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By Shane
Boonville, NY
May 28, 2014
Great driver
Eliminated my slice. Feels very smooth when hitting the ball. Added distance to my tee shot. Worked so well for me my dad uses it ever time he golf as well, and he sees the same results.
By Dan
Yuma, AZ
February 22, 2014
Great Driver
The most important item is my first time experience with Rock Bottom Golf. The shipping time, protective packaging, etc. was all they said it would be. The price was fantastic compared to anywhere else I could purchase the club. I was skeptical about an offset driver, but, fell in love with it immediately. My push slice is gone and the distance is 20 yards further than my old driver. This club still allows me to work the ball both directions but does force me to weaken my grip if I need to hit a fade. Great purchase and happy with customer service.
By Guy L
January 31, 2014
Great driver
like a lot of this series it's straight and easy to hit
Consprobably not the prettiest head
By Joe
January 28, 2014
Great Club!
Hits great!
By Alister
Melbourne, Australia
January 26, 2014
Offset doesn't appear to suit my swing
Bought to replace a NIckent which was unfortunately stolen. Definitely prevents severe slices but have found the offset seems to result in a more exaggerated hook which I have found difficult to adjust to. Maybe is just me but unfortunately this club doesn't appear to suit my swing very well.
ProsDoesn't slice much
ConsMay worsen hook?
Lancaster, CA
January 25, 2014
A Slicer's Rescue Club
First it's an impressive looking club with a first class cover. I've hit a bucket at the DR and played one round. So far it has improved my normal driver success from 50% to 80-90% in the fairway. The slice has improved to a straight or moderate fade 80-90% of the time and distance has improved by 10-15 yards. Absolutely worth every $ paid. I am hoping that the improvement continues over the next few rounds.
ProsLooks/Game Improvement/Slice Tamer
ConsNone yet
By Neil
Cape Coral, Florida
January 24, 2014
More distance, down the middle
I tend to slice the ball, and this offset driver helps a lot. I'm getting more distance even on off center hits. The guy's I golf with are all asking to use my driver when we're paired together. Great club at a great price. Paired it with the Amp Hybrid 3 and they make a great combo
ProsGood looks, more distance
Consnone so far
By Dennis
Stockton, California
January 17, 2014
Cobra Amp Driver.
Is the club I've been looking for, easy to hit and getting 10 to 15 yards more than old driver. The offset head has taken the slice away completely.
Proseasy to swing and ball stays straight, no slice.
Consnone so far.
By Daylen
United States
January 16, 2014
Absolutely love this driver
This is an amazing club. It makes so easy to hit ball and hit it well. This is great for my overall swing. I don't have to try as hard as used to to make sure I was getting the club head back and hitting the "sweet spot". This is helping make a smoother, flowing, more relaxed swing, which is helping me to perfect my form rather than trying smash the ball. And it easily added 20-30 yard to my distance immediately.
ProsEasy to swing and hit Added 20-30 yard to my distance
Consabsolutely none
By James
Brownsville, TX
January 14, 2014
Cobra amp
No doubt the best driver I have ever hit.
ProsNice high long draws in the 300 yd range!
By Kyle
Baton Rouge
January 14, 2014
Great Driver!
Only played one round so far. Everything in fairway or on the edges of fairway which is unusual for me. I usually have a couple of horrible hits. Great club at a great price.
By Ed
Simi Valley, Calif.
January 11, 2014
Cobra Amp Driver
My old driver was 15 yrs. old also a Cobra offset.. All my buddies would tell me get a new driver. I finally gave in when I seen your Cobra offset 4 $ 60.00. Could not believe it. First time out hit a 82 ten over ,gained appox. 20 yards
ProsWill be buying more of my golf equip. from the Rock great service & communication
By steve
new zealand
January 4, 2014
excellent thanks
great club, very pleased
By Paul
Glenn Dale, MD
January 4, 2014
Best buy ever
I definitely got my money's worth with this one. I had been struggling to get off the tee, and not only am I striking it down the middle, but I've added another 15 yards. My friends are calling it the magic driver .
