By Chris
Charlotte, NC
Awesome Tees.
October 8, 2013
These tees are great. The lines help you tee it up to the height you want every time. The pack has 30 large tees and 10 short tees. I keep one large and one short tee in my pocket and that's all I need for the round. The large tees start to bend after repeated use, especially if you tee them down, but you can bend them straight pretty easily.
ProsOne or two tees pre round. Super durable. Easy to use.
By Damian
New Jersey
Excellent tees
July 19, 2013
They're tees.. not much to expect but these are quite good. Very durable and the marking system helps
By Jim
Fort Worth
Good tees
June 19, 2013
Each tee last a round or 2
ProsGood tees
By Mike
hopkinton, ma
May 22, 2013
I love these tees, the lines make it very easy to line up the same way every drive and i feel as though i am hitting more consistantly because of them. I can also play through all nine with one tee, i was going through one every hole with the wooden ones
ProsPrice, Combo pack, Durability
By Scott
Susquehanna, PA
Nice tees, BUT the fitting system seems incomplete....
April 21, 2013
I bought a box of these as the "consistent tees" I'd been using for the past 3 years didn't fit my new Taylormade Burner Superfast 2.0 driver (too short). The "beta chart" at Evolve's website shows only the 2 3/4 inch tee recommendation. For my driver, it showed the tee barely stuck into the ground. The 3 1/4 would seem a better option, but no chart exists for that length. I would assume I'd use the lowest dot on the 3 1/4, but there is no template.The chart also shows only the most recent and popular drivers. My cousin has a 2 year old Adams driver that isn't there. I decided to do the math and draw my own lines on some of the older 3 1/4 evolve tees. Saved some scratch....
ProsGood idea....
ConsIncomplete chart
By Howie
Pittsburgh, PA
A great tee
April 14, 2013
I really like this tee. Unlike other plastic tees I've tried before the ball sits in the prongs without any effort. You don't have to have it at exactly 90 degrees to the ground for it to sit upright. The height system with markings along the tee is a great aid. And, even though buying tees is the least expensive part of my game, these tees last and last. Do they help me hit the ball farther and straighter, probably not. Do I feel comfortable sticking one in the ground with my ball sitting on top? Without a doubt.
ProsHeight adjustment system. Use over and over throughout a round.
By Norcal
SF Peninsula
Sturdy Tees
April 13, 2013
Held up to it's promise...
By Brian
Byron, MN
The best tees - hands down
April 7, 2013
Searched internet for these for a long long time. Finally found out who made them and was pleased to see RBG carried them. While I bought 3 boxes (I play over 100 rounds/year and often give tees to players), you should need more than a box to last several years. I've played multiple rounds using just one short and one long tee. As long as you can find them when you hit it out of the ground, they will last a long time.
ProsSimply doesn't break. PERIOD.
ConsHate losing them!
By Blaine
Salisbury, NC
waste of $
April 5, 2013
Cant tell a difference and spend more time worring about breaking the tee. Give me a huge cheap bag of wood tees anyday.
By Swanged
Concord, CA
Place, set, Boom!
April 4, 2013
Durable and holds ball better than most of not all tees out there.
ConsDoesn't improve my distance like other tees claims but then again don't expect me to believe those claims either!
By John
Great Tee's
March 9, 2013
Love these tee's there is even a program to help you tee it up at the right height consistently..
By Aaron
East Lansing, MI
Solid All Around
August 18, 2012
I have played 4 rounds with these so far and have not broke any tees. However, a few have bent slightly. I was able to straighten them out rather easily though. Knowing I don't have to worry about replacing tees for a long time is one less thing to worry about as I learn this challenging game.
Pros- Depth markers (great for starting golfers trying to learn tee depth) - Very difficult to break - Cheap - Hold ball very easily
Cons- Depending on ground, can be difficult to get in sometimes
By rob
Nhulununbuy, NT, Australia
August 3, 2012
These are tip top
By Don
Aledo, TX
July 24, 2012
It may just be me, but my ball just does not come off this tee very well. Off-line and significantly shorter most of the time. Have never experienced anything like this with any other tee.
ConsPerformance in both distance and direction.
By Kathleen
Tought to Stick in the Ground
July 15, 2012
Wood tees are easier to get in the ground, but these don't break.
By Scott
Lebanon, missouri
Long lasting tee
June 15, 2012
Love the tees except in the wind , these tees have very little contact with the ball which leads to greater distance but you must put them in straight.
ProsLast a long time Added distance
ConsDon't hold the ball well in even a little wind.
