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By Ken
Alamosa, Co
July 9, 2014
Belly Putter
Like the other Belly Putters, works and feels great!
Lindenhurst , N.Y.
May 20, 2014
good putter
only used it on the practice green. It,s going to take time to get used to but when swung correctley excellant contact is made.
Prosprice and it gives you an alternative when struggling with conventional putters
Constaking me a while to get used to
April 30, 2014
Nice putter.
Very nice grip and club feel. Rolls the ball very nice not much scooting or bouncing. Well worth a shot
By Bobaloo
Vancouver bc
April 23, 2014
It's hard to get used to the looks at but it works better than others I have bought.
Don't get fooled by the somewhat bizarre looks of this putter, it works. I have been playing with 2 or 3 of the $200+ long (46" - 48") putters with some success, but from the start this has been a very comfortable putter with more feel than I have had with others. I have been playing with it for a week or so and this thing is deadly from 12 feet in. I might take an inch of the handle, just so it fits in the bag and cover, but I don't want to mess with success. You can also play those "up against the collar" shots off the end of this thing with great accuracy and over spin. I can hardly wait until the greens up here have bounced back from being punched a couple of weeks ago to really see what this stick can do.
Proscomfortable, good balance and weight seems well built and great head over could proof to be very versatile due to it's shape
ConsI wish it came in a choice of lengths
By Mark
March 1, 2014
club pro putter
Excellent customer service. Fast shipment and cant beat the price.
ProsExcellent product.
By dale
January 11, 2014
odd looking
odd looking but actually a good design as it can be used by a lefty or righty. The jury is out on how it works. Never had a long handle before
By Henry Schaadt
Toledo Ohio
January 9, 2014
Great club and a great deal from Rock Bottom Golf to get it.
Never had a long putter before so when Scratch had one for "deal of the day " I took the deal. Haven't been able to get out on the course but I've been putting with it on the family room carpet and I love it. can't wait to try it on those greens.
By James
Hewitt, TX
November 29, 2013
Nice putter for the price.
Haven't had a chance to try it other than in my home, but think I will like it pretty much.
ProsLike the length and quality.
ConsWould have liked some kind of line or lines to help with aligning putts.
By Russ
emporia, kansas
July 31, 2013
Great Putter
I am an eight handicap and have struggled with my putting this year and scores in the high 70's and low 80's. Put this in the bag and I have been rolling in more putts than ever. Today only hit four greens but chipped and putted my way to a 77. Definitely saving me three or four strokes a round and has a great feel.
ProsI am 6'4 and it is a perfect fit for me.
ConsWould be nice to have an alignment line.
By todd
pittsburgh pa
July 1, 2013
love this
great putter love the feel has taken 4-5 shots off my score
By Carlos Campbell
Gainesville, Florida
May 20, 2013
Good for older players
I have played with the long putter since I received. I get true putts and is easy to measure to line with.
ProsIt saves my back
By alan
Lake Worth, FL.
April 13, 2013
Good Value
Good value in a long putter. Can be used lefty or righty. Couild use more weight in head and a sight line looking down from over the ball.
ProsGood value, quality materials, can use right or left handed
ConsHead feels a little light Could use a sight line on top view of putter head
By Yamil
March 23, 2013
Excellent Putter
This putter is big enought for a 6'1 person. I love it.
By George
January 14, 2013
Great Club.... especially for the price.
I have enjoyed the club for a copy of rounds now and am still growing accustomed to using this Long Putter compared to a 35 inch one. Putts are straighter and drop more often. Still have a long way to go before I master it.
By TulsaGolfer
Tulsa, OK
January 14, 2013
Putter length was perfect. Despite interesting design, this putter has a great feel. Even one of our assistant pros commented on how good it felt. Only negative was the lack "direction" markings on the top of the club - easily fixed.
By Robby
November 6, 2012
A Lot of Club for the Money
This putter looks more expensive than what it cost. The head cover is magnetic and classy looking. There is a solid sweet spot, and you can put either right or left handed. I am experimenting by hitting all hooking puts by putting from both sides. My group knows that I like to try different things and experiment. Give it a try. Can't go wrong for the money.
ProsSolid sweet spot.
ConsIt is 51 inches and I am 6'4". It is good but could have been an inch longer.
By Robert Manasco
West Columbia, South Carolina
August 6, 2012
Club Pro Golf-FF1 Long Putter
This is a well made long putter that can be used both left hannded and right handed. I haven't used it on a course yet but I have a putting green in the hose that I have been practicing on. Big change from regular putter to the long putter. This putter is 51 inches and it is a little long for me. I have tried the 48 inch variety in a store and it fits me better. The price is great just to have one to practicewith. I have a friend that can modify clubs so I beleive i will have hime take 2 or 3 inches off of the putter length. The cover has a magnestic cover that takes a little while to get used to but it works well. I would recommend to those who wold like to at least try the long putter.
Prosthe price, the construction, the feel, the overall looks, can used left or right handed
Cons51 inches is a little long for me at 5 foot 11 inches
By Andrew
July 11, 2012
Very different putter
Great idea to try something completely different if you have been struggling, and this is a very different looking putter that might help you break old bad habbits
By John
Reno, NV
June 22, 2012
what a kick!
I bought a set of clubs and saw this putter as a special. I wanted to try one, but haven't met anyone that played with anyone that used one. The price was right so I ordered one. What a kick! Ireally suck at putting,and tried it today. I have never felt so comfortable and at ease while lining up a putt. I had no expectation and on my first putt put it close, inches, from the hole.Time after time, I was closer than ever if not holing it. Also, it's much better looking than the add. You've got to try this putter. It's a real confidence builder.
ProsSimple, easy to use. Nice cover and good looks. Very nice grips.I'm very impressed.
ConsMy biggest problem with this club is trying to put the rain cover on the clubs.It can be done, but it's a chore. But worth it.
By Charles
Hanover, PA 17331
November 26, 2011
Adequately describes the product
I feel like I am putting better, especially my long putts. I like the head weight.
ProsThe head weight
ConsI would prefer the bottom of the club head to be flat against the ground
By James Magyar
November 23, 2011
putter is great on fast greens.
I find this putter really nice to use. I am using it more now.
Pros I find i have more controll and abel to hit the golf ball strighter.
Cons a little bit large. think it could be a little smaller.

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