ProsLight weight, easy to control, very forgiving.
By James
Buffalo NY
January 2, 2014
amp driver
well i live in buffalo ny and its snowing and colder than, its cold, but i like how the club looks and feels in my hands, so how it performs will have to wait till spring.
Prosyou can't beat the price.
Consnone at this time.
By Bryan
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
December 28, 2013
Great look, easy to hit, fantastic price. Can't wait to get back out and hit another few flyers!
ProsLooks - Easy to hit - Distance
ConsAbsolutely none!
By Lachy
December 27, 2013
Great driver!
First ball I hit with this hit the 250m sign at the range. Never have hit or heard a driver ping like this!
ProsGreat distance, great sound
ConsDrives a bit high
By Cris
Los Angeles, CA
December 12, 2013
Finally received my Offset 11.5* after RBG shipped
RBG finally shipped (via air) my club after it was apparently lost/misplaced by delivery person/company. Thank you for a fast service. I finally was able to hit my club and it was amazingly easy that I added approx. 15-20 yds vs. my current driver! I have to be careful not to aim it more left or balls will draw more. Hopefully the weather will cooperate so I can hit the fairway.
Pros+15-20 yds more.
Consnot so far
By Mary
Georgetown, IN
December 3, 2013
I think the club has improved my golf game some. I am always looking for a new way to improve my golf score.
By Marty
Brisbane australia
December 3, 2013
Great service
Very happy with the new club, arrived well packaged in perfect condition, and delivery service was prompt and kept me informed the whole time between dispatch and arrival in Australia.
By Bruce
Mesa, AZ
November 29, 2013
WOW. What a deal!!!
I had an off-set driver from an independent golf shop w/ a 12 degree loft. It worked well for me and helped me control my slice. When I saw the Cobra Amp Offset Driver w/ 11.5 degree loft and senior flex graphite shaft for $99.99 I ordered one. WOW. I instantly gained 15/20 yards off the tee. And I'm hitting about 80% + of the fairways. And it looks great. One guy in my group said the head cover was worth the 99 bucks, ha ha. To my surprise a couple weeks later Rock Bottom had a driver sale and this driver was on sale for $69.99. I ordered another one as insurance and one for a guy in my group. He was also impressed w/ the Cobra Amp Offset Driver. Thanks Scratch.
ProsLooks. Distance. Price.
ConsNone. None. None.
By Dave Collins
Hamilton , New Zealand
November 28, 2013
Great Driver , Great Price , Helps me keep it straight
By Mick
November 27, 2013
Fairway Finder
Easy to hit,easy to elevate and still capable of shaping the ball flight.If your natural ball flight is a slice get this club and watch your handicap drop.Do yourself a favour.
ProsGreat slice remover at a bargain price
By dmcinc
United States
November 23, 2013
Great club. Surprising distance and forgiveness.
By Ken
Trenton, Mi
November 23, 2013
Cobra Golf Driver
Love this Driver!
By phillip
bathurst, nsw
November 22, 2013
I use to slice my drives but not now, the only problem i have now is to aim straight at times i still aim to try and cope with my slice which has now vanished. The club is easy to hit with plenty of forgiveness.
ProsLooks, easy to hit & forgiveness
By Bryan
November 22, 2013
ived used it 1 time but it straitened out my drives immensley
Prosexcellent club
By Lou
Tarpon Springs, Florida
November 21, 2013
Slicers-Cure your ills
This club is the absolute answer to a slicers dream. Longer off the tee than my ping g20 and very high and straight trajectory. Buy of a lifetime for short money. i am a snowbird in Tarpon Springs Florida and I am so impressed , I bought a second one for my home up North. This is a great "Sleeper" club.
By Bobby mallow
midwst city , oklahoma
November 21, 2013
hitting it long and straight
I'm sure happy with this driver .I'll be looking for more bargains
By Jeff
November 21, 2013
Cobra Amp Driver - RH, Offset, 11.5 Loft
A quality driver with most of the latest features available in $400 clubs. A good buy at the discounted price!
