By Rolf Grippeling
The Hague, Holland
September 23, 2014
She loved it
By Rhyan Purser
Clearfield , UT
August 30, 2014
Well crafted putter
Amazing putter for the price. This putter would compare to a Scotty Cameron.
By Bruce
Elizaville, NY
August 28, 2014
Perfect raffle item for our annual charity tournament
Perfect raffle item for our annual charity tournament
By K
July 31, 2014
Great putter
My nephew loves this putter. The only problem is when he took off the wrap from the grip, part of the rubber came off with the wrapping. He will need to get it regripped. Otherwise he loves the putter (he may get the new grip in other than pink).
ProsGreat alignment
ConsRubber grip pealed off with the wrap which was protecting the grip when he received it.
By Mick
South Carolina
July 30, 2014
Great price
nice putter, my wife likes it a lot.....after I put a new grip on. The pink & blue striped one peeled away when we took the plastic sheath off of the grip. I wrapped it in masking tape so my wife could try it and she said "might work with a new grip"....$8 lamkin and now she's happy.
ProsNice weight (heavy) and she likes it now
ConsOriginal grip peeled apart when removing plastic sheath, if this happens to you and you are able to regrip it reasonably, it's a good buy
By Maria
Hampstead, Maryland
July 29, 2014
Great Putter
Love the putter. Might be in my imagination but I have been putting more consistently since I got it. Only reason I gave it 4 stars is that the grip was wearing after 3 uses; wanted to get an oversize grip anyway so it worked out.
Prosvery balanced putter head
Conspoor quality of the grip
By Mark
Shelton Ct
July 11, 2014
Great for the price
20 bucks for a decent putter for my wife. Played two rounds already and her putting performance and confidence was improved from her old putter.
ConsPutter cover.
By thomas
July 3, 2014
gel putter
this is the best feeling putter i have ever used in 35 years of golf
Prosmagic putter magiic price
By Robin
June 27, 2014
Gel Golf - Laides CNC Milled Insert Putter
I used this in a scramble for the first time today and the putter is amazing. I don't normally break out a new club during a scramble but, my other "new" putter (that I paid a lot more money for this year) and I were just not connecting. The Gel putter just felt perfect in my hands and is very accurate. I came close to sinking some really long putts and was able to sink some putts easily within the 5 foot radius. That is a miracle for me! I would highly recommend this putter. A tad on the heavy side but, I got used to the weight pretty quickly.
ProsGreat weighting Accuracy Price Comfortable grip
By Gary
The highly overtaxed State of Md.
June 9, 2014
A very nice putter for the $$$
I bought this for the wife when she felt like she wanted a little better visual aid while lining up the putts. I was pleasantly surprised how well it rolled the ball. The balance and feel is exceptional. I wish they still had some left in the men's version.
ConsThe grip had a tendency to wear out rather prematurely
By Corinne
Medusa, NY
May 20, 2014
Love my new putter!
I love this putter! I have a pendulum putter that came with the set of clubs I have...hated it. I then began using a TaylorMade mallet putter which I like. This one has easily replaced the TaylorMade as my favorite. The weight has created a smoother swing for my putts and even though I am still getting used to it...after only one game, I was putting as if I had used it forever. Can't wait to see how it is when I have fully adjusted to it!
ProsSolid weight for a smooth putt It's soooo pretty! Tacky grip
ConsNone yet!
By Terry
Marshall, MI
April 24, 2014
Great Putter for a new player
Bought this item for my niece who is just learning the game. Her instructors comment was "really nice putter for a new player. Your uncle must have spent a lot of money for this putter…" Surprise! At Rock Bottom prices, it was cheaper than an "El Cheapo" no-name beginners putter and put my niece at the head of the class,,,,in both style and function. This one Rocked the Cave!
ProsPrice and value.
ConsPerfect selection for a ten year old female beginner. The grip color may be a little too "candy-like" for a more mature female player….but who wants to grow up?
By golfgal
April 18, 2014
Great Value
Got this for 50% using it as a spare putter in a set for guests. they seem to like it
By Eric
February 26, 2014
great feel
Bought this putter for my daughter. She likes the feel,smooth roll,and the winn grip. I liked the feel so much I bought a mens version and a extra one for my daughter. Great service from RBG had the clubs just a few days after ordering.
