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By Ernie
Lorain, Ohio
Swing it easy
April 20, 2015
Great deal on this driver. Only $64 with a $10 gift card I applied to the purchase. As long as you don't overswing it really jumps off the face.
By George
Cassopolis, MI
Good looking club
March 12, 2015
the club looks and feels great, have not had a chance to use it yet because of about two feet of snow. A word of warning do not hold it and take a practice back swing with it; that can cause damage to an overhead light. ;_(
By Joo
Bay City, MI
very light
February 22, 2015
very easy to swing, very light.
Proslight weight
By Brian
Chaska, MN
Great club - swing slow
February 21, 2015
Pro's - This club is everything that's advertised. It's EXTREMELY lightweight. The feather like feel of the club makes you want to really rip it - DON'T GIVE IN but more on that later. Distance is long. Accuracy and forgiveness are well above what you'd expect at this price level. Mishits will still travel 220 without peeling off into the twilight zone. I've had it for two seasons now and it's been very durable. Con's - it's actually because of one of the pro's. The lightweight feel makes you feel like a swing speed of 120 is appropriate. Distance will be less and accuracy drops dramatically. I swing this driver like a five iron and that's all it needs. The ball leaps of the club face and when you are walking off a 285 yard drive that felt effortless you can thank rock bottom golf!
By Dale Trusko
Lakewood Ohio
RockHeads Unite
January 29, 2015
Launcher XL270 Driver.....Great feel and Weight...Soooo Lite...Love it
By Brown Bear
New England
Cleveland 270
January 17, 2015
I ordered this same product last year from Rock Bottom; excellent service of an excellent product. I found this driver to work well with my swing speed of 110 mph. I figured for the price it's a I better get a back up for years to come. Received the driver in 3 days and have hit a few just to check it out; it's exactly what I wanted.
ProsGreat, affordable product which is proven durable
By george celaya
Like it a lot
January 15, 2015
Added any extra ten yards to my drive.
ProsGreat driver
By Allen
Hollywood, FL
Long, but hard to control
January 9, 2015
Kind of have a problem, buy tons of drivers and then give them away. LOL. This one was nice, it is one of the longest ones but it is so light that it gets hard to control. If you slow it down, it still goes a mile, but it really takes some time to get used to the weight. Gave it to a friend and he picked up 20 yds and hits it straight. He doesn't swing hard and is a senior, so even though it is a stiff shaft, he likes it a lot. It almost seems like with the stiff shaft, he doesn't have that hard slice, just a little drift.
ProsLONG, great deal
ConsHard to control when you want to swing all out.
By Scott
Savage, MN
Fantastic Price
January 5, 2015
Had my old one for three years and loved it. Not identical to the previous one ( shaft ), but after three for holes I was back in business.
ProsFantastic price! Get to you when promised.
By Richard
Nanaimo BC
20 yds longer
November 11, 2014
light weight translates to added swing speed, at 57 yrs old hit my first ever 300 yd drive.
ProsMiyazaki shaft is ideal for my 90 mph swing speed.
By Chris
Glenwood City, Wisconsin
November 6, 2014
Improved drive by 20yards
By Justin
October 22, 2014
The shaft alone is worth 100$, long, lightweight and built for speed, my 14 year old son is ripping this to the back of the driving range fence.
By Noel Pretorius
Greenville, SC
nice weight, swing easy
October 22, 2014
Delivered quickly. Played 2 rounds so far. It is easy to swing and very smooth. You generate a lot if club head speed without trying.
By Brian
St. Louis,Mo.
Light and fast
October 21, 2014
Excellent driver.the price was definitely right ^_^. have been getting 200+ yds. at the tee.has light weight shaft.very forgiving if you miss the sweet spot.
ProsLike the light weight shaft,excellent price also.
By Greg
Rippey Iowa
Nice driver
October 21, 2014
I really like this driver. Light and fast. Longest driver I have owned.
Prosvery light and long
Conssome may not like how light it is but they will forget it when they outdrive their friends
By Mark
St. Louis, MO
Love my new Driver!
September 23, 2014
This thing improved my distance remarkably.
By Tim
Pukwana, South Dakota
August 15, 2014
What a sweet spot! This driver is really forgiving. I went from a Taylor made burner to this cleveland and have no regrets!
ProsDistance, looks, sound
By bryan
concord, nh
great driver if you like a lighter feel
May 16, 2014
I ordered several of this driver for corporate prizes at a golf tourney. I made sure to try them out first and I did hit this driver well. I ordered in a 9* stiff and 10.5* reg. I hit the stiff shaft just fine but tend to prefer a heavier club and this was far too light for my liking. If you're a senior or a player with less mass than I carry around this club plays just have to like the lightweight feel.
Prosvery lightweight. plays LONG
Constoo light for my liking
By Joel
Norton, OH
Great for price
May 14, 2014
For the price great.mi wanted to try a lower loft, didn't lose any distance from my Taylor made.