ProsCost New Technology High Quality Aldila Shaft
ConsBonded Driver / fixed configuration
By Swaney
Barksdale AFB
November 20, 2013
amp works
really light, easy swing hits it farther
November 20, 2013
By Ron
Boise, Idaho
November 20, 2013
Nice -good looking driver.
Bought it for my wife and we played last weekend - even in bad weather she hit it very well!!
Prosoffset and higher loft
By Hal
Columbus, Oh
November 20, 2013
Extremely Satisfied
Product arrived within 3 days of ordering. My previous driver was an older Cobra with the same degree and specs as this one, so the transition was flawless. This driver is so forgiving its scary. I also am driving the ball 15-20 yards further than with my other Cobra.
ProsGreat product, Great Price!!!!!!!
By Pete
Cape May New Jersey
November 20, 2013
Great Driver
I have been golfing for awhile, i always had a bad slice, since i received the Cobra Amp driver it has helped with getting my drives down the fairway pretty straight, it also had added about 20 to 30 yards to my drive.
ProsGreat driver at a great price
By BigPlay
November 20, 2013
Light Weight
Because of the light weight I’m battling it from going left.
By Dr J
Joplin, MO
October 30, 2013
Great price, great driver
I am extremely impressed with how forgiving this driver is. I've played with some high-dollar drivers, but this offset, senior version plays every bit as well or better for me. Old guys: Buy one, but it now.
By John Schimmel
The Woods Golf Community, WV
May 16, 2013
High Launch!
Great looking club... immediate gain of 10 to 15 yards.... I hope to improve on that with practice!
ProsStyle and Length of drives
By Brian
Bergen County, NJ
April 21, 2013
Corrected my slice!
I love this driver! I used to slice quite often. Now the ball is always down the middle or with a slight draw. I have confidence in my game like never before!
ProsOffset Color Feel
By Brad
Katy, TX
April 15, 2013
Good Driver
This Driver has really helped my slice. I hit the ball stright now.
By Neil
Blaine, Washington
April 7, 2013
Straight and longer
What a difference playing from near center of fairways instead of edges, really enjoy the extra distance, now just have to be confident that where I aim is where it will go. No more swinging the ball over houses to end up on fairway.
Proslonger more accurate colour
By Aaron
clovis, nm
March 31, 2013
I have never hit a better driver. If you slice at all this driver is a steal at this price.
By T ball
Bluffton. Sc
March 28, 2013
Great driver
Bought this for my daughter, had a little " fade" she called in, thought about letting her try an offset, great price, she hits this driver awesome now! Was hitting another brand, this driver is 15 yes longer and she is hitting it down the middle. Great investment for her!
ProsPrice It's a cobra Offset
By Andrew
March 25, 2013
Easy to hit
Very well suited to guys who tend to slice. Bought this for an older player at my club who still swings hard but was just embracing an ugly slice. It straightened him and he loves it
By Brian
Midland, Texas
March 18, 2013
Extra Distance out of this club.
I could not believe the extra distance that this club provided. I was hitting the ball an extra 30 yards off the tee box. The club has a very large sweet spot.
ProsLight weight Large sweet spot easy to hit
By Roy
Windsor, Canada
March 18, 2013
Cobra Offset
Great club for the money. Have not had a chance to use it yet, but confident it will work just fine.
March 16, 2013
Great club. Helped with a slice and added 20 yards to my drive. Great club.
By Andy
Troy, Ohio
March 15, 2013
Great club
This club looks and feels great. Its winter here so I am anxioulsy waiting for the chance to use it.
By Marty
Palm Beach, Florida
March 13, 2013
excellant club excellant price
where did it go? Using the Cobra Amp Offset driver straightened my drives and increased my distance by 15 yards the amount I was losing to a wicked slice that had been haunting me for years. What a pleasure and what a price. Could not be happier
ProsIts lighter and longer and staighter then my other drivers I have reccomended this club to several friends.
ConsThe head cover.
By Tom
March 12, 2013
Very Accurate
Great club, easy to hit, and long
Proseasy to hit

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