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By tony
May 27, 2014
great shaft for control
Proslow dispersion no loss of length
By Jim
heavy shaft
May 24, 2014
This shaft is to heavy for me.
ProsIt is made for a strong person
Consheavy ....90 gr
By Matthew
Houlton, ME
Great deal on a great shaft.
May 1, 2014
It is a heavy shaft, but super stable. I'm sure there are lighter weight shafts that are just as stable and accurate, as this shaft is from 2008. But definitely not for this price.
April 26, 2014
By Keith
This is an "EPIC" review!
April 16, 2014
Great shaft, oldie but still a goodie. RBG offers these in awesome colors and at an amazing price to boot. This shaft is great for a fairway wood or for a heavier driver to help hit more FIR. Solid dispersion from the tee, overall just a great shaft! Thanks RBG!
ProsPrice, looks and function.
By Anthony
Monticello, MN
Nice Price
March 28, 2014
Reshafted my broken driver with the Epic and it has been a great decision.
ProsGreat value
By George
Great shaft
March 24, 2014
Great shaft for the price.
By Drew
Warren, AR
March 18, 2014
Great shaft for the price!!
By lee
lumberton, nc
awsome shaft
March 15, 2014
Beautiful shaft add 20 yards of distance love it.
By Ryan
Castle Rock, CO
Love It!!
February 6, 2014
High quality for an inexpensive price!!
ProsGreat price, great weight and feel. Can't beat this for the price.
By Sean
san jose, ca
November 19, 2013
Finally got a chance to use this; put it in a Wishon 919 head and oh man was it nice! Felt very light to me compared to the stiffness and the bad shots were my fault not the equipment. I can't believe they stopped making these; grab them while you can!
ProsGreat shaft
ConsClosed out :(
By David
endicott, New york
Great shaft
November 7, 2013
This was put in a long drive head and the results were great.
ProsGreat price and excellent performance
By Dakota
Warren, Ohio
Solid Shaft
August 28, 2013
Great heavy mid launch mid spin shaft feels really stable yet smooth, probably the best value on any shaft today, just ask anyone at
By Shawn
Olympia, WA
Nice shaft
August 22, 2013
Pretty difficult to install if you don't have a changeable hosel. Had to pay a professional to install. Here is my conversation Pro: "Wow, these epics are a $150 shafts" Me: "I paid $20" Pro: "Jesus, I can't compete with that" Obviously it's a good deal. I had to pay the pro $30 to install from a small local guy. Will probably run you a few more at a big box chain. I also purchased the wrong tip size. I would doublecheck that.
Prosgood distance good flight
By Ryan
Chicago, IL
Love these shafts
August 2, 2013
I bought the driver shaft as all the fairway .335 Stiffs are gone and cut it down for a fairway wood. Fantastic shaft.
By Thomas G. Lagassie
Grafalloy Epic Driver Shaft
May 17, 2013
Excellent shaft for the money. Replaced the factory shaft on my Ping G15, after the airline broke it on my last Myrtle Beach trip, thankfully on the return flight home. Have played three round since replacing it and had no issues.
ProsValue and performance
By Duncan
Norcross, GA
Great shaft for a low price
May 14, 2013
The Epic shaft feels great, has a great trajectory, and is plenty long.
ProsFeel Weight Trajectory
By Caleb Donnelly
Vista Ca
Truly extra stiff
May 11, 2013
In the days where companies are trying to pet golfers egos by making "extra stiff" and "stiff" shafts more and more flexible, this extra stiff is the stiffest shaft I've ever had the pleasure of swinging. I've always had a pretty low trajectory, and my drives have have been consistently medium height, which is great. Just a heads up, the 90 gram X stiff is no joke, I'm taking the longest backswing, with more wrist hinging than I've ever had to take, just to hit this shaft... but the results have been great. I've increased distance about 15-20 yards for sure from the stock Taylormade stiff shaft I had in my Burner Superfast driver.
By OhioGolfDude
Dayton, OH
Long + stable = good
May 10, 2013
Great driver shaft. Had 1 a while back, reacquiring after a while. The technology behind the graphite and steel fibers make this one a keeper.
ProsLong Stable Down the middle
ConsNot much
By Jeff
hamilton, oh
One stout shaft
May 5, 2013
This is a very firm shaft and requires a fairly aggressive pass at the ball. This is not high launching shaft. The colors are cool and the quality is great. This is a heavy shaft as well and might make a very good fairway shaft if you like heavier total weight clubs.
By Grant
Drysdale, Choose...
Premium shaft at a sensational price
May 2, 2013
Outstanding value. Feels great during my swing. I can really feel the clubhead, and can feel the shaft load.
By David
What a deal.
November 1, 2012
For this kind of money person should buy em all, but I just needed one. Long , and down the middle that's all you need and this shaft will give you that and more. SUPER DEAL OF THE YEAR.
By Josh
Moorhead, MN
Good Shaft
October 27, 2012
This is a pretty good shaft. As advertised, it launches the ball high without a ton of back spin. It has decent feel as well.
ProsLow backspin. Good distance. Nice looking.
ConsDipersion could be tighter.