ProsLightweight Great price
By Jim O
South Australia
April 22, 2014
Bought this for a buddy. Shaft was a bit longer and had to be shortened. Verdict after next round.
By Vic
United States
No Gimmicks. Just Light, Long and Straight
April 21, 2014
I am a senior with a slow swing speed, although I am a fairly accurate and consistent ball striker. I hit my driver 175 in the air with a perfect hit, so I needed a driver to boost distance and keep me up with the big boys. Without doubt this is the longest driver I have ever tried, and I've tried a bunch of them. I find it a little harder to control than my old Ping G5, but it's a good 15 yards longer. I have the 10.5 degree. It is not particularly high, but high enough, and it rolls out nicely. I might have been better off with the 12 degree, but my Ping driver is a 12 and I carry them both in my bag. I hit the Ping when I absolutely must hit the fairway, and I bust this out when accuracy doesn't matter as much.
ProsLong and easy-to-hit, I have used mine for over 100 rounds and it continues to perform (did replace the grip). Did I say it's long?
ConsThe longer shaft takes a little getting used to.
By Gregory
Halifax, MA
Finally found a driver for me
April 11, 2014
After trying many drivers (taylormade, ping, nike) I finally found a driver that fits my swing. Added 15-20 yards on my drives and I am hitting the ball a lot straighter. Definitely cannot beat this club for the price.
Proslength, feel, accuracy
By Dave
Good for me
April 5, 2014
I tend to hit the ball too low, and this 12° driver seems to help with getting a higher launch. An unbeatable deal for a top-of-the-line club, too.
By money man
essex md
cleveland xl270 driver 12 degree 47 inch shaft
April 4, 2014
it is without a doubt the best driver I have ever used. I am 64 5 ft 11 , 230 pounds with 10 handicap. The ball travels long high and straight. Average drive 260 yards, This is 10 yards longer than my square drivers. I hit a low ball usually off the tee and this fixes that issue. The 47 inch shaft is great it took me about 15 balls at the range to get used to the new length (old driver 45 1/2). You should use a higher tee with this driver IMO. My shaft is a senior one.
Prostoo many to mention, easy to hit, light , you can swing the club real easy
By Paul
Cleveland high loft
March 29, 2014
Got the 12 degree model nice feel good control,very high launch.
ProsEasy to hit light weight increases swing speed
ConsGrip to thin had to change it
By R Casem
San Jose, California
fast and furious driver.
March 28, 2014
I love this cleveland driver but the shaft 39 grams of weight is just too light for my kind of swing.
Prosif you want a fast swing, and light shaft.
ConsUnable to control the swing, it is unpredictable for me for my kind of body mechanic swing, too lightning speed for me.
By Frank
beverly hills FL
Very light 270
February 23, 2014
I purchesed this club to help with my release I bought the 12* reg flex and the first two balls I hit burnt up on re-entry so I purchesed the 9* stiff flex the release was just what I was looking for I can now snap the club head through the ball with no effort at all being a 100% disabled veteran that was important for me gained distance over my R-11 TMu
ProsLight weight easy to release
By Brian
Beachwood, OH
Super Light Driving Machine
February 17, 2014
This club is the lightest driver I have ever swung. Helps me explode through the ball and get those extra few yards.
By Steve
Colorado Spgs, CO
January 29, 2014
Like the club a lot. Has a nice soft feel when you make contact with the ball. The ball flight is high (I purchased the 12*), and I was impressed with the distance.
United States
Great Club....
January 27, 2014
Sweet hitting and good control. Well built and a great value for the money.
By pat berling
st. augustine, fl.
Nice driver, very light.
January 14, 2014
Because of the light weight takes a little getting used to since it comes through so fast. However a very good driver that is well made and does give a little more distance.
By Pip
New England
Great club at an even greater price.
January 11, 2014
Will need time to fully appreciate club.Presently there are many inches of snow to contend with in the East.
Pros39 gram shaft.
ConsNone that I can tell.
By seaun
rockingham western australia
awesome length. Swing easy is the only requirement
December 28, 2013
awesome golf club
By Emilio
Mornington, Victoria
Straight, long and forgiving!
December 23, 2013
Just received it today and straight to the range. - Hitting it longer and straighter than ever. I think I prefer this to my R1. Even mishits seem to find the centre of the fairway. Best driver by far.
ProsLong, straight, light, but you can still feel your club head position.
By Christian
Edgewood, WA
Love it
December 20, 2013
This thing booms! Highest swing speed I have gotten is with this. More swing speed more distance. I really like the sound these Cleveland drivers give off. It's cheep and one for the bag.
By Joe Goquingco
New Jersey
Cleveland Driver Great Club
December 4, 2013
Like this driver a lot - very light and very easy to hit - as senior this is so far my best driver - tried a lot of other brands but this one is so light and just right for my swing. Very Much Satisfied !!!
