By Alan
The Villages, FL
September 23, 2014
Great looking club, good buy
Club looks easy to hit at address. Club feels heavy and did not produce the distance I expected. The shaft was too stiff for my swing. My fault
ProsGreat looking club at set-up Compact head Quality shaft
ConsHeavy club with stiff shaft
By Bruce Sharkey
United States
September 9, 2014
Good club and easy to use
It hits long and straight
ProsGood price, great club, and it hits well and matches my set of clubs
By Matthew Varcelli
Cleveland, ohio
September 9, 2014
fast on time delivery and great prices!
This club is great from any lie lowere flight on the ball so u can stay below the trees great buy
By Paul
September 7, 2014
Easy to hit. Excellent quality and value.
Haven't used Cleveland clubs before but am very happy with these fairway woods. Bought these to add to a new set of hybrid irons and can't be happier. They've helped with my 'cronic' slice. They're easy to hit, both on and off the tee. All around a good club at an unbelievable price. Bought a number of items from RBG and will continue to do so. Can't beat the prices and service from these guys. (Not too sure I'm a fan of the retro head covers though. Might have to take to the pom-poms with some scissors....)
ProsQuality Price Looks Feel
ConsNone so far
By Ivan Holmes
Isle of Man uk
August 28, 2014
Getting used to it but nice club
Longer than my old one
ProsLonger hitting
By Ian
Atlanta, GA
August 22, 2014
Nice club
Hits far and straight like it alot
By Arne
Green Bay, WI
August 9, 2014
Great club
Easy to hit, great off the tee.
By John
Liberty, MO
August 4, 2014
Great 3 wood
Was a steal at the price I got it.
By Jim
Groton, Ct.
July 17, 2014
The 7 wood for this inexpensive price is just as good as most other brands of 7 woods. Well balanced through the whole swing. A great club to have in your arsenal when you want to use something else on the fairway to provide you some added height.
ProsBuy one!
By bill fink
June 26, 2014
By Stu
June 6, 2014
Hits Straight!
This is my first Fairway Wood purchased in over twenty years. After hitting this club, I am kicking myself for waiting so long! This hit true and felt great! I am a beginner but this really helped my first round in a long time.
By Rich
Hampden, MA
May 30, 2014
Great clubs
Bought the 3 & 5, hit em well, great price.
By Paul
Vero Beach, FL
April 8, 2014
Easy to draw
Club is light and has a nice draw bias
By Antony
Oamaru, NZ
April 8, 2014
Great 3 wood
Im a callaway kinda guy but this is a great 3 wood. 15.5 loft helps you get it up, the Miyazaki shaft is very smooth. Good off the tee or the fairway & the rough. Awesome!
By Paul
Canada (myrtle beach, s.c.)
February 4, 2014
Pleasantly Surprised
Haven't hit a 3 wood like this in a long time. great club. ugly, but great. thanks
ProsDoes the job. A high recommendation.
ConsDon't look so great
By Mike
Perth, Western Australia
January 22, 2014
Cleveland does it again
WHY O WHY didn't I buy this club earlier. I don't know how they do it but it goes straighter and I get around 20 metres longer on my shots. It feels great in the hand. I will now be looking for another fairway wood, this time a 5 and maybe even a Hybrid. Thanks Rockbottomgolf
By Ryan
January 21, 2014
Great looking club
This club has a tremendous look and feel to it. If ever the winter weather goes away, I will be heading out to hit it.
Prosnice weight, appearance
By Manuel Sanchez
Key Biscayne, Fl
January 20, 2014
Huge confidence. Very good from the tee, faiway and rough. Really make a difference
By Mooch
Detroit, MI
January 19, 2014
You got to have one of these
I always wanted to try one of these mashies but kept putting it off. This is a great addition to the bag especially with the rails on the sole and the nice compact head. I have a Cleveland hybrid that has served me well and now I have another of there products which I hope to use for years to come. The retro looking head cover that the club comes with is also a nice feature. The equipment in the cave just keeps getting better!
