By Steve
Loon Lake Washington
Great Puchase
October 23, 2014
My under $100 dollar club is out driving and performing my buddies over $400 dollar club. Straight and long! Thanks Rock Bottom- as usual great products and great service
ProsExceptional Club-freaking out my buddies with the length.
By Mike
Federalsburg, MD
Close But No Cigar/Great Swap
October 23, 2014
I was trying to replace an older Adams Golf Red Line driver that is over 9 years old. But the Cobra did not give me the distance I was looking for, so I returned it. But "The Caveman" gave me a good deal on the return and I bought a newer Adams Golf driver........AND IT IS AWESOME. I love it!!! And even with the wind in my face, I can hit the ball low and it just keeps rolling. Great deal!!!!!!!!
ProsA new feel, stiff shaft and everything I was expecting.
ConsI have to admit, the head cover is kind of ugly. (laugh) Will be replacing that the first chance I get. Lol
By Henry S.
Philadelphia, PA
Easy to hit.
September 24, 2014
I switched from my first pro style driver which had a 9 degree loft and a stiff flex (which I was hitting the slice like a pro with). The ZL Encore with 10 degree loft and regular flex launches higher and when the club head is setup closed I was finding more fairways immediately without changing my swing. This club works as advertised.
ProsI could not find a better price new! Works as advertised, looks impressive and sounds good of the tee (sounds like a CRACK rather then a ping).
ConsPainted seam above club face chipped immediately.
By chase
United States
Nice club!
September 18, 2014
Great club for the price
By Eagle 36
Riverside, CA
Dead center of the fairway
September 10, 2014
This club is very easy to hit, has added 20 yards to my drive and is always in the fairway with the adjustment to closed.
ProsGreat looking club
By Iain A Grant
Houston, Tx
First class Driver and a best in class price
September 5, 2014
Great club and at and even greater price.
By Bart
Christmas comes early
September 4, 2014
Was going to be for Christmas but could not wait.... Love it
By Pup
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Great Deal!
August 23, 2014
This driver has a great feel at address and extremely forgiving on shots not struck on the center of the club face. I do not prefer the grip that comes with this driver. The driver is extremely user friendly and easy to adjust the club face angle and weighting. I highly recommend this product. You definitely will not beat ROCK BOTTOM'S price! Hit em good and remember to Tee it Forward!!
By cm
delta bc
good performance and value
August 21, 2014
9 hcp. Always had a natural fade.. set the ZL to closed and have been hitting very straight and LONG
ConsBit loud colours for me
By Dan
Great driver
August 20, 2014
Took a bit to learn how to hit this club but I have gotten the hang of it and I love it. Has a nice big sweet spot and it sounds really cool when you get a hold of it
By Payton
Great deal
August 17, 2014
Longer straighter drives. I feel like rickie folwer with this club.
By Jim
Madison, WI
Great value!
August 15, 2014
I had previously ordered an adjustable Cobra Fairway wood (5-7) and was quite pleased with it, so I decided to give this driver a try. I normally have quite a slice and was hoping this simple adjust head (open-neutral-closed) could also simplify my game. It has worked very well. My drives are going much straighter and longer, with more consistency. And, I have not had to change the club from the neutral setting. I would definitely recommend this club to those with similar games as mine----a high handicapper!!
ProsStyle Color Feel Simplicity of adjustment
By Ricardo
Los Angeles, California
Adjustment period - good distance
August 11, 2014
After a brief adjustment period, this is turning out to be a nice club.
Prosdistance feel doesn't have that same old Cobra sound (can't tell if this is a plus or minus yet)
Consdoesn't have that same old Cobra sound
By James Duller
Homosassa Florida
Cobra ZL Encore Driver
August 9, 2014
I really like this driver, I've played three rounds of golf with it and have missed very few fairways and I have NOT even made an adjustment since taking it out of the box, I wouldn't say I hit any further than my previous drive about the same but more accurate....It's also a very nice looking driver. I have the black head with yellow highlights. The price was right and I would recommend it to anyone.
ProsVery accurate, nice looking adjustable if needed
By Teddy
Well built club!
August 1, 2014
Love the feel. Long and straight. I was hitting it consistantly right out of the box.
ProsStraight Long Perfect shaft Adjustable
By David zimmerman
Det. Mi
Great service
July 29, 2014
Nice driver.
By Russ
Kansas City
Nice club great price
July 24, 2014
Have only played with it a couple of times, and still figuring out how to hit it. When I do hit it square, it goes 20-30 yds further than any driver I have tried.
Prossolid feel great sound off clubface low trajectory, plenty of roll
Consminor issue, but headcover is way too tight
By Richard
July 15, 2014
Great ball flight even on miss hits.......25to 30yards longer than my last driver
By Andrew
Atlantic City
Great Buy!
June 18, 2014
Hitting this club is fun. Cuts through the ball like a warm knife through butter. Good feel and control.
By Jodh
Toronto, Ontario
The best driver under $400
May 27, 2014
The Cobra ZL Encore is, by far, the best driver on the market for under $400. It has an extremely large sweet spot, with a very solid sound. The stock shafts, made my Fukijura, are of superior quality and the golf pride grip is the best I've ever felt on a driver. The rear screw-weight helps with launch, but creates a higher than usual launch angle. I purchased a 9.5* and feel as if it's playing like a 11*. However that launch angle doesn't affect distance. The ZL encore has added approximately 10-15 yards to my drive. The head adjustability also comes in handy. I've set my club head to the closed setting, which has almost completely eliminated the fade off the tee. If you're prone to pulling or drawing your drives you can set the head to the open position. The colours are awesome! I bought the black/neon, however the red/black or white are both solid choices. You will not be disappointed with this driver.
ProsQuality, looks, performance, adjustability, head cover
By Rob
San Diego, ca
Great club
December 12, 2013
I just got it last week and couldn't wait to hit. I tool it out and man this thing is great. Good whipping action
ProsFeels great
By Derek
Halifax, NS
On time and as advertised
August 14, 2013
I Haven't had chance to use it yet, but this club came in perfect condition, factory sealed and 4 days after order. Living in Canada, so that's pretty damn fast. Huge sweet spot on this thing and it's bright and beautiful. Excellent job RB!!
ProsLight, fast, and a huge sweet spot. It'd be hard to mishit this club.
ConsI'll probably manage to mishit it.
By Augie
Manchester, NH
great club
July 11, 2013
added 35 yards on to my drive

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