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By B Hengst
Youngsville, NC
Yellow balls are good for winter play
December 13, 2013
Makes it easy to find ball when the grass turns dormant. Excellent price!
By george quigley
cobourg, ontario
not bad
November 28, 2013
used balls, as expected...price was good
By Christian
Edgewood, WA
Good price
November 10, 2013
Got these for the hard to see darker days ahead. Got the yellow in near mint. I find yellow easiest to see on a cloudy day.
By John
Greenville, OH
Easter Eggs are Great for Beginning Player
October 30, 2013
After playing a couple of rounds with my wife and Father-in-Law, I discovered I was having a hard time following the white ball. I added a dozen near mint Orange balls to my order from RBG, just to use as I am learning the game, and having an easier time to follow the flight of the ball. Even though they're advertised as an 'Ammo Box' they came in a nylon net bag of a Dozen. My wife helped me sort through them after they arrived, and we were both pleasantly surprised. Some of the balls were cheaper or older branded balls, but there were also several really nice, high quality balls. So far after 3 rounds with these balls in my bag, I've only lost 2, and not felt bad about it because I spent so little on them, and have been pleasantly pleased by their performance on the course. My father-in-law dubbed these Easter Eggs because they're bright orange, but I've loved having them and using them on the course! Our family has a plethora of golf balls since there are several golfers, so I won't be needing to buy any more for a while, but I would definitely buy these again!
ProsPrice, Quality, great for beginners.
By Bobbi
Mays Landing, NJ
colored ammo box
October 29, 2013
Even though stated used in the ad they looked and felt new. No marks or blemishes. Mostly bright orange, no names I ever heard of but still had great feel and distance. Ordered a second box those were again, no marks or blemishes but colors were "off" . Very washed out pink to the point looked beige. No names I ever heard of (skybird) but still performed fine. I pay more for practice balls to hit in the water so I am ahead of the game.
Prosprice, quality, great for someone starting out or who plays on a course with a lot of water hazards
By Drew
Boise, ID
Great price for great used golf balls
October 10, 2013
Awesome deal considering I'm no pro and lost balls are going to happen
ProsGreat price!
By Trevor
Rapid City, SD
cheap price
August 19, 2013
cheap price, nothing to special about them. helps with courses where there are lot of trees
By William Quinn
Great Golf balls for the price
August 13, 2013
Ordered & recieved my dozen "ammo box" like new, used balls. Great purchase as they could be considered new. Played a round of 18 holes last week with these and didnt have to feel like I was losing a really expensive ball. Only lost 1! Easy way to stay in the game while saving $$. These hit just as far as the expensive balls & feel just as solid off the irons. Will definately purchase these again and again as needed. Thanks Rock Bottom Golf!
By Federico Gonzalez
Miami, Florida
Great Value
August 5, 2013
Great product at a great cost
By Jack
cincinnati, ohio
good balls
June 25, 2013
great balls a lot of name brands in the box
By Judy Farnen
La Crescent, MN
Assorted used colored golf balls
May 29, 2013
Quite honestly, it has been so rainy here, I haven't had the chance to go out with my son and try them. However, they bounce quite well on the cement in the garage.....
By Jason P.
Plano, Texas
Exactly what I wanted!
May 26, 2013
I bought these balls to go practice at the driving range. The driving range has a nice pitching green in the back, these balls being orange, stands out from the white range balls. So when I go practice no one will steal mine and I won't get them mixed up from the range balls.
ProsThey are cheap, great ball for practice. not all consistent colors, but cheap did I mention Cheap! exactly what I wanted for a practice ball.
Consnot all the same color. Ranges from white with a orange tint to bright orange. Some balls look like they were dyed and the dye didn't stick on some parts of the ball, one side orange and the other side whitish orange.
By Aaron
Arlington, Texas
The ammo box is a good bargain.
May 8, 2013
The balls are in good shape. Very few blemishes or marks.
By Tom
Dallas tx
Good stuff
April 29, 2013
You can't beat the price for some practice balls. The quality of balls were acceptable and should keep my gaming balls from getting beaten up. Buying this along with the shag bag will make the short game practice much more enjoyable
By Pete
Seacoast, NH
Good Balls
April 23, 2013
I had bought them to use in the back yard and they work out perfectly. It was a good deal for the price.
ConsSome a bit worn down
By Caleb
Charleston, SC
Oh, the visibility
April 17, 2013
My favorite part about these balls are the color. It's also my first ammo box. My first impression after grabbing one out of the box was that I think someone robbed my local fun-park of all the orange balls. They kind of give you that feeling when you're playing. None of the balls are really much to talk about in terms of performance--although, I'm not really of a handicap that can judge that well. I really just like the visibility and distinction that a color ball gives me. They hit straight as long as I do and are a great value.
ProsPrice Visibility Color
ConsUnderestimated meaning of "Assorted" (wide variety of no-name ball manufacturers)
By Will
Yellow Near Mint
April 12, 2013
The first two boxes I purchased were almost exclusively Callaway Warbirds. Only three or four per box appeared to have been hit. Since these were such a great deal, I ordered four more boxes to stock up for the season. These had a greater variety including mostly top-flite, wilson, and pinnacle with some random low-end brands thrown in. The quality is still great with about 1 in 6 having rough spots and ball markings. For the price, 5 out of the 6 boxes deserve five stars. The sixth box, however, had 2 dozen lady balls and 1 dozen Callaways. Luckily, my fiance plays golf so they will still get hit and the mint Callaways were a plus; but I can only imagine how upset another man might be if he purchased that one box and 2/3 were unusable. It would be nice if they sorted them into a separate package. Overall, the value is still impressive.
ProsQuality Callaways mixed in Majority look mint Price
ConsSome scuffs Lady balls mixed in (2 of 18 dozen)

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