By Lex
Columbus, Ohio
Great choice in Simulator
September 20, 2015
I bought this as a gift for my husband so he could play golf all year round. He loves this simulator, it's so easy to use and the graphics are awesome!
By William
Murrieta, CA
Nice practice system
January 24, 2015
This is great for practicing when you cannot get to the range or course. Sometimes the club speed is not accurate but I use my swing byte with it and track the two. Wish it worked outdoors as the only room I can use it is the living room.
ProsWorks great indoors
ConsDoes not work outdoors.
By Jim
option shot
January 24, 2015
Good for looking at numbers. Need someone to help you correct your swing issues. Feel like I am practicing a bad swing at times.
By rick
Love it
January 12, 2015
Love it
By Evan
alberta canada
Great Product
November 9, 2014
Gives you so much for the low price. Pretty good graphics and near perfect accuracy when reading the swing.
ProsPrice Swing analasis Graphics
By Dan
Westbury, NY
Great Golf Simulator, if you set your expectations properly
October 8, 2014
Fist off, the Optishot is not going to make you into a scratch player =). Will it improve your game? That depends on your expectations. I purchased the Optishot because its getting cooler in the Northeast and I want to keep my swing in groove during the Winter. It accurately tells you club face angle and swing path. Everything else (like speed and distance) is an algorithm-based calculation. It can't tell you ball spin or launch angle, nor can it tell the difference between hitting thin or fat shots. With that said, Optishot has helped me see what I was doing wrong with my 3 wood (pull slice) - always showing an outside/in path, I realized I was throwing my right shoulder forward on the downswing that I didn't see before. You can (and must) take the time to create a custom set of clubs in the game and enter in the length, lie and offset of each club. You can even adjust the speed and distance calculations if they're too low/high. Once you do this, then it becomes a very fun game to play and fairly accurate (with the exception of fat/tin shots). Nice to be able to play Bethpage Black when it's raining outside =). As a golf simulator, it's great and a lot of fun. Graphics are ok and on par for 2010 games. There's a game setting app in the install directory, but no matter if it's 2x AA or 16x, I can't see a real difference in quality (I have an MSI R7 250x 1Gb GDDR5 vid card in my rig running). Devs need to update the game in that regard. My setup is in my garage and I have just less than 8' ceilings. I'm 5'8" and have no issues using my driver or 3 wood (RBZ Stage 2 with 43.5" custom length). If I had a standard 45" length driver that most companies ship by default I think i would hit the ceiling. If I were any taller I think I would hit the ceiling. It also helps that I got fitted for my clubs (most all weekenders use irons/woods that are way too long for them). $10 white twin sheet on bungee cords is my screen. One last thing - you can build a hitting platform for the Optishot for under $50 in parts from HD/Lowes. instructions are on Dancing Dogg's website. Overall, it was well worth the price and I'm looking forward to a cold winter.
By Payton
September 1, 2014
I get to play golf in the comfort of my home.
By Jim
Salem, VA
Not accurate
June 28, 2014
I hit my driver extra long and my irons extra short.
ProsGraphics and club face feed back good. Fun to play.
ConsClub lengths inaccurate including the putter.
By Big Dic Cheney
Get what you pay for
April 29, 2014
Is this going to turn a 85 to a 78? Probly not. But it is fun and somewhat accurate... putting is jacked. That being said it has helped me in that I can play/practice in my home whenever I want. TAKE THE TIME TO SET UP YOU CLUBS and TWEAK THE SPEED and/or DISTANCE ADJUSTMENTS so that you hit in the game like you do on the range.
Prosprice, convenience
Consaccuracy is not the best
By Tyler
the moon
Great if you are stuck indoors or if you just want to play more
April 28, 2014
Will be a great training aid for the mid to high handicapper, Not for the low handicapper. I have played about 10 rounds so far on my optishot and I love it! It takes a little time to dial in your true distances, I recommend going to the driving range in the game first and check your distances to make sure they are true. Then edit your set to make it more realistic and you are good to start playing. Setup and Clubs took me about 30 mins until I was playing Optishot! I haven't had any friends play it yet but I can tell its going to be a hit during my BBQ!
ProsFun Easy Set Up Get's you "Playing"
ConsMat is almost a requirement or chock up on your clubs since this sits a inch or two off the ground.
By Mike
Pretty good
April 28, 2014
The graphics are not as good as some popular video games but I was not looking for a video game. I am looking for a constructive way to figure what I doing wrong during my swing. The simulator tells me my swing speed, club face angle and swing path which are what I wanted. Those variables are being measured accurately. With that I can improve my swing. Putting with the simulator is hard. Can really tell what I am doing. But the gimme option makes that factor go away. Many, many, options and setting that I have yet to explore. Rockbottom was by far the best price with the Master week special. Rockbottom is the only golf online site I shop from.
