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By George
Upper Darby, Pa
Good ball/good price
September 10, 2015
LoCo compresses more easily on the clubface
By Big D
Point Roberts, WA
Cheap balls
July 15, 2015
New balls but very short.
Conslack of distance
By Tina
Ashland, WI
Great Golf Balls
May 23, 2015
Great golf balls, loved the price! Never had a problem with these.
By Wombat 99
Mankato, MN
Great Deal
March 15, 2015
Bought these for an older buddy of mine who has a limited income and was getting low on balls by the end of last season. He was overjoyed and after I told him the price he couldn't believe it. Thanks Scratch!
ProsGreat price, good enough quality if you're not too serious about the game.
Consnone for this price!
By Shrekoutdoors
Lake St. Louis, MO
Great Value
February 8, 2015
33 cents a ball and they do the same thing more expensive balls do, that's perfect for a weekend duffer like myself, Thanks Scratch
ProsCheap and long, perfect for the average weekend golfer
By Paul
Southeast US
Help for Medium Swing Golfers
February 7, 2015
The Dunlop Loco Balls have a good "core explosion" for swing speeds 70 - 80 range. I'm retired and have a relaxed tempo. These balls give me extra yards off the tee (avg. 10 + yards more). I feel better control and confidence. If you have a reasonably good swing and want good'll like these balls.
ProsControl Distance Accuracy Confidence
ConsKnow your limitations
By Bryan
Great Value
February 5, 2015
For Charity Golf Tournament
ProsGreat Value
Kennebunk, ME
Wife Loves Her New Balls!
February 4, 2015
My wife loves Dunlop balls and these are great ones. Plenty of distance and straight. Price is great as well...T U Scratch.
ProsDistance and price.
By Jim
Tampa bay, Fl
Nic soft ball
February 4, 2015
Have used Loco for long time, still the same as always
By Bill
Reynoldsville, PA
Loco Golf Balls
January 28, 2015
My dad enjoys hitting the Loco's. I bought some for him to play in the spring.
By mike
wi rapids wis
slow swing speed
January 27, 2015
cannot swing as fast as I used to this ball gives me above ave. distance
By Paul McCartney
College Station, tx
They fly into the woods as fast as Titlest's. Fucking game.
January 27, 2015
I'm taking up darts. Can I get my money back?
ProsBecause they're round, they roll into the water. Bad
ConsThey go far. And they're cheap. You don't cry. Just drop another.
By purf
venice fl
super price
January 26, 2015
hard outside soft inside
Proslow compression
By Lonnie B.
Granbury, TX
Love em!!!
January 23, 2015
Prior to me loosing them to the tall weeds and/or water they performed as claimed. When I play with them I no longer think people are referring to me when they say I'm playing with LoCo. Sorry for that I couldn't help myself. With a name like LoCo how could you go wrong.
ProsAs bad as this old duffer plays the price is right!!!
ConsNone, I don't play well enough to complain. I love this game.
By Paul Ransberger
Lindale Tex
loco long
January 20, 2015
this ball will travel when hit well
Consscars up easy
By Nick Cohen
United States
golf ball (Dunlop Loco)
January 20, 2015
Great balls for the money you cant beat it! Going to purchase some more to give away!!!!!!!!!!
By Prodkwn
Spartanburg SC
good distance ball
January 20, 2015
I played with these balls yesterday and was impressed with the distance and the feel of the ball. Really good deal for the price.
By Simon
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Good mid range bal. Good feel of the club face.
January 18, 2015
The Dunlop loco were well priced intermediate ball (even with shpping to Australia). The balls fly well and feel good off the clubface with a good strike. I have played three rounds with the first ball and they appear quite durable (even after some time in the timber).
ProsPrice, quality, flight, and durability
By Roger
Seattle, WA
Nice value
January 13, 2015
They are golf balls, they are cheap. Enough said.
By S. B.
Coppell, Texas
Great ball
January 13, 2015
Great ball. . Also tried the rebel ball
By James
Cincinnati, OH
January 10, 2015
Where else can you get some snappy personalization put on a ball for less than $10 a dozen.
By Five Star
Lynnwood, WA
Under Rated Ball
December 16, 2014
This Dunlop ball has to be one of the best under rated balls available for us mid/upper handicappers with a moderate swing speed. I was using another under rated ball and found this one to have really quick response off the club head, it's own sense of direction (straight), and a solid feel near the green. THis ball is especially more lively when we play in the fall/winter weather when the temps drop into the 50's and low 40's. This ball would be bargain at twice the price (an expression, not a suggestion). I have enough of these balls to get me through the winter and spring; maybe even into the summer.
ProsGreat ball at a great price, and for 15 no less!
ConsIt really needs to come in some other color than white. Fall/Winter play needs orange or yellow.
By Haywood
Fredericton New Brunswick.
Print could be bigger
December 1, 2014
I ordered three boxes. Two out of three were great. One, the print was a little small. Excellent turnaround time on order. Great price on a decent ball.
By Robert
St Louis, MO
Delivered quick and packed well.
November 30, 2014
Items arrived before the delivery estimate and were in pristine condition. Would buy from this website again
By Tim P.
Micco FL
Great buy golf balls
November 25, 2014
For a high handicapper (20+) these golf balls are as good as I need. You don't mind losing them when you pay less than 50 cents a ball.
