower than the Callawy Diabolo Octane 10.5*. Confession: I pulled the shaft, spined it and reinstalled the head...the shaft was originally 45* off spine and was actually making circles when I checked it. Now when I lock it in my vise and flex it, all it does is "back and forth" on plane. Never owned a Cleveland driver before. This is a great club!
ProsSquare set up Solid sound, not "tinky" Great shaft Accurate; would not hesitate to use this on a tight fairway Price Got a free shirt with it
ConsShaft is a little too long (I shortened mine) My buddies want to use it
By Frank
Ashland Ma.
Cleveland driver
July 27, 2013
I got the 12 degree loft for a higher trajectory and it worked out just fine. I hit this straighter than my Taylor Made 2.0 white headed driver.
ProsGreat club and for $100 bucks it's a no brainer.
By Frank
North Stonington, CT
Great Price
July 24, 2013
You do not have to swing hard to get great results. Flight is straight and long. Hitting it 250 and straight with minimal effort is a lot better than 275-280 but slicing or hooking it 50 yards off center.
ProsNice grip Light Easy to swing Straight
ConsNot as long but straight flight more than makes up for it.
By md walker
cleveland sl 290
July 17, 2013
club is very light but balanced. Distance is average at best, was expecting better distance considering longer clublength, light weight shaft/head
Proscosmetics, clean lines
Consnot for a low handicap golfer. better suited for taller slow swing speed golfer
By Dennis
Can't go wrong with this one. Got to have this club in your bag.
July 4, 2013
Club has added distance to my drives
ProsThis club is really light compared to other drivers I had.
ConsClub face a little small, but I adjusted.
Just what I needed
July 3, 2013
Could not be more pleased. Don't play enough and had not bought new driver in 8 years. What a difference. Easy to hit good feel
ProsWay it feels at set up
By Mike
Light easy to swing
July 3, 2013
Nice club for the money. Easy to swing
By art
boston, ma.
cleveland launcher,
April 12, 2013
unfortunately the weather has been so miserable around the boston area i haven't been able to get out and play but the clubs sure do look good. no doubt these are brand new clubs and a good deal for the money. but check back in two or three weeks and i'll give another review.
Prosthe price.
By chillidip189
sydney, NSW
1st time out great - after that suckd
April 10, 2013
Don't understand it. First time out the dispersion rate was tight (what I was looking for) and length was comparable with most of my drivers. Then it all went to @#@#. Drives started to splay left and right, distance was less than my old Titty 905R with the old green aldila shaft. Note- just coz its a new model doesn't mean it is better - Some aspects maybe - but it ain't no world changer. Only times that ever happened was with - Titelist975J driver, TM200 3wd, Callie 415 driver, Titleist wedges and an Odyssey 7 fang putter. It is an ok driver and pretty cheap and as a bonus it doesn't have too much heel bias but it just doesn't feel like the beez neez.
Prosit's cheap in price and it feels ok - like when you go to Hawaii and you have to hire clubs and they are like - ok not disappointing, but I'd probably play better if I had my own clubs
Consnot to slag it off but I'd buy something different
By Andrew
Really nice driver
March 25, 2013
The launcher line is great with real information to help you decide what will suit you best, Cleveland has done well to develop clubs to suit different people
By Dale
Fast service
March 20, 2013
Very fast delivery, drive looks great, now we need to get rid of the 2 feet of snow!
By Vernon
Lodi, CA
Feels Great
March 20, 2013
Getting at least 10 to 15 yards more than my old driver.
Prosthe looks
By Chad
Calgary, Alberta
March 12, 2013
I've never hit straighter drives than with this club. It has a smaller face then my previous driver which was something i had to get used to, but once I got past that I'm hitting drives consistent and with control. I'm way more confident off of the tee now.
ProsLight Nice Grip Forgiving
Englewood Cliffs, NJ
found my new driver!
February 28, 2013
getting about 25 extra yards and better trajectory. recovered some of my lost swing speed due to age.
Prosgreat distance good weight
Conshead cover too snug
By Reverend Lee
Cleveland, Ohio
Great Purchase!
February 25, 2013
Braved the cold today and walked 9 with the new Cleveland Driver in the bag. As it turns, Im longer and straighter with the SL 290 than I was with my previous driver (Adams Tight Lies 812). And the price was awesome! Gotta love RBG :)
ProsQuality Improved distance and accuracy Price
By Dean Couse
N. S. Canada
Clevland Launcher SL290 Driver
February 23, 2013
We have no golf here this time of year so I can't make a real review until I am able to at least hit balls,but if it is as good as it feels and looks it is a no brainer.
By Dean Couse
N. S. Canada
Clevland Launcher SL290 Driver
February 23, 2013
We have no golf here this time of year so I can't make a real review until I am able to at least hit balls,but if it is as good as it feels and looks it is a no brainer.
By Dean Couse
N. S. Canada
Clevland Launcher SL290 Driver
February 23, 2013
We have no golf here this time of year so I can't make a real review until I am able to at least hit balls,but if it is as good as it feels and looks it is a no brainer.
By Brian
Statesboro, Ga
Very, Very, Very Nice
February 1, 2013
Bought the driver, and got a great deal. Did my research first, and found this club to be the living representation of everything I was looking for. It did not disappoint me at all.