By Peter Christensen
Baltimore, maryland
Long and straight
December 2, 2013
I've only played one round with this driver, but I hit some sweet drives. I did shorten the shaft one inch and regrip with a half oversize, tour velvet grip but I do that to all of my new drivers. I have 38 inch sleeve length arms.
ProsNice deep face, you don't have to force it to hit it far
ConsShaft too long for my long arms so I shortened it
By donald thomas
converse, tx
Light & Long
November 8, 2013
Light shaft driver for increase swing speed. Very good driver for golfers who like feel and like to feel the full swing .
ProsLight, long, straight
By Geoffrey
Columbia, SC
Cleveland XL270, 9.5 degree stiff
October 5, 2013
I absolutely love this driver. I replaced a older Nike Sasquatch with a Grafalloy Blue prolaunch shaft and the first thing that jumped out at me was how substantially lighter the Cleveland is. Honestly I felt my swing speed instantly increase one my first practice swing. This shaft is really cutting edge for that matter. I averaged about 275 to 280 with my old driver, but first shot out with the Cleveland I busted one over 300 yards easily. I was really amazed how easy this club is to hit long. The most important thing this club brought to my game because of this lack of weight really is the fact I can swing easier and get the same, if not more distance. And if I really want to power one out there with a wide fairway, par 5's beware! Great club, I would recommend to really anyone looking for more yards with less effort.
ProsLook at address Weight Shaft length PRICE
ConsThe grip is a nice polymer, but it wears out quickly. Definitely have to replace it after moderate use.
By Eck Ack
Great driver.
October 4, 2013
Love this driver can't see any down side to it.
ProsLight and easy to hit
By Carroll
Elkview, WV
This is a good driver
September 13, 2013
I have played 3 times with this driver and i like the weight and speed
ProsThis Cleveland 270 driver is easy to swing and with good speed
ConsSometimes i don't hit thesweet spot still getting used to the weight
By SamT
Seattle, WA
What a deal!
September 2, 2013
Try to find a better deal on a driver! Hit this farther than I have any other driver and straight down the middle. What more can you ask for?
By stephen schneider
First Time is a Charm
August 29, 2013
I bought this club without demoing it because I currently hit a Cleveland driver. I took it to the First tee after I hit exactly three drives with it on the range. I then proceeded to hit it a total of eleven times with only one errant shot. Three of the drives were easily the longest I've hit all year. What a bargain.
By Superlooper Lee
Chapel Hill, NC
XL 270 Fan
August 25, 2013
Been a Cleveland fan for many years. Moved from a Hi-Bore 10.5 stiff shaft to the 270 12 degree stiff shaft and have added 10-15 yards. Good design, great feel.
ProsWeight, feel, results, super price
By Mike
Campbell River, BC
Nice Driver
August 24, 2013
Bought this driver for my son and loves it. He's hitting it out there with the big boys. A little too light and whippy for my liking.
ProsLong and forgiving
By Jac
Punta Gorda, FL
Amazing Feel
August 19, 2013
I love this club. I got mine in sr flex and it's giving me more distance along with predictable straight to slight draw flight path.
By Vincent
Viola, IA
Exceptional Driver, added 40 YARDS!
August 14, 2013
I took a chance on just buying this club without hitting one demo first. I love Cleveland so figured I couldn't go wrong. I had a Cleveland 460 Comp from years ago but with a 9 degree loft. Upon the recommendation of a pro, I wanted to get more launch angle so I went to a 12 degree driver. I had the club head speed and ball speed but my launch angle was too low to optimize the lift on the golf ball. This 12 degree driver did the trick! Not only does the ball explode off the face but stays in the air much longer. I kid you not, I gained 40 yards from this one simple adjustment! The lightweight design makes swinging effortless and therefore much more repeatable. Cleveland is a hidden gem of a company.
ProsLightweight design promotes easily repeatable swing Stiff shaft is perfect
Consnot a single one.
By Larry
Springfield, Mo.
Keeping this in the bag
August 13, 2013
Got the driver a few weeks ago and couldn't get used to the added length. I cut 1" off and added a midsize grip that I prefer and started striping it. This one is going to be in the bag for a while. As a senior with a slow swing speed, the combination works great for me.
ProsPrice Look Feel
ConsToo long.
By Bill
Better driver than expected
July 28, 2013
Wasn't expecting a lot for the price, but was an upside surprise. Ordered stiff shaft, which was not as stiff as expected. Ball trajectory was higher than anticipated for the loft.
By Jim Age 79
Hudson valley, NY
Senior shaft driver purchased for cold weather golf
July 28, 2013
I have tried a few practice shots and the club seems to be very lively. The added length (almost 47 inches) will take time to get used to. My present diver, with a regular shaft is more than 2 inches shorter. My theory is to use a driver with less loft and lower flight in warm dry weather to get maximum roll and more loft in cold wet weather, when roll out is not a factor.
ProsLight weight, lively senior shaft and increased loft (12 degrees).
ConsExtra long shaft (almost 47")

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