By Phillip
Lawrenceville, GA
A great golf ball
November 19, 2014
These balls play very nicely.
By Don
Plano, TX
Great value
November 19, 2014
Good balls for beginners.
By zoomer
Long Island, NY
Dunlop Loco
November 18, 2014
First, let me say, for the money you can't go wrong. They aren't as soft as I like and seem to be shorter distance wise but.....for someone out there who isn't a singlr digit handicap, you won't know the difference. That is the truth.
ProsVery cheap price and just as good as any other low end ball. For a new golfer or high handicap, won't matter.
Consnot very soft and distance is lacking somewhat.
By Rivia
Winston Salem, NC
Nice priced ball
November 13, 2014
The price was so nice, I had to get them personalized too.
ProsGreat ball for a great price.
By You just got munsoned!
McKinney TX
Good ball for the price.
November 10, 2014
I am hack and I lose a lite of balls therefore I base balls on price. I paid like $5 for 15 balls. I consider that to be a good deal in my book. I
ConsIf you are a good golfer who thinks better balls make a difference in your performance then these sir are not the balls for you!
By Brian
Severn, MD
Does the job
November 1, 2014
New to golf and these balls do the job! A lot of leaves on the ground so I don't feel bad about not looking for a ball to speed up the pace of play if I hit it into the woods. Great ball!
By Alex
Twin Cities
Great deal!
October 25, 2014
Quit thinking you are that good of a golfer , these play excellent and I was a USGA 7.5 handicap. Johnny Miller once said you can't tell the difference if you aren't a plus golfer. I think that is true. My scratch round and my two best rounds at my club came on Top Flights.
ProsGreat deal and play well. I thought great feel.
ConsFriends think you are cheap. Pro V is what they want to play and I think they accentuate your mistakes. Such as slice or fade.
By Rob
Eastern Ontario
October 24, 2014
Nice n long
ConsEasily scuffed
By Adam
Great balls
October 23, 2014
Great ball for the price. Ball shows signs of wear faster than other balls I have played with.
By Kevin
Great price
October 22, 2014
Great golf balls for price
By Sally
LoCo golf balls
October 22, 2014
What a deal! Bought 10 boxes for my league
ProsGreat golf balls for the price
By Steve White
Chatham, Ontario
Decent golf balls
October 21, 2014
They are new, shiny, and go straight like any other golf ball if you it it right:)
ProsCrazy cheap price from RBG
By Bob
Lake Wales, FL
Good ball at a great price.
October 21, 2014
I'm a 12 handicap golfer and this ball performs as well as the more expensive brands.
ProsGreat price.
By Tony
Abilene, Tx
Great Value
October 21, 2014
I'm an 80s shooter and these balls are great for me. I get distance and feel off the club head. Highly recommend this ball for an all around golf ball.
Webster, NY
Excellent Value for A Great Ball
October 21, 2014
Nice affordable performance golf ball for the average to high handicap golfer & Rock Bottom Golf had the best price by far on these!! I switched to low compression last year & my game has improved
ProsValue priced Good quality ball for mid to high handicap golfer
ConsNone so far
By Roger
Long Island, NY
Balls are round and white
October 21, 2014
As a golfer that shoots in the low 100's -high 90's I am always looking for my golf balls in woods and water so I am always looking for a good deal on golf balls. These Dunlop balls are white and round and fly beautifully when I hit them right. Got a great clearance deal from the cave and stocked up for a couple of years.(I hope).
Proswhite and round and go far and straight when hit correctly
Consnot often hit correctly
By Mark V
Great for the price
October 21, 2014
As advertised
By Michael Hause
United States
Good ball for slower swings
October 21, 2014
This ball performed as advertised. It went at least as far as the balls I have been playing and felt good around the greens.
By Michael
Good Ball
October 15, 2014
I have used these ball for only one round and they seem to be flying a little further than the Wilson balls I normally play with. They are a great buy for the price.
By John
Palm Bay, Florida
You can't get a better deal
October 11, 2014
Great balls at a extremely low price. I use these balls all the time and the difference between these and the more expensive balls is minimal. The price point is just too good to pass up. And Rick Bottom is practically giving them away. I will definitely be buying my balls from rock bottom from now on.
ProsCheap Perform just as good as the more expensive balls
By David Cretella
October 2, 2014
I bought 3 ,15 packs for my wife and she hits the crap out of them. They go Far !!
Prosthey are easy to hit.
ConsNone yet
By Matt C
Havertown, PA
Great ball, even better price
September 30, 2014
I'm an absolute beginner who usually plays Calloway Supersofts, but I've started to dislike just how overly soft they feel on the greens. The Dunlop Locos go every bit as far, but seem to be a bit more energetic on putts. They have a nice, penetrating flight with very low spin. I'm definitely going to play these more often, especially when I can buy more at this Rock Bottom price!
Pros- Long, low-spin flight - Solid feel on the greens
By brian
Whittier California
September 26, 2014
Great ball great feel
ProsPrice Feel
By Linda
westmont, il
September 23, 2014
great golf outing gifts
By chanwook
Seoul, Korea
so goooood~!
September 18, 2014
Good price and quality. Great buy!

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