By Frank
Madrid, Spain
January 17, 2014
Good value money with the 50% discount
Good fairway!!!!!! They are a little bit old but with the 50% discount of Xmas was fantastic
By Joe
Yuma AZ
January 13, 2014
Mashie fairway wood
I realy like this club ,it is really easy to hit off the fairway and out of the ruff. I gained 15 to 20 yards verses my old cobra.
By Christian
Edgewood, WA
January 12, 2014
Pretty good 3 wood
Got it for under 30. Great purchase. Does well in rougher lies.
By hank patterson
vallrysprings ca
January 12, 2014
best price for outstanding clubs
I get more distance and better control. a very smooth club on the fairway or out of the rough.
By Joel
Brockville, Ontario Canada
January 4, 2014
Great First Experience
I picked up this club super cheap on RBG. I haven't had a chance to hit it yet but if it is anything like my other Cleveland woods I know I wont be disappointed.
ProsCustomer support.. had some questions about shipping to a different country. Very Quick to respond
By James
Kansas City, MO
December 26, 2013
Great price
Like this club very much. Hoping it will help my game a stroke or two.
By Noel
Greenville, SC
December 19, 2013
Good Cleveland Buy
I'm a fan of Cleveland. They don't get enough credit for another outside of wedges. I own a mashie hybrid and this 3 wood is as smooth. Great deal.
ProsDecent feel, no reason not to buy
By Tom
October 24, 2013
Cleveland Fairway wood
This is a great club for the it for 49.99 on sale. Have only hit it at the range so far and I get a consistent 220 yards out of it.
ProsEasy to hit Price
By Charles
Ocean City,MD
October 18, 2013
Good trouble club
Very good feel...fantastic shaft...great price
By Brett
October 15, 2013
Great Club
Love the entire Mashie line. The FW is my new driver - I hit it 250+ every time!
ProsGreat feel. Smooth. Clean.
By travis
Alta, UT
October 11, 2013
Easy to hit, very forgiving on mishits and good distance. Puts the ball in play when the driver isn't working.
By John
Pembroke, MA
September 30, 2013
Wanted More
I have a couple mashie hybrids and I can't say enough good things about them, they're the greatest hybrid in the world for me. I was hoping I would feel the same about the fairway wood, but I was a little underwhelmed. It may just have been to my very high expectations, but I found it just average, albeit a solid club. It's nice and compact and the shaft is great. It was OK for me, but I do recommend people give it a try as they may find they love it as much as I love the mashie hybrids.
Proscompact great premium shaft
Consaverage performance
By lawat
lincoln, ne
September 30, 2013
solid club
a nice easy swing - like with your driver - and the ball really goes - you need strong shoulders to pound the 14* i like it almost as much as my titleist 904
By Bob
September 29, 2013
A fine club; great deal
I have always used Calloway clubs - I especially like their woods. This summer, I purchased a 3 wood from Rock Bottom, a Calloway Razor, and it simply did not work. It felt wrong and I could only hit it as far as my very old Calloway 7 wood. After reading reviews, I tried the Mashie 3 wood. It does feel a little awkward, but boy does it work. I have only played four rounds with it, but I have had some terrific shots. A good club. Now, I have to figure out how I can return and sell my Calloway 3 wood to Rock Bottom and hopefully get a few dollars for it.
ProsWith a good swing, it goes very far
By Gjoeg
W Orange, NJ
September 27, 2013
7 wood
Tried to hit it without any practice and it was not a good experience because the "sweet spot" is smaller on this club then my older now I have two 7 woods I reshafted my old one which has a little larger sweet spot that helps me. Other than that it's a nicely made club and has a good feel but I just can't hit it well yet.
ProsGood feel, nice grip, cool head cover
ConsNot a very large sweet spot If the ball does not make contact with the sweet spot it sprays more severely right or left than my old club.