By Rob
Houston, TX
May 23, 2012
The guide lines are perfect for larger-headed drivers, and you get some small tees in the packet for par 3s. The aren't unbreakable - theyre a little more brittle than some other plastic tees so it is possible to break them clean in half.
ProsDurable Good guide lines
ConsNot indestructable
By Noonan
Edmond, OK
Nice Tees
May 22, 2012
Really like these tees. Ball comes off clean and they're very durable!
By Tony
United States
Great Tees
May 16, 2012
Best tees Ive used
By Rich
Sets Tee height just right.
May 8, 2012
The Evolve tees allow you to set the ball at the proper height and takes the gues work out of setting the ball.
By Lou
Pittsburgh, PA
Great Tees
May 7, 2012
Very Durable.
By harpreet
Riverside, CA
Nice tees
May 6, 2012
I bought these as a gift and since I don't play golf I have no clue how they worked but they look nice!
By Darrell
Houston, Tx
Love these tees
May 4, 2012
I really like these tees. They are the only brand I will use from now own. Very durable. Can reuse over and over. On the 3 1/4" tees the markings allow for easy and consistent tee height setting.
ProsVery durable, can be used again and again. Height markings are very useful Supposedly biodegradable
By Scott
Nice tees
May 1, 2012
The online beta sweetspot system doesn't seem to work properly...shows the same result for 425cc and 460cc drivers, but the marks on the tee help to get keep a consistent tee height.
ProsDurability Consistency Little to no friction at impact
Consonline fitting system doesn't work
By W.
Tucson, Az
Ultimate Tees
March 14, 2012
It would seem the only way to break these tees is to lose them.
By Tym
Perth, Australia
Very nice
December 20, 2011
I gave it a try and was pretty surpised how low they had me tee-ing up a 460cc driver. I have always teed up a little on the low side to try and keep my flight down- but to have the company tell me that where I put it is actually the ideal spot. That's pretty cool!
Prosgood price very sturdy good markings
By todd
United States
Great tees
September 14, 2011
Bought these tees with some Zero friction tees. Like the durability of both, haven't broke one yet. I appreciate Epochs lines to decide sweet spot. Works flawlessly. Maybe that is the deciding factor between the brands of tees. Epochs more expensive than Zero friction, but more play will decide whether I have to buy more of one brand or another in the future. One note- says 50 tees, but (40) are 3"1/4 length and (10) are short for irons. Happy with purchase.
ProsGreat product reliability
By Jeremy
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Very nice
September 6, 2011
Noticed better drives right away and they don't seem to break at all - 2 times at the range and 2 rounds of golf and i'm still on the 1st tee!
By matt cardarelli
love them
August 18, 2011
great golf t the lines work for low and high launches have only broken one in the last 4 times out will only buy these from now on
Prossuper strong will last a few rounds or more i think these are the best i ve used so far
By Blake
August 16, 2011
Awesome tee. Stable, last forever, dont bend. Has markings on the side for height. Great product
ProsPrice Last Forever Has short tees too in the pack
ConsShould of bought more
By Jeremy R. Burton
Excellent aide for the tee box
August 15, 2011
I was skeptical on the feel of these tees. I did not realize they had an aide built in to help you tee the ball at the appropriate height for the driver you are using. It also holds and releases the ball with less friction whic actually does make a bit of difference. I especially like the par 3 tees included. No more scrounging the tee box for halves. I got the perfect tee all around
ProsTeeing aide Par 3 tees material
ConsNot as durable as I thought Quite longer than I am used to
United States
Endurance and consistency
August 15, 2011
The best part about these tees is that they are more durable than wood tees, at least the wood tees I've been using. I can go most of a round without breaking a tee, as opposed to needing a new tee every time I'm up to drive. The markings are good to get a consistent placement, it allowed me to develop a good finger marking technique that now renders the marks unnecessary, but it was helpful to know I was putting the ball in the same place earlier on.
ProsDurability Confidence in height of ball.
By Mike
Polo, IL
Great Tees
July 13, 2011
Very durable.
By Tony
Gladstone, Qld
Great tees for cheap.
July 8, 2011
These tees take all of the thinking out of what height you should tee it up to.
By Trent
South Carolina
Great product!
July 6, 2011
Great product, sturdy, easy to get in ground. One tee can last multiple rounds.
ProsOne need one tee for the whole round, love the short tees for iron shot.
By Tyler
Great tee!!!
March 27, 2011
Used one tee for the whole round!!! I even used these tees to mark my other tees to know the proper depth.
ProsDon't break depth stripes

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