By Peter
Wattle Grove, NSW, Australia
July 27, 2014
Strikes like a Cobra
This club sits beautifully behind the ball at address. Inspires confidence. Very easy to hit. Have consistently hit with this baffler and will stay in my bag. Love the sound it makes on contact. Half price sale made it a bargain.
ProsEasy to hit. Consistent. Price.
ConsNot a big fan of the lime green grip.
By Mary
Montgomery, Alabama
July 8, 2014
Great Fairway Wood
Easy to hit and control. Distance plus accuracy makes this club a must. Unbeatable price.
ProsAll of the above.
By Sam
Canton, OH
June 25, 2014
Easy to hit
I've always had trouble hitting my fairway woods, but the Baffler just clicked with me. after a few rounds was hitting it longer and straighter than any fairway wood I've had previous experience with, very happy with the purchase. Not the biggest fan of the stock grip color, but easily changed.
ProsEasy to hit
ConsGrip color
By Mogolf
May 28, 2014
t-rail FW wood
well designed, good distance with control at an exceptional price point.
Proseasy to hit, quick launch, excellent distance
By Al
Jacksonville, FL
May 20, 2014
Best 5 Wood I've owned
This 18 degree cobra 5 wood has a great feel and balance looks great as well. It gets the ball up quick and I've added about 10 yards to my shots compared to my previous 5 wood.
By Tom
May 19, 2014
easy to hit
I cannot hit a fairway wood this 5 wood I can!
By shin
May 14, 2014
i needed to get a 5 wood and puchased this one. great wood but a little too flashy with the yellow grip
Prosthe price!!!!
By Frank
Vancouver, WA
May 9, 2014
Great Value and performance
This is a very nice club that allows for high flight and soft landings. It is easy to hit and is similar in feel to a hybrid. The 1 iron is gone and this is in.
By clay crumpler
Narrows, Virginia
May 3, 2014
great club to hit
It is very easy to get a nice shot with this club
By Bob
detroit, mi
April 28, 2014
Great deal
This seems like a very nice club, but I am still getting used to it. The bright yellow is a bit different - suspect no one bought these clubs due to the bazar color, but this seems like it will be the club I am looking for and I can always change the grip.
By Bill
seminole, Fl
April 26, 2014
Outstanding product
Works good in fairway and rough. Gets up in the air with little effort
By Pete
eagan mn
April 22, 2014
easy to hit
Easy to hit, have used it my last three rounds. The perfect club for my second shot on the par fives. A great club for the money
Proseasy to hit
By Justin
Dubuque, IA
April 13, 2014
5 wood
Very comfortable, and great feel
Conshas plastic plug in the bottom that is not shown in the pictures
By Joe
Temple, New Hampshire
April 11, 2014
love it!
Im hitting it 15 to to 20 yards further than my nike sq driver. For this price you couldn't get a better deal. Definitely satisfied!
By wedgeman
Fairfield, CA
April 10, 2014
Great for tight lies.
Easy to hit off of tight lies and gets you out of trouble easily.
By Terry
April 8, 2014
Great fairway wood
I have hit some of my very best fairway shots since I have received my 5-wood. Everyone loves the look of this club as well!
ProsGreat lines on top of the club to help me line up properly. Nice sized head. Not too large. The senior shaft is just what I need for my swing.
By Bill Schmidt
North Myrtle Beach, SC
April 3, 2014
Airborne from the fairway
Never been able to get a fairway wood airborne until now. Finally am able to hit a fairway wood and get the ball into the air. No more worm burners!!!
By Vall
Lexington, Kentucky
March 28, 2014
Great addition
Purchased 5w to fill the gap between my driver and 4 iron. Very forgiving and I was surprised at the distance. Ball has no problem getting up into the air, so much so that I even use this club to go over trees on par 5's. Went looking for the 7w version shortly after bagging the 5w.
ProsForgiving, great distance, and gets the ball up easily.
ConsStock grip probably needs replacing. Lots of neon if that's not your thing.
By Don
Iowa Park, TX
March 22, 2014
order me one too
My brother-in-law hit mine and had to get him one.
By Howard
The Villages, Florida
February 13, 2014
She loves it!
I purchased the club as a birthday present for my wife. She loves it and with the great price and prompt delivery so do I. Thanks ! Whenever I need something you will be my first stop.
By Herman
Taylor, MI
January 13, 2014
Perfect compliment to the bag!
- Makes a great sound and feels amazing - Very crisp shots - Perfect 200+ club when needed - New found respect for Cobra!
ProsGreat club for the price
By John
New Zealand
January 7, 2014
Better than a rescue club
Used this to replace by 17 deg rescue. Easy to hit and great out of rough.
ProsEasy to get through long rough
By Wong
December 29, 2013
I can hit the ball very high
By Bryan
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
December 28, 2013
Nice surprise
Received the Baffler free with the AMP Driver and wasn't expecting anything close to this pleasant surprise! Great looks,easy to hit and what distance! Santa Scratch treated me very well!
ProsEverything about it
ConsNone to report
By Bryce
Otago, New Zealand
December 26, 2013
Top Fairway
So easy to hit out of rough too
By Rich
Arlington ma
December 23, 2013
Advertised as a $200 club not even close Okay for beginners gave to my son
By Darrell
Wentzville, MO
December 23, 2013
Nice looking club
Can't wait to get it out and hit it.
By Maggie may
Raleigh, nc
December 23, 2013
Solid feel
Great club. Plays well with the baffler set I got with it.
ProsFeels great off contact
ConsVery long club and I'm a shorty.