By Paul
Salt Lake Cty, UT
September 26, 2013
Clean fairways strikes with a nice sound
I found myself with a large gap between my driver and 4-hybrid. The 3W Fairway Mashie has really done the trick. Tracking my shots in the last two rounds, I was hitting 200-210 off the fairway, 185-195 out of light rough, and 200-225 off the tee. The retro grey top sheet is pleasing to the eye and I like snappy TAT sound. The shaft is a regular flex but maybe could be a little stiffer. The weight is light and easy to swing. 50 bucks for this club is a great deal.
By Grant
Tasmania, Australia
September 15, 2013
Great Service
Fast, efficient service as always. Used this club for the first time yesterday. Very happy. Deeper face gave me confidence over the ball and shots were much better.
By rn Hjartarson
September 11, 2013
Finally a three wood in my bag
I've finally found a fairwaywood that will stay in my bag. I'm a scratch golfer and I have never had a three wood in my bag that I've really liked until now.
By Paul Rietveld
Utrecht, Holland
September 6, 2013
devil in disguise
This club may not look spectacular but it surely performs sensationally.
ProsGreat distance and control.
By charles
September 6, 2013
good club
shaft alone makes this club worth every penny.
By Andy
MI, Iron Mountain
September 1, 2013
Cleveland Mashie FW
Great design, like the basic club head look. Has good overall feel and control.
ProsTraditional look, feel/weight distribution, distance, price
By Brad
Grand Junction, CO
August 28, 2013
Love the Cleveland Mashie
I purchased the first 3 wood Mashie for my son for his birthday. I hit it twice while playing with him and found it to be so easy to hit and so consistent that I ordered one for myself the next day. 7 days later I was had my own Mashie in my bag and put it to good use playing 36 holes over the weekend. I hit it further than the old 3 wood I had in my bag and I hit it more consistently. Off the Tee, out of the Fairway and out of the Rough. I'm planning on buying the 5 wood to replace my 2 Iron.
ProsEasy to hit, great swing weight
ConsShape of the head is different than anything I've seen before, but you get used to it the first time you see how far the ball flies.
By Bud
Lawrence, KS
August 26, 2013
Easy to Hit, Easy to Control
As a 15-plus handicap weekend golfer I found the Cleveland 3.5-degree Mashie easy to hit and easy to control--easier than my regular 3-wood.
By Rich
Michigan, United States
August 15, 2013
Worth every cent.
Just took it to the range. The most solid, accurate, distance 3 wood, I've ever owned.
ProsSolid distance.
By Matthew
Tavares, Florida
July 29, 2013
Easy Peezy
I was having problems off the deck with my old 3 wood. The mashie has no problems, with this club you dont have to worry about chunking it. Flies straight and far every time.
Proseasy to hit, old school look
By Bill
July 28, 2013
Solid fairway wood.
Solid fairway wood. Rails make a big difference. Looks good a address.
By Les
New Zealand
July 4, 2013
Mashie Fairway wood brilliant.
I already had a Mashie Rescue wood but this Fairway Wood hits it long and straight. I sometimes don't have to use my driver I just use the Fairway wood.
By Jeff
June 9, 2013
Nice club
Looks great when addressing the ball. Need to spend more time with it at the range, but I think it will stay in the bag for a long time.
By Robert Koranda
St. Augusta, Minnesota
June 9, 2013
Great Club in the fairway and rough! never hit a 3 wood straighter with more distance. Love this club a lot!
Pros- good out of the rough - hits straight - great distance
Consnothing so far
By Brad
Katy, TX
May 27, 2013
Easy to Hit Wood
I have the Cleveland Mashie irons so I decided to buy the woods. I am glad I made this purchase.
By Tedfy zBosh
April 28, 2013
The sweetie replaces three clubs
ProsLooks good. Hits great

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