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By Tarzan
Richmond, VA
June 24, 2013
Looooong Tom
I was worried about not being able to control my drives with this driver. I have realized that I can actually control my swing better because I trust the club to make the drive a long one. I have a slower swing speed and this club made up for a lot of the distance that I wasn't able to make happen. Love this thing!
By doug
June 20, 2013
cobra long tom
After a couple of rounds, love it. Easy to get used to, good balance, was able to stay up with the longest hitter in our group.
By Jacob
Green Bay, Wisconsin
June 11, 2013
Going the Distance, But not for Slicers
This club is perfect for a person how has a nice clean drive swing. However, if you have a habit of slicing, this club will not help. I am a person that slices the ball frequently, so I know this club doesn't fix the slice problem. I do know that it doesn't make your slice even worse though. I've been working on straightening my drive and I have to say that when the ball did go straight, it went between 225-250 yards (for being inexperienced in the sport of golfing, I find this to be a very good range). I would definitely recommend this club to anyone.
ProsHits Ball Long and Straight Lightweight Long Length
ConsDriver Head Scuffs Easily (can be washed off though)
By Mike
SIlver Spring MD
June 10, 2013
Easy to hit and long
I had some hesitation about trying a 48" driver; long is not helpful if you are in the trees. However, after a bit of practice (2 trips to the range) I a can hit it in my intended direction about as often as my old driver (Adams Speedline) and it is about 15 yards longer. than my old driver Overall I am very happy with this club. My only complaint is the short grip - you cannot choke down much without being on the graphite. I guess choking down on an extra long driver is something you are not supposed to do, but another 3-4 inches of grip would be appreciated - I may fix this with a regrip.
ProsLong, quite easy to hit
ConsShort grip - cannot easily choke down for more control or lower trajectory
By Kenny
Cincinnati, OH
June 5, 2013
Lightweight and quick
An essential driver to have in your bag. I'm going to keep my old driver in my bag for doglegs and narrow fairways, but this will be the one I use most often. Light, quick and responsive off the tee. Added about 15-20 yards to my average drive. Compared to other reviews, I didn't notice any decline in my accuracy or have any trouble adjusting to the length of the club.
ProsDistance Lightweight
By Gary Blair
LOs Banos, Ca
June 4, 2013
did not like the Cobra
Too light to load shaft properly. Without a huge consistent swingspeed shaft felt unloadable. I swing 95-100 mph and this driver was 50 yards short of my TM r-9 driver.
Prosfinish of club was nice.
Consshaft would not load, loss of distance.
By Dave
Columbus, Ohio
May 28, 2013
As long as it's name
I have played 5 rounds with this club and it has performed better than expected. I had read some reviews that other golfers could not hit the club in the center of the club face and I have not had an issue with that what so ever. It does have a long shaft but with a controlled swing it surely adds distance. I have hit drives longer than I have ever hit before. Well worth the money
ProsLong and straight
By Bill
Lowell , Massachusetts
May 25, 2013
Cobra - Long Tom Driver
The club is light , great feel and I'm hitting it at least 20 - 30 yds further than my last driver. I'm very satisfied !!!
By John
May 22, 2013
If you are looking to add 20-30 yards, this is the one! My handicap is 10 and I will soon be breaking into single digit, thanks to this driver. It's nice to be able to pull out a P or 9 iron instead of 6 or 7 on par 4 and 5s. It takes a bit to get used to though. You need have a stable swing and trust the club that it will do the work for you!!!
By Rich
May 19, 2013
I don't know why anyone would buy clubs anywhere else but rock bottom. That said... I'm a sucker for trying out clubs for that "perfect one", and rockbottom allows me to do that without breaking the bank. I bought the long Tom based on reviews.I've found that for the most part, when taken together, that you can get a good idea of the pros and cons. Here's my take... The head is all graphite, so you're going to feel the ball strike much more than a metal face driver. With my #9 loft, the ball flight is low, but here is where the distance comes from... the ball rolls a really long way. Most review's said this. The pro is longer yardage. The con is that with the longer shaft, you'd better hit this sucker perfectly, or the roll into where you don't want it to be... will be longer too. It's a fun club for gambler, and I like to gamble on the course... after all, it's the only way to learn.
ConsFeel at impact.
Far East
May 12, 2013
Excellent driver
If you are used to low loft & long driver, this Long Tom will definitely help to get extra 10 to 20 yards distance.
ProsArrogant look
ConsToo long so has to squeeze in golf bag. For the extra distance, it is OK though.
By Chris
North Carolina
May 7, 2013
Im a High Handicap usually over 100 on 18 used club last week and i shot a 98 on 18 wow nice, 10* with stiff flex
Prosfeel, weight, long shots!!!
Consnothing to dislike
By Robert
Decatur, IL
May 7, 2013
I feel like it's easy to hit and control.. I can't tell you exactly how many yards I'd gain but I do driver the ball further with this club. I've used callaway Diablo, Taylor made r7 & r1 , super fast 2.0. This club out drives them for me.. the ball just flat off the face. I got it three days after order was submitted. Fast service as always from RBG
By Joe
Northeast, PA
April 14, 2013
Don't be afraid of buying this driver!