ProsAccurately measures swing speed, club face angle and swing path
ConsPutting ...but I'll get used to it.
By Robert
Helena, AL
Good Product ! Worth the Money !
April 18, 2014
My son and I have played several enjoyable rounds of golf using the optishot. We have found it to be pretty accurate on distance and swing speed. I also love the driving range feature.
Prosaccurate ,durable, easy to setup.
Consindoors only
By Rick
Franklinville NY
Great Bargain
April 11, 2014
I am a high school golf coach. I bought this to help my students with their swing path, it provides immediate feedback and then after practice as a bonus we play one of the courses
By Thomas
Jacksonville, AR
Great simulator for limited space
March 27, 2014
Love the way this simulator works. Great graphics and realistic play. Works well in back storage room so I can hit some on work/bad weather days. Have even had patient swing some as part of therapy. Only draw back is the thickness of mat, need to have thick mat to stand on, and the hitting mat slides if you hit fat.
ProsWorks well in limited space
ConsHitting mat is thick Mat slides around when it's hit
By David
Venango, PA
Works for me!
March 8, 2014
Northwestern Pa means a 6 month golf season. Play six month ... off six months,,over and over again! I needed SOMTHING to carry me thru the off season. Well this may well be the best golf purchase I have ever made. If you want to practice and improve/stay sharp this is IT! Added benefit is it's an absolute gas to play a round of golf with friends/family on the included courses! Now having said that is this a $60k Trakman... cmon man..really? It is what it is ..the most bang for your buck. Word of note: no daylight (pull the shades) ...No light that produces shadows such as regular old light bulbs ( use Fluorescent lighting only ) and as for clubs Your irons will read perfectly, but if you have woods/hybrids/driver with very fancy or all black bottom the sensors will have trouble reading it. In my case I had an old driver laying around with a mostly chrome bottom and it works/reads perfectly. All and all a fantastic product .. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
ProsLow price for what you get. does help you improve ... also ton's of fun!
By Jesse
Asbury Park, NJ
Garage golf is awesome
February 27, 2014
Excellent product all around more impressed than I ever imagined
ProsSwing speed measured, club path, and courses are legit. Definitely improving my game with this product
ConsCan't swing driver in my garage but that has nothing to do with the product. Matt could have a little more padding in my opinion.
By David
Not Too Bad
February 5, 2014
It has been a nice option during the cold winter days. I definitely had to set up clubs and make adjustments to get a more accurate yardage. It is as advertised. As expensive a hobby as golf is, this is a small price for some good swing practice.
ProsEasy setup.
ConsNothing beats the real thing.
By Jason
Huntersville, NC
Good Fun and some helpful information
January 30, 2014
This is not a TracMan. It reads your club only. If you keep that in mind you can have a lot of fun with this simulator! My first test with this was without using a ball....big mistake. If you use a foam ball, you will get much better readings. It is helpful to see the information provided such as open/closed face, path, club speed, etc. It isn't 100% accurate but still fun to use when the weather is bad. Friends come over and the first thing they want to do is hit some balls.
ProsEassy to setup, courses & driving range, use your own clubs
ConsNot always accurate but unless you want to unload Thousands of $$$'s, this should suffice.
By Jeremy
Joliet, Illinois
December 25, 2013
This thing does help with your swing and graphics are great. It has easy setup. The bad is I have to tilt the mat on an angle otherwise it always says clubhead closed and ball goes left.
ProsEasy setup. Graphics.
ConsShould come with standing mat. Accuracy is suspect.
By Ben
Gold Coast Australia
Awesome product
December 13, 2013
This is an awesome game/ trainer for the intermediate golfer, great for your self and 3 friends to have a lazy 18 hole without leaving your home.
ConsNot available for mac
By TimMcKay
Southport, Nc
If u have a mid- high handicap, look in to getting one for yourself!!!
August 13, 2013
This golf simulator is perfect for the weekend golfer, not sure for a low handicap in the case I'm not one of those!! It works amazing with the software and love how you can play entire rounds or just hit at the range for hours. I had in the house but soon after took it to the garage where it works best cause the lighting. Just make sure you go through and set all you personal clubs up(which is easily done) and start your round to learn muscle memory.
ProsExcellent accuracy and can play anytime of day or night!!!
ConsNeed alil bit of head room for which I'm short and still needed a 9' ceiling!