By Dan
December 22, 2013
Awesome 5 wood
Bought for a buddy hopes he likes it! Looks sweet
By Neil
Ottawa, Canada
December 21, 2013
Awesome So Far
I got this club when RBG had it as a free gift which was absolutely awesome for me as cobra is my go to brand. As I am a younger golfer I love the way this club looks and especially love the neon yellow grip tape, but I understand that some people dont. I hit this club yesterday for the first time in my local indoor range and it hit beautifully. I was able to get it up and straight and was able to work the ball a bit with some effort (although I am not the greatest golfer and im sure someone in the 10 handicap range would be able to easier). All said and done this club hits great and looks great.
Prosprice, looks, flight
ConsCould be easier to hit draws
By john
United States
December 9, 2013
If you also carry a 3 wood you will be good. The club is great off the fairway from tight lies but seems to get too far under the ball in the rough, pop up. This could also be that I just stink at hitting them out of the rough.
By John
Greenville, OH
December 4, 2013
Baffler is a great club in the bag!
I was looking for a fairway wood, and these happened to go on sale. As always, it arrived quickly from RBG, and I was swinging it very soon after opening the box. It is a very sharp looking club, and the alignment aids on the crown are very helpful. The shaft is nice and light, and the club is very easy to swing. The T-rails on the bottom of the club help it to glide nicely through the grass, and it's pretty easy to get the ball up in the air (3W 16*). I took it out today in my bag for one last time this season, and I was able to get some nice shots with this club. I'm excited to take it to the range this coming spring and really get to know how to hit this club. Very good deal on a solid club! -This is the 2012 model, but nothing to fear there! It is still a great club!
ProsLight weight Easy to Swing Alignment Aids are nice touch Price Headcover included Nice Lamkin 3Gen grip.
ConsHeadcover is very stiff at first. The Lamkin Grip is neon yellow, so it shows a lot of dirt.
By Sampson
Montverde, FL
December 3, 2013
Solid Value
Great looking, lower profile fairwood wood. Ball gets airborne quickly with a good trajectory
ProsOverall performance, also love the Lambkin grip. As always with Rock Bottom, items arrive more quickly than expected, great service
Consneed more $ to spend on equiptment
By John
Roy, UT
December 2, 2013
great club, large sweet spot.
Great club, very forgiving, large sweet spot.
By Dave Collins
Hamilton , New Zealand
November 28, 2013
Great fairway driver , come out clean
By Doug Keesee
Phillipsburg KS
November 28, 2013
cobra t rail fairway wood
I received great service from rock bottom I was looking for that 200 yd club that I could get off the ground. I took this out and hit it. Its was easy to line up and the ball went straight. This is a very forgiving club that will lower my score.
ProsI like the alighment marks on the head for the ball
By Max
New Zealand
November 19, 2013
very nice club
I'm finding that the more I use this club the better I hit it.
Prosgood distance and flight.
By Arnie
November 17, 2013
Best fwy wood ever!
I've always used (20 yrs+) cobra fwy clubs, but the T-Rail is the best ever! It is easy to hit and is a beatiful club, I've never liked or could hit an unattrractive club, this is without a doubt the best. I am a 12 handicap but have been as low as a 4 handicap, now Iam 73 yrs old and can still shoot in the 80's. These new fwy woods are alaready lowering my handicap again.
By Wayne
New zealand
November 16, 2013
Good product
Easy to hit and easy to line up ,with the two yellow lines on top of the club headq
ConsYellow handle shows up grip marks
By Jewell
Girard, Ks
November 14, 2013
Helped my game. Can hit it.
By Don
Sonora, CA
November 11, 2013
Strong Fairway Woods
The Cobra Baffler T Rail is by far the best fairway wood I have ever played. It is easy to keep the ball in play where it should the fairway or near or on the green. A golfer of any level can improve his game with this club.
ProsLow profile, wide face, and premium Graphite Design shaft.
By Terry MOYSE
Christchurch. New Zealand
November 9, 2013
cobra fairway
great club best fairway i have hit. great value for money. Thanks Rockbottom
By Marc
Minneapolis, MN
November 5, 2013
Upgrading fairway wood
Have only played two rounds with this club, it replaces a Titleist 3 wood-which I really liked. This Cobra 3 wood is a nice improvement. Hitting this club seems effortless and it adds about 15 yards. Its to bad it started to snow here in Minnesota, I want to play this club more
ProsSolid club, no problems digging the ball out of the rough. Flies off the face.
ConsHead cover is harder then most to put back on....minor issue.
By chan
November 5, 2013
By robert mcmanus
November 4, 2013
Cobra the-rail fairway wood
Great looking club, love the look and the grip. Hit the ball long and straight.
ProsGrip and looks
By Frank
Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada
November 3, 2013
3 wood
I've only used it for 1 round. so far so good. A big positive is that this is the only 3 wood that has given me a higher ball flight.
By K Long
November 3, 2013
cobra baffler t-rail 5w & 3w+
Had a hard time hitting them the first time I took them to the range...but after getting used the them I have come to like them a lot. Ball trajectory is higher than I expected, even on the 13 degree 3+. Nice clubs and can't beat the price.
ProsPrice & feel after getting used to the clubs
By Brian
Edinburgh Scotland "the home of golf"
November 2, 2013
straight shooting 184yds of power. Bought the stiff version and this has to be the easiest 5 wood ever.
ProsStraight easy to hit good distance
By Rick
Chicago Il
November 2, 2013
Great Club/Great Deal
Very hard not to hit the ball straight with this club. I have played Cobra clubs for years. I think they a very underrated.
ProsStraight Great Deal Works very well for me from bad lies
ConsMuffled sound at impact Could do without the neon grip
By Bupky
United States
November 2, 2013
Great Club- Better Bargain
Easiest 3-wood I've ever hit, and I always have problems with fairway metals. Light, responsive, top lines make it simple to line up. At 50 bucks, a can't-miss.

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