ProsNice feel
By Kathy
February 1, 2014
Lower your putting score
This putter has great balance and overall feel. The grip makes it easy to relax and feel the stroke making your game more competitive and fun.
By Norman
Grand Rapids, Minnesota
January 21, 2014
great feel and produces results
very easy to putt with. rolls true without any ball bounce
ConsObnoxious head cover and grip colors
By Jimmy
Lubbock TX
January 18, 2014
Really nice!
I can't get over how nice this putter is!
ProsReally nicely designed and made.
By Marilyn
November 11, 2013
Works for me
So far I am loving this putter. I was using an old heavy one....this one has a good feel.
By Jean
New Mexico
November 7, 2013
Great feel.
My putts are rolling much more smoothly and staying on line. Great value too!
By Rine-O
October 27, 2013
Price and quality
Bought for my wife, she loves it!!
By Nollster
York, PA
September 22, 2013
Great putter for an incredible price!!
I've bought two of these in the past 4 months. The Sapphires swingweight out to about G-9, so you can really feel the putter head. The craftsmanship is just awesome, especially given the price I've paid. The grooved insert helps get the ball rolling right away so only very poor strokes fall short of the hole. My accuracy inside 10' has improved to the point where I'm now thinking I should make the putts instead of hoping I make them. The color scheme has people taking notice -- the bright blue or pink inserts really draw their attention.
ProsHeavy headed, great feel, grooved insert helps get ball to the hole, quality craftsmanship, cool colors
By David Schurr
Lake View, NY
September 2, 2013
Well received
Used for Chinese auction. From amount of tickets in bag, the putter was popular with the ladies.
ProsAttractive looking putter.
By Jesse
Sacramento, ca.
August 26, 2013
Awesome putter
Really nice putter. My wife love it. It has great feel, easy to align. The ball rolls off the face very well, and her putts go where she aim.
By Joe and Carol
Roseville, CA
August 25, 2013
Exceeded my expectations
Bought one for myself and then purchased this one for my wife. Nice weight and balance and the groves create consistent distance control. Great value and very happy with our purchases.
ProsGroves create nice overspin and great accuracy and distance control.
ConsThe grip color, feel and quality is not great, but an easy fix by re-gripping.
By Maggie
August 24, 2013
I love this putter
Milled face puts a nice roll on your putt
By Amy
August 23, 2013
Super putter
Great feel. High quality. Thanks for the great deal Scratch!
By Mike
Winslow nj
August 12, 2013
I got this putter for my wife which was a great investment this Putter help lower her scores by 10 strokes.
Prossoft touch
By Chad
Jacksonville, AL
July 20, 2013
Good putter
I bought this putter for my wife and it has been great. The ball rolls of the face very nicely.
By Hunter
Philadelphia, PA
June 29, 2013
Wife loves the feel.
The feel of this putter is great. The best she has ever played. The grip, however, is lacking and the head cover is a little blah.
ProsWeight Feel Smooth roll
By Helen
Dallas, TX
June 26, 2013
Great putter for the price
I upgraded my putter from one that's standard in. Cheap beginner set. Even through one round of golf, my shot is spot on in the path I want it to go to. I still need to adjust on the weight and how hard/soft to hit the ball since I came up short a few times or it would've gone into the hole if I had hit the putter softer. But definitely a huge upgrade from my last putter. :)
By Duncan
Norcross, GA
June 13, 2013
Solid Putter for a Low Price
The GEL putter puts a great roll on the ball, less skidding than a normal putter. Head is very heavy.
ProsGood roll Great price
ConsA little heavy
By Alan
Lake Worth, FL.
May 31, 2013
Wife loves it.
Wife loves it. Much more accurate than any other putter used. Good distance control and alignment to target line.
ProsEasy alignment lines. Pink insert and colorful grip. Great price. Heavy feel good for keeping short puts on line
By Harriet
Anahiem, CA
May 6, 2013
Works for me.......
I'm a new golfer and this club is working great. Love the feel of the grip.
ProsGrip comfortable Love the colors Face is fabulous Price
ConsNothing yet

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