This driver is amazing! I was hesitant after reading some folders opinion on this club because of its length. I found this to be very easy to hit, off center hit with this club are still very long and straight! Cobras E9 technology really does work and center hits provide jaw dropping distance!
ProsLong, easy to hit considering shaft length
By Andrew
March 25, 2013
It is long...
If you are looking to try something this may suit you, nice feel and doesn't feel like a standard driver, possibly due to length.
By Enrique "El Champion"
Humble, TX
March 18, 2013
I played three times with this club so far, the first time I scored 37 on the Front 9 my best ever, blew my friends minds away with my distance. On the first hole par 5 I was less than 200 out on a 500 Yard par 5, you do the math. The 2nd time I only used it on the Par 5's, the group I was playing asked me why I did not used my driver and I told them that it was because it was too long and I could or roll in in the the trouble, water, bunkers etc. I only used it on the Par 5's and I was driver to mid Iron to the greens. I got on the green on to shots on 3 of the 4 Par 5's. Played again yesterday and I got pair up with a guy that is qualifying for the Shell Houston Open, We played from the tips, I was a bit nervous at the beginning and hit a bad shot here and there but then I got my rhythm going, I was longer than him on my driver T shots 90% of the time. I had the confident to drive the ball with an easy swing and be long without trying to kill the ball. I think this driver lives to its expectation, Is Long for sure, I do not use their club head cover because I do not want anybody to go and buy it that plays with me. I am thinking about buying another one to have in my set that I have on my vacation spot so I have it there as well.
ProsEverything it lives up to your distance expectations
ConsThat I could not have it before
By Enrique "El Champion"
Humble, 77396
March 14, 2013
It is Stupid to not have this club in your Bag unless you play against me.
This club is just amazing, I have the Taylor Made R-11S and it was pretty good but I know there must be a better club where I could get more distance and more roll with less swing. I was hesitant to get this club so I went to one of the mayor golf suppliers and hit all the new advertise stuff and on the used rack I found 2 long toms, actually priced for more that what you could buy them here. I hit them on the simulator and compared with all the new top of the line drivers on all the swings I was 20 to 30 yards longer so I decided to go ahead and order it. I went to the range today and I was 300 yards plus 70% of the time, I usually hit my driver 258 to 268 but with all the rolled you get from this club is just great but I had to admit is not for the high handicapper, perhaps is a bit harder to hit if you do not have a consist-ant swing. I had to let people know of this findings, I am playing this club for sure.
ProsPlay-ability, rolled, How light it is.
ConsThat I did not found it sooner
By Diego
March 8, 2013
i was looking for a driver that was a little bit longer than my burner so I thought I would give this a try. WOW is all I can say. I still hit slices but it's mainly when I try to crush it. Overall I LOVE this driver. Thanks RockBottomGolf.
Proslength look feel weight
Consthe shaft looks like it's one misstep away from breaking
By Bill
February 22, 2013
Awesome driver !
This is definitely the best driver I have ever used, but maybe that's just me.
ProsDistance Weight Control Price Nice head cover.
ConsShould have gotten one sooner!
By Christian
Crofton, Maryland
February 18, 2013
More than just hype
Weather has been off locally so I have done nothing more than range time with this driver. However, at this point I have hit about 250 balls, just with this club. It is fantastic. It took me a handful of shots to adjust my stance (6-8 balls), but once I did it was magic. I gained a solid chunk of yardage on my drives. Probably close to 30-40 yds. extra. Control does not seem to be an issue either. In fact, I think it may be easier for me to hit than any other driver I have tried. I have a Cobra S3 driver that I have set draw biased as it is still hard for me to hit a draw when I really need to. But for stick straight or a really nice fade I can crush it with the Long Tom. The draw will come, as that is more my lack of ability, than the club itself. Appearance wise, it is great. The matte black finish is different, and I love it. The head cover is all black as well. It towers over every other club in my bag and from a distance you have no idea what it is. I realize appearance may be more of a novelty, but I felt it was worth mentioning. For reference I am only 5'8" and I manage to get it done with this club. If you can find one, and are looking for some extra distance, I say: Go for it!
ProsDistance, control, and appearance.
ConsNothing so far.
By George
Nanaimo BC
February 11, 2013
I had read a lot of reviews before buying this club and all of them claimed it added yards to their game. Well they were telling the truth! Great club at a great price!
By Michael
Santa Rosa Beach, FL
January 26, 2013
Great Driver!
Hits great!
By Rick Greene
Denver, CO
January 26, 2013
Don't buy this club
Ok, you can buy it. I really just wanted to keep the secret to myself. I just played my first round with this and really couldn't believe the distance. I am a 4 handicap but always feel that I was coming up a little short on the drive. My driving distance was usually in the 270 range with an occasional 300 yarder. It took my the front nine to really get used to the 4 foot shaft but on the back nine 320, 325, 350 and straight. I actually tried a shot I never had the confidence to hit before - over a lake between 2 trees ( about 30 yards wide) and over a tree at the 250 yard mark. That was the one I hit straight as an arrow for 350 yards. I love this club.
ProsLong Smooth Easy to hit
ConsLonger shaft may cause an occasional mishit

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