By Grover
Gold Coast Queenslnd
Good Value
September 4, 2012
I put this stick into my Cobra driver because I wasn't impressed with the factory regular flex shaft. I originally got a regular flex because I thought my swing speed was too slow for a stiff. I was all over the place until fitting the Grafalloy. For the price RBG were charging, its a steal.
ProsGood feedback thru shaft. More consistent accuracy. Cheap price
By rod
Vallejo Ca
The Price...OMG
September 3, 2012
I purchased one of these about 4 years ago for about 150 bucks on ebay. At the time these shafts were going for over 200 bucks retail. I loved my first shaft but the tip broke about six months after purchasing and was not covered under warranty. Needless to say when I say the price had to order 3 just because...... This a great shaft it give me a more penetrating ball flight. I put a .350 in my driver and .335 (driver shafts) in my 3 and 5 wood and they work great. Ball flight is a little low but distance is great and it rolls forever!
ProsPrice..Price...Price...... Penetrating flight....Price
ConsWhat's to dislike?
By Tony
Great shaft at a great price
August 30, 2012
This shaft was an absolute bargain. Drives have been straighter with this shaft!
Grafalloy Epic Shaft
August 29, 2012
Wow..what a bargain
By Bobbick
Tampa, FL
August 28, 2012
Replaced my regular flex shaft on my Burner Superfast to this stiff shaft cut to 45 produces very consistent drives. Can't beat upgrading your driver for under $35!
ProsGreat shaft - its a Grafalloy!
By Chris Ellis
Cambridge, ON, Canada
Epic Driver Shaft "Stiff" 68g
August 23, 2012
I recently purcahsed a Grafalloy Epic driver shaft for my Taylor Made Burner Superfast 2.0. I found the shaft has straightened out my ball flight, noticably no hooks anymore, but that tee shots are flying lower than expected. Can't beat the price for a premium shaft ($19.99), even with S/H and installation fees it was a bargain.
ProsAccuracy Length Consistency
ConsLower ball flight
By Jerry
Awesome shaft
August 18, 2012
This shaft is stable and has a great feel and kick point. I love it , I have it on a Cleveland launcher head and it's perfect!!
ProsPrice, and playability !
ConsNothing! Love
By Brian
North Carolina
Epic is long and straight
August 11, 2012
Teamed this up with an old Ping Rature V2 and it has been hitting bombs for me. Slight draw on the shots makes it look even better.
ProsTighter shot distribution
ConsWish I would have gotten more in different colors.
By johnathon
Awesome shaft!
July 29, 2012
This is a top of the line shaft and at this price it makes it even better. I swing about 105 mph with the driver and play to a 6 index . i replaced my RIP phenom shaft for this and never looked back. It has helped with dispersion and all shots are much tighter. The orange color is awesome and sets off my R11 great. ball flight is mid-low with alot of rollout with the stock 9degree loft in my r11. !!!!!!WARNING!!!!!!!---- When you install the shaft use 120-150 grit sandpaper to remove the clearcoat and paint until you hit the shiny metal. If you sand into the shiny metal the shaft tip will be weakened . Also use 24 hour set epoxy and not quick set.
ProsPrice Performance looks
By Jerry
Lake Elmo, MN
Epic shaft
July 29, 2012
This shaft is a pleasant surprise. It replaced a NV 65 (44.5") of the same flex. The Epic is and feels a bit heavier, but I have gained at least 15 yds.
ProsPrice, of course. Feel. Looks.
By Jason
Killen, AL
Can't Go Wrong....
June 18, 2012
How can you go wrong with a top quality shaft for this price? You can't. I actually bought this shaft, put a Taylormade FCT end on it and am using it with my RBZ 9.5 driver. Very consistent shaft.
ProsPrice Looks Consistancy RBG Service
By Josh Downey
Virginia Beach, VA
Great Shaft, Great Price
June 9, 2012
Truly extra stiff, with great kick point, feel, and looks awesome on my driver!
ProsPerformance, Price
By Jacob
Gurley, Alabama
cheapest shaft i could find online
June 7, 2012
Got the shaft for my titleist 907 d2. Going to pick it up in the morning can't wait to try it out.
By william broekema
great deal
May 28, 2012
excellent shaft
Prosgreat value
United States
Less dispersion
May 27, 2012
This shaft is more rigid than what I have and results in less dispersion and about 10-20 more yards.
By Lamar
DCMetro Area
If you want Control
May 26, 2012
This shaft is awesome. I got the x-stiff orange and put it in my old f speed cobra driver replacing a adila stiff NV. Leaps and bounds better accuracy. I hit about 80 balls with it and not one went right. I did pull a few, but most of my drives were straight and in a tight grouping. The weight of the shaft allows me to feel it as I swing, which helps me stay on plane.
ProsControl of ball flight weight feels like swinging a steel shaft
Cons90g might be too heavy for some
By Andrew
My favourite shaft
May 26, 2012
Can't believe these are so cheap now. I first tried the silver version just because I liked the look of it, but it performs very well. Stable through impact, nice launch, I bought 5 so as I try new drivers later on I can fit these to them
ProsLooks amazing Stable through the whole swing

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