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By Matt
Denver, CO
Cobra Wedge
May 22, 2015
Great wedge and Great Price from RBG
By Craig
Newtown, PA
March 24, 2015
stiff shaft
By Justin
Murfreesboro, TN
March 16, 2015
Not very balanced a lot of mis-hits.
By Justin Welch
Charleston, SC
Great club.
January 24, 2015
I've only played a few rounds with my new Trusty Rusty so far but it has been an excellent club. I was concerned at first because the club head was noticeably heavier than my previous Lob wedge but that weight has helped me a lot with how I swing the club and being able to really get under the ball. It has been great at getting me out of some tough spots around the green which has helped me go from bogeys to pars and birdies. Great club!
ProsLarge face which is forgiving. Seems to be a heavier head which is beneficial.
ConsNone yet.
By Brad
Little Chute, WI
Nice Wedge
December 13, 2014
I needed a lob wedge for years and finally got one, should have got one sooner. Great for flop shots and is good out of the sand. First Cobra I've owned and like it alot.
By Tim
New Zealand
great wedge
November 26, 2014
Nice wedge. Good feel and great look
By Kerley
Hickory NC
Not Bad
November 17, 2014
Wedge is smooth but not a big fan of the look standing over it. Probably just need some time with her.
ProsCan work any lie
By laker
marshall, MI
This wedge is staying in the bag!
November 14, 2014
I currently have a Trusty Rusty Gap Wedge that is solid and (when I apply a good swing) consistently hits it close. What could be better that that? A second Trusty Rusty wedge, of course! I put the Lob Wedge in and immediately fell in love with the feel and consistency it gave me over my old Cleveland LW. Love these wedges.
ProsBalance and feel is exceptional. Grooves seem to impart more spin that my old square groove LW! Surprise, surprise. The black steel shaft makes this club super-sexy looking….
ConsHaven't found one yet.
By Art Kirwan
Gainesville, FL
New car deal at used care price
November 13, 2014
Great club;great price!
By Chromeboy
Singer Island, Florida
Versatile club
October 23, 2014
An easy to hit, versatile club that's good off tight lies, rough, and out of the sand.
ProsGood value, versatile performer
ConsFace feels just a little dull
By Randall Watkins
October 21, 2014
By Tiger
Ashland, OR
Good Club
October 8, 2014
Good price too. Nice soft feel.
By George
Finally Wedge Help.
September 24, 2014
I have never been able to hit any wedge greater than a Pitching wedge consistently. That has now changed, since I bought the Cobra Trusty Rusty Satin Wedge. I am 72 years old and play about 6 or 7 rounds a month. I have tried several 60 degree and 64 degree wedges, all with poor results, and could never hit any of them shot after shot. Even though I put in a lot of practice with them. The Cobra Trusty Rusty I hit great the first time it was used with no practice. I still haven't practiced with it. I changed the grip to a 6715W Winn Excel RF Soft Midsize Black +1/32 inch. Then cut an inch off the shaft to fit me, as I'm only 67 inches tall. I think the secret of the wedge is the short bounce on the bottom, it is very easy to hit. I get it way up in the air and land it softly with absolutely no problem. I had gave up on the higher range wedges. But my brother told me told me try something new, as he carries a 60 degree wedge. This wedge has cut 1 to 3 strokes a round off my score. Not only is it a great wedge but the price at the cave was really good. I caught it during one of the 24 hour sales. If you are not on the caves mailing list, you are missing out on some outstanding bargains. I thank the guys in the cave for putting it on special it was something I had basically given up on.
ProsShort bounce and a wonderful feel.
ConsNone for me.
By Rigo
Los Angles, CA
Great wedge for the price.
September 23, 2014
ProsForgiving Feel Look
ConsDidn't get me into the Ryder cup.
By Tony
Bay Area, California
Great wedge and Great service
September 9, 2014
love my 59 and 51 degree wedges from Cobra. Helped me drop at least a stroke per round and the service from RockBottom Golf was great as usual.
By David
Mesquite, TX
Excellent club and value
September 1, 2014
Great club, very versatile. Able to open club face around the green making this club giving you the ability to hit off any lie. Highly recommend.
ProsQuality club Forgiving versatile
By andrew
east longmeadow, MA
August 27, 2014
excellent club, exellent price. Great upgrade to my 52deg
Prosprice and performance
By GRod
United States
Cobra Trusty Rusty Wedge
August 20, 2014
Bought this wedge for a fellow golfer who was looking for a 56 degree wedge. Even though this wedge is 55 degree the owner loves the solid feel of this wedge when hitting his shots.
ProsSolid feel when hitting shots.
ConsNone at his time.
By Edp
Brentwood CA
Great wedge!
August 2, 2014
This is a fabulous wedge. Not like any one that you would receive with your set. Great price, and came quickly!
ProsEasy to use from all situations
By Patrick
trusty rusy
July 28, 2014
just got it a week ago. like the blade like look and is easier to hit from tight lies.
By Frank
Harlingen, Texas
Nice Wedge
June 7, 2014
Still getting used to club. Can tell I am going to like it.
By Ace
May 22, 2014
The sole is phenomenal, it just glides through the turf. No more "sticking it to the ground." Good spin, too.
ProsSole grind. Spin. Versatility.
ConsHeadshape a bit too rounded for my taste.
Temple City, CA
Cobra trusty rusty wedge 49 degree
May 12, 2014
The head size is just alright. Not too big not too small. Very good replacement for my mizuno gap wedge (even better).
ProsValue, black shaft, weight, color of club face.
By Art
good deal
May 11, 2014
nice feel, holds the green
By Bob
Springfield, Illinois
Great Value
April 11, 2014
I wasn't expecting much when I bought this club - I'm a Cleveland wedge fan - but it has proven to be an excellent club. I snagged it because I needed the 49 degree loft in my bag, and it has been very consistent and solid.
By Michael
San Jose, CA
great deal
April 5, 2014
nice club for very low price
By Chris
Saint Paul, MN
Great Wedge
April 1, 2014
Great Grooves and easy to hit wedge. A better then average wedge for a great price. The black shaft takes a few rounds to get used to.
ProsEasy to hit
ConsBlack shaft takes a little getting used too
By Joe
Kingwood, Tx.
nice size...solid club.
March 14, 2014
Have only had it on the range 3 times...easy to hit, ptich and chip with. Head size not too big. Black shaft is little different.....
ProsEasy tio hit....ptch and chip. Head size fine.
ConsBlack shaft takes a little getting used too but not does not detract..
By Steve
Brookville in.
Good Product
February 6, 2014
Good feel to this wedge.
By David
United States
Gold old Trusty Rusty
January 17, 2014
Out of all the clubs in my bag this is one of my favorites.
By Allister
New Zealand
trusty rusty
December 16, 2013
I should have had one years ago, best wedge I have ever owned ! the gap & sand wedge's are Just as good. I think that cover's the pros & cons
By Jeremy
Roslyn, NY
Cobra Rusty Wedge (Satin)
March 17, 2013
I prefer the darker finish, but obviously the performance is identical. Great wedge with spin and traditional looks.

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