ProsFits my swing tempo Very workable Long Forgiving
Consnone at all
By Joseph Newton
Cleveland Golf- Launcher SL 290 Driver
January 22, 2013
Have not played but once..cold weather here ! But I like it and would recommend it to friends !
ProsLight weight and good looking club for the price 1
By Budd
Fripp Island, SC
Easy to hit!
January 19, 2013
It only took me about 15 minutes of hitting this club on the range to get accustomed to it. It has excellent balance and hits the ball where you aim. If it didn't it was because I mis-swung. I am getting an extra 15 yards off the Tee. Great value!
ProsEverything, Looks,feel distance and Price!
ConsCannot find a thing.
By Charlie
Cincinnati, OH.
Very light weight...added 40 yards to my drives
January 13, 2013
Hats off to RockBottom! Great on-line company to purchase from. I received the Cleveland Launcher SL 290 with stiff shaft last week and low and behold, we had a 65 degree day here in Southwest Ohio on Saturday. So off to the course we go to try my new driver. It was great! I was hitting the ball off the tee 30-40 yards farther than my 7 year old Callaway Big Bertha. I had always been a Callaway fan for my woods, so I was a little hestiant buying a Cleveland driver. So far am I glad I took a chance on the Cleveland Launcher. It is so suppose to be back down the low 30 degrees this week so I guess I will have to wait before I can hit the Launcher again.
By Kris
Raytown, Missouri
Good Stuff !
January 13, 2013
Awsome club enough said
ProsGreat feel, awesome club!
By Chris
Waterbury, CT
Amazing Driver For The Price
January 12, 2013
You can't get a better deal on a class A driver
ProsGreat price
By Dan
Voorhees, NJ
Good driver, but too loud
December 17, 2012
Distance and accuracy-wise, this driver is a big improvement over the one included in my beginner set. It's fairly plain looking, which I prefer over the more flashier drivers. My main quip is that it's fairly loud. It has a sharp, piercing sound that's displeasing to the ears and seems to intensify out on the driving range versus on the course. I'll continue using this driver, but would not recommend it to a friend considering the sound becomes an annoyance when hitting multiple balls out on the range. Perhaps I received an anomaly out of a batch of drivers, but the loud sound would've been a dealbreaker had I known beforehand.
By Tom
Better Than Expected
December 16, 2012
Purchased upon advice of golf instructor who thought I should have a light weight driver with an excellent graphite shaft in senior flex. The Cleveland Launcher SL-290 is a perfect choice to fill that bill. Don't have to swing hard to get a decent drive. The club seems to have a whipping action that gets the ball into the air easily.
ProsLike everything about it. May purchase a second one for a friend. Cover slips off and on easily, not like other makes.
ConsCan't think of a thing.
By Rick
Ocean Springs, MS
Great Club
November 19, 2012
I got the Launcher SL 3 wood first and hit it so well I had to get the Driver. I was right to do so; I have picked up 20 yard with the Cleveland Launcher SL 290 Driver. It just feels good when you hit the ball and the ball just keeps going.
ProsGreat feel Distance it gives me
By Robbie
Lexington, SC
Great product!
November 9, 2012
This is another great Cleveland product. I owned a HiBore driver several years ago and traded it on another brand. Glad to have the Cleveland back in the bag. This club is sneaky long and am getting 15 to 20 yards more than my last driver.
By Darcy
Vancouver, Canada
Excellent choice
November 9, 2012
Solid setup and very good shaft. The grip is a bit hard for my taste and I would also prefer the lie to be slightly less upright, but if you like an upright lie than this is a 5-star driver. Minor comments on an otherwise top choice.
Proshead ship head size quality shaft
Consupright lie
By lex
November 4, 2012
great driver easy to swing long and accurate
By tommy
A+ Driver
November 1, 2012
I like the light weight shaft its easy on my swing.
By Mark
NW Ohio
Consistent, Long & Straight
October 26, 2012
Switched from a Taylormade Burner to this club and improved my accruracy w/o losing distance. Easy to hit, set up, and launch. Recommend highly.
By Marty
Good driver for the $
September 6, 2012
Hit it long n straight. No complaints.
By Buff Daddy
NW Georgia
Straight, Long and Hot
August 27, 2012
I'm a fader; Always have been; Until I bought this driver, that is... Even with the long shaft it's pretty easy to hit, but you'll need to tee it down a little. The 9* gives a a trajectory that bores through wind and hits the fairway hot. I haven't got it dialed in yet... but I will.
ProsTrajectory Distance Shaft Quality
ConsShaft Length
By Jeremy
Roslyn, NY
CG Launcher 290
August 9, 2012
I think the stock Miyazaki shaft might be the best lightweight shaft I've hit. This is a solid all around choice, particularly for the money. I'd demo it with the likes of the Octane, VR, and G15 to personally test your preferences. If you're looking for an upgrade from a fossil but are skeptical or hesitant about the newer FTC drivers, this one is one of the best picks.
Proscontrol distance value
By kevin
wellsville, ny
good driver from cleveland
June 9, 2012
great feel and distance with a great looking shaft great club to have gave me 10 more yards
By Andy
Los Angeles
Getting there
May 29, 2012
Similar to the DST but the shaft is more stiff and precise. This club feels very good in the hands. It has been an adjustment to dial in but I'm starting to feel confident. It's not as forgiving as many people have suggested online but when you put the right swing together, contact feels great and the ball will certainly carry.
ProsWeight Shaft Feel Sound
ConsAdjustment to the Slice I started with

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