By Rick
Singapore, singapore
Optishot Simulator
May 11, 2013
Great Indoor Simulator at home. having lots of fun playing with my 9 year old son. Normally my son practice at home around half hour daily at home with only practise matt. With Optishot Simulator, he have been playing for hours. It was fun & great for training him without any push now.
ProsGreat analysis with swing path, face angle, club head speed. Its accurate after u have customise your own club set. Its 110% worth with its low price.
ConsPutting sensing is not accurate.
By Anthony Martinez
Reno, NV
More than expected
April 14, 2013
I was a bit tenitive about buying the Optishot becuase some of the reviews that I have read. When I first tried it, all my shots were coming up short from what I hit on the range. I took the time to set up the club set according to instructions found online and everything fell inplace. My Son and I have been having an blast playing in our living room. Optishot gives great feed back. My swing has been improving becuase of it.
ProsPrice!! You're getting more than you paid for. Ease of set-up, If you know how to follow instructions Use your own clubs Fun Factor Quality Graphics Durablity, it has taken a lot of fat shots
By Bob Wieber
St. Johns, MI
Great tool for practice
December 26, 2012
works pretty good but I do not think the distance is very accurate
Prosshows ball flight swing path if the club is open or closed
ConsI think the putting part is terrible Id rather tell to give an automatic 2 putt on every hole
By John
December 22, 2012
I find opti shot a lot of fun and easy to use. I have read about lighting issues in reviews, but must say, I have had no lighting issues with mine. It is not sitting in direct light of any kind (sunlight or otherwise). I am still tweeking with some of the settings such as club set make up. It is quite remarkable, in my opinion, how accurate it is.
ProsEase of use Price Durability
By winkelbauer
omaha, ne
a little let down
December 17, 2012
took a long time to get software to load on new comp. drive range the ball doesn't show true flight, distances are off, doesn't work w/driver or woods if swing to too fast. great to teach kids how to golf
Prosgraphics are great
Consthey should tell u driver swing speeds don't work. putting sucks.
By Steve
Las Vegas, NV
Worth the money
August 1, 2012
Having coached collegiate golf, this simulator is as good as it gets for the price. Obviously there are more things I would like it to do, but you aren't paying $15,000 for its services. And unless you are an idiot, like the other guy who posted a review, and actually tried to take it to the range (WTF!?!?), if you read the instructions it will tell you it is sensitive to certain lighting, which will cause misreadings. It also instructs you on how to change the distance of your shots so they are similar to the distances you hit on the course. For the price, buy it. You won't regret it, unless you are a 79 handicap and have no understanding of golf, like the other guy. Then you should just get a Wii and play with that... You CAN hit with a real ball, and you can use your real clubs. Also, it is very sturdy and the sensors are extremely durable so don't worry about chunking it. I found it very useful for our college athletes to at least get to play some golf during snow season, rather than doing nothing than hitting into a net, where you really can't tell where the ball is going, or if you are hitting it correctly, causing swing errors.
ProsShows clubhead speed Shows swing path Shows draw/fade on computer Good graphics Very realistic Price
ConsDoesn't read driver
By Len
Indianapolis, IN
It appears to be only somewhat helpful. It is not worth the cost.
July 20, 2012
The Opti-shot is useless without a ball which makes playing the courses with friends of no value. I also have not found any conditions in which I have been able to use it at the driving range (morning or evening sun, cloudy conditions, etc.) thus preventing me from determining its accuracy under playing conditions. It also limits its use to indoors with a foam ball. Under these conditions, it has been somewhat helpful. It definitely tells me when I have hit the ball with the toe of the club and is accurate most of the time in determining an open or closed face. However, there are a significant number of occasions in which it indicates an open face and fade when in actuality I had definitely pulled the ball. I cannot recall any instances where my pulls on the golf course ended up as a slice. It is very hard to adjust the clubs for distance since the Opti-shot is sensitive to the lighting conditions. You can adjust the speed and distance in one setting (i.e. basement) only to find they do not work in another (garage, family room). My swing varies from outside/in to square to inside/out which tells me I must be close to square most of the time. I wish the program would state "slight outside/in and slight inside/out" (as it does for slight toe vs. toe) so you would have a better feeling for your swing.
ProsIt has explained why some of my balls go off at 45o (extreme toe) which will allow me to fix this fault. I think it will also help me improve my swing since I am prone to swing outside/in.
ConsYou have to be careful believing what it is telling you. Too often, I have either pulled the ball or hit my target (net 10 ft away) when it is indicating that the club face is open by 5-15o and showing a significant fade or slice. I will pull my irons on the course but rarely fade them and slices are